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Clan Scholae Palatinae is one of the seven existing clans of the Dark Brotherhood, with history dating back to the formation of the Emperor's Hammer. The Imperial Clan has survived through demotion to a sub-unit of Clan Arcona, the clan's long term enemies, being downsized to a house at the order of Grand Master Muz Ashen, alongside various Great Jedi Wars and rebellions of its populace to be one of the long standing cornerstones of the Brotherhood.

Pre-Exodus (Before 14 ABY)

Harbinger of the Emperor

An unknown amount of years before the Battle of Endor, the Emperor Palpatine of the Galactic Empire had requested one of his advisors to create a special group of guards. These guards would guard all of the secret holdings of the Empire and Emperor Palpatine, as well as be Dark Jedi. The advisor would oversee their training, present them to the Emperor, but not before he destroyed all the training facilities and destroyed all knowledge of their existence before the presentation. Upon the presentation of the guards, the Emperor gave his orders and killed the advisor, wiping the final witness of their existence from the records of the Empire. These guards were dubbed Scholae Palatinae.

After the Battle of Endor, the Imperial remnants were scattered across the galaxy. The Emperor's Hammer Strike Fleet formed and attempted to recreate a Dark Jedi Brotherhood in order to have Dark Jedi within their military. Luckily, the Emperor's Hammer had the majority of the Ubiqtorate (Imperial Intelligence) join them. The Ubiqtorate, in a special meeting, had discovered that one of Emperor Palpatine's advisors had kept a lone record of Scholae Palatinae, it's training, and ultimate mission. The Ubiqtorate, under the guide of the Emperor's Hammer Strike Fleet, formed House Scholae Palatinae. This group would operate both as the guards of the leadership, an intelligence operation, and protect and preserve the secrets of the Fleet.

Self Preservation

House Scholae Palatinae grew in popularity amongst new recruits. The life of a spy and one who studied and held many secrets was appealing to many. Dark Jedi flocked from left and right to form what would eventually be known as Clan Scholae Palatinae. As a Clan, three sub houses were formed to fit the rise of new recruits, as well as the Victory-class Star Destroyer Excidium.

House Dorimad Sol was named after an ancient dark warrior who studied military techniques as well as force techniques, combining them to create almost flawless strategies of his time. These strategies were used by the Emperor himself many times in the Galactic Empire to fight off rebel causes and the hunting down of Jedi. Dorimad Sol became a house of rigid military structure and were the actual protectors of the Clan itself.

House Acclivis Dracowas named after the Dragon's Guard. The Dragon's Guard was another project that started but never finished that involved imbuing storm troopers with the ability to use the force and training them to take down complex targets. The Emperor died before the project was completed. Acclivis Draco became a house of philosophers and students of the dark side itself, and also dealt in the fields of alchemy, science, and lore.

House Caliburnus was named after an ancient lightsaber. This lightsaber was lost to time, but supposedly could strike almost instant death blows as well as shut off other lightsabers that crossed blades with it. Calburnus became a house of leadership and discovery, creating military leaders and making decisions regarding intelligence and use of information.

Quickly after they were given Ashtar, the planet became unstable. It was then necessary to move to another planet in the system. Scholae Palatinae was given Hela, but to the Clan wonders why they were given such an unstable planet in the first place.

From the Ashes

In a bout of rage and secrecy, an angered Star Chamber attempted to destroy Clan Scholae Palatinae. Some thought because they escaped a planned death on Ashtar, others thought the Clan had grown too powerful and jealous Star Chamber members loyal to other Clan wanted them destroyed.

Dark Brotherhood forces, along with the EH Strike Fleet, bombed the continent that House Caliburnus and most of the continent stayed on. Without a major military and a definite leadership, the members of Acclivis Draco and Dorimad Sol were given to Clan Arcona. The former Scholae Palatinae had their minds blocked and had tests performed on them in the newly made House Oriens Obscurum. However, unbeknownst to the Star Chamber, many Dark Jedi within House Caliburnus had survived. They rebuilt Hela, the Scholae military, and their House from the ground up. When DB scouts in the region noticed things were active on Hela again, the EH and the DB sent a small exploratory fleet of ships to see what was going on. They were met with all the might of the former Clan Scholae Palatinae.

