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Creon Saldean
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10 ABY

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Creon Saldean (pronounced cree-on) is a Jedi belonging to House Hoth in Clan Odan-Urr. He is the current Quaestor of House Hoth, where he manages the military structure, operations, and mission delegations.

Character History

Cadet CS-12097

Early Childhood

CS-12097 was taken at the age of five into the First Order from a war-torn world that struggled to survive. It was said that his parents, unbeknownst to him, gave him willingly to live a better life than the one they could provide. His memories of them are limited and blurred. CS-12097 spent the majority of his childhood developing the basic skills and understanding of modern galactic education. Afterward, he was moved on as a cadet to train under the Cardinal. The Cardinal instructed cadets in hand-to-hand combat, weapons proficiency, and basic tactical knowledge. CS-12097 regarded the Cardinal as tough and fair, but never cruel.


First Order Specialized Task Force

When CS-12097 had reached adulthood, he began his second phase of training under Captain Phasma. Captain Phasma's training was known to be crueler and demanding by far. CS-12097 came into an environment where those who were too weak to defend themselves were brutally injured or even killed during training. This training was to induce the kill or be killed instinct that would forgo hesitation when having to take lives in missions. Rules became more strict as opposed to his cadet years. These rules were designed to isolate the individual soldier and not allow them to bond with each other. This helped prioritize the mission first over the safety and well being of individuals. However, this kind of environment changed for CS - 12097 when Captain Phasma took notice of his results. He was then moved to a specialized task force to perform missions that involved reconnaissance, infiltration and extraction, and the capture or assassination of high priority individuals. CS-12097 remained on the same team based in Starkiller Base, where they had enough leisure time to become familiar with one another on off-duty hours. CS-12097's task force was involved in a mission during the time Starkiller Base was destroyed by the Resistance in 34 ABY. His fellow team members disbanded and sought new lives outside the First Order after hearing about the attack.

Jedi Training

Even though CS-12097 never felt a connection to the Force before, he would get dreams and visions during sleep that drew him to Kiast. In 35 ABY he finally sought out the planet and encountered the Jedi of Clan Odan-Urr. He was given the name Creon Saldean and was instructed to undergo Jedi training after sharing his dreams of being drawn to their world. In addition, Creon also enlisted himself in the Odanite Expeditionary Force, though his training as a Jedi took priority. After a year of learning through various masters on the ways of the Force, Jedi philosophy, and Lightsaber Combat, Creon became a Jedi Knight. The knighthood elevated his rank in the O.E.F. to an officer, where he continued training and dedicated service. After becoming recognized for his exceptional skill in military operations, he was moved to a team known as The Wildcards to carry out more sensitive missions.

The Wildcards

Around 36 ABY was then Creon had been introduced as the runt amongst the Wildcards. Their team leader, Jael Chi’ra, helped Creon get fitted into the Idiot’s Array and assigned him with certain missions tailored to Creon’s expertise as a soldier. During his wildcard adventures, he made good friends with the other mercenaries; Tarvitz, Celevon, Len Iode, and a few others were apart of the crew. Creon remained with the Wildcards until it was temporarily disbanded.

Tipping Point

In 37 ABY, each of the Wildcard members had been deployed for variously specialized reconnaissance. This was due to the attempt on Princess Anasaye’s life, to which High Councillor Archenksova initiated a priority investigation. Creon knew that if he wanted to assist Odan-Urr, his new home, he would need to refine his skills in espionage. The opportunity came to him through a summit meeting with Arcona, where Creon was a candidate for Hoth’s Aedile under Jael. Creon met the Aedile of Arcona at the time, Lucine Vasano. He fostered a friendship with her, and she taught him the art of subtlety from her experience as a spymaster. It’s even rumored that the two, Jedi and Sith, were lovers.

Rite of Supremacy: Meridian

After Creon took power as Hoth’s Aedile, he immediately re-organized its military. He structured the divisions to mode the First Order, just without the cruelty. He handled the credit finances and trade exchanges for Hoth’s vessels and troop equipment. The result was the Joint Task Force Hoth. This included the JTF Response Fleet, the O.T.F, and the rebirth of the Wildcards by updating the Idiot’s Array. Creon even made diplomatic relations with the Okami clan. He faced off with Mandalorian Dral Falgorth in a duel to earn the clan’s respect and provided them with the Jörmungandr mothership to earn their trust.

The Joint Task Force had been tied together by a refined military structure and strong ally ties. Once the Meridian Space Station had been uncovered, Creon led a carefully selected team of specialized operatives, known as the O.T.F. The team’s efforts helped Clan Odan-Urr be the most effective in the fight against the Collective.

Quastor (Post-Merdian)

After the war had ended, Creon returned to find peace on Solyiat. He took time to rest from the war, and reflect on his experiences and continue his Jedi training. After Jael decided to retire, Creon assumed the mantle of Hoth’s Quastor.

Roleplaying Creon

TL;DR: Imagine what Jedi Captain America would say and do and you're good.


When on-duty, Creon has the posture, tone, and professionalism of a soldier. His First Order habits take over like a switch and he carries himself with confidence and expertise. His Jedi Knight mentality, however, has taken a priority in his mind. Creon thinks of himself a Jedi first, a soldier second. Unlike how he was taught in the First Order, Creon will go out of his way and put himself at risk for the safety of others.

When odd-duty Creon possesses a calm, compassionate, and kind demeanor. He still as much to learn about the world outside his background in the First Order, and has an eagerness to explore different things people introduce him to. He has adopted the caring spirit that the Jedi have imparted to him. He will always try to seek peaceful outcomes but will describe it so in a blunt and upfront manner. He holds wisdom, but he explains it in a down to earth manner as opposed to the metaphoric rhetoric of the Consulars.

His eyes and his eyebrows give away his emotions. If he smiles, it is a calm smile without showing his teeth. When he is embarrassed, he blushes along the cheekbones. When he is sad or confused, it is said he looks like a lost puppy. When he is angry, his face is neutral but his eyes hint ferocity.


Creon is the cliche definition of Lawful Good. He values cohesion and order when performing missions or working towards something greater than himself. He can be both a competent leader and follower. He views leadership not as a position of power, but a responsibility to uphold for others. He elects to put other's needs before his own, genuinely caring and seeking to end suffering when it is shown. From growing up in a non-individualistic upbringing of the First Order to the self-less Buddhist-like culture of the Jedi, Creon embraces Collectivism both in societies and spiritually. His sense of good vs evil is derived mostly from the Jedi philosophy he learned under the masters of Odan-Urr. These teachings enlightened him from the propaganda standpoint of the First Order. As such, Creon will always put what he thinks is the right thing to do first. He obeys orders and abides the laws in the areas he finds himself in, but he will always side with the principles of the Jedi first and foremost.

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  • Creon's character was inspired by Captain America and Shiro.
  • Canonicity Clause: The character's history and actions are disclosed under DB Legends.