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Eetherbiail Zarih'Taen
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167 lbs


Dark Blue/Black


Light Blue with Gold Ring

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Light Blue

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Ex-Concubine, Seer, Weaponsmith




Dark Jedi Brotherhood Era


Scholae Palatinae

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"It's only after we've lost everything that we're free to do anything."
Eetherbiail Zarih'Taen, Realizing that releasing the bonds from his captors is what truly set him free to go down the path he was meant for and wished in 28 ABY

Dark Jedi Knight Eetherbiail Zarih'Taen, known as Eether to his friends and family in his house, is currently a member of House Scholae Palatinae. He was born on Zeltron and was given the name Eetherbiail Zarih'Taen. He was named after his grandfather Ethnaen and grandmother Bi'en by his parents. Through a series of events, his parents and sisters were murdered and Eetherbiail was taken captive at an extremely young age.

Being so young, Eetherbiail did not remember much of his family, mostly their faces and voices that slowly faded throughout the years. As his captives raised him in a specific image, to do certain...duties, Eetherbiail grew to resent the humans. He knew that not all were this way, but with every passing moment, his hatred grew ever more. He threw down his binding shackles and defeated his oppressors, and with it, half of his name. By throwing away his last name, he was casting off part of his self, but with the actions the humans had made him do, he no longer wished to associate his past self connected with his loving parents to his horrible present and future.

Eetherbiail fled from his captive's residency and found his way to a space port during the year 33 ABY. While in this space port, Eetherbiail felt a compulsion to take a ship he had never heard of and cannot remember the name of; the name is a blanket of fog when he thinks about it. This ship took him to the Cocytus System where he ran into members of Scholae Palatinae with their sabers drawn. No one had ever just happened to find their home system and no one seemed to believe him that something had just pushed him here, despite their belief in the Force.

It was definitely not the Force, Eetherbiail knew. Someone had brought him to the Cocytus System to join House Scholae Palatinae, this is where Eetherbiail is now and thriving well. One day he would find out who brought him here, but not until he was strong enough to protect himself and those he loved.

Character History

Pre-Dark Brotherhood

Eether's Birth

Eetherbiail's home world of Zeltros

" You know dear, he will be terrorized by his three sisters. "
― Eetherbiail's mother at her happiness for her first son.

In the year 8 ABY when the air was beginning to cool, Eetherbiail was born. His parent's named him Eetherbiail Zarih'Taen after their parents that had died in an early battle of Zeltros. Eetherbiail was the first son born with three elder sisters. His sisters were Viridianna Zarih'Taen age 8, Layonie Zarih'Taen age 6, and Dejah Zarih'Taen age 4. His family had been relatively un harmed during the twelve Battle of Zeltroses. Everything was going fine, Zeltros was recovering and building from the fighting.

Everything seemed to be going well. Their life style was well kept, his parents made enough money for a stable living and enough for extra luxuries. Life for the six Zarih'Taen's was peaceful, Eetherbiail's mother worked in management with some of the major Zeltros spa's while his father worked as a trader. Life was good until Eetherbiail's sixth birthday...when his entire world fell apart.

Eetherbiail's Mother, Bri'Anna Zarih'Taen

Zeltros is normally known as an extremely relaxing or party world. It is a planet in the Inner Rim in the Zel system. With the drinks, the Zeltron appreciate of beauty in many forms led to luxurious art and architecture that covered the world. It was one of the most favored destinations for vacations. The celebratory atmosphere and the powerful pheromones of the Zeltron people took people to the point that they found it difficult to leave.

Eetherbiail's mother Bri'Anna worked her way up to manage the Paradise cantina on Zeltros. Because of her amazing managerial work, the cantina prospered like never before, capturing the eye of Hutt Queen Jool to manage many other cantina's on Zeltros. Bri'Anna would never take bribes, which would normally create problems, but the pheromones that she exuded prevented any hardships as the bribers eventually succumbed to the enjoyment of the cantina. But because of Hutt Queen Jool's illegal activities...there was one group of men that did not succumb to the atmosphere...destroying Bri'Anna and her family.

The Early Years

" He's so cute! He's like, our doll but real! He's mine! No mine! "
― Eetherbiail's sisters playing with him when he was an infant.

Growing up, Eetherbial was babied by his older sisters. They chided him over every little thing he did, every mess and all things containing dirt. But naturally, being the only boy among girls, he was always the living doll. Eetherbiail looked up to his older sisters, he couldn't do much, but he knew they loved him no matter what, and he in return.