A small skirmish ensued. Angry with the irrational actions of the Star Chamber, and the repeated death threats the Clan received, Caliburnans held the exploratory fleet hostage. When negotiators arrived, House Caliburnus demanded that their members be returned and Clan Arcona suffer destruction from the Star Chamber. The eventual treaty did not include the destruction of Clan Arcona, but it still allowed the former members of Acclivis Draco and Dorimad Sol to have their mind blocks removed and returned to the reclanned Scholae Palatinae.

It was through these actions that Clan Scholae Palatinae established itself as one of the top Clans in the Brotherhood of the time. Starting as a group of Dark Jedi who eventually had dominion over a planet and small military.

The Exodus

During the darker days of the Emperor's Hammer, Clan Scholae Palatinae was in trouble. The EH Strike Fleet became increasingly dictatorial over matters of the Brotherhood. Clan Scholae Palatinae went through a crisis of image and security. People were killed for simply mistakes, and more brutal forces lay in secret to strike out at potential rogue members.

It was at this time that Jac Cotelin contacted Cuchulain, a prominent member within Clan Scholae Palatinae, and a loyal friend of former Grand Master Cotelin. Cuchulain was given a mission to go to a mysterious place called The Shroud. In it, he would find planets and systems that would become the future of the Dark Jedi Brotherhood. Upon entering a relatively defended system near the edge of The Shroud, the Cuchulain was given a vision. From this vision he saw the system he was in. He saw aliens with biogenic ships, Jedi dressed in brown robes, and a line of Emperors leading a place known as the Cocytus System system. He was shown planets, moons, and other such areas, all with names unknown to the source. Cuchulain claimed this area as the Cocytus system and sent word back to his friend, Jac.

As Cuchulain sat on a cliff on the planet Judecca, the Dark Jedi and fleets of Clan Scholae Palatinae entered the Cocytus system, sneaking out under the cover of darkness and away from the Emperor's Hammer Strike Fleet, forever to remain a part and inside The Shroud. It was then that Cuchulain Darkblade became the first Emperor of the new Cocytus System, and the new Consul of Clan Scholae Palatinae. The Exodus had been completed.

Post Exodus (14 ABY - 30 ABY)

Third Brotherhood Civil War (20 ABY)

During the Third Brotherhood Civil War, the Brotherhood was torn in two by the emergence of Jaac Cotelin, a clone of Grand Master Jac Cotelin claiming to be the rightful Grand Master of the Brotherhood. Unable to tell them apart, the six clans of the Brotherhood were forced to take sides, with Scholae Palatinae, along with Taldryan and hated enemies Arcona, taking the side of 'Blue Jac' against the perceived impostor 'Red Jac'. The war was ended with a duel between the two Jac Cotelins, and while the true Dark Lord emerged victorious, it was never revealed to the clans which had followed the true Grand Master.

Contention (21 ABY)

Contention was a Scholae Palatinae civil war between Acclivis Draco and Caliburnus (the only two active houses at the time) that occurred shortly after the beginning of the reign of Braecen Kaeth to the Scholae Palatinae throne. Demonstrating the long term dominance of Acclivis Draco, traditionally the stronger house, During a dueling tournament to commemorate the Day of the Fox, Acclivis Draco Quaestor RevengeX defeated a member of Caliburnus. Meanwhile, a botched kidnapping attempt of Acclivis Draco Aedile Rasilvenaira was wrongly attributed to an order from Caliburnus Quaestor Impetus, who opposed the idea of war with her home house. Acclivis Draco retaliated with an attempted assassination of Impetus during a public speech, but the sniper missed his target. Forced into war, Impetus' Caliburnus invaded the Acclivis Draco homeworld of Antenora, resulting in a battle the culminated with a duel between Impetus and RevengeX. Just like the duel, no winner could be determined in the conflict, which ended in stalemate, with Caliburnus the happier side after ending Acclivis Draco's many years of dominance. This was one of the only feuds in Brotherhood history that resulted in an exact tie. Following the feud, Thran Occasus took Impetus' place as Caliburnus Quaestor, while Impetus herself ironically joined RevengeX's personal guard.

