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Over the course of the Brotherhood's history, positions are sometimes created or dissolved to suit the particular needs of the organization. Below are a list of former Dark Council or Dark Summit positions that no longer serve the club. This information is recorded for historical purposes and has no bearing on the current state of the Dark Brotherhood.


The Chancellor was a position on the Dark Council that oversaw the approval/denial of medals, whereas the Master at Arms handled promotions. This position was eventually merged with the Master at Arms.

Retired: Month X of year Y

Former Chancellors
Name Service Dates
Howlader April 1, 1999 - April 1, 2002
Shadonyx April 5, 2002 - April 2, 2003
Knight Camille April 2, 2003 - October 4, 2003
William Flechette October 12, 2003 - October 19, 2004

Commander of the Guard

Main article: [[Commander of the Guard|Commander of the Guard]]

The ‘’’Commander of the Guard’’’ oversaw the Grand Master's Royal Guard for many years before the society as a whole was dissolved. When the GMRG was reborn years later, leadership was placed in the hands of the Fist of the Brotherhood. See the main article for a list of former Commanders and Fists.

Retired: Month X of year Y

Jedi Jester

Position information still being researched.

Retired: Month X of year Y

Former Jedi Jesters’’’
Name Service Dates
Veelon  ?? - ??

Lord Archon

Lord Archon was the full-time assistant to the Seneschal with duties, power, and authority identical to that of the Seneschal. The position was dissolved into the standard practice of Dark Council positions electing a Praetor.

Retired: Month X of year Y

Former Lord Archons’’’
Name Service Dates
Thedek  ?? - ??
James Lucius Arconae  ?? - ??

Lord Hegemon

The Lord Hegemon was tasked with the development and maintenance of the role-playing aspects of the Brotherhood. Lord Hegemon was a truly unique position in that it initially focuses on development and then shifts towards administration. The Lord Hegemon worked with the complex role-playing system, developing a character system that gives due weight to awards, rank, position and time served. The Lord Hegemon ensured balance in this system and works with the Grand Master and Seneschal to make it as real and manageable as possible.

Within this system, the Lord Hegemon was responsible for developing lists and statistics for items, including weapons, clothing, ships and other military vehicles. The Lord Hegemon was solely responsible for the development of legal races. Finally, the Lord Hegemon worked with the other Dark Council members and the Clans in the proper oversight of the Brotherhood powers, Clan powers, school powers and order powers.

Retired: Month X of year Y

Former Lord Hegemons’’’
Name Service Dates
Kaiann Yetaru Entar  ?? - ??

Lord Marshal

Lord Marshal was a position created to oversee the various societies of the Brotherhood. The Lord Marshal was tasked with making sure Society Leaders ran these societies properly as well as appointing new leaders where necessary. The position’s responsibilities were ultimately absorbed into that of the Grand Master and Deputy Grand Master.

Retired: Month X of year Y

Former Lord Marshals’’’
Name Service Dates
Michael Halcyon  ?? - ??


The Oracle of the Brotherhood was responsible for updating the Dark Side Compendium and editing the Dark Voice newsletters. The Oracle was a position on the Main Body of the Dark Council, but at one time was listed among the Advisors.

Retired: Month X of year Y

Former Oracles’’’
Name Service Dates
Trevarus Caerick  ?? - ??

Order Leaders

Main article: [[Order Leaders|Order Leaders]]

The Sith High Warrior, Krath High Priest, and Obelisk High Commanders were the order leaders of their respective branches, overseeing war games and activities of members across all units who shared their religious philosophies. As orders became less relevant in day-to-day affairs, the three positions were phased out together. See the main article for a list of order leaders.

Retired: Month X of year Y


These positions are still being researched both for responsibilities and past leaders.

  • Knight Commander of the Brotherhood
  • Retired Tribune positions -- Forums Tribune, others
  • Lord Chamberlain