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This article details the history of a character who no longer actively takes part in current events.

Walker Boh
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Walker Boh, A Chiss who is always interested in learning new skills, is relatively young for his species. While he cares about power, knowledge has always been his primary focus.

Character History

At a young age Walker Boh was captured by slavers. Due to the uncommon appearance of Chiss slaves, his sale price quickly rose. He was bought by a human male and taken to the man's home planet of Coruscant. His owner felt it best to keep his unusual slave hidden from the general populace, and thus kept most of his guests from ever learning of his slave's existence. At first he thought to train his new acquisition as a servant.

It was during this time that Walker Boh made an error in his master's eyes and was sentenced to death by him. When the executioner came for him, his Chiss instincts were enough to enable him to kill his executioner. It was the first time Walker had ever killed anyone, but his gut told him that it would certainly not be the last. Sensing his freedom at hand, he headed for his master's quarters. It was in this room that he would receive the one blemish to his pale blue skin. Upon arriving at his destination, he was surprised to see his master sitting and waiting for him. Knowing what he had to do, he attacked his owner. This turned out to be a turning point in his life for even though his master easily overpowered him, and slashed him from above his eye down to his jaw line, these events led to the decision that he should be trained as an assassin.

After several years of eliminating his master's enemies and those of inconvenience, Walker finally returned to his master's home. More determined than ever to be free, he was able to use the skills acquired over the last several years to infiltrate his master's quarters. Wanting the man to know who was responsible, Walker Boh woke him for the last time just before he slit the man's throat.

He knew he was now a free man, and had to get away. He was able to stow away aboard a freighter leaving Coruscant. He then kept hopping ships for several months aimlessly before he found his way to the Brotherhood to begin his new life.

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