Kalak Ragnose

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Kalak Ragnose
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70 BBY

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1.91 meters


55 kg





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Dark Jedi Brotherhood Era


Krath, Clan Scholae Palatinae, Shadow Academy

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Shadow Reaper



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Born to a rich family on the planet Falleen in 70 BBY, Kalak was left on Nar Shaddaa as a baby. He was fortunate enough to be adopted by a wealthy politician on the planet Frellor where he was given a comfortable lifestyle and a good education. At the age of eighteen he went to the Courscant University where he spent three years studying for a combined degree in Politics, History and Ancient History. Following this, he spent another five years in further study, looking in particular at the Sith and other minor Force-Cults. His study having been completed, Kalak applied for the position of Senatorial Aide to the Falleen Senator, a position which he obtained quickly. Spending several years in dilligent service, he eventually left to take up a rôle in the civil service of House Pelagia, where he quickly rose up the ranks to become the chief aide to High Lord Demetrius Octavian, a position that involved speech writing, administration but most importantly of all, spin. Kalak served Octavian for over ten years, building up a reputation as a master of spin and the man behind Octavian's throne as well as building up a large fortune from his high salary and under-the-table deals conducted on behalf of other agencies. His ruthless assault on any that failed to toe the party-line and his importance despite being an outsider made him many enemies, though they were for the most part impotent.

The assassination of Octavian by an unknown member of Pelagia changed that. Hounded by his political enemies, Ragnose fled the Tapani sector and returned to Frellor where he stood for election and entered the Frellorian senate. His career as a minister was abruptly ended after an enemy launched a successful smear campaign against him that saw him dismissed from office. He retired from politics and public service, turning instead to his love of ancient history. His latent Force-talent within him had proven invaluable to him in the past and he set to work trying to develop it, whilst furthering his knowledge of the cults that used the Force. In this way he saw out the forty years that started with the beginning of the Separist Crisis and ended with the defeat of the Yethetha in 16 ABY, the only real effect on Ragnose being the fluctuation of his investments. He finally found his way into Scholae Palatinae, where he rose to a number of political positions including Quaestor, Aedile and Rollmaster of Acclivis Draco, and Rollmaster of Scholae Palatinae. He is currently a Krath Archpriest and serves as Oathmaster, a position dedicated to the preservation culture, documentation, traditions, and overall works produced by the members of the House. Manipulative as sin, Kalak will willingly sacrifice anyone to meet his own ends. He rarely forms true friendships and the ones he does form are often within the academic world.

Character History

Life before the fall of the Empire

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This is all being reworked at present. Please discount anything before "Time with the Brotherhood.

The Beginning

For the first ten years of his life, Kalak did not know what he was, who he was. He went about his life stealing what he could. He joined a gang of thugs on Nar Shaddaa and was taken as a sort of son by their leader. The leader gave Kalak his name. He soon became accustomed to the crushing of people’s minds and bodies; it never really suited him though. There was no finesse involved, just brutal violence. He grew up big, strong and healthy that is, until he had his first encounter with the dark side of the force. A dark Jedi his face hidden, his voice like sandpaper sent a wave of force upon Kalak. He had no idea that it was the dark side. It twisted the way he thought forever. He felt a new intelligence and a formidable thirst for knowledge. The dark Jedi read his mind, his thoughts and who he was. Kalak was amazed, new doors had opened in his mind. It was then that he learnt what he was, who he was and what he was going to be and do. As a 12 year old, he stowed away on a ship that was going to Coruscant in order to get training. He took everything he had and bought a holocron to teach him rudimentary knowledge of things like xenology. He soaked it up and was eager for more He went straight to the Jedi temple, its tall proud statues guarding the entrance allowing him in. He was determined to join. They were rather surprised by the fact that he had made it here alone but were glad of the fact he had no emotional attachments. Kalak was in his element, top in his classes. But he began to get annoyed, they were holding him back, stopping him using holocrons. They cautioned him with tales of Darth Revan. He stole one and secretly studied it. He was waiting for his time to come putting his body through immense training. He was only 16 when he killed the padawan in his sleep. He doubted that the Jedi council felt it; they would never have noticed that it was him. They found the padawan the next day. He had a single blaster wound to the head. They were too blind to notice a disturbance, and started to chase after smugglers. It was the perfect opportunity; He left and started wandering from planet to planet stowing away on ships and stealing any teaching data pads he could, although he had received extra lessons at the temple. He also wanted to study ancient ruins that littered the galaxy. He wound up on a strange planet and decided to wander. He had wandered for a while and he collapsed. When he woke up he was in front of a 6 meter statue of the great Sith Lord, Marka Ragnos. Bending over him, with an expression of concern was a kindly looking man of about 60. He asked Kalak who he was and he replied " Just Kalak". The man questioned where his parents were and when he found out that he had none and that he could read and write, the man was very impressed. He asked if Kalak would like to come and live with him on Frrelor. Kalak agreed and the man took him to his personal shuttle.

