Red Fury

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New Order era.
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Red Fury
Conflict: Attacking the Red Fury Pirates
Date: 33 ABY
Location: Atlas Station
Outcome: Red Fury Defeated
  • Various Red Fury Officers


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The Red Fury event was a Scholae Palatinae and Naga Sadow cooperative campaign that took place in 33 ABY. Red Fury Pirates, foolishly striking against both Clan Scholae Palatinae and Clan Naga Sadow fortified themselves within a fortress on a barren moon. With both clans have an interest in the pirated treasure vaults, a temporary combination of forces was agreed upon.


In the weeks following the events of the Eleventh Great Jedi War a tense negotiation between the leaders of Scholae Palatinae and Naga Sadow took place. Agreeing to meet in neutral territory, near the Roche Asteroid Field, a trade of much needed goods was to occur.

Both Clans sent unmarked and unassuming trade ships, hoping to avoid notice, while also both having their own fleets a short jump away.

The distrustful nature of the Dark Jedi paid off, as Red Fury pirates arrived looking to plunder from what they believed were simple merchants. Both the Harbinger and the Warspite jumped in and quickly destroyed the pirate forces. The trade concluded without further delay and both clans retreated back to their systems.

Red Fury bosses, learning of the destruction of a segment of their brotherhood, sent out spies to find knowledge about the groups that had stopped them. Both Dark Jedi Clans quickly discovered these Red Fury Operatives, and decided to end the threat fully by destroying their base of operations. Rather than get in each other's’ way, Locke and Xen’Mordin agreed to a temporary alliance for forces until the Red Fury threat was neutralized.


A number of operations, including joint efforts of members from both clans took place against the Red Fury pirates on their Atlas Station. These operations included two different assaults on the base, dealing with the legendary Pirate Robot King of the Atlas Station, and cracking a code embedded in Red Fury communications.

Many members from both clans stepped up to fight valiantly against the Red Fury pirates. The Pirates, while having high numbers, and many looted weapons with strong fortifications fell within hours of the first shots being fired.


Every Red Fury pirate in the Atlas Base was found and killed. The legendary Pirate Robot King was left in pieces among the ruins the base was built upon. The members from both units looking for glory, walked away sure-footedly secure with plenty of boastful stories of how they cut through the pirate forces. As for the pirated goods, they were quickly divided among the participating members, with leftover goods divided eveningly between the two clans.

Still not trusting each other, Locke and Xen’Mordin, left on open ended terms, both believing the other, and their clan would be a useful asset in the future.


Overall winners of the Red Fury:

Red Fury - Two Roads to Glory - First Place – Atra Ventus

Red Fury - That Which Hides in the Darkness - First Place – Atra Ventus

Red Fury - For the Prize - First Place – [Robert Sadow]]

Red Fury - Crack the Code - First Place – Atra Ventus

Red Fury - Whats in a Name - First Place – Sanguinius Tsucyra

Red Fury - To the Pain - First Place – Athrun Zala

Red Fury - Thats no moon… oh wait yes it is - First Place – Chrome

Red Fury - CSP History Trivia - First Place – Darth Vexatus

Red Fury - CNS History Trivia - First Place – Darth Vexatus

Red Fury - You Blank-faced blank - First Place – Mayda Ferium

Red Fury - Its All in Good Fun - First Place – Mayda Ferium

Red Fury - The Tides of War - First Place – Macron Goura Sadow

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