Of course, whenever they talked about boys, he would ignore it completely as it was so boring. He loved his dad the most, he was strong and powerful, he could protect his family from any danger. Or so Eetherbiail thought. His oldest sister started going to school when his father stopped teacher her at home after her twelfth birthday.

Eetherbiail missed his oldest sister, because she always looked out for him, whereas his other sisters would forget that he was there sometimes. When Eetherbiail was six, his father taught him how to read. Eetherbiail loved books and would spend hours in his families library to hide from his sisters when they were being too rough with combs and make up and girly stuff. He learned many things, some things in particular, he would use to save his life when the time came to it in the future; but he did not know this just yet.

The Life Crumbles

The Late Father of Eetherbiail, Jor'Ian Zarih'Taen

" Hehehe, she's a cutie over there ain't she? Top candidate right now. "
― Thugs in Paradise looking at Bri'Anna.

-Six Years Later-

During the aftermath of the twelfth battle of Zeltros, the industry on Zeltros began to prosper again. There were some that disliked the outcome that were still inhabiting Zeltros, but they kept their voices unheard. Eetherbiail's mother Bri'Anna was making a name for herself, growing in the scene of the cantina's and making money while making contacts and having a great time all around. Throughout her time working at one of the biggest cantina's on Zeltros, Paradise, Bri'Anna handled many drunks.

Many of the drunkards would of course flirt with her and try things, some would attempt extortion or any other illegal activities brought on the by the Hutts. One night, after working till close, Bri'Anna serviced a group of gruff looking men who had asked about anything going on in the "back," implying a slave trade. Appalled, Bri'Anna replied with a no and went to close up the cantina. This would be the last night she closed Paradise, because the men followed her home and wreaked havoc.

Eetherbiail's father was a simple trader for simple goods found on Zeltros. He worked from home mostly, spending time with his three daughters and son. Eetherbiail's father's name was Jor'Ian. Occasionally clients would come in, share a drink with and bring presents to his children. Jor'Ian spoiled his kids with knowledge, great cooking he'd learned from his wife and enjoyment. They were the pride of his life, even more important than his small trading firm.

Every night he would cook dinner when Bri'Anna would walk through the door and have a relaxing evening. When one night Bri'Anna did not come home at her usual time without letting Jor'Ian know ahead of time, he was very worried. His worst suspicions were confirmed when his front door glass window was broken and a thermal grenade was popped through it, and exploded. All Jor'Ian could do was shield his daughter Dejah from the blast.

Amidst The Chaos

Eetherbiail's childhood home destroyed

" Take...your bother...and sisters out of here. Get as far you can...go with your mother. "
― Eetherbiail's father's final words.

The blast destroyed the entire front of the house. Jor'Ian protected his youngest daughter, Dejah, dying in the process. Shards of metal, glass and chunks of rock tore into his back, breaking his spine and tearing his flesh from his body. Dejah was concealed from the blast, screaming horrifically. Jor'Ian died shortly after that, Dejah scurried out from under him; tears streaked her ashen face, turning the vibrant pink a dark ashy coat.

The thugs walked through the door and started shooting the entrance room. Dejah rolled out from underneath her father only to be struck down at the stairs. Her body fell to the floor and slumped over dead. The biggest thug hit the other two with the butt end of the rifle, and told them to put them on stun, "We need to take someone back with us damnit! Don't kill everything that we can sell!"

The thugs spread out and went to search the other rooms. The lead thug kicked Jor’Ian’s body over and scoffed. They grabbed Eetherbiail and his two remaining sisters Viridianna and Layonie. Being 6 at this point, Eetherbiail lashed out at the thugs, trying to protect his sisters, only to be struck in the head by the butt end of a rifle. They dragged his limp body and dropped it, and then proceeded to bound the girls up. The three thugs looked around and laughed about how easy this haul was; “These will fetch a hefty price on the market, ay boss?”

“Oi, shut up Strag.” The toughest thug said. All of the sudden, Strag dropped to the floor, “Get the hell away from my children!” Bri’Anna knelt with a rifle at the end of the hall way, she’d learned a thing or two while working at Paradise. Bri’Anna looked at them and dropped her rifle, “You! Why are you here!?” The biggest thug scoffed, quickly drew his pistols and shot at her. She tumbled to her right behind a fallen pillar, but was not fast enough. Her left shoulder got hit, the smell of burning flesh rose to her nose.

She grabbed her small hidden side arm and peeked over the pillar and shot back. The thug did not even care, he just stood in the middle of the room firing back. Eetherbiail groaned softly and moved his head, trying to figure out what was going on. He looked up to see the other thug watching the battle, his sisters completely bound now. He slowly inched his way over to his terrified sisters. Not drawing the thugs’ attention, Eetherbiail mimed for his sisters to be silent as he worked through his headache and untied them. His mother’s eyes glistened with pride for her son as she kept the biggest thug’s attention.