Life on Frrelor

On the journey, the man revealed his name as Lorey Naicaac, and he was a minor politician on Frellor and the one of the richest men on the planet. The shuttle landed in a massive estate, with a huge mansion. Lorey gave Kalak his second name. Ragnose, as the place where they met was in front of a statue of Ragnos. Kalak's early time on Frrelor was possibly the best he had ever had. Fine robes, expensive cuisine and dozens of interesting data pads soon made Kalak as intelligent as some one twice his age. He became extremely cultured and enjoyed the fine life. His Room was massive and he had a personal library for all his data pads and books. Kalak had sprung up several levels and had been told by Lorey that he would inherit his position and wealth. It had turned out that his new father had a passion for shooting and they often went out shooting manta's. Kalak had also been introduced to the rest of the powerful and social elite. With his natural charm and a tiny use of his pheromones, he had them wrapped round his fingers.

Kalak's temporary accommodation on Frrelor


As an extremely intelligent individual, Kalak soon entered into Diath university of Coruscant at the age of 20. He took many courses but in particular, micro-Biology, advanced business studies and ancient history. He was top in all of his classes and had perfect grades. It was also here where he fell in love with Hellena. She was a beautiful Human, with dark hair and beautiful black eyes framed by pale skin. They began dating, both having interests in the same thing. That was the point when he thought everything was perfect. But everything went wrong. One evening, he had gone to her apartment near the university. He used the key he had and let himself in. He walked into her kitchen and saw her kissing a handsome male Firrerroe. He stepped back in shock and Hellena had glanced round and gasped. He had rushed forward and sent the Firrerroe flying back. He then turned to Hellena who had lain cowering on the floor. He put his hands round the ivory colored skin of her neck and squeased the life out of her. On that day, he thought he would never love again. The university put it down to the area, many thugs lived there.

Kalak graduated with degree's in all 3 of his chosen studies at the age of 25. Taking thousands of credits from his account back on Frrelor, began a small company

Coming soon...

A master and training

Kalak decided to briefly travel to Iphgin on his way back to Frrelor. As he was walking down the street, he saw a cloaked figure with a red lightsaber fighting five Fallanassi. Kalak slowly drew a throwing razor and using the force, threw it. The razor slashed along a knights throat. The distraction was enough. The figure feinted and stabbed the opponent through the heart. The others quickly followed their leader. The figure turned to Kalak and told him that he was Rath Targon, a Dark Jedi. He was grateful for his assistance and offered Kalak training. Kalak was of course honoured. Rath gave him the coordinates to a planet in the outer rim named Daroon. Kalak set of to Frrelor to store the bacteria and all the credits that he had taken from the Med Facility. He then took took a Sheathipede shuttle and traveled to Garoon.