Yuuzhan Vong Incursion (22 ABY)

The Eighth Great Jedi War, the Yuuzhan Vong Incursion, marked the invasion of the Yuuzhan Vong into brotherhood space, timed immediately after the Second Darkness exercise to gauge Brotherhood readiness to deal with the alien threat. The war was a colossal defeat for the Brotherhood and all of its clans, with the loss of high profile Dark Jedi a prominent occurrence throughout. Faced with the imminent destruction of the entire Brotherhood, Grand Master Sarin initiated the Braata Option, a full scale evacuation of Antei and the withdrawal of all Brotherhood forces into the Shroud. Despite the threat to the whole brotherhood, the competition between clans persisted, and during the retreat, Braecen ordered an opportunistic attack on an Arconana capital ship, the Eye of the Abyss to cover Scholae's retreat to Cocytus. This attack would later have major repercussions for the clan in the next Great Jedi War.

Reclamation of Judecca (22 ABY)

Following new emperor Phoenix's ascendance to the Scholae Palatinae throne and the restoration of House Dorimad Sol, The Reclamation of Judecca was the first major military operation under the rule of the new Emperor. The battles were vicious, bloody, and waged on every planet on the Cocytus System. Spearheaded by previous Emperor Braecen Kaeth, the Yuuzhan Vong were driven from the system, although the aftermath of the Yuuzhan Vong invasion had left a permanent mark on every world, not least in the loss and injury of many notable Dark Jedi of Scholae Palatinae.

Unification (25 ABY)

The invasion of New Tython, the Tenth Great Jedi War, began with Clan Scholae Palatinae, led by newly enthroned Emperor Thran Occasus, being forced by the Dark Council into an expedition into the Shroud around Antei, believed to still be under the control of the Yuuzhan Vong, in retribution for attacking The Eye of the Abyss, a Clan Arcona capital ship. However, upon arrival, they discovered the Yuuzhan Vong had been destroyed by a rogue Jedi, Omancor Crask.

The dark Jedi of the clan served in many capacities during the reclamation of Antei, the following prominent in their service: Thran, Tra'an Reith, Kalak Ragnose, Koryn Thraagus, Luciferus Scyrone, Korvyn ElvandarKorvyn, and Draco Maligo served with the infantry; Arania, Trewbacca, Koskian D’Tana, Voldemort, and Yeldarb Vohuku with the armor; Timbal, after being healed of his wounds in a bacta tank, led a squadron, and Ric Hunter flew a transport; Natth a’Niel Palpatine and Rayne served aboard capital ships; and Robin Hawk served with the medical corps.

After a brutal counter-attack, Thran concocted a plan to finish the war. He dispatched a team of geologists to Mt. Ashfire while the Emperor took Phoenix Palpatine and Koskian D’Tana on a mission to take out the Jedi leaders. Minor skirmishing between the rival clans broke out, with little to report. Orders from the Dark Council were to capture enemy Jedi, and several were taken and turned over to intelligence for interrogation.

As the enemy was driven back, and more of the Dark Brotherhood’s territory was reclaimed, Temple Boyna was the final objective given to the clan. Koryn Thraagus, Luciferus Scyrone, and Draco Maligo were the first of the dark Jedi into the upper reaches of the Temple to kill the last of the Jedi who were directing the droid army. Thran and his strike team infiltrated the droid control ship parked atop Mt. Ashfire, and after defeating a Jedi, blew the ship and deactivated the entire droid army. The war was won, although huge losses were suffered by the Clan.

Something about being declanned and Xen appearing and being awesome

New Life and Death (30 ABY - 33 ABY)

Invasion of New Tython (30 ABY)

The Tenth Great Jedi War took the form of the Invasion of New Tython. In 30 ABY, the Dark Council decreed that the Jedi house that had become an ally of the Dark Jedi Brotherhood, House Odan-Urr, no longer served a purpose and would be eradicated. To that end, fleets and armies descended upon the planet quickly, as if eager to recreate the Sith War of so many millennia ago. However, even as the forces of the Brotherhood descended against the Jedi, renegade Jedi Master Michael Halcyon called on allies to aid them - a full Mandalorian clan.

