James Roberts-Brannigan

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New Order era.
James Singleton Roberts Brannigan
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10 ABY

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185 lb.





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Eiko Lanzer

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New Order Era

Known masters:
  • Eliza Caldari (deceased)
  • Eiko Lanzer


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James Roberts-Brannigan is currently serving in House Karness Muur of Clan Plagueis. Previously, he was the Aedile of Independent House Revan.

Character History


Age 4

James Singleton Roberts-Brannigan was born on Chandrila to John Solomon and Carrie Anne Roberts-Brannigan, formerly of Alderaan. Ten years prior to his birth, during the destruction of Alderaan, his parents had been on Coruscant for James's paternal grandfather Jacob Brannigan's Medal of Valor ceremony, awarded twenty years after he had won it at the Battle of Scipio as a gunnery officer on board a Republic warship.

After the destruction of Alderaan, which claimed the lives of Carrie Anne's parents as well as most of James's extended family, the the Roberts-Brannigans would resettle on Chandrila, where they would become members of the Rebel Alliance. John Solomon joined the Alliance Special Forces in 1 ABY. During his brief periods of leave in between his unit's missions, John Solomon and Carrie Anne established a home and started a family. Carrie Anne gave birth to her second child, James, in 10 ABY.

After returning home for a period of leave in 24 ABY, John Solomon took James to the theatre to spend time with his teenage son. After the holodrama, they left the theatre and stopped at a shop to buy Carrie Anne a bouquet of flowers. The two were surrounded by a group of thugs and John Solomon tried to deescalate the situation, offering his credits. However, the angry young men were looking to hurt someone that night. John Solomon, protecting his son, unhesitantly engaged and killed the thugs. Unfortunately, John Solomon was stabbed in the chest during the struggle and died on the pavement as James tried unsuccessfully to save his father. John Solomon's death was James's first loss and introduction to a cold, harsh reality.

The Aria Chandra

Eliza Caldari

After her parent's deaths, Carrie Anne had inherited a large sum of credits and assets that had originally belonged to her great grandfather, who had built an empire transporting cargo on the more dangerous and remote routes in the galaxy. While the prominence of Octhar Transports had been diminished in the decades following due to the competition and saturation of other startups, Carrie Anne transformed the assets into a thriving business while John Solomon was away fighting for the Rebellion.

With his father's death, James fell into a period of anger and despair. He made a series of bad decisions, cumulating in being expelled from his prominent boarding school and rejection by the premier university that produced the leaders of industry and the highest levels of government leaders on Chandrila. Feeling rejected, he sought to get away from his mother by joining Octhar Transports as a deckhand.

James was assigned to the Aria Chandra, under the command of Captain Eliza Caldari, on the Outer Rim route. During his first run, James suspected that the Aria Chandra was much more then a mere transport ship. On his third run, his suspicions were confirmed. The Aria Chandra was chartered to carry a group of people and equipment to the Ileenium System, who James determined were soldiers. Slipping into the hold one night while the ship was in hyperspace, James surreptitiously opened a cargo pallet to discover military equipment. As he was putting things back, Eliza Caldari walked in.

Surprised, he was uncertain what would become of him. Using a suggestive tone, Eliza interrogated him, starting with his childhood and ending with his assignment onboard the Aria Chandra. She pressed him for more details around the death of his father, causing his anger to flare, pushing the pallets around them against the walls violently. She gazed as he looked uncomfortable, then closed her eyes as the pallets returned to their places. Eliza told him things would be fine, that he would find solace on her ship and its covert mission of supporting a new resistance. In the weeks and years after, James became a studious apprentice, a competent navigator and a confident member of Eliza's crew.


Serving on the Aria Chandra for seven years brought much change. The crew changed over the years, with many coming and leaving. James stayed aboard, being elevated to radio operator, navigator, and ultimately the first officer. At 22, he was second in command and a grizzled veteran with hundreds of hours of flight time and a handful of skirmishes with pirates. As a force user, he spent a great deal of his off time training and meditating. The anger he once possessed had mostly been contained with the ever so perceptive tutelage of Eliza Caldari.


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Positions Held

Positions Held
Before Position After
Callus Bo'Amar Aedile of Independent House Revan
35 ABY - 35 ABY