Eojin Quon-Shen

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Eojin Quon Shen
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56 BBY

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2 meters


92 kg






Synthetic right eye, cybernetic legs and arms

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Dark Jedi Brotherhood Era

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Eojin Quon-Shen is a very old Jedi Master who hovers at the edge of falling to the Dark Side in pursuit of his own fallen student.



Eojin was born many years before the Clone Wars began, his master in the Jedi Order having recruited him very young, as tradition dictated. Raised in the Jedi Temple of Coruscant, Eojin was an excellent student, rising to meet his challenges quickly and efficiently. Having successfully passed his knight trials, he was quickly caught up in the tide of war brought on by the Separatists and Count Dooku.

Leading a joint task force with other knights of the order, he had found a knack for helping his comrades find peace, even surrounded by the horrors of war. Helping to keep their sanity, the young Knight ministered to his fellows minds and spirits as the bacta ministered to their wounds.

As the war waged on, the Council assigned the Knight a padawan, a young Chiss who was quite adept in the Force. The student flourished under Eojin's tutelage, and with the wartime experience, was quickly considered for the trials of knighthood. He was knighted only a single day before Vader stormed the Temple with his 501st.

Eojin felt the echoes of his student's death in the Force, the reverberations shaking the master to his core. Taking moments to meditate, hidden from the view of his own Clone Troopers spared the man his life. Managing to clear enough of his own men to steal one of the V-wing fighters, Eojin eluded capture and death, his own men having been tricked into thinking that they had killed him with a particularly well placed collection of trip mines.

Exiling himself to the Far reaches of the Galaxy, Eojin continued his practices, studying the Force as he found students, honing himself and them into his own minute Jedi Order. In his search of the outer rim territories, he came across a small planet, hidden in the Tingel Arm... Kyataru.

Teeth of the Dragon

It was on Kyataru, that the Old Jedi had found a disturbance in the Force. Ripples of destiny surrounded the family of one of the rival warlords there, a man by the name of Koji Keibatsu. Having tried to arrange an audience with the xenophobic warlord, Eojin came into contact with the deceptive Nagahide. The rival to the Keibatsu spun tales of the famed brutality in combat of the Keibatsu, and brought the Jedi to 'witnesses' paid to say that their families were butchered by their soldiers.

Unimpressed by the dog and pony show, but still seeing enough trouble with the fact that the family owned a rather decent-sized cache of cortosis, Quon-Shen made a bargain with Nagahide. He would take the eldest Keibatsu, and in exchange, would have several of his students return to lead a task force against the Keibatsu stronghold. Eojin was granted leave to take Musashi Daraku Keibatsu for 'special training', and Eojin disappeared with him, taking him to his ranch on a planet that was never named to any of the students.

Eojin Quon-Shen's Lightsaber

The task force returned years later than Nagahide had planned, with ten of Eojin's newly trained knights. They arrived outside Inozawa, and marched north to the Keibatsu's household, meeting Koji in personal combat. The Warlord was more dangerous than Nagahide explained to the knights, the Keibatsu slaying several of the knights with his blades before falling. The Knights razed the home, under the impression that the rest of the family was in the custody of Nagahide.

In reality, not only was Koji's wife and daughter inside, but Nekura Manji Keibatsu had come running at the sight of the blaze, even using the flame as a distraction to slice into Cladius Tang'Va, leaving him presumed dead, before diving into the house to save his family. The surviving knights retreated from the flame, a few deserting as they heard the cries of Koji's wife coming from the fire. Nekura managed to drag his sister, Mihoshi, into a subcellar moments before the roof collapsed, sparing both of them from death.

When Claudius reported back to Eojin, the master panicked. He had sent them with the intent to buy the land from the Warlord, not execute Nagahide's rival. Swearing the knights to silence about the mission, Eojin hoped that word would never get to his newest apprentice, who was already displaying several disturbingly dark habits.

A New Temple

Word finally filtered through the holonet, news of the son of Skywalker having destroyed Palpatine, and that he had established a New Jedi Order, called the Praxeum, on Yavin IV. Eojin pulled his students and knights together, preparing to join under Luke's banner, hoping to help along the rebirth of the noble tradition.

While Skywalker treated Eojin with respect, he held him at a distance, not letting him into his inner circle, somehow distrusting the old master somehow. The students, however, meshed well with the Praxeum, swelling their ranks and giving Skywalker a few more to work with. Even young Muz had begun his Knight trials in earnest.