The arrival of the Mandalorians turned what would have been a simple scouring of the Jedi into a general war. Despite this, however, the Brotherhood was able to kill or rout those allies of the Jedi that had shown themselves, and decimated the ranks of Odan-Urr, though at a cost of several of the Brotherhood's own prominent members. Despite the cost, the war was a crushing victory, eliminating the immediate threat posed by the Jedi.

Orian Incursion (31 ABY)

The Orian Incursion was an attack on Clan Naga Sadow by House Scholae Palatinae along with their allies in House Plagueis. The two houses sought to bring their combined forces to bear against Naga Sadow's holdings with the goal of showing the Dark Council that the two houses could stand with the Clans of the Brotherhood. While the initial attack against the Sadowan systems were successful, eventually the relationship between Scholae and Plagueis broke down to a point at which the attack descended into a three way war, and Naga Sadow was able to defend itself against the attack.

Horizons (31 ABY)

The Horizons conflicts were the war between the Dark Brotherhood and the forces led by the long believed to be dead rogue Grand Master Zoraan. The conflicts are named after the Horizon Plague, a bioweapon used by the Grand Master to attack the Brotherhood systems. While many Dark Jedi betrayed the brotherhood, turning to Zoraan's cause. House Scholae Palatinae joined the war in defence of the Dark Council, and Zoraan was successfully defeated.

Dark Crusade (31 - 33 ABY)

The Eleventh Great Jedi War, Dark Crusade, followed the extended battles with the One Sith that came to be known as the Dark Crusade and Fading Light. With only Korriban left to conquer, the Dark Brotherhood fractured into hostilities after Lord Marshal Damon Nix uncovered that Muz Ashen planned to recreate the Rite of Obscuration. Jac Cotelin led Taldryan against the Iron Throne, while Arconan forces defended Ashen as he performed the first rite, devastating Antei. Taldyran's forces managed to escape with help from the One Sith-aligned Darth Esoteric, who demanded that Taldryan join him. The Brotherhood erupted into civil war, with Plagueis joining under the promise of Esoteric's New Order and the other units declaring either for the Loyalists under Ashen or the Rebels under Cotelin.

In the destruction of Antei's surface, the surviving members of old enemies came out from the shadows. Old members of the Cause, people who had spied for or worked with the Yuuzhan Vong, or those who believed in the corrupted teachings of Jaac Cotelin, the One Sith, or former Grand Master Zoraan had come together to form a militia that would attack the Cocytus system (the first in a long line of systems they wanted to cause destruction in). They were mostly supported by civilians disillusioned with the empire. However, the House united and easily put a stop to the terrorist threat in the Looking Home Campaign.

Looking Home Campaign (32 - 33 ABY)

See also Ptolomea Deposition, Cainian Strikes, and Antenora Rebellion.

Tensions had begun to rise in the Cocytus system over the Scholae Palatinae Empire's tyrannical rule. Following a tumultuous war-plagued era for the house, many among the civilians saw an opportunity to overthrow the empire and put the power back into the hands of the people during a small break in the Dark Crusade. The Looking Home Campaign was a series of missions overseen by Emperor Xen'Mordin Vismorsus to cement imperial control over Ptolomea, Caina, and Antenora.

Ptolomea Deposition was the first such mission, as suspicions rose following the civilian leaders' lack of readiness to provide supplies to the fatigued Expeditionary Force following the Dark Crusade. Dictator Lou Khebe, ruling Ptolomea in the Empire's stead, had showed signs of wavering loyalty. Evant Taelyan, Commander of Caliburnus, the traditional guardians of Ptolomea, led many missions into the field. After Rollmaster Koryn Thraagus identified a suitable replacement for Khebe, recently recruited scientist Dr. Elincia Rei conducted an assassination of the dictator through a controlled bioweapons attack. Following Lucyeth's intelligence on the hideout of rebel forces on Ptolomea, two teams of some of the most decorated Dark Jedi in the house, led by the Emperor, eliminated the remainder of the rebellion.

