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Exodus era.

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Contention: Acclivis Draco vs. Caliburnus
Date: 20 ABY
Location: Antenora, Judecca, Ptolomea, Cocytus System
Outcome: Ceasefire in order to defend Judecca from unexpected attack

Acclivis Draco



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Contention was a House feud between Acclivis Draco and Caliburnus in 20 ABY. It was the showdown between the two Houses of Clan Scholae Palatinae that ended Acclivis Draco's era of supremacy and proved that Caliburnus was still a force to be reckoned with. House Acclivis Draco would no longer be recognized as the dominant House until a year later when it proved its worth during the Reclamation of Judecca.



Following the Seventh Great Jedi War, and days after the stabilization of House Acclivis Draco through the appointment of Quaestor RevengeX Palpatine, Dakari, recognizing the need for change, resigned from his post as Consul and appointed Braecen Kaeth as his successor. This decision was received positively by most of the Clan, and Scholae Palatinae would flourish under Braecen's reign. Ruling as Braecen's right hand was Phoenix Olkyssagh d'Tana Palpatine, a Clan stalwart whose return as Proconsul would end his previous period of stagnancy and thrust him back into Clan politics, where he would remain for several years.

Approximately two months later, Scholae Palatinae assembled on the planet of Judecca to celebrate two major festivals: the Day of the Fox, an event in honor of Grandmaster Firefox that is recognized by the entire Dark Brotherhood, and the Day of Palpatine, a holiday that remembers Darth Sidious and his role as the ultimate creator of the Clan.

Tournament of the Fox

Throughout the celebration, a dueling tournament was held in the Clan's arena. As RevengeX was leaving the mock battlefield following an easy victory against an overzealous Journeyman, he saw his Aedile, Rasilvenaira StormRaven, unconscious and the victim of a kidnapping attempt. Subduing the perpetrators, who were recognized as members of House Caliburnus, and forcing the attempt to fail, the incident was immediately pulled into the hands of Proconsul Phoenix, who later demanded answers from the Caliburnus Quaestor, Impetus. Although she did not admit it at the time, she had ordered her Aedile, Thran Occasus, to complete the devious deed as they planned a war of pride against their siblings.

RevengeX and Rasilvenaira kept the kidnappers on Antenora, despite Impetus' obvious anger at the move. After obliterating Dorimad Sol years earlier, House Caliburnus' leaders, from Brujah Tamalar to Impetus, had grown obsessed with the thought of removing the Krath House from its place at the Clan's forefront.

The First Move

Battle of Antenora




  1. Acclivis Draco and Caliburnus tied at 106 points.

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Reclamation of Judecca