Delak Krennel

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Delak Krennel
Biographical Information


Date of Birth:

Approximately 20 BBY

Physical Description












Personal Information
Lightsaber Color(s):

Single, Crimson Blade

Chronology & Political Information
  • Stormtrooper
  • Dark Jedi
Personal Ship:

Demolisher (Sith Infiltrator, previously owned by unknown Sith Lord)



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Delak Krennel is a soldier and Dark Jedi in House Scholae Palatinae. He is the first son born of Lord Balmore Krennel, the former leader of the Corulagian Royal Guard and King of Corulag. He believed he was the only son to the king through his mother the queen, however he found out years later after he rejoined the Dark Jedi Brotherhood that he had a brother named Jurdan Krennel who was now 30 years of age.


Early life

Born on Corulag to King Balmore, Delak quickly learned all he needed about the Galactic Empire to survive. He attended the Imperial Academy on Carida where he quickly rose through the ranks of the Emperor's Hammer. He achieved master skills in blaster rifles and rocket launchers in his training. He was also quite proficient as a sniper while participating in Operation: One Shot One Kill. He was a very stubborn and stuck up cadet coming from royalty.

Arrival in the Emperor's Hammer

Delak started his career in the TIE Corps in Phoenix Squadron on board the Imperial Class Star Destroyer Greywolf. Here he learned the flight skills that he would need to survive several encounters with Republic forces. His favorite fighter was the TIE Defender which he named Demolisher. This name carried over to his personal Sith Infiltrator that he found on Naboo hidden in the forests outside of Theed. Based on the records the ship had previously belonged to a sith lord but the data was corrupt so he didn't know who it was. The ship had sat for many years with no one to take care of it so he fixed it up and brought it with him to the Dark Brotherhood when he joined. Delak joined the Hammer's Fist as well shortly after.

Hammer's Fist

Delak started off as a Private in the Hammer's Fist like any other green recruit. He quickly moved up the ranks to Squad Leader. From Squad Leader he rose to Platoon Leader and Detachment Commander. From there the General Staff was his last stop as Commander, Operations where he ran all of the competitions in the Hammer's Fist. From the Platoon League to Operation One Shot One Kill. The time in the Hammer's Fist was spent mostly with his best friend Angelo Dante who also came up through the Hammer's Fist with him and later joined him in Clan Arcona in the Brotherhood. That is where they spent their time until Delak was moved to the rogues to commit to other goals.

Arrival in Cocytus

Delak joined House Scholae Palatinae years after in 37 ABY where he regained his rank of Guardian and rose from that to Jedi Hunter very quickly. Delak joined up with Kell Dante as his Student to relearn the ways of the force and to bring honor to his best friend Angelo Dante. He joined during the Looking Home Campaign to retake Caina from the forces of Zhan where his skills as a stormtrooper would greatly benefit the Imperial push moving forward in the House.


Timeline of Events
Era Date Event
BBY 20 Born on Corulag to unknown concubine
ABY 0 Graduates Carida Imperial Academy and joins father on Corulag as Prince Admiral
Joins the Hammer's Fist Legion
9 Defeated by Republic forces and narrowly escapes death, has to take to cloning himself a new body which takes 15 years to mature.
24 Clone body matures and conscience transfer completed into the new body
37 Arrives on Caina to rejoin House Scholae Palatinae as Guardian, finds out through secret Comminque he has a brother named Jurdan who has joined him in the Dark Jedi Brotherhood.