Eetherbiail stood slowly and grabbed a hand sized rock. He inched his way to the thug that was attacking his mother, despite her quick shakes, trying to get Eetherbiail to just run away. Eetherbiail slipped on a rock, making a small sound. The biggest thug turned his head and saw Eetherbiail standing there. Because his attention was focused on Eetherbiail instead of Bri’Anna, she landed a shot on his chest, two on his right hand and his right leg. The thug fell to his knee and Eetherbiail jumped, attempting to bash his head in with the rock in the chaos.

The smaller one grabbed Eetherbiail around the waist and picked him up. Eetherbiail twisted in the air and slammed his hand down with the rock as hard as he could. The man’s scull cracked and caved under Eetherbiail’s adrenaline, only to slump over dead near instantly. The biggest thug shouted “ENOUGH!” stood up and kicked Eetherbiail to the wall, sending stars to fly around his head. He turned and shot once, killing Bri’Anna. Eetherbiail got between the thug and his sisters, pushing them out the door and jumping on him. Viridianna and Layonie ran out the door, getting away.

The thug screamed in pain or frustration at the girls getting away, Eetherbiail was not sure. But he picked Eetherbiail up and fled to his ship, where he bound, gagged and blinded him, taking Eetherbiail to who knows where. Eetherbiail wept into the night for his sister, mother and father. He wondered where his other two sisters were, happy to know that they at least, escaped. Free to live life, he held his chin up and stopped crying, vowing to get out of this and find his way back to them. He couldn’t help but shake uncontrollably though.

The Slave Traders

" Hehe, this one a Zeltron. You better give me a lot for him boy, pheromones and crap. "
― To'By, selling Eetherbiail to the traders.

The man gave his name to Eetherbiail as To’By. He was as big as he was tall as he was around. Eetherbiail could tell that he was taking him into space, Eetherbiail had never been in space before…and it was very cold. To’By threw a blanket on top of him but it did nothing because of the position that he had put him in.

To’By put his ship into hyper drive and whisked away. They flew to an unknown planet in an unknown planetary system. Eetherbiail was picked up and dragged out of the ship, his feet dragged on the ground. He heard so many voices, shouting and hustling and started to get scared. He closed his eyes, despite having a blind fold on and remembered his family, drawing on strength, Eetherbiail calmed himself down. To’By plopped Eetherbiail in a chair and walked away, whistling and clinking coins in his pocket. By Eetherbiail’s best guess, he had just been sold for a hefty profit.

A voice came out of an intercom and announced that the bidding was now open for a Zeltros male, “Sadly the females are no longer available that were listen, but they would have gone for a lot more. Please accept our apologies and accept this child as consolation.”

A small hissing sound appeared and the next thing Eetherbiail knew, he was sitting in a chair unbound in front of a very old women in elegant clothing and pounds of jewelry. “Hello my name is Katelyn, and what is your name?” She said in a very comforting nature. Eetherbiail narrowed his eyes, not answering.

“I do hope that you can cooperate with us, it will make everything "ever so easier on yourself.” His shoulders sagged and he answered, “Eetherbiail ma’am. Where am I?” She explained that this was a pleasure house where, exceptional clientele came to be discreet and have a good time. “Now, as you are much younger than we usually buy our concubines, I will teach you how you need to act, how to be a concubine and everything you need to know. It is a good thing that you are young and can easily retain everything.”

Being A Concubine

" One day...I will ring your neck for forcing me into this life. "
― Eether to Kaytlen.
Eetherbiail's best friend at the brothel, Bee.

-Twelve Years Later-

Eether picked up his robe and put it on, and walked out to meet Kaytlen. "Hello mistress, am I required to work tonight?" "Yes, you have two customers who have come from very far who have heard of your expertise and wish to partake." She handed him a glass of clear liquid, "You know what to do." He stood there, un moving and stared at the glass, not wanting to drink the Elixir of Infatuation. "It's your people's it! You know what happens when you disobey."

Eether's hand reflexively touched his right eye, gently probing the three scars that ran over his eye. It was a miracle he could still see out of it. Closing his eyes, Eether drank the liquid and shuddered, knowing that the effects would take over momentarily. Elixir of Infatuation was a Zeltron concoction that was created to give a crazy effect on anyone who consumed it. The Elixir was colorless, odorless and flavorless while also retaining its potency when mixed with food or drink. After consuming the liquid, the drinker would become infatuated with the first creature that they saw; gender, race and species was not a deciding factor.

