Cainian Strikes

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Exodus era.
Cainian Strikes
Conflict: Labor strikes and hostile forces on Caina.
Date: 32 ABY
Location: Caina, Cocytus System
  • General Millard
  • Lorand
  • Lady Il-Kayd




  • General Millard
  • Lorand

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The Cainian Strikes was a Scholae Palatinae campaign that took place in 32 ABY as the unit was in period of Imperialization and tightening control on the Cocytus System. Originally planned only as a show of force on the planet of Caina to put an end to labor strikes in the planetary mines, much more was discovered once preparation for the exercise unfolded. Operations quickly multiplied to cover both the riots, and the pockets of resistance loyal to Fias Zhan, a man on a relentless campaign to become Emperor of the Cocytus System. With discovery that highly specialized facilities on Caina previously used by House Dorimad Sol prior to its closing were being used by the hostile forces, as a result of this campaign Emperor Xen’Mordin Vismorsus chose further spread out limited House resources and reopened Battle Team Dorimad Sol to maintain more control on the planet.


Vanquisher above Caina preparing to begin its decent.

"For the Empire!"
―Emperor Xen’Mordin Vismorsus.

Following the attempted coup on Ptolomea, and the rebellion on Antenora, Scholae Palatinae began to re-evaluate their domestic policies in the Cocytus System and reassert control. When labor strikes broke out in the mines on Caina, it became the perfect opportunity to utilize the newly acquired Acclamator I-Class Assault Ship Vanquisher, in a show of force that would both keep the populace in line in true Imperial fashion and give them a feeling of the power protecting them.

However, as preparations were underway, ISI agents on the planet began to notice a stir of activities in locations planned for use by the Scholae Palatinae forces during the campaign, some of them highly specialized facilities earlier vacated during the closure of House Dorimad Sol. What was originally planned as a grandiose military exercise and show of force, quickly escalated into a full scale operation including the Dark Jedi of the house to investigate and eliminate a growing presence on the planet by Fias Zhan’s forces.

Intelligence reports were coming back of training operations in Kas’im Citadel, hostile Dark Jedi operating in the capital city of Daemon, suspect supply shipments in all major population centers and activity even in the furthest polar reaches of the planet. Immediately the Second Flotilla of the Scholae Palatinae Fleet was sent to blockade the planet, but already the riots there had spooked the enemies operating on the planet. Waiting would have resulted in lost information on the growing threat as they scattered, and so the operations were underway without delay.

The Operations

Warspite in orbit above Caina as main headquarters for ongoing operations.

"Our Fleet is in position and ready for assault."
―Supreme Commander Evant Taelyan

While Emperor Xen’Mordin Vismorsus remained at the Imperial Palace on Judecca, newly appointed Supreme Commander Evant Taelyan commanded the entire operation from the Imperial II-Class Star Destroyer Warspite in orbit above the planet. The Second Flotilla of the Scholae Palatinae Fleet was in position over Caina serving as a blockade of the planet while Field Marshal Kell Dante and Surface Marshal Brent “Archangel” Ligur Victae led the 2nd Expeditionary Forces on the ground. The most critical operations were handled by the Dark Jedi of Scholae Palatinae.

Race to Calynos

Fias Zhan's container.

"I need this."
―Koryn Thraagus to a Private in the 2EF as he took a speeder.

Shortly after landing their forces outside Daemon, information started to come in from agents already on the ground. Already spooked by the attention coming from the strikes, Fias Zhan had ordered a major evacuation of resources from the planet and pushed his forces underground. With the blockade provided by the Second Flotilla of the Fleet just getting into place, there was a risk of a transport escaping the planet rumored to have a significant amount of supplies in it.

Being the first to receive the news, Rollmaster Koryn Thraagus took a nearby 74-Z Speeder Bikes and rushed for the city of Calynos where the transport was being loaded. He arrived, alone, just in time to catch the last of the shipments. Driving his speeder directly into the cargo hold on the transport, the Dark Jedi made for the control bridge and disabled the ship. Shortly following during a standoff with troops outside, elements of the 90th Airmobile Legion arrived to secure the area and seized any shipments.

Secure Locations

"Time for us to do our part."
―Dr. Elincia Rei

Following the initial assault and information gathering phase, Supreme Commander Evant Taelyan formed two teams to carry out the final objectives on the planet. One would be sent to re-secure an important former lightsaber training faciilty, while the other would be sent to neutralize a Dark Jedi threat discovered near the city of Daemon. In both cases, secondary objectives included information gathering on the growing threat of Fias Zhan and his plans.

Clearing Kas’im Citadel

AT-XT in the 90th Airmobile Legion firing on Fias Zhan's forces.

