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Imperial Scholae Intelligence
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Director Jaina Azrah

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Imperial Scholae Intelligence (ISI), is the central intelligence service of Clan Scholae Palatinae. It is dedicated to collecting information and carrying out covert operations. It is responsible for watching all activities of the various planetary governments, corporations and other entities within the Caperion System and as necessary the greater galaxy. As well, it monitors all impacting mercenary, bounty hunter and other illegal activities.


The Imperial Scholae Intelligence, founded in 33 ABY by Kell Dante and Impetus M'Nar, was created to fill the void of Internal Security, an area that the clan had neglected for years. With widespread changes across the Clan rising from its downsize into a House, innovations and changes to the new house’s structure were so common it seemed a natural time to introduce another new system, the Imperial Scholae Intelligence, or ISI.

The ISI, originally separate from the military, would focus almost exclusively on the internal and external protection of the clan. Dante hired Impetus for the task of building the force shortly after her return from Plagueis, given her intimate knowledge of the Clan’s system, long history in Special Operations and Intelligence, and being a famous name across Cocytus, she was the obvious and ideal choice. Impetus and Dante quickly assessed the required funding and drainage on the house’s resources and come together with a plan that would minimize the security problems that threatened the house both internally and externally.

As the ISI continued to grow and show continued success in their original mission, it was called on again to grow and expand to take on a larger role. It was moved under the umbrella of the Scholae Palatinae Military and took on an expanded role of Military Intelligence. As part of this realignment a Directorate was formed to run the group with a public Director at the head, while the Tempest Division joined the group as the strong operational arm of the ISI with the Emperor's Hand at the helm. Caliburnus was also pulled in to participate at a high level where the Force was involved. This new organization could now carry out critical operations as needed by Scholae Palatinae and given its new structure directly tie into Special Operations Command within the Imperial Scholae Guard.

In 35 ABY, the Imperial Scholae Intelligence has suffered significant loses due to the attack ordered by the Grand Master. Most of operatives that acted in the Cocytus System have been killed, spreading ISI resources thin and forcing it to recall some of its operatives from other areas in the Galaxy to be temporarily stationed at IMS Tipoca, so they could reinforce the remaining internal agents in their quest to find and purge any hostile agents that could infiltrate the refugees from the Cocytus System.

Later, after conquering the Caelestis City on Ragnath, the moon of Seraph, the Imperial Scholae Intelligence has established its primary base of operations near the headquarters of Clan Scholae Palatinae. Now, as the conflict with the Meraxis Empire continues, the primary task of the ISI is to protect the Imperial Clan from spies and traitors and to provide intel data that is necessary to effectively wage the war against the Meraxis Empire and to secure new homeworld for Clan Scholae Palatinae.

Deployment & Garrison

Headquarters of the ISI are in the Caelestis City on Ragnath near the headquarters of Clan Scholae Palatinae. While the location serves as the primary address for the group in reality they are spread out across the system and galaxy. In addition many of the locations of various units varies or is actually stationed within the ships of the fleet.


The highest level of command over Imperial Scholae Intelligence is a group known as the Directorate. Membership within this group is made up of seven members including the Director of ISI, heads of the three Divisions, the Emperor's Hand, the Battle Team Leader of Pellaeon, and an unknown designee by the Emperor.

The Directorate will oversee all activities of the ISI, formulating strategies and aligning goals and moving the organization in the right direction. However, the Director of ISI is the public figure at the head, while the rest operate in relative secrecy and do not attend gatherings on behalf of the organization.


  • Director of ISI Jaina Azrah
  • Chief of Internal Affairs
  • Chief of Analysis
  • Chief of Operations
  • Emperor's Hand Rayne Victae
  • Commander Major Wagglehorn
  • Unknown Designee of the Emperor
Imperial Scholae Intelligence Ranks
O-1 O-2 O-3 O-4
Internal Division Junior Agent Agent Senior Agent Special Agent
Analysis Division Junior Analyst Analyst Senior Analyst Watcher
Operations Division Informant Fixer Cipher Keeper

Intelligence Officers

All members of Imperial Scholae Intelligence are commissioned officers as part of the military, however they do not follow the normal rankings of the other units. Each respective Division has a set of ranks that clearly relates to their level of access to classified information and autonomy in how they operate given the relative level of trust placed upon them.

Internal Division

All members of the Internal Division fall under the title of Agent under both the Investigation and Counterintelligence Branches. If necessary new members will start out as a Junior Agent while they complete necessary training but the majority of members will hold the rank of Agent. The most experienced of these Agents will find themselves promoted to Senior Agent, mentors to other Agents and sent on more difficult missions that require their level of expertise. A small set of the best of these Agents will become Special Agents. Given access to the most classified and critical of operations. They are the most trusted and skilled individuals within the Internal Division.

Analysis Division

A majority of the Analysis Division hold the rank of Analyst. They gather and analyze data and are the main driving work force behind the knowledge and data of the entire division. Specialized and unique in their given tasks they are good at what they do, crunching numbers. With more experience and skills, the next level are Senior Analysts. They have access to more classified information and allowing more analysis across sets of data and work with more time sensitive and critical operations and trends. A select few of the best will find themselves as Watchers. They are given access to all levels of secure data of ISI and directly support Agents and Operatives in the field and are among some of the best and most trusted individuals.