When Muz returned to the council with a saber using technology reminiscent of the Sith, a few eyebrows were raised about where Eojin was getting the information to teach his students. Eojin swore that he had no idea where his student had gotten his ideas from, and pointed to his other student's as example. Eojin kept Muz in the research labs as a response to the worries, hoping that the sedate environment would keep him from further dark side influence.

When the young Ashen created a synthetic cortosis fabric, Eojin panicked, sending the knight on a open-ended mission to protect an installation on Dearanor, far away from the core worlds. When one of the Imperial Remnant's force sensitives came across Dearanor, Muz defended it with his life and a touch of the Dark Side, the student having deemed it necessary to safeguard his mission. Dismayed at the news, Eojin chided him loudly for using the Dark Side against his specific orders.

Irritated, Muz declared that he was no longer a Jedi and ended the communication. Eavesdropping, Claudius Tang'va had overheard the message, and quickly sent his own students to slay the errant knight, hoping to curry favor with Eojin and be granted access to more of the Master's insights. When his ploy failed to return the head of the Keibatsu, Claudius kept the mission a secret from the Master, instead telling him that Muz had tracked down and killed his students out of anger.

Eojin was livid, leaving the Academy on Yavin to track down his wayward student, feeling that despite all of the horrors, Muz could still be turned back to the Order. He retraced his steps from Kyataru and Yavin, trying to put his mind in sync with the Keibatsu, but without any luck. He returned to Yavin empty handed, but still somehow hopeful, believing that he would feel the presence of his student and be able to move on it later.

Stalking the Lion

Shortly after returning to Yavin IV, a new student arrived, her imprint in the Force resonating heavily with the essence of his misplaced student. Ashia Kagan Keibatsu was despondent, seeking refuge, training, and purpose in life. Assigned to another master, the Nightsister excelled in her studies, but Eojin maintained a watchful eye over her, trying to glean some information from her about Muz.

After a particularly stressful Knight's mission, Ashia had fled the academy, and Eojin followed her, hoping that she would flee directly back to his quarry, but to no avail. For the next several years, Eojin floated through the galaxy, picking up on rumors and stories about a black-eyed jedi, trying to track down his elusive prey, even following an alien ship called the 'Fallen Spear' into a twisted nebulae on sketchy intel that he was aboard.

Finally getting a sense that the Keibatsu was deep in the Outer Rim, Eojin tracked the Keibatsu and finally confronted him on Malachor V, gone mad from the Dark Side and threatening even his fellow Sith in his insanity. Eojin moved to confront the nightmare he had made, hoping to quell the beast inside of him and bring him back to the Jedi.

Finally dueling the Keibatsu not only with sabers, but also in spirit, Eojin tried to convince him to let Peace guide his hand and banish the madness. Muz had heard about how his family was murdered by the Jedi, and blamed Eojin directly for the travesty and refused him. Instead chaining the madness to press the assault on Eojin, he removed himself from the combat before losing his life... but not before learning that several surviving members of the Keibatsu bloodline had found the same darksider organization and had returned to Kyataru to reclaim their birthright.
Muz Fights Eojin on Malachor V

Eojin returned to his old ranch, calling for his old students to make their way to him, giving Claudius the basic tenets of his plan: that they would return to Kyataru and work to catch them there. Eojin knew that Muz's hate for him was not able to be overcome, and that it caused him to focus his hate, driving him deeper into darkness. And Eojin felt that since he trained him into the monster he was, then he'd have to be the one to put him down.

Eojin and Claudius found that not only had the Keibatsu reclaimed Kyataru, but that they had taken the Golden Lotus Throne under Muz's name. It wasn't long before Claudius found the Suukou Bodai, a religious order who had political ties with the now dead Nagahide. With Anaxela joining with the Master's plan, they managed to slay a legion of the Keibatsu Nihilgenia, drawing the attention of the Keibatsu.

The battle that ensued was ferocious. Many Nihilgenia and Bodai fell that day, and Nekura claimed Claudius' arm. Eojin himself had cleft the jaw of Shin'ichi Endymiron Keibatsu, before the rest of the Keibatsu banded together and removed themselves from the field. While the retreat was the first of its kind, The Bodai saw it as a major victory, using it to spread tales of how the Keibatsu were not divinely endorsed, and that they could be defeated.

Anaxela's disappearance after the conflict, and Cladius' grievous injury caused Eojin to pause, gathering his strength and plotting his next attempt to destroy the Dark Jedi Master.

