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Creon Saldean
Biographical Information
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10 ABY

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1.7 Meters


70 Kilograms





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Creon (pronounced cree-on) is a Jedi Knight belonging to Odan-Urr, an operative of Lotus, and a Okami Mandalorian.

Character History

Young Creon

Early Life

Creon was born to single mother on Coruscant in 10 ABY. He spent his early childhood raised on Tatooine where his mother worked as a cantina bartender. She was later married to a starship pilot and engineer and was given two younger siblings. The family moved to Naboo where he spent his adolescent years until he was a young adult. Creon was inspired by heroes from his father's stories of the Galactic Civil War which birthed his ambition to become a great warrior that protects the innocent and defeats evil.

The Dark Brotherhood

Creon was persuaded by a recruiter to enlisted into the Iron Forces in 30 ABY. He was recognized by Jeric Cyrin to be strong in the Force, and was taken under his tutelage to be trained as his apprentice. He was then placed in a special forces group in Clan Naga Sadow known as The Regulators. During his training to become an Obelisk Paladin however, Creon found his morals to be in contrast with the Brotherhood and the use of the Dark Side of the Force.

From Darkness to Light

When an opportunity presented itself in 35 ABY, Creon deserted his master through the Dlarit Corporation. He worked for them as a Prefect until he was able to find refuge with the Jedi of Clan Odan-Urr on Kiast. After meeting with the Jedi to request guidance in the Light Side of the Force, Creon was made a padawan. To prove his newfound loyalty, Creon enlisted in the Odanite Expeditionary Force and rose to become a Jedi Knight in just a few months of training.

The Wildcards

In 36 ABY Creon was moved to a team known as The Wildcards to carry out more sensitive missions after becoming recognized for his exceptional skill in military operations. Around was then Creon had been introduced as the runt amongst the Wildcards. Their team leader, Jael Chi’ra, helped Creon get fitted into the Idiot’s Array and assigned him with missions tailored to Creon’s expertise. During his adventures with the Wildcards he made good connections with the other mercenaries; Tarvitz, Celevon, Len Iode, and a few others. Creon remained with the Wildcards until it was disbanded a year later.

Tipping Point

In 37 ABY, each of the Wildcard members had been deployed for a reconnaissance mission by High Councillor Archenksova after attempt on Princess Anasaye’s life by an unknown assassin. Creon knew that if he wanted to assist Odan-Urr, his new home, he would need to refine his skills in leadership and diplomacy. The opportunity came to him through a summit meeting with Arcona, where Creon became a candidate for Hoth’s Aedile under Jael. The summit meeting brought him in close contact with Lucine Vasano, who tutored Creon in house leadership and the art of espionage. He later was initiated by her as an operative of the Lotus and earned his commission as an officer in the O.E.F.

Rite of Supremacy: Meridian

After Creon took office as Hoth’s Aedile, he immediately re-organized its military. He handled the credit finances and trade exchanges for Hoth’s vessels and troop equipment. The result was the Joint Task Force Hoth. This included the JTF Response Fleet, the O.T.F, and the rebirth of the Wildcards by updating the Idiot’s Array. Creon even made diplomatic relations with the Okami clan. He faced off with the Okami Mandalorian Dral Falgorth in a duel to earn the clan’s respect and provided them with the Jörmungandr mothership to earn their trust.

The Joint Task Force had been tied together by a refined military structure and strong ally ties. Once the Meridian Space Station had been uncovered, Creon led a carefully selected team of specialized operatives, known as the O.T.F. The team’s efforts helped Clan Odan-Urr be the most effective in the fight against the Collective. After the war had ended, Creon returned to find peace on Solyiat. He took time to rest from the war, and reflect on his experiences and continue his Jedi training. After Jael decided to retire, Creon assumed the mantle of Hoth’s Quastor.

The Great Jedi War XIV: Homefront

In 38 ABY, Creon was recruited into Clan Vizsla by Dral Falgorth when word had been reached that the Collective manned an assault on the Antei System. He served with Battleteam Deathwatch under Falgorth's command on the front lines. Their team successfully defended the Godless Matron flagship, and were later deployed to defend the city of Eos after the planetary shields of Arx fell. Because of his valor in battle in holding the line of the Iron Throne, Creon was awarded with the opportunity to receive specialized training. He learned the basics of Mandalorian Core, how to effectively incorporate the technology in vambraces, and special techniques in aerial combat with the use of a personal jetpack. However, due to conflicting issues with Vizla's moral ambiguity as free lance mercenaries and their close ties to the Sith Empire, Creon left the clan and returned home to Odan-Urr.

Roleplaying Creon


While on-duty, Creon has the upright posture, command voice, and a professional demeanor of a soldier. This etiquette is derived from his upbringing in the First Order. However, Creon thinks of himself a Jedi first, a soldier second. He will be kind towards others and naturally try to empathize. He tries to be selfless in his ways, but only to an extent with the insight to not be taken advantage of. He sends his farewells by saying "May the Force be with you".

When off-duty Creon possesses calm and empty eyes. He still as much to learn about the world outside his background in the First Order, and has an eagerness to explore different things people introduce him to. He has adopted the caring spirit that the Jedi have imparted to him, but one who is insightful can see the hole in his heart. He will always try to seek peaceful outcomes but will describe it so in an upfront manner and authoritative tone. Creon is full of wisdom, but he explains it in a down to earth manner as opposed to the metaphoric rhetoric of the Consulars.


Beliefs and Philosophy

Creon believes there are two kinds of people; those who are only out for themselves, and those who put others before their own desires. He hopes for an ideal world with a culture of the latter. By uplifting others, one is uplifted higher than those who walk over people to get what they want. Creon also believes in the balance of moderation in all things. Intensity in any pleasure catches one in a habitual cycle in the chains of temptation, which leads them to corruption.

Creon is a vegetarian. The Force has revealed to him that all living things have a spirit, and that evolution was not initially designed for creatures to eat each other but instead what nature has produced. His holds this to be true in his heart, and he has studied the scientific nutritional benefits to further rationalize this belief. He does not judge others who eat meat, especially not carnivores. Instead he views it as a survival adaption from the choices made of the evolutionary ancestors who "lost their way". Even carnivores, he believes, were not always so in the evolutionary branches that came before them.






Positions Held

Positions Held
Before Position After
Roxas Buurenaar Battleteam Leader of The Regulators
30 ABY to 31 ABY
None Prefect of Aeotheran
34 ABY to 35 ABY
Sariel Dhejeuti Aedile of House Hoth
36 ABY to 37 ABY
Ka Tarvitz
Jael Chi'ra Quaestor of House Hoth
37 ABY
Edgar Drachen