Because Eether was forced in this life, Kaytlen had to force feed him with the liquid so that he would sleep with the customers. He started getting a reaction to the stuff, without needing to drink it. When anyone touched him, he would feel shots of pain through his body and he would have to look away from them, otherwise he would be "infatuated" with them for a time. He could not be ordered to do anything out of his normal state, but that was precisely why Kaytlen had raised him to what he was...he had no choice.

Eether clacked his tongue rings against his teeth in agitation. He hated his life, he hated what he had to do and how he was raised. Kaytlen had taken such an interest in his "potential" that she had never left him a moment alone. As soon as he had arrived here, he was given no freedom, never left alone and was groomed to be the perfect male concubine. So many rich women, wives and aliens would come from afar to come to Kaytlen's brothel and he was her top prize.

She grew him into the role, without his consent. He had been taken as a young, impressionable child, but old enough to remember his life before this as well as his family. He often thought about his sisters, wondering if they were still alive and if they were doing better than him. Eether just hoped that his sacrifice was good enough for them and that if they ever found him...they wouldn't be completely despised to what he had become.

Eether bit his lip, he hated the tongue rings, but he had been forced to get them for, wait for it, pleasure. They were too good stimulants in his line of work that he had to have them, but he would remove them someday. The four nubs took up too much room, it was a pain in the butt to eat and drink, who cared if it helped pleasure people....the hassle was not worth it, not like Eether had a choice. After satisfying the two clients, Eether swept past Kaytlen and went to his room and shut himself off from the world. He had been forced into this and lost any special sense to the act. Kaytlen never asked how it went anymore, she knew his skills well because she thought him everything he knew. He curled into a ball and wept for his lost life, he would act tough in front of others, but in the dark, everything came out.

A soft whisper rose to his ear "Be wary, I am a friend, but others seek to harm you. I am working on a way to help you, but I do not know when this will come to pass. The force is mysterious this way..." Puzzled, Eether muttered that the Force was hodge podge. But he sat up and looked around his tiny little room. He had no idea where this was coming from, but Eether had the idea to hold out his hand and concentrate; the end of his covers floated in the air. His eyes widened and he felt something he had never felt before: power. He could control things, he could feel the force, like something that was blocking the flow of water had been removed and everything was flowing through him. It felt glorious.

He stood up and held out his arms, stretched his arms and fingers, racking bones. "Not yet my friend, you'll have your revenge soon. Hold that anger, let it flow through you and you'll be more powerful than you ever imagined."

Eether went to sleep and woke up to a hard knocking on his door. His only friend in the brothel Bee was at his door knocking frantically, "She's coming! Get up!" Eether quickly got dressed, gave his friend a kiss on the cheek and a hug, the only person outside his family that he believed he would ever touch outside of this damn business. She was his lightning rod. They protected each other in this environment. They both knew how the life destroyed you, how it was not a choice for them. They told each other their problems and helped each other through the countless numbers. Eether did not know it, but this would be the last time he ever saw, spoke and touched Bee. She was like the fourth sister he never had, and he still misses her to this day.

His Only Friend And An Escape

" Hello brother dear, it has been quite a long time. "
― Eether's sister at his escape.
Eetherbiail's childhood home destroyed

Eether stood outside his door next to Bee with his hands behind his back and waited for Kaytlen to walk up to him. She stopped in front of him and narrowed her eyes, "I know what you did last night Eether...and I'm not please...not pleased at all." He tilted his head, immediately his mind went his first usage of the Force, "What do you mean mistress?"

She tsk'd and sighed, "Eether...I was hoping it wouldn't come to this, but I guess it has to. Hold him." Two extremely strong aliens grabbed his arms and held him against the wall, Bee screamed. Kaytlen's arms flashed in a blur, Eether saw something flash in the air, and the next thing he knew, Bee's throat was sliced open and blood poured out. She collapsed to her knees in front of him and when he tried to catch her, Eether got wrestled back onto the wall.

He screamed, shouted obscenities and channeled his anger. He remembered the voice from last night. She shuddered for a few seconds until becoming still and unmoving. A single tear wept down Eether's cheek. He swallowed hard and stared at Kaytlen, his rage filling him for his only love left in his life.

Eether started shaking, he channeled all of his rage over the past twelve years, the pain at losing the one and only person that was still living that now lay dead at his feet. Something inside him burst, he thrust out his arms away from his body and the aliens got Force pushed away from him with Kaytlen flying away from him into the wall in front. Eether instinctually gripped his hands at each of the aliens and choked the life out of them. Once they were dead, he lifted Kaytlen up off the floor and up the wall. He walked towards her ever so slowly.

