Draco Maligo

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Draco Maligo
Biographical Information


Date of Birth:

07-07-09 ABY

Date of Death:


Physical Description





1.95 meters


75 kilos


Dark Brown





Personal Information




Lightsaber Color(s):

yellow-orange blade

Lightsaber Form(s):


Fighting Style(s):


Chronology & Political Information

former thief


member of Independant House Scholae Palatinae


Dark Jedi Brotherhood Era


Independant House Scholae Palatinae

Personal Ship:

TIE Phantom



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Character History

Draco Maligo comes from the planet Almania in the outer rim. He grew up in a farming family, on an elmon fruit orchard. His family lived a hardscrabble existence working the land and selling the produce to processing plants that marketed the fruit to the upper class on many worlds.

Draco developed a talent for using mind control years before his formal training began with the Dark Brotherhood. He used it liberally and for his own selfish purposes, despite his parents warning him that beings would fear him as a sorcerer. But this practice paid off when he was 14 years old. Mandalorian raiders landed near his father's orchard, and two freebooters murdered his parents before his very eyes. Maligo used the Force to distract the killers while he ran, hearing the blaster shots that spelled the end of his two brothers and sister.

Since the young Human was not of legal age, the Almanian government took possession of the orchard and denied Draco his inheritance. Embittered and alone, the young man moved to Chiatos, the largest city on the southern continent. He made great use of his gift with the Force to make himself into an exceptional thief, earning more credits in three years than his father made in a lifetime of hard work.

But when he was 17, Maligo ran into a Jedi padawan who tried to put an end to his thieving ways. Draco used the Force in a fit of rage, knocking out the meddling do-gooder, and fled the planet. He went to the university on Garos IV to research the Force, but instead met his first master, Drodik Va'lence al'Tor.

Drodik brought him into the Dark Brotherhood, but Draco's drive to learn lead him to the Krath and away from his Obelisk master. Maligo's search for knowledge led him into many adventures, and eventually away from his master to apprentice briefly with the Proconsul of Arcona, Sashar Arconae.

Soon after reaching the rank of Dark Jedi Knight, Draco became the Tetrarch of Prophecy Phyle, and helped develop the role for the battle team as Arcona's espionage arm. After being fired by a new Quaestor in Qel-Droma who wanted to put his own flunkies in command of the battleteam, Draco fled Arcona and wound up serving clan Scholae Palatinae. After a short time he earned the summit's respect, and they named him the battleteam leader for the newly re-opened Ebon Cloak.

During Great Jedi War IX, Draco proved such an adept leader of his battleteam and the Iron Throne troops under his command, that he earned a battlefield promotion to Krath Priest.

Through the ravages of war, through desertion and death, both Acclivis Draco and battle team Ebon Cloak suffered severe losses, with over half of the battleteam members casualties of the war. For this reason the team was closed, its mission only partially fulfilled.

But due to the fortunes of war, the Quaestor of the House deserted Clan Scholae Palatinae and swore his allegiance to another division of the Dark Brotherhood. With the Aedile, Kalak Ragnose, and Rollmaster, Koryn Thraagus, moving up in the ranks, Draco Maligo became the rollmaster of Acclivis Draco. After serving in this capacity for a short time, Draco was named Rollmaster for the entire clan.

After a fairly lengthy service period, Draco was reduced to being Rollmaster of House Acclivis Draco due to political maneuvering by the Quaestor of House Dorimad Sol. Shortly after this Maligo stepped up to be Aedile of the House and served in this capacity for a month and a half.

Then in a bitter twist of fate, a huge number of AWOL members induced the Dark Council to reduce all clans to independent houses. Clan Scholae Palatinae became Independent House Scholae Palatinae, and House Acclivis Draco became Battleteam Acclivis Draco. The veteran Krath decided to take some time away from the leadership duties that had kept him busy for several years and do some soul-searching and connect more strongly with the Force.

DJB Facts

Positions Held

Former Tetrarch of Prophecy Phyle, House Qel-Droma of Arcona. Former Tetrarch of Ebon Cloak. Formerly Clan Rollmaster and House Rollmaster. Formerly Aedile of House Acclivis Draco.

Outstanding Achievements


Draco was invited to join both the Al'Tor and Xyler families, but refused due to his lone-wolf nature. For the tale how Draco Maligo joined the Dark Brotherhood, follow the link below.


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