The Dark Jedi met him in a citadel on the strange planet. There, Kalak was taught various old Sith techniques and Dark side powers. Rath was impressed by Kalak's thirst for lore and as such, transferred a copy of as many documents as possible on to a datapad for Kalak to study. During one night, the Falleen was woken from his sleep by a strange cry. Rath was lying on the floor of the courtyard cradling the body of a small girl. Fearing reprisals, Kalak packed his stuff and grabbed a few treasures from inside then checked back again. Rath had his lightsaber in his hand and pointed towards himself, tears still flowing down his face. A flash of realisation hit the Falleen and he dashed down the corridor to his ship and through himself into it. Just as he started to lift off, an explosion of Dark side energy hit him

He was 30 and would soon return to Frrelor to achieve his dreams

Student of the Malkite

Kalak was now determined to broaden his education on assassination. As such, he traveled to Chandrilla to seek the Malkite Poisoners. At night, he wandered the beautiful streets, searching for them. He made inquiries in cantina's but he had no luck. At last just as he was about to give up, a pair of past figures slipped up behind him and slipped a cloth over his face. He was bundled unceremoniously into a speeder and taken deep into a mountain via a long twisting tunnel. Eventually they stopped and the clothe was removed. Kalak was in a large hall and in the center on a throne was a beautiful woman of about 28. She had black hair and was dressed in a black jumpsuit with a silver lined silk black cloak. She offered Kalak a chance to train in the arts of poison. Kalak accepted immediately.

Kalak was taught personally by the woman who introduced herself as Calmana Sinclaire, the leader of the Malkite. He learnt many things there broadening his education vastly. And as they studied, Master teaching and student learning, they began to grow to one and other. In one of the lessons, Calmana was right next to him pointing at something in the book Kalak was learning from. She had glanced up when she sensed that Kalak was not looking at the book and found him staring deep into her eyes. She put her arm round him, drew him close and kissed him passionatly. Throughout the rest of his time on Chandrila he wastraining, in his quarters studying or with Calmana. After 2 years, his knowledge in the arts of poison eventually rivalled the best members of Malkite Poisoners. He decided to leave and return to Frrelor. Calmana decided to go with him and they decided to form a sect of the Malkite on Frrelor in the old Mountain Citadel there.

Return to Frrelor

Kalak's return to Frrelor was heralded by a great banquet in Kalak's honor hosted by his adopted father. The Malkite were easily secreted into the citadel. Kalak secretly sent credits there in order for the sect to buy poisons and weapons. Then three weeks later a shcoking blow came. His adopted Father had just died of a stroke and had left Kalak everything. The Falleen now had access to millions of credits and a planet. Kalak immedially set about assuring his power. He had some well known architects and builders construct a fortress in the norther hemasphere of Frrelor and started picking the best soldiers and warriors on Frrelor to serve as his secret police, the RSS. Once the Fortress had been completed, Kalak christened it Ragnose Fortress. While things may have seemed a little tyrannical at first, the Falleen quickly ushered in peace and the Golen age of Frrelor began. Kalak had all of his possessions moved into the Fortress and stockedpiled thousands of datapads, scrolls and artifacts. Things seemed to be looking up. That was until one year later when Calmana Sinclaire abadoned him. When he heard of her betrayal he screamed and while sobbing destroyed the room he was in. One hour later, he ordered the RSS to find and exterminate the treacherous Human. From that day forward Kalak was unable to love anyone in an intimate manner. He would later enter into a relationship with Impetus but that quickly ended with her marriage to Ararin Korin


In the time between the Battle of Naboo and the death of Palpatine, life was relatively quite for Kalak. He met up with an Anzat assassin, Alzon Fengo on Corellia and hired his services permanently. He acquired a DeepWater-class light freighter which he named Shadow Reaper and used it to further assist him in his travels. It was also during this time that Kalak journeyed to his Species home planet, Falleen. He walked through the plains, to the registry office with an ensemble of guards and enquired as to his origins. Too his immense shock and pleasure he found out that he was the son of a Falleen Lord, Lord Anazider. Kalak journeyed to his fathers estate deep in the Northern hemisphere's Rainforest and there he met his father. It was the most disappointing meeting ever for Kalak. His father was a bloated, lazy monster, resembling a green Hutt. His mother had apparently long since died and had left him an unbreakable crate which Anazider now displayed to his son, while guzzling down juice. After inspecting it, Kalak determined that is was a force lock. Anger had begun to imerge and using the Force, Kalak began to mentally tortue Anazider, extracting anything of value from the obese noble. Eventually after all his fathers financial codes and secrets were out, Kalak executed his father and claimed his title as Falleen Lord. Immediately afterwards, he emptied his fathers bank vaults and stripped the mansion of everything of worth.