"You are surrounded and outnumbered."
―Kell Dante to traitorous General Millard.

A team of Dark Jedi, with support from the 90th Airmobile Legion, were sent to the lightsaber training facility of Kas’im to secure the location for Scholae Palatinae. With a frontal assault while maintaining the structural integrity of the facility, the Dark Jedi would move into the facility through an evacuation tunnel under the distracting assaulting fire by the 90th.

Once inside the facility, Dante’s previous knowledge of the facility proved immediately useful as he led a team including Krath Priest Koryn Thraagus and his apprentice Jedi Hunter Kor Vaal to directly confront the rumored apprentice of Fias Zhan who was said to be still in the facility and training of the hostile Dark Jedi that Scholae Palatinae now faced.

While half the team was seeking out the enemy, Dr. Elicia Rei led Jedi Hunter Zagro Fenn and Protector Arron Saylos to the control room to take over the facility. They successfully took control of the room with use of the EA1205 neurotoxin developed by Dr. Rei, and opened up the main doors of the citadel to allow the 90th Airmobile Legion to enter and start their sweeps and assume control of the training facility. However, opening all the doors required the team to vacate and take to the facilities air ducting systems.

With air flowing into them, and keeping the violent neurotoxin away, the team of Dark Jedi would drop down and join Dante and his team as they confronted the traitorous General Millard. Using him to lead them to where they wanted to be, Zagro Fenn would murder the General after being led to Fias Zhan’s apprentice Lorand.

The five Dark Jedi would have no trouble killing the Dark Adept due to his arrogance, with Dante delivering the final blow disemboweling him. With the leadership dead, no control of the citadel, and the 90th sweeping the entire facility, the team would quickly report their success to command.

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Eliminating Dark Jedi in Daemon

Mountain location of abandoned facility where Fias Zhan's forces fled from Daemon.

"Having fun, I hope."
―Shadow Nighthunter to Eetherbiail Zarih’Taen moments before stabbing an enemy in the neck.

As the 2nd Expeditionary Force entered Daemon city to put a forceful end to the riots, the Dark Jedi of Scholae Palatinae arrived with them to handle a different threat. Arriving ahead of them, originally hoping to stop the riots before they drew attention of the House, hostile Dark Jedi and forces loyal to Fias Zhan were already in the area. The team of Dark Jedi consisting of Krath Archpriest Xantros, Sith Warrior Eetherbiail Zarih’Taen, Dark Jedi Knight Lucyeth, Dark Jedi Knight Shadow Nighthunter, Protector Arthadonis Kalderis and Proselyte Kazuki arrived with the objective to neutralize the threat.

Upon arrival on Caina, the hostile Dark Jedi had already moved into hiding, and were gathering at an abandoned training facility in preparations for their evacuation. As they moved to investigate the threat, with support from the 25th Expeditionary Division, they quickly realized they had underestimated the enemy. Bunkered down in a defensive position the Dark Jedi and their forces were held off with no clear point of attack.

While the team put together possible plans for an assault that wouldn't lay waste to the facility, Guardian Delak Krennel was inserted behind the enemy, allowing him to weave through the countless ice caves nearby and gain entry to the facility with several troops. With a distraction from the inside pulling limited troops away from the entrance, the Dark Jedi and soldiers outside were able to push their attack.

Inside, the collective Dark Jedi of Scholae Palatinae and the 25th Expeditionary Division made quick work of the opposition. It became obvious the training they had received under Lorand was cut short and incomplete as the battle hardened Dark Jedi of the Royal House cut through their inferior tactics and decisions fueled by arrogance and overwhelmed them. It could hardly be considered a battle as they neutralized the last of the enemy threat.

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The Loyal Lieutenants

Lady Il-Kayd, one of Fias Zhan's top Lieutenants that escaped Caina.

"I think you should see this."
―Kor Vaal to Kell Dante upon discovering her dossier.

Following the initial assault, many dossiers and details on some of the operatives of Fias Zhan began to surface. Frantically ISI began to gather information and analyze for report to the Emperor. Although many would be captured or killed, the highest ranking and most trusted of the Lieutenants would escape.

Responsible for smuggling operations to supply Fias Zhan’s forces, a Cerean named Il-Kayd was operating out of Calynos prior to the attack. Expected to have gotten off the planet with the first of several transports carrying supplies, only the last of which was prevented from escape by Koryn Thraagus. Although not an apprentice of Zhan, she is skilled in the Dark Side of the Force and has received at least some training from him, and is a highly skilled tactician and officer.

It is expected that she is the single greatest threat facing Scholae Palatinae as part of Zhan’s forces due to her talents in foresight and battle meditation as well as leadership skills. With the death of Lorand during the retaking of Kas’im Citadel, it is expected that she will assume the role.

