Ptolomea Deposition

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Exodus era.
Ptolomea Deposition
Date: 31 ABY
Location: Ptolomea, Cocytus System
  • Twin Brothers Khebe
  • Lou Khebe

  • Khebe Loyalists



  • Lou Khebe
  • Twin Brothers Khebe
  • Khebe Loyalists
  • Civilian Staff

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The Ptolomea Deposition was a Scholae Palatinae campaign that took place in 31 ABY during a break in the Dark Crusade to reasserted their power over Ptolomea in their home system of Cocytus from a rogue dictator. Emperor Xen'Mordin Vismorsus, Quaestor of the House was pushed to respond after military leaders noticed a lack of response from the normally loyal government for rations and supplies for the exhausted Expeditionary Force back at Ft. Hammer home their latest deployment on the Dark Crusade. Already preparing for a move back to the former home planet, Caliburnus, now a Battle Team, already had an extensive collection of data and analysis on the current conditions and had profiled the entire planet. As such, it took limited time for Commander Evant Taelyan to put together a full scale campaign plan to move swiftly and replace the rogue government with one that was again fiercely loyal to Scholae Palatinae and the Emperor.


"We were prepared before it even began, it's simply who we are."
―Evant Taelyan

Following the One Sith attacks on the Dark Jedi Brotherhood, the Dark Council united against them and began the Dark Crusade to battle for control of the Sith Worlds. Every House was called on to fight together to take the worlds, requiring a considerable dedication in time and resources to accomplish. During these prolonged absences from the Cocytus System, certain individuals took it as an opportunity to question the power of the Dark Jedi operating behind a veil of secrecy as the true rulers. Many were unsuccessful and quashed quickly with little effort. However, one man at the head of the Ptolomea government managed to find limited success.

Warehouse of foodstuffs routed for export instead of use by the Expeditionary Force

Lou Khebe was appointed as dictator and head of the Ptolomea planetary government in 27 ABY when House Caliburnus was dissolved and its members relocated to Judecca with the rest of the newly formed House Scholae Palatinae. He was handpicked by a committee of Dark Jedi intent on maintaining their influence of the system with shrinking resources for his arrogance and susceptibility to manipulation. It was the same traits that would have his twin brothers and over ambitious followers successfully encouraging him to seek more. After four years of backing by the Dark Jedi, he began to challenge their demands and for the first time took actions to use the resources of the planet for his own personal agenda.

As more and more decisions were made to use the planetary resources for the personal empire of Lou Khebe, requests from House forces stationed on the planet began to be met with resistance. Normally first in line for foodstuffs and recruits, the Scholae Palatinae Military was now being sent to the open market. The food was being exported to help build Khebe’s personal fortunes and recruits being pulled in to build a private military. Shortly after returning from success on Korriz as part of the Dark Crusade, the situation got even worse as the dictator grew bolder and the military was in even higher need of resources.

The combined personal use of the planetary resources and demands of the military finally caught the attention of the highest military commanders, as Field Marshal Dante and Surface Marshal Archangel contacted Emperor Xen'Mordin Vismorsus, Quaestor of House Scholae Palatinae demanding immediate resolution. Irritated and angry about the blatant disregard for his authority, he contacted Evant Taelyan who already had in motion plans to move Battle Team Caliburnus under his command back to its former home planet of Ptolomea. Although his plans did not initially involve a coup and full scale psychological alignment of the planet, he called together a small elite team from within Imperial Scholae Intelligence and had the first steps of his plan in motion within hours.

The Operations

ISI gathering data on Ptolomea to plan operations.

"It is time we took action."
―Xen’Mordin Vismorsus

Within minutes of the official command by Emperor Xen'Mordin Vismorsus, Imperial Scholae Intelligence began official work to put into motion the plans and steps necessary to accomplish the tasks. With much of the information already available, a full report was available within hours for review by Evant Taelyan. Immediately following this meeting began thousands of small activities to fully cleanse the planet of any resistance to the Dark Jedi and prepare it for a transition to a new government. The most important of these tasks were handled by the Dark Jedi of Scholae Palatinae.

