ACC Facility

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ACC Facility
Production information

Dark Jedi Brotherhood


Space station

Technical specifications

550 meters


550 meters


900 meters

Serridge Shield Generators (7500 SBD)

Titanium-reinforced Quadanium Steel (2650 RU)

  • Heavy Turbolaser (12)
  • Quad Laser Cannon (24)
  • 4 Missile Launchers (10 each)
  • 1-2 Staff
  • 12 Pilots
  • 80 droids
Cargo capacity:

90,000 Metric Tons


2 Years

  • Training Facility
  • Space station

Dark Jedi Brotherhood Era affiliation=*Dark Council

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Although a proper evacuation of the Antei Combat Center was not feasible, newly appointed Combat Master Halcyon Rokir managed to remove the very essence of what allowed the ACC to function as it did. Coupled with the entire technological aspect of the Combat Center being safely secure within the Dark Brotherhood’s database, the ability to re-create the Center anywhere was in hand.

With force-aided meditation, Halcyon scouted for a suitable location, away from the war-path of the Yuuzhan Vong, yet able to still cater to the members of the Dark Brotherhood. At the very end of the Corellian Run near the section of the galaxy termed “Wild Space”, a suitable location was found for the new home of the Center.

Procuring the necessary funding from the Grand Master, and under the watchful eye of the Seneschal Office, a new station was built, appearing as a mining facility, but within lay all of the necessary technologies, allowing for the continuing training and improvement of the Dark Brotherhood and their warriors. Although originally using only a generic name for the facility, it has since been nicnamed Abyss

Northern Hemisphere

Much of what allows for the day-to-day function of the facility occurs within this hemisphere, with much of the equipment and power needed to run things comes from this one area

Outer Level

At the very top of the hemisphere are the more delicate systems of the facility, including sensors and communications. One-half of the shield generators, as well as back-up power generators, are also located in this area.

Level One (Command Center)

The first true level houses the offices of the Combat Center. This area is off-limits to anyone but staff. The Combat Master and Deputy Combat Master each have individual offices, while Judges and Trainers each have specific areas from which they work, depending on who is on duty. All functions within the facility can be run from this one level, effectively making it “Command and Control”.

Level Two (Staff Quarters)

Just below the Command Center are the Staff Quarters. The Combat Master and Deputy Combat Master each have a personalized room, while the rest of the staff share one of 6 additional quarters. The quarters are comfortable; however, they lack any distinguishable personal touches. Pilot barracks are also located on this level, although their quarters are set apart from the main staff.

Level Three (General Quarters/Common Area)

Those wishing to stay with the ACC over an extended period of time are given a set of quarters, located on this level. Entertainment, food preparation, exercise rooms and other amenities are located throughout this area, open to both staff and anyone else staying with the ACC at the time.

Level Four (Power Generator)

The primary Power generator is located between the living area and the middle ring. Only staff and facility personnel have access to this area. The generator is able to run all facility functions simultaneously, including weapons and shielding.

Middle Ring

The large, circular area dividing the two hemispheres is divided into 3 separate sections: Docking Bay; Morph Halls and Medical Facility.

Docking Bay

Half of the entire section is the docking bay, where those visiting the ACC dock their vessels. The shuttles and starfighters of the facility are also located in this area.

Morph Halls

Taking up a third of the entire area are the very reason the facility exists: The Morph Halls. A number of halls have been built for the ACC’s use, the technology that allows for such vivid simulations known to only a few. The data stored on the original ACC allowed for this re-build with the same capabilities as before. However, as these systems have been built from scratch there may still be glitches in the programming or design that may affect future battles.

Medical Facility

The remaining section is a state-of-the-art medical facility, built to help heal the large number of injuries that are incurred from battling in the Combat Center. A number of bacta tanks line the walls, while a team of five 2-1B surgical droids run the facility with the help of ten other FX-10 medical assistant droids.

Southern Hemisphere

Due to what is located in this hemisphere, the entire portion is only open to staff and any droids working for the facility. Although un-glamorous, the facility could not function without this section.

Level One (Storage)

A full 80% of this hemisphere has been converted into a storage facility, with all of the necessary consumables and parts necessary to keep the entire facility running for at least 2 years without needing re-supply.

Level Two

The remaining portion of this hemisphere is the location of the second set of shield-generators, as well as a back-up power generator should the main portion go off line. Secondary sensors and communications are also found in this level.

Defensive Systems

Although its name may be misleading, the facility itself is not meant for combat. However, it has not been left completely defenseless. Designed to absorb punishment until help can arrive, or the facility can be evacuated, the shielding system of the facility is comparable to the newest Star Destroyers. A dozen Heavy Turbolasers, two dozen quad lasers and 4 missile launchers with a magazine of 10 missiles each have been installed along the length of the facility for added protection. The entire system has been designed to be completely automated, with a highly advanced droid brain responsible for these weapons in case of attack.

A squadron of XJ X-Wings have also been given to the facility for defensive purposes, as well as three Lambda-class shuttles in case of an evacuation. The pilots for the X-Wing serve for 4 months each before being rotated into the main DB fleet. The bulk of the pilots are newer recruits on their first assignment.

In the case of a large attack that the Facility itself cannot handle a distress beacon is sent out to all the nearest Clans as well as to the main DB fleet for reinforcements.


The facility is run by those staff member on duty. As the bulk of staff have duties within their Clan, a rotating schedule is used to determine who is currently in charge of the facility at any given time. However, the Combat Master or Deputy Combat Master can be found running things the majority of the time.

The facility itself is nearly completely automated, many of the day-to-day functions done by a large team of droids. This allows only one “real” person to effectively control the entire facility. As with the medical droids, each of the following droids are also responsible with certain area of the facility, and are pre-programmed with their duties and responsibilities although they can all be overridden by the staff in charge.