On his trip back to Frrelor, Kalak reinspected the crate and began to probe it with the Dark Side. It immediately opened and revealed its treasures. Inside were fine robes, lightsaber crystals, manuscripts and more importantly, a small box containing his mothers robes, her lightsaber and a datapad. The datapad revealed his mother to have been a Dark Jedi and contained a sort of biograpy of her life. More shockingly, it revealed he also had a younger brother, Naitsabes. He put the lightsaber back into its box and as soon as he reached Frrelor he had the crate moved to Ragnose Fortress.

Frrelor went through the Clone wars undisturbed and Kalak managed to acquire 30 B2 battle droids for the Frrelorian security forces. The Republic fell and the Empire rose. Warship production boomed and soon there were several Imperial fighters on the market. Kalak bought some of these in preparation for an eventual attack. But again thanks to its location, Frrelor was untouched.

Death of an empire

With the death of the Emperor, the last true Sith Lord until 40 years later, came a wave of repercussions, reveberating from the core into wild space. The new Falleen Lord watched in interest as a new Jedi Order rose and a New Republic was born. A mindless drone came from the New Republic and invited Frrelor to join. It was of course sent away but the drone made the people of Frrelor fear an invasion as a stepping stone for the New Republic, to strike Coruscant. Luckily Borleias was chosen and Kalak and his people remained hidden from the New Republic.

Search for a Brother

With Frrelor safe for the time being, Kalak thought it time to search for his long lost brother. Activating sleeper agents in wild space and in the outer rim, Kalak scoured the galaxy. His search eventually took him to one of the moons of Bogden, Kohlma where the Bando Gora had once ruled. He landed and found that his brother had taken control of what was left of the Bando Gora and had turned it into a small assassination and intelligence sect. Kalak met with his brother (With Naitabes not knowing Kalak was his brother) and talked. Nothing is known about what they talked about but after the conversation ended, they went deep into Vosa's old castle and Naitsabes handed several old manuscripts over to his brother before boarding the Shadow Reaper.

On the way, Kalak tested Naitsabes's force potential and was dismayed to find that it was quite low. Nevertheless, Kalak taught his younger brother as much as he could and bestowed the name of Ragnose upon Naitsabes. His brother being the youngest of the pair would not be able to have the title Falleen Lord however as the oldest always received it. On Frrelor, Kalak began to teach Naitsabes the ways of politics grooming him into a Grand Vizier.

Time with the Brotherhood

Reports had come to Kalak's attention of a Brotherhood of Dark Jedi based around Antei. He traveled there, leaving Naitsabes in charge of Frrelor. On arrival he was offered the choice of joining or dying. He chose the sensible option and was sent to the Shadowacademy and then immediately assigned him to Clan Scholae Palatinae. The Falleen Lord was thrown straight into the feud between CSP and Clan Arcona. After the conflict, he was noticed by the Quaestor of House Acclivis Draco who offered to be his Master. Kalak accepted, seeing the possibilities of studying under some with such power in the House. Kalak slowly advanced through the ranks of the Journeyman and at the tender rank of Guardian, he became the magistrate of Anshar Kahn Tarentae, the Headmaster of the time.

Rite of Supremacy

Kalak mainly stayed out of the fighting during the Rite of Supremacy, making a single trip to the well of Darkness on Dxun. There he was confronted by images of his mother on Falleen. Turbolasers were raining down on the surface and the consumed the image, bathing it in fire. After finding a rock with the word Bane carved in indicating that Darth Bane had passed through here, he was transported to the hall of CSP where he was forced to confront his former lover, Helena. Lastly he was thrown into a world of nightmares facing Darth Vader and other things of that nature. He finally reached the end and found several weapons for the clan's use.

