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The Knight Commander of the Brotherhood (KCB) was the leader of the Society of Envoys and the principle individual tasked with the education and retention of new members. Reporting directly to the Headmaster, the Knight Commander had an essential role in keeping Envoys on task and making sure new members were welcomed properly. He also worked with the various Clans and the Dark Council to ensure the successful preparation of new members. The Knight Commander helped to put the Brotherhood’s membership numbers in perspective through statistical analysis, finding problem areas and working to correct them. He was the central figure in the appointment and training of all Envoys. When the Society of Envoys was closed, the position was dissolved.


  • Responsible for the developement and administration of the Society of Envoys
    • Ensured the Envoys fit properly within the vision of the Brotherhood
  • Appointed, trained, and oversaw Envoys
    • Developed and maintained requirements for holding the Envoy positions
    • Developed and maintained the system for advancement within the Envoys
    • Ensured that each Clan was represented by either one central Clan Envoy, one Envoy per house, or a combination of the two
    • Constantly kept Envoys up-to-date with developments in the program and the Brotherhood
    • Gathered reports from Envoys regularly to gauge their progress
    • Conducted regular reviews of Envoy mailings and new member communication
    • Fixed deficiencies in Envoy mailings and new member programs
    • Ensured Envoys were properly rewarded for their work
    • Presented challenges to Envoys to increase focus on certain development areas and provided opportunities for reward
  • Worked with the Grand Master and Headmaster in evaluating the Brotherhood's membership statistics
    • Would report regularly to the Dark Council on the new members entering the Dark Brotherhood and the status of each Clan’s new members
    • Developed statistical analyses of new member progress when directed by the Grand Master and Headmaster
    • Maintained working relations with Clan summits to ensure that Envoys were properly overseen
    • Worked with the Grand Master in the development of Envoy-related Alacrity documents
    • Developed surveys of the membership to gain insight into problem areas

See the Organizational Chart to see where the Knight Commander of the Brotherhood stood in relation to the overall Brotherhood.

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