Sanjuro Sledge Keibatsu

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Sanjuro Keibatsu
Biographical Information
Date of Birth:

16 ABY

Physical Description





1.7 Meters


72 kilograms





Personal Information



Eojin Quon-Shen, Suukou Bodai

Lightsaber Color(s):


Lightsaber Form(s):


Fighting Style(s):


Chronology & Political Information

Dark Jedi Brotherhood Era



Known masters:

Muz Ashen



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Sanjuro Sledge Keibatsu is the Equite son of the Krath Dark Lord Muz Ashen and a Zabrak Nightsister named Axi Zorax.

Character History

Born on Cerodross, the young halfbreed was ferried to an orphanage for safekeeping while his mother departed for parts unknown. Ea'cha, one of the older of their order, agreed to watch the child and to teach him what he knew. For the first few years, all went as planned, and the young half-zabrak grew quickly under the harsh sun of Cerodross.

The Monastery was built upon a fissure that, for some reason, barraged everyone there with ions that aged them far more rapidly than normal. As Ea'cha grew into old age, Sledge matured quite quickly, taking to the Monk's books and lessons quite quickly. However, things grew far worse for Ea'cha, his lungs starting to fail in the oppressive dust storms of Cerodross. When the old man died, Sledge found the Monastery a far less accommodating place.

The Horns at the boy's crown signified something fearful for the other monks, and they had, in their fear, decided to purify the youth. They ground his horns down and taught him the virtue of hard work. Sledge worked with the monks, feeling that he had no where to turn. And once, during his chores, the young halfbreed experienced a gift of his bloodline, the Force helping him through a tough spot. This was unacceptable for the monks, and the boy found himself at the mercies of the Monks as they attempted to 'purify' him further.

Fall to Darkness

His back shredded by the whip, Sledge didn't hear the landing of the dropships oustide beneath his own pain. Slowly finding his way to the tower, he would watch the sun set and look out at the stars, where his mother was, somewhere.

What he saw instead, was the shuttles as they unloaded a brigade of dark-robed men with blasters and sabers as they stormed the front gates, a wake of death following them. Their perfection, their ability to move as one, singular in their desire, intrigued the halfbreed. As they made their way through the keep, Sledge had made his decision. The darksiders would take him with them and train him.

Two Jedi made their way up the tower, a black-eyed saberist in a long warcoat and a tall and thin man with an eyepatch and a long sword. Sledge used his mind to push them back, figuring that the use of his magic would prove to them that he was worth training.

They looked at each other before listening to the young half-breed's plea. It seemed too easy, as they hardly needed convincing. They took the young one to Sepros, his new home in Clan Naga Sadow as he studied under the Black Eyed Krath, a man called Muz Ashen Keibatsu.

The Brotherhood

Fighting alongside his master, the halfbreed learned about his magic, how to command it better, and how they trained it to their bidding, calling it the Force. He also learned better ways of fighting from his master and his brother Nekura Manji Keibatsu. Facing several strong combatants in the Antei Combat Center, Sledge became a better warrior in his own right.

As Sledge grew in his power and skill, Muz sent him on missions, retrieving valuable items for his master, killign wild creatures for components the Krath needed. It wasn't long before the young one became known as a strong Guardian of the clan, despite his age.

The Ties that Bind

A new task came down from his master. If Sledge was to be called a 'Jedi hunter', he would have to track and bring down a Jedi. Muz gave the boy a target, sending him to a spot where he had imagined the target would be.

Armed with a blaster, a training saber, and a vial of knockout serum, the young Halfbreed, more mature than his years, tracked the Jedi and ambushed her outside of her ship. Dragging the woman back to his master, Sledge thought that there was something amiss.

When he arrived, Muz examined the catch before she woke up, showing the young boy the tattoo across Axi Zorax's back, the symbol of the Order of the Black Guard in dark ink. Confused, Sledge asked why a Jedi bore the symbol of the elite assassins of Clan Naga Sadow.

Muz took his time, explaining how the Jedi was once his lover, and that she left when she became pregnant, hiding from him in his cruelty. The truth came painfully from him, that Sledge was his son. When Axi woke up, she panicked, having searched long and hard for her son, thinking that Muz had chased them across the galaxy to murder her.

The truth was far less aggressive. The three of them joined together in the Clan, his family helping the clan reach new heights and conquer more of their foes. Returning to the family's homestead on Kyataru, they reclaimed their birthright from the interlopers, and shortly returned, reinvigorated and ready to claim more in the name of the Brotherhood.