Exactly how large of a role she played in the Cainian Strikes is unknown, but it was where she was first discovered by Scholae Palatinae. Part of the strike team to retake the Citadel, Guardian Kor Vaal is credited with discovery of an invaluable amount of information on her.

Symbol of Devotion

Symbol found on Fias Zhan's forces.

"It does matter what it is, what does it mean?"
―Krath Archpriest Xantros inquiring about the symbols.

During the entire campaign, as Scholae Palatinae forces clashed with enemy Dark Jedi and soldiers alike, a common symbol began to show up too frequently to be a coincidence. It was a sign that things were growing more organized, and that the enemy was forging themselves an identity in an attempt to stand out in the Cocytus System as they attempted to establish control.

After analysis the Imperial Scholae Intelligence, it was determined that it had no ancient or historic roots and was unique to the current conflict at hand. It quickly became an internal catalyst used by Emperor Vismorsus to rally his troops behind. As the enemy grew bolder, regardless of the symbol held any relevance, it became the face of opposition.

The Sword

"Dorimad Sol, The Indomitable Blade."
―Ballad of The Unconquerable Sun

Following the successful retaking of Kas’im Citadel, Kell Dante led a team on a follow up mission to analyze the structure, take inventory, and prepare for it to see future use at a limited capacity in support of the newly opened Battle Team Dorimad Sol. It was a move made by the Emperor to ensure that the strategically important resources on Caina would not find use for anything besides the House.

Although not part of the newly formed team, the Krath Jedi Hunter Zagro Fenn volunteered for the fact finding mission, intent to bring back knowledge to his own team Acclivis Draco. One of the most important discoveries for the archives, was a poem by an unknown author during the time of legendary saberist Dorimad Sol called the Ballad of The Unconquerable Sun. It’s discovery was important as it solidified the identity of the newly formed unit of the same name.

A Lab Built of Ice

Frozen northern reaches of Caina where Vim's lab was hidden.

"Resist, Vim, and I will gladly transport your corpse back to Judecca."
―Kor Vaal to Vim

As leads were being followed up by the 2nd Expeditionary Force to track Fias Zhan’s forces as they went underground to avoid detection, one particular lead would require a solo mission to the farthest northern reaches of Caina where temperatures never rose above freezing and averaged dangerous lows amid the storms. Travel to the area was rare, so any traffic at all was worth following up on.

ISI had done some interrogations on captured enemy soldiers, to determine that carved deep into the ice was a lab run by someone known only as Vim. A young Journeyman, Guardian Kor Vaal, eager to prove himself volunteered for the mission and quickly found himself alone and waist deep in snow.

What he would find inside was a twisted shell of a former man, maddened by Dark Side experimentation on behalf of Fias Zhan. With nearly all the guards in the small lab consumed by the experiments, he was left to face the man alone. Giving into his hatred, Kor Vaal killed Vim. Overcome by the Force, the untrained Journeyman would destroy all he found in the facility before reinforcements arrived to secure the area. Only limited documentation of the research being performed was found and handed over to Acclivis Draco.


Within hours after landing, the labor strikes in Daemon had dispersed with the presence of the Fleet of Scholae Palatinae and Imperial Scholae Guard. The 20th Expeditionary Division would remain in the city which was placed under marshal law, and remained so until productivity in the mines was back to acceptable levels. The Empire was there to protect its citizens, and they were to provide for the Empire.

The discovery of so many of Fias Zhan’s forces was surprising, but following the operations they were either captured, killed, or forced into hiding. They took a hit to their leadership structure with the death of traitorous Scholae Palatinae General Millard, and apprentice to Fias Zhan Lorand. In addition, their Dark Jedi training saw a major hit, with many young Proselytes in their rank killed in their first combat engagements. Yet it exposed a much deeper problem in the Cocytus System with the cult like symbols, research labs and additional dossiers discovered showing it was far from over.

Battle Team Dorimad Sol was reopened as a results of the actions on Caina. Formerly occupied by House Dorimad Sol, the team would train in the facilities, and serve the Empire from their new home. Rallying behind the experience of their new leader Kell Dante, the team began preparations immediately to establish their own headquarters, and prove themselves.

Imperial Scholae Intelligence took a black eye for failing to notice Fias Zhan’s forces on the planet. With Dark Jedi involved, there were possibilities for masking this, but not at the scale it seemed to have. Surveillance on the citizens of the Cocytus System were ramped up considerably following this event, with the Director of ISI disappearing and being replaced.


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Looking Home Campaign - Caina - Caina Trivia - First Place – Kell Palpatine Dante

Looking Home Campaign - Caina - The Loyal Lieutenants - First Place – Kor Vaal

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