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The Dark Hall was the building in which the Dark Council resides, located on Antei.

Since the creation of the Dark Brotherhood, the Dark Hall has been the center of power in the organization. Determined to create a structure that would dwarf the original Dark Hall on Eos, Grand Master Firefox decided that the Temple of Okemi in central Adas would be the construction site of the new Dark Hall. The Tomb of Okemi was located just 500 meters to the south in a tunnel beneath Antei's surface, and continues to serve as an important feature in the Brotherhood. In 18 ABY Firefox commissioned the creation of the Dark Hall on Antei.

The Dark Hall was later destroyed in 32 ABY by the actions of Muz Ashen.


The Dark Hall

Construction on the ruins of Okemi’s great temple uncovered a series of catacombs and underground labyrinths. While originally intending to rebuild the Temple of Okemi as the Dark Hall, the Grand Master had a vision of the real Dark Hall burrowing its way under the great temple. The Grand Master would use the ancient Sith technique of deception and use Okemi’s Temple as a location for ceremonies and trivial functions while using the underground Dark Hall as the center of the Dark Brotherhood’s operations.

The Temple of Okemi stood as a grand monument to the past. Rising four levels above the ground, the Great Temple of Okemi is an enormous ziggurat hiding the underground chambers and labyrinth of the Dark Hall. The first floor of the Great Temple of Okemi holds a security network protecting access to the Dark Hall below. A series of five turbo lifts are located in various locations specific to their security clearance. A sixth turbo lift lies hidden and serves the Grand Master alone. Occupying the second and third floors of the pyramid is a grand audience chamber in the opulent décor of the Sith Lords of Korriban. Garnished with grand tapestries of the Sith, Krath, and Obelisk orders, the grand audience chamber is an imposing sight. The Grand Master sits upon his Iron Throne visiting with dignitaries and leaders from across the galaxy. The fourth level of the Great Temple of Okemi houses a network of SLD-26 planetary shield generators.

Located directly below the Temple of Okemi, the Dark Hall is invisible to the naked eye and to sensor sweeps. Hundreds of 220-SIG tactical sensor jamming devices conceal any evidence that the Dark Hall exists and maintains the illusion that the Tomb of Okemi is the seat of the Dark Brotherhood.

Underground Level One: Dark Hall Offices

Grand Master Firefox’s vision of the Dark Hall did not include recreation, enjoyment, or entertainment. Unlike previous incarnations of the Dark Hall, Firefox centered the construction of The Dark Hall on utility and the pursuit of power. The first level of the Dark Hall was designed as a step in that direction. Protected by security codes, level one houses the offices of Tribunes, Society Leaders, and the Dark Council. Each office is decorated in a fashion designed by the current occupant. The Grand Master’s Office is offset from the rest of the floor and is protected by his Royal Guard. It is not often that the Grand Master accepts visitors to his office and only a few trusted advisers can say they have ever been granted access. Directly opposite of the office space on this floor is the operation center and conference room. From this location the Dark Brotherhood strategists and long range planners plot and map out the expansion of the Dark Brotherhood. The floor has been modified to allow for Consuls and their entourages office space when visiting Antei.

Underground Level Two: Dark Hall Archives

The second underground level is a restricted level authorized to the Dark Council and a select few Elders. It is the home of the Dark Jedi Brotherhood's archives and knowledge bank. The Office of the Master at Arms maintains a roll of all those who have access to this level and provides security to ensure those without access cannot enter. JK-13 security droids, known as "Jedi Killers", patrol the enormous Archives, protecting the knowledge of the Dark Side.

Once access is granted to this level, Elders and Council members are often overwhelmed by the power of the Dark Side emanating from the vast library. Turbo lifts open to reveal an endless corridor lined with data banks, holocrons, scrolls, and forgotten tomes of Dark Side lore. It is rumored that scholars have been lost for days within the immense Archives while searching for the key to long-lost powers and artifacts of the Dark Side.

The northern corner of the Archives requires even higher security clearance than the rest of the Archives: only those who have obtained the rank of Dark Jedi Master and the honorary scholarly title of Dark Maven are permitted. It is here that the Dark Brotherhood’s vast collection of artifacts and forbidden knowledge reside. In times of war, the Grand Master seals this area so that no one may enter.

Underground Level Three: Dark Hall Living Quarters

The third level of the Dark Hall is restricted to only the Dark Council and their Praetors. There are many rumors as to what lies on this floor, but in reality it holds the chambers and living quarters of the Council. Access is granted through a lone turbo lift that brings members to a security checkpoint. Here, Dark Council members are scanned by Force Detectors, devices once used by Emperor Palpatine to identify Force-sensitive individuals. When an individual was placed between the paddles, the device would produce a hologram of the person in question. If the individual was Force-sensitive, a blue corona would surround the hologram. The blue coronas of the Dark Council and their Praetors were kept on record and matched with any individual attempting to access this level.

Once past the security checkpoints the third underground level opens into a giant semicircle, with Dark Council chambers lining each side. Each chamber is identified by the Councilor’s position symbol located on a lock at the center of each office door. Like their offices, the chamber of each Council member varies according to their tastes.

The Grand Master and Deputy Grand Master’s chambers stand in the center of the half circle behind a massive polished Kriin-wood door. This door is not only protected by one of the most complicated lock systems in the galaxy, but also by powerful repulsor fields and a company of elite guardsmen. The interior of the Grand Master and Deputy Grand Master's chambers are unknown, but it is rumored that ancient Sith relics and focusing chambers fuel the Sith Lord's power.

Underground Level Four: Dark Hall Power Generator

With sharp angles and mechanistic lines, the Dark Hall’s power generator reflects the designs used by the Naboo in the capital city of Theed. The enormous generator room drops deep into the core of Antei where plasma is generated by natural reaction within the planet’s core. Here powerful generators cleanse and purify the plasma prior to compressing and sending it to the Dark Hall’s powerful generators. It is from this process that the Dark Hall and the SLD-26 planetary shield generators in the Temple of Okemi draw their power.

This level also contains the Dark Brotherhood’s security mainframe. Only the Seneschal and Grand Master have complete access to the mainframe and no major changes can occur to the system without the two of them simultaneously unlocking the security measures protecting it.

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