As soon as he got within a few inches of her, the wall next to him blew up. Eether went flying back and hit his head against the wall. A thin, white haired, average height Zeltron walked through the hole in the wall, a slight hum came behind her from a hover craft. She wore a white corset, thigh high black heal boots with long arm gloves. At her side was a whip which looked extremely deadly. "Hello brother dear, it has been quite a long time," she smiled at him, it sent shivers down his spine as if to say I love you, but don't cross me.

"V-Viridianna?" He stood up, completely ignoring Kaytlen now. "Yeah silly, it took a long time to track you down, but here I am." She looked over and saw the dead girl, "I'm sorry I couldn't get here in time to save your friend, but it looks like you've finally unlocked your own powers."

He nodded, "Thanks for helping me, thought I think I would have been able to get out myself now that I learned how to kill those two, on that note, one moment please." He walked over to where Kaytlen was slumped over holding her side, broken ribs probably. "You took me when I was young, turned me into this, destroyed my I'm going to destroy your future."

She looked up at him, "It was for the best...I gave you the best life out of anyone who would have bought you when you were brought in." Defending herself, Eether glared at her and spit on the ground, "Too bad for you I can get around your punishments!" He pointed at his scars. He grabbed her throat in his hands and squeezed, taking the life out of her. Eether put all the years of pain and anger into his strength. He held on long after she was dead. Only the touch of his sister's hand on his shoulder brought him out of his stupor. He stood and looked at her, seeing the small dimple on her cheek and her eyes. "Other than your look just like her."

"You mean our mom?" She looked away and closed her eyes, "I'm all that's left.... Layonie died two years's just us brother." He turned her around and hugged her tight, sobbing. He was powerful for not having any training, but he'd finally found one of his sisters, he wasn't alone anymore, he never would be again. Together the two of them went to the space port, Eether's few belongings were packed up in a pack and he donned his cloak and hood.

They got to the ship they were going to board when he heard the voice for the last time to date in his head with a compulsion pushing him the opposite way. " must take that ship to its destination. You will see your sister again, but for now you must make your way to the Cocytus System and find the Sith. There you will learn how to use the force and become one of the most powerful Sith in the galaxy." He told his sister this and she laughed like she already knew this, "Well I'm not surprised, but I'm sure I'll see you around. I'm a bounty hunter now, so I travel. Here's how to contact me, when you get settled, look me up ok?"

They hugged once more before Eether boarded the mysterious ship. The ship had no life aboard it, not even any droids. But as soon as he put his pack down, the door closed and off the ship it went into space. Eether was off to the Sith and come into his destiny.

Dark Brotherhood

The Dark Descent

His New Home

The Clan Acceptance And A Master

Vendetta: Disorder

Dark Jedi-Hood

Fourth Independent Games

Tenth Great Jedi War: Decimation


The Cycle Continues



Eetherbiail is a Zeltron, so naturally he has dark red skin with dark blue/black hair. He has partial heterochromia so with his light blue eyes, he as a golden ring around his pupil. He has three scars above his eye going downward underneath it. His dark red skin is usually completely covered up in a dark robe with his hood drawn. He has scars from where his tongue was pierced 7 times when he was a concubine. He leaves one in as a reminder of his sister and friend that died to get him out of slavery. He likes to blend in, let nothing stand out.


Eether is very quiet, his past has set him in a mindset that shuts him off from the world. He cannot stand being touched by most people, only those closest to him that he knows he can trust can. This is due to being overly drugged with Elixir of Infatuation. Because of his life being forced into a concubine for women, as Zeltrons were known to be amazing lovers, even against their will, the effects of the drug still linger within Eether's body. If touched, Eether has the possibility to be "infatuated" with them for a moment if they are of the opposite sex; it rarely happens but it is a possibility.


Eetherbiail is not cool enough to have a ship just sad.

DJB Facts

Positions Held

Eether has gone out for a few positions, but has not received any as he does not have much experience. He is currently working in Battle Team Haphaestus working on re building/re making Scholae's wiki.

Outstanding Achievements

  • Participated in nearly every event for the Tenth Great Jedi War
  • Received a PoB in one of his first competitions in Jedi Academy with weapons, getting first place in a DB wide event


  • Started out as a Krath and then transferred to Sith
  • Received Dark Jedi Knight the day before my birthday, very random but good timing and a very happy surprise
  • Was trained by SP's QUA, Xenmordin, FEAR ME!