Operations Division

Members of the Operations Division are collectively known as Operatives, however specific titles designate the type of work and level of skills. The lowest of these is informant, taking the most basic of missions and taking new identities and collecting information. Specialized and more technical of these will become Fixers, with a specialized technical skill in the field required to slice or apply scientific knowledge to collect information at a higher level. The best and most skilled of these individuals will become Ciphers. With a high level of autonomy and combat skills, Ciphers are dangerous and critical to ISI operations. Completely given over to the ISI are the Keepers at the top of Operations. These individuals know some of the deepest secrets are the most deadly in all of the ISI with direct access at all times to the Watchers of the Analysis Division.


ISI Units.jpg

The Imperial Scholae Intelligence is split into four separate Divisions along with the support of Pellaeon. The Internal Division protects the military and ISI itself as well as the Caperion System from all threats. Supporting these activities is the Analysis Division that uses every method possible to collect any and all types of data. Analysis works with the Operations Division that helps to collect this information and carries out individual operations in support of the goals. To carry out necessary covert operations and missions is the Tempest Division along with Battle Team Pellaneon as necessary for activities related to the Force.

Internal Division

The Internal Division is made up two elements, the Investigation and Counterintelligence Branches. Together these two branches handle internal affairs while also looking to prevent external affairs from having a negative impact internally. As well as special teams directly looking to protect the integrity and stability of the entire Scholae Palatinae Military, especially the ISI.

Investigation Branch

Agents of the Investigation Branch primarily enforce the laws of the Caperion System and through forensics and investigation look to resolve cases. They track mercenaries and bounty hunters while they are present in the system and look to keep tabs on all illegal activity going on in the system. The investigation into these individuals they are tracking are directly tied into the efforts of the Analysis Division. This group also monitors organized crime in the area keeping tabs on everything and maintaining loose relationships with them.

Counterintelligence Branch

Agents of the Counterintelligence Branch are primarily concerned with the security of the Caperion System. Protecting from espionage, sabotage, assassinations and terrorist activities that seek to destabilize the region.

Analysis Division

Large amounts of data gathering. Collecting information, hacking, decrypting, interrogating, public news networks, surveillance, etc.

  • Cyber Security: Not falling into any particular category, the ISI’s Cyber Security tirelessly monitors data communication. Their numbers large and their methods efficient, these computer scientists monitor everything from short distance to long distance communication, picking up on organised crime before it happens, and intercepting enemy signals for decoding.
  • Espionage and Reconnaissance: A simple task in writing, this division’s purpose is simply to provide information on what Scholae Palatinae’s rivals are doing. Exploring unknown territory, gauging enemy strength, and compiling information and schematics on key enemy locations, this division is essential support for the entire External Affairs Directorate.

Operations Division

To help collect more information, get deep inside. Where the actual spies and agents are. Infiltration, Surveillance, monitoring, sneaky stuff.

Tempest Division

  • Lethal Ops: This division is the ISI’s assassin network. Sometimes people just need to be killed. The entry criteria for this division is extremely high, and its members diverse, from highly competent marksmen in camouflage to the seductresses with a hidden blade. The main target for this division are high profile enemy names, from suppliers to commanders.

Led by the Emperor's Hand The head of the Tempest Division within Imperial Scholae Intelligence is the Emperor's Hand. Though the Tempest Division itself falls directly under the command of the ISI, this unique position answers only to the Emperor. Handling certain highly sensitive and classified assassination missions or other covert operations as necessary. Assassination, Desbilization, Counter-intelligence, dealing directly with Jedi and other special cases. Actively seeks new Dark Jedi.

  • 1 squad bugcrunchers
  • 3 squads noghri
  • 2 platoons of medics
  • 2 double platoons of scouts
  • 1 platoon of engineers
  • 5 platoons of snipers


Battleteam Pellaeon is the elite black-op unit that consists of various members, including both mundane, but excellent operatives that are highly-trained and experienced specialists in their specific roles, and the Force-sensitive members. They are called in any case that may require efficient actions, which are beyond the capacity of the ISI. While they report directly to the Quaestor of House Imperium and the Consul of Clan Scholae Palatinae, who is also the Emperor, they carry out some top secret missions for the ISI as necessary. They have full access to data and resources available to the ISI at discretion of their Commander.


House Excidium works outside the boundaries of any official structure and organization of the Imperial Scholae Intelligence. In the contrary to Battleteam Pellaeon, Excidium does not have any official ties to the ISI nor it recognizes the authority of the Directorate. However, as the House specializes, among other illegal and unofficial operations, in espionage and assassinations, and it does not work as an official part of Clan Scholae Palatinae, it is sometimes hired to conduct classified operations that shall never be tied to the Empire due to various reasons, for instance in order to avoid diplomatic repercussions of murdering an official of a temporary ally of the Empire. While House Excidium is given full access to the resources of the ISI as necessary, its members usually prefer to utilize unofficial channels of their own to obtain required intel data or to reach the location they are needed at.

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