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Navy of the Iron Throne
Unit Information

27 ABY - Present


Armed Forces of the Iron Throne




~84,000 personnel


Nothing Beyond Reach


Commodore Joss Malin

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The Navy of the Iron Throne commanded all naval forces in service to the Armed Forces of the Iron Throne. Though the Brotherhood maintained a sizable naval force prior to the events of the Eighth Great Jedi War, its navy was antiquated and clumsy by modern standards. The subsequent losses of materiel due to the Yuuzhan Vong incursion forced a shift in thinking regarding not only what the Brotherhood would operate in terms of naval vessels but how those vessels would best be employed to ensure its survival and the eventual reclamation of Antei.

Thus all remaining vessels of the old fleet were decommissioned to make way for a modern fleet of warships with many times the striking power of the old fleet. This new force was organized under the Brotherhood’s Eighth Fleet and consisted of several Task Forces further ordered into Strike Groups that consisted of several capital ships and supporting vessels.

The Eighth consisted of some 55 capital ships, 1,000 aircraft and 84,000 personnel.


The Eighth Fleet was formed in late 27 ABY in the wake of the Eighth Great Jedi War. With the loss of Antei, the Iron Throne and Dark Council required a mobile platform from which to operate the Brotherhood and secure resources necessary to its survival. The Eighth Fleet was a fully modernized force of capital warships enhanced with the latest in Verpine warship-systems upgrades allowing the Brotherhood to operate this massive fleet using far smaller crews with great efficacy.

The fleet was designed with mobility and firepower in mind as well as the ability to provide support to the newly formed 13th Starborne Division under the organization of Joint Task Force Rancor. The Eighth Fleet was deployed across the galaxy to oversee the interests of the Brotherhood.


The Eighth Fleet was the primary projection of Dark Brotherhood power and influence in the galaxy. The fleet operated as a whole or in part dependent on the situation, but at anytime its whereabouts were known to only a select few within the Brotherhood and it was capable of descending from hyperspace anywhere in the galaxy without warning.

Consisting of four powerful Task Forces, the Eighth’s versatility was not only intended to aid the Brotherhood in one day retaking Antei, but to keep the Great Clans in line in the meantime. Each Task Force was further divided into Strike Groups centered on a powerful capital ship such as a Nebula-class Star Destroyer. These elements were tailored to a variety of missions allowing the Iron Throne and Dark Council a far wider range of ability in war than that of the old fleet.

The Eighth Fleet would typically be commanded by a Vice Admiral under normal circumstances with each Task Force under the direction of a Task Force Commander at the rank of Captain or higher.

Chain of Command

Commanding Officer: Commodore Joss Malin

Executive Officer: Captain Ganrea Beeliz

Command Master Chief Petty Officer: Elcar Yacyn

  • Rank structure within the Iron Throne naval forces was loosely based on that of the former Galactic Empire’s Imperial rank system.

Fleet Task/Organization is as follows:

The Eighth Fleet

Eighth Fleet
Task Force 61 Task Force 62 Task Force 63 Task Force 64
B/DREAD Nightfall NSD Dark Star NSD Gauntlet CSD Cotelin
INT Forbidden INT Contested Fate C/FRG Crusade C/FRG Stalwart
C/FRG Merciless BAC Exodus S/FRG Remorseless W/GSP Defiant
B/CR Dominator W/GSP Eternal W/GSP Restitution GSP Belligerent
L/FRG Assaulter STARG Augmenter STARG Desicrator VT-49 Augur
STARG Apostate GSP Ardor GSP Tyrant RSD Ominous
GSP Defiler VT-49 Glorious VT-49 Crucible BAC Undaunted
VT-49 Reducer FFC Firefox RSD Forsaken B/CR Impenetrable
RSD Rending Hand MJHC Antares BAC Conqueror W/GSP Valiant
BAC Relentless B/CR Triumvirate C/FRG Deposer GSP Enforcer
B/CR Thunderer STARG Preparance W/GSP Tormentor VT-49 Vanguard
L/FRG Maelstrom W/GSP Prodigal AGV Rival  
STARG Sanguinous GSP Intensity STARG Subjugator  
GSP Razer VT-49 Venerable GSP Vengeance  
VT-49 Reprisal   VT-49 Modifier  

Task Force 61

TF-61 was the designation for the Eighth Fleet’s primary planetary assault element. It typically supported I Legion of the Army of the Iron Throne.

Task Force 62

TF-62 was the Eighth’s primary space-superiority force designed to assault, occupy, and defend various battle spaces and orbital theaters in support of fleet operations. It typically supported II Legion of the Army of the Iron Throne.

Task Force 63

TF-63 was the primary naval battle force of the Eighth Fleet. It typically supported III Legion of the Army of the Iron Throne.

Task Force 64

TF-64 was the secondary planetary assault force as well as naval battle force under the Eighth. It typically supported IV Legion of the Army of the Iron Throne.

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