Shortly after Caina was target ted. While the Cainian Strikes were initially just an effort to strike down industrial action harming the house economy, during preparation signs of something much more troubling were found. Koryn launched the first successful attack in the neutralisation of this new rebellion, intercepting shipments that were on their way to rebel forces. Kor Vaal helped to provide crucial intelligence on the rebel commanders, before a small team of Dark Jedi led by Kell Dante and supported by Dr. Elincia Rei eliminated General Millard, a stalwart of the house military who had defected to the rebellion.

The Antenora Rebellion was the final mission on the campaign, an imperative move against the Ogenrate Emperor, a religious leader critical of imperial rule with growing support. Lucyeth was a thorn in the side of the Ogenrate Emperor's attempts to sway the hearts of the general people, countering his efforts by churning out positive propaganda images to confuse the populace. Lucyeth was also responsible for a battleplan to defend against a full on assault from the Ogenrate Emperor's forces, a plan put into action by Dr. Rei. A counter-attack from Scholae Palatinae was a strike at the head of the rebellion by a team of Dark Jedi Knights and Sith Warriors, supported by Dr. Rei. During the chaos of battle, the scientist was able to disappear and assassinate the enemy emperor. Another team, led by Eetherbiail and Evant, set out to eliminate the High Glyph Priests of the Ogenrate religion, but although they were forced back by opposing forces, the rebellion had lost all power to pose a serious threat to the Antenora ever again, allowing Scholae Palatinae to focus on defending against the next logical target, Judecca.

Wrath of Zhan (33 ABY)

Leading a rebellion named the Scions of Cocytus, Fias Zhan attacked Emperor Xen'Mordin directly by crashing a large freighter into the Imperial Palace with a team of berserkers, believing himself to be the heir to Palpatine's legacy. He attacked the Scholae Palatinae forces using a fear toxin to induce terror in even the battle-hardened Dark Jedi of the house. The Emperor became trapped within the lower levels of the palace, forcing Scholae Palatinae to attack the Fias Zhan and cut the head off the rebellion as soon as possible. Even Evant Taelyan, Proconsul and commander of the military, was afflicted by the fear toxin.

Xantros made great progress against the rebels by turning the feeble minds of the berserkers against each other in the streets of Ohmen, allowing them to rip each other apart, while Kell Dante put together a plan to attack the palace, aided by intelligence from Delak Krennel, Zagro Fenn and Ric "Blade" Hunter. Delak was also shortly afterwards part of a Dark Jedi team that defeated a large team of Scion berserkers. After Dr. Elincia Rei discovered a cure for the fear toxin, Dante, Koryn, and Archangel led a final assault on the palace. and Fias Zhan was defeated.

Modernity (33 ABY - Present)

Emergence of New Houses (33 ABY)

Revolution of Order (placeholder title and story)

After the events of Dark Crusade, Looking Home, and Wrath of Zhan, Scholae Palatinae grew to the point where they were given the status of a Clan. A restructuring took place. Emperor Xen made two new glorious houses; House Excidium, namesake of the previous Clan flagship of the same name; and House Imperium, named for the Imperial dynasty the Clan would embrace in the oncoming future. The Emperor also gave House Imperium a combat orientated battle team named Shadow Guard. Battle team Acclivis Draco was kept in place as a den of knowledge and intelligence for the Emperor.

With the new revolution, and the discovery during the Dark Crusade that the Orders were a lie fabricated by the unknown, Emperor Xen instituted a policy that allowed different paths to exist within the Clan itself. Those who followed the Sith path would remain as beacons of darkness in the Clan and as a reminder of the path that Darth Sidious took a long time ago. Those who were Dark Jedi would be allowed to exist in differing power structures of the Empire, enforcing the dark will of the Emperor himself. Those who followed the Grey Path would be allowed in as well. The Grey represents the Imperial dynasty and laws that backed up the Empire's legitimacy in the galaxy. Loyalists would be allowed to operate within the military and have some independence outside of the usual order. Mercenaries were hired as operatives and bounty hunters used by the Grand Marshal and System Moff themselves. Those who followed the so-called light path were either executed or exiled from the system.

