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Seals are awarded for participation and judging of Rites of Supremacy, Independence Games, and Great Jedi Wars, typically in a ratio of one seal per event. Traditionally, a new seal is created for each major vendetta or competition.

SoMem.jpg SoRet.jpg SoAll.jpg
Seal of Memories Seal of Retribution Seal of Alliances
Sixth Great Jedi War Krath Rite of Supremacy Independence Games 2005
SoCon.jpg SoDup.jpg SoDom.jpg
Seal of Conquest Seal of Duplicity Seal of Dominance
Obelisk Rite of Supremacy Seventh Great Jedi War Outer Rim War
S drk small.jpg SoPain.jpg Igseal2008.jpg
Seal of Darkness Seal of Pain Seal of Remembrance
Second Darkness Eighth Great Jedi War Independence Games 2008
SoUnity.jpg S bone large.jpg SoDefia.jpg
Seal of Unity Seal of Bone Seal of Defiance
Ninth Great Jedi War Spoils of War Disorder
SoIG2011.jpg SoD.jpg S horizons.jpg
Seal of Return Seal of Decimation Seal of Affliction
Independence Games 2011 Tenth Great Jedi War Horizons
SoCrusader.jpg SoReminiscence.jpg Seal of Revelation.jpg
Seal of Crusader Seal of Reminiscence Seal of Revelation
Dark Crusade Independence Games 2013 Eleventh Great Jedi War
Dark Brotherhood Awards
Competition Medals CrescentsNovaeVendetta SealsCluster of FireCluster of EarthCluster of IceCluster of GraphitePendant of Blood
Merit Medals Dark CrossAnteian CrossSteel CrossGrand Cross of the Dark Side
Sacramental Awards Sapphire BladeAmethyst KukriRuby ScepterEmerald DaggerDiamond SwordSilver SashGolden Lightsaber
Other Medals Scroll of FoundationScroll of IndoctrinationScroll of the MasterDark Side ScrollLegion of the ScholarSeal of LoyaltyCrusade Ribbons