Personality and Traits

Eojin Quon-Shen has gone through a transformation as of late. Formerly known as a level-headed, calm and wise Jedi Master, his obsession with Muz has led him down a dark path. Feeling that he could at first change the man and return him to the Jedi, Eojin now understands that this was ego speaking, and has since revised his goal...to kill the aberration and restore his own honor. Previously having vowed that the most effective lightsaber fom was Form Zero, his militant approach to dealing with the Keibatsu is far different.

Slow to anger, Eojin was never known for resorting to combat quickly, although he knows fully the folly of giving the Keibatsu any quarter. While generally not a diplomat, Eojin has projected an almost naivete to let those he deals with think that they can manipulate him, to see what their true goals are.

Eojin is also too trusting of his students, especially Claudius. Turning a blind eye to the Tang'va's darker activities, he recognizes that his hatred for the Keibatsu runs deep, but will be quite useful in his own goals. Having learned a valuable lesson in how Claudius handled Koji Keibatsu, he no longer lets others complete his plans for him, preferring to lead from the front, no longer afraid to get his hands dirty and subject himself to the terrors of war and the Dark Side.

As time progressed, he found himself drawn back to Brotherhood space by an old ally, Michael Halcyon as he faced down a combined Brotherhood Force, backed only by Clan Ordo Mercenaries and the House Odan Urr. Moving quickly to the field of battle to engage his old apprentice, he found that his old apprentice had become a Dark Lord of the Sith and his power was beyond even his. As he slowly lost ground in his duel with Ashen on New Tython, he realized that all of his works were for naught so long as this travesty that he had some part in creating survived. Eojin made one more attempt to redeem his wayward apprentice.

"We're the same, you and I. You've killed more sith than any Jedi ever has. "
―Eojin Quon-Shen, Jedi Master

Muz defeated him, his sabers cleaving his arms from his body, leaving him to rot in the dust of the battlefield in some mockery, feeling that he was not even worthy of a true warrior's death. Eojin burned with rage, the emotion staining his eyes the crimson and gold of the Sith as Muz declared him 'Just another Sith. as he walked away. Eojin was saved, his body salvaged from the field by Odan-Urr medics, rebuilt by mechanics of the finest order. Yet his mind was resolute in one final task: to undo the harm he had placed on the galaxy.

Eojin Quon-Shen's Disarmament

Powers and Abilities

Eojin is a fully realized Jedi Master, having trained a dozen knights throughout his career. While he never sat on any council, he was well respected by his peers, for his sage advice as well as his relaxing demeanor. he has an almost natural affinity to put others at ease, to relax their minds and spirits even in times of duress with his calm voice.

While Eojin is not known for his combat efficiency by the others in the New Jedi Order, he did hone many skills during the Clone Wars and during his time in seclusion during the Rebellion era. Having mastered several lightsaber forms and combat styles, Eojin is a potent combatant. During the Bodai insurrection, Eojin was seen not only defeating several Nihilgenia soldiers at once, but also fending off blasts from a master sniper while doing so.

Eojin's ability with the clouding of minds gives him an almost uncanny ability to slip away unseen when need arises, often with great speed as need dictates. His capacity to send his spirit into the ether of the dreamworld, seemingly tied into his ability to soothe people, can be used for sinister ends, but he has yet to do so.

Eojin is still considered a Jedi, although his obsessions have led him into shadow. He has yet to display any dark side traits or skills however.


Eojin lost his right eye during the Clone Wars, having had it replaced with a standard optical implant at the time, although he has upgraded it over time to include the ability to see in several spectrum as well as low-light scenarios.

Eojin lost both legs in a horrible starship accident, having followed a ship he believed to be carrying his student into the Shroud of Antei. having collided with nearly invisible asteroids, the command console crushed both of his legs to a pulp. The ship spun out of control and was ejected from the Shroud, and a passing freighter saved him from death and pulled him aboard as it was leaking atmosphere. Having replaced the legs with cybernetic prosthetics, Eojin is aware of their capacities that are above and beyond what biological legs were capable of, but has yet to be seen using the enhancements.

During the Battle for New Tython, Eojin dueled the Dark Lord Muz Ashen again, and found his arms summarily removed. He has since had the missing limbs replaced with advanced prosthetics.


  • "I'm not here for you, young one. But I see your hell, too...Your war is over, Goura. You don't need to fight any more..."
  • "It's already over... You don't have to be so scared any more."
  • "No, my dear Sildrin... you would not do it again, not as alone as you feel."
  • "Axi, run. I don't know if I can bring him back this time..."
  • "Ashen, Zorax, and Hastur. Seems that young Skywalker's far worse at retention than Yoda was."