Red Fury (34 ABY)

Red Fury was a rare event in that it involved two clans of the Brotherhood working cooperatively against an external threat, as clans Scholae Palatinae and Naga Sadow joined forces to combat the Red Fury Pirates. Believing the Dark Jedi Brotherhood clans to be simple merchants, the pirates foolishly attempted to loot from both clans. The joint cooperative strike against them was fast, short, and bloody, as the combined forces of two Dark Jedi clans obliterated the pirates with little resistance. Loot was divided evenly between the clans. While trust was still a long way off, the clans forged a bond of mutual respect, accepting the usefulness of their ally.

The Forgotten (34 ABY)

Beginning in 34 ABY, a new threat occurred from millennial past. Artifacts of the Infinite Empire, an ancient fallen Empire over 25 thousand years ago, remained in some form on every world, and the Cocytus System was no exception. With a few to understanding more about the System's history, Xen ordered the formation of the Cocytus Historical Society. However, no sooner had work began on exploring the history when a group sought to use it against them.

Entanglement was the first of the Forgotten campaigns. A group known as the Evanescent hoped to bring the downfall of Scholae Palatinae by invoking ancient Rakatan rituals. Xen ordered the elimination of the Evanescent, an uprising led by Emperor Vanis and Lord Onasi. Scholae Palatinae operations were a success on every world, spearheaded by the strength of Kell Dante, and according to the data from Imperial Scholae Intelligence, the Evanescent were largely assumed to be defeated. However, unbeknownst to them, phase 1 of the Evanescent plan was already underway and successful, as hideous monstrosities appeared on the planet of Ptolomea, sparking a planetary crisis.

Deception followed shortly afterwards as Scholae Palatinae forces scrambled to quell the crisis on Ptolomea, but initial strikes were unsuccessful, leaving survivors stranded in the Ptolomea Jungles. Unable to turn the tide with brute force, the clan turned to the scientist Dr. Elincia Rei. Her resourcefulness as a researcher helped the clan to gather much needed information, that killing whoever performed the ritual would end its effects in that system. While Vanis escaped, Onasi was assassinated by a double agent working for Scholae Palatinae.

Monstrosity (34 ABY)

The final chapter of the Forgotten campaign, Monstrosity, was among the greatest challenges the clan had faced in its history, as the surviving Emperor Vanis performed more rituals to bring chaos to the Cocytus system. Fallen Pacre Datship forces reawakened as mutated undead creatures with sickening power and speed, laying waste to the city of Ohmen, slaughtering the citizens of the Empire by the thousands. Elincia, stranded alone on the streets of Ohmen, and after many failed efforts involving water, blunt force, and slashing damage, discovered that fire was an effective weapon against them, while Delak Krennel recorded essential accounts of the monstrosities' appearance and behaviour that was immediately relayed to all Scholae forces.

However, just as Scholae began to deal with the undead invasion, four ancient beasts, spoken only in fables and myths, awoke. The dreaded Judecca Abyssal rose from the ocean on a collision course with Ohmen. Five vicious Ptolomea Forest Beasts, the perfect hunters with a taste for blood, ripped apart the jungle's ecosystem. The Caina Colossus erupted from the ice, bringing cataclysmic avalanches across the planet. The Antenora Sandworm burst from the deserts with a sandstorm in its wake. Archangel and Elincia devised plans of action to deal with the new threat. Archangel led a team to Ptolomea, and was remarkably able to kill a Forest Beast in melee combat with a lightsaber to the eye socket. Elincia devised an experimental incendiary warhead, the FWEC-Bomb, which melded the Caina Colossus alive. Meanwhile, Lexiconus Qor was able to discern the location of Emperor Vanis, and a strike team attacked the Forgotten Temple on Judecca, the last known location of the Infinite Empire, to attempt to reverse the ritual. From Lexiconus' intelligence, Emperor Xen'Mordin Vismorsus was able to find Vanis, and snap his neck with the Force.

The attack on the Forgotten Temple, where they were tested through many levels of defenses by the AI left in place by the Infinite Empire, G14-D05, led to the reawakening of the last known Rakatan Scientist, Azakel. Xen demanded a reversal of the ritual. The Antenora Sandworm, the Judecca Abyssal, and the four remaining Forest Beasts returned to their slumber. Azakel died in the process. The Forgotten Temple was repurposed into a top secret research facility, with G14-D05 repurposed into its AI system, and left entrusted to Elincia Rei.

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