GJW 8 and Reclamation of Judecca

As soon as the Rite of Supremacy was over, the Yuuzhan Vong struck. Kalak had been on the observation deck of the CSP Flagship Excidum at the time and had suffered damage to his leg when a shard of metal and speared it. He had helped repel a group of Vong warriors who had infiltrated the Excidum and collapsed soon after.

He woke up in the Med bay and quickly left. On Judecca, he was assigned by his master to find a hidden cache of weapons. He did so and then rejoined his Master at the command bunker. He was then ordered to take a team of journeymen and commandos and take down the shapers operations at the abandoned temple. He did this efficiently and dueled Master Shaper Vandde Ren, an unusual Shaper because of her remarkable ability to fight, not normal for a shaper. He eventually killed her and escaped. He was involved in the Reclamation of Brutus (one of Judecca's moons) but was forced to use a cane for a while as a result of the exertion on his wounded leg.

Kalak plotting his attack on Brutus


Roll Master

"Well now you will receive your punishment. You are to spend an undetermined length of time serving as House Roll Master. This is my final word on the matter."
―Timbal Palpatine

RevengeX's retirement pushed Tra'an up to Aedile and left the position of Roll Master open. Kalak was called into the Quaestor's office and charged with using one of Timbal's Twi'leks. Kalak was not actually guilty but he was forced into the position as a so called punishment. Because of this, he is sure that the Twi'lek story was concocted simply to get him in the position.

As Roll Master, Kalak orchestrated a series of banishments for people who had no apparent loyalty to Acclivis Draco. Eight were forced out after warnings, securing Kalak's reputation as a ruthless leader. At the same time, under orders from Timbal, Kalak expanded Silvia Industries and added new departments, further increasing the money that Acclivis Draco received.


"This is ours to rule, Kalak. Together, for so long as we will serve the House. You are my Aedile, my right hand. I trust you as I trust only two others. Do not fail me in this charge: Rule with strength and wisdom. You are my conscience, you are my doubt, keep me in line even as I reach to the stars, showing our greatness."
―Tra'an Reith on Upwell Peak

It came to be that Timbal, weary from all his leading over the year sought to go into permanent retirement. The reigns of Quaestor were handed to Tra'an Reith who proceeded to drag Kalak on a hike through the Dragons Peak mountain range. There, Tra'an announced his intention to have Kalak at his right hand side during his reign. With lava bursting up all around them, they planned the future. One more had to be collected, to complete their team. Kalak went to a disused training center, whose entrance was deep in a cave. A simple set up was created. Laurus and two soldiers would be at the bottom of what would seem to be a chasm. Koryn Thraagus was summoned, accused of treason and hurled by Telekinesis into the chasm. He fought bravely, and passed the test. He became Roll Master.

Kalak took over the Aedile office at a turbulent time. Rebellion was rife through the Cocytus system and while the majority of Antenora remained loyal to their dark masters, some engaged in terrorism, blowing up speeders and a warehouse belonging to the Acclivis-controlled Silvia Industries. A call from the Grand Master had also come through, announcing the return to Antei.

coming soon....


Appearance and Attire

Kalak is a relatively traditional Falleen. His scales are green, his face is angular and very symmetrical and his long black hair is usually lose, streaming behind him. He has slender fingers, with perfectly manicured black nails and hypnotic black eyes. He is two meters tall and has a refined and elegant demenour. He virtually always wears robes, either his Krath ones or elegant expensive ones all of the finest silk. He wears soft black boots made of beaten dewback leather that come up to his knees and also has several jewelled rings on his fingers.


Kalak is the typical Falleen, arrogant, disciplined and controlled and with a rather large ego. Not only that but he is also manipulative, cunning and sly. The only things Kalak really cares about are himself and knowledge and he will go to great lengths to increase this, often putting into motion complex plans simply to gain a loyal follower, a small amount of influence, or a rare scroll. In his earlier years until about he was about forty, he exerted extreme charisma over almost everyone he met. He was deeply involved on Frrelor at a political level although he still did underhand dealings. As he matured, he was not as active and became far more of a recluse spending much time in the huge library deep in Ragnose Fortress. He has no qualms whatsoever about deceiving or killing people and in reality, holds proper allegiance to no one although he will always remain as the good ruler of Frrelor and has a passing alleigance to his former master RevengeX . He is known to have had several assassins in his employ, notably Sauni Demai, now another Dark Jedi of Clan Scholae Palatinae and Alzon Fengo an Anzati assassin. Since both of his lovers betrayed him, he has a heart of ice and will never enter into a relationship. His alleigance to Clan Scholae is one born of nescesity and the alliance is profitable to both sides, the only reason for his being there.

There is one anomaly in his character. No-one knows the cause of the bond between he and Tra'an, but what is known is that he is unyieldingly loyal to the Shi'ido.

Abilities and traits

Kalak is a Falleen and thus is blessed with his species assets. Being a semi aquatic species, he can hold his breath underwater for a long time. He is resistant to mind tricks. His best asset though makes him a master of the mind. A common trait among his species, Kalak is in command of persuasive pheromones, capable of affecting the behaviour of other sentient beings, especially females. This ability, combined with the Force, makes Kalak one of the most persuasive Dark Jedi in Acclivis Draco.

His Force Skills also mainly lie in the mind and he is well versed in controlling and assaulting minds with the Dark Side. Other than this, he has a wide knowledge of the powers used by Force Cults such as the Jensaarai and the Aing-Tii and he has been delving into Sith Magic although due to his current rank has not been able to use most of the Spells. Kalak is also a skilled fencer and as such, has taken the Lightsaber style Makashi to compliment this. Besides these, his primary ability is his brain. Kalak is an expert in the History of the Sith and can read and write both Sithese and the Massasi language. He is also a patron of the arts, being fond of musical works by the Imperial Symphony Orchestra and a variety of expensive Foods and Wines.


Kalak rarely gets in a fight preferring to rely on his mind and simple Force tricks but he does have some weapons as a last resort.

  • A cane with a lightsaber contained within.

Strengths and Weaknesses


  • Extremely intelligent
  • Huge willpower
  • Skilled fencer
  • Able to seduce any female
  • Powerful in the Force, notably dominance and persuasion


  • No piloting skills
  • Unable to wield a Blaster
  • Physically weak, his attacks come from the Force, not his body

DJB Facts and achievements


  • Created the motto for the Battle team Mandalorian Comrades.
  • Creator of Silvia Industries, the fictional HAD company.
  • Wrote the first series of Shadow Academy fictional updates.
  • Assisted in the re-write of the Obelisk Core course.
  • Penned the Force Cults course.
  • Created the two CSP Imperial Palaces
  • Co-author of the Scholae Palatinae FAQ

Positions Held

  • Magistrate to the Headmaster
  • Eclectic Pedagogue of Old Republic History
  • Eclectic Pedagogue of Force Cults
  • Priest of Lore in Clan Scholae Palatinae
  • Rollmaster of House Acclivis Draco
  • Aedile of House Acclivis Draco
  • Quaestor of House Acclivis Draco
  • Rollmaster of House Dorimad Sol
  • Rollmaster of House Scholae Palatinae
  • Oathmaster of House Scholae Palatinae


Kalak has taken three apprentices, the first he never mentions, the pairing having been severed only a month in.

Dark Jedi Knight Aesir - Taken on during Kalak's tenure as Aedile, continuing during his Quaestorship.

Guardian Aro-Wan - Taken on at the beginning of Kalak's tenure as HDS Roll Master.


  • Kalak has a pet Tu'kata which he found on a mission to Korriban when it was a baby and has raised it as a pet. He named it Maligniatis.
  • His personal starship, Shadow Reaper is a DeepWater-class light freighter which has been heavily modified. It is piloted by a V6-series pilot droid,
  • Kalak is a fluent linguist, able to speak Galactic Basic, Rodese, Falleen, Cheunh and Ryl as well as the ancient languages classical Ossan, Rakatan, ancient Selkath and various dialects of Sithese

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