New Senator

"We will become the most powerful friends you could have in the galaxy."
―Liaison with House Scholae Palatinae to future Senator Harik

It was determined that the epicenter of the corruption of the Ptolomea government was the current dictator Lou Khebe, yet data and intelligence tied the current Senator, Baxter Stadlober, who represented the planet at the System level was taking in credits and supporting the transactions occurring on the planet. Wanting to leave no loose ends Imperial Scholae Intelligence immediately released documents it had been holding regarding his drug use and corruption. Quickly forced to resign, an immediate call came for a replacement.

Given his ties as the rollmaster of Scholae Palatinae, Koryn Thraagus was immediately called on for his diplomatic skills to vet a new Senator to take up the position. Within several hours, though he himself was not present at his office on Judecca, Special Agent Utri Sei’Krey was setup there sifting through shortlists to select the optimal candidate based on history and psychological evaluation. The decision was signed off by Koryn Thraagus and Emperor Xen'Mordin Vismorsus immediately following on the first pass. Lysa Elana Harik, a human female from Lenniera and daughter of a former Imperial Governor now with the backing of the Royal House, would find herself a Senator.

Sensing Surroundings

PRIME datacenter supporting Khebe Loyalists tucked into a cave on the island of Marynos.

" As you go deeper in a cave and pursue what you want to sense, you will find what you seek."

As Imperial Scholae Intelligence began to compile their original reports on Ptolomea to assist Evant Taelyan in putting together a full strategic plan, many paths led to a dead end. It was a data warehouse known on closed planetary networks only as PRIME. It was determined to have been thrown together by Khebe Loyalists as the center of their own makeshift intelligence resources, and geographically located on the island of Marynos.

PRIME decidedly contained a complete collection of manifests and records of this new unauthorized rogue movement given the inferior yet high level of effort to keep it secure. The quickest path to access the data was determined to be a physical extraction. Already heading to the planet to take part in an operation in Almagast, Protector Lucyeth, the apprentice of Koryn Thraagus, was sent alone to the island of Marynos to retrieve it.

Arriving on the small island of Marynos, the small fishing societies who called the place home were of little help. However the Force would guide the journeyman deep into the heart of the isolated island into the series of caves laced into it. Carved into the beautiful caves of the island Lucyeth discovered the data center, and obviously not expecting to be discovered the technicians on site put up no fight at all in handing over what he wanted. All power was cut to PRIME and Imperial Scholae Intelligence was sent on site to ensure the full site was secured as the data made its way quickly for use in the larger scale effort.

Out with the Old

Science Lab in Ohmen on Judecca where gas used in the assassination of the Lou Khebe was developed.

"Insertion of 150g of EA1205 through vent 1, 45g through vent 2, and 10 in vent 3 released at night will ensure asphyxiation in 99.5% of all humans within 76 seconds."
―Dr. Elincia Rei

Although much of the resistance to the Dark Jedi rule of Ptolomea came from the power beyond the throne with the Khebe Loyalists, at its center was still the dictator himself Lou Khebe. Surrounding himself with a private and loyal army, deep in his mind he knew the ramifications of his actions and prepared to defend his new pompous and arrogant lifestyle to its ignorant end. As such, an operation began immediately to remove him from power. Recently given access to the ISI Research & Development team, Dr. Elincia Rei and her team were tasked with the dictator’s removal from power. Using the data provided on Lou Khebe and his newly remodeled Almagast Palace, her and her science team quickly went into action and devised a plan that was as lethal as it was complete. Taking the final steps of the plan into her own hands, the Krath Assassin would release poisonous gasses of her own team’s creation into the Palace, killing everyone inside including Lou Khebe.

Shortly following this operation she would meet up with Xantros on the other side of the Almagast Palace where teams were preparing for an assault on the heart of the Khebe Loyalists operations. Imperial Scholae Intelligence began work immediately following to isolate the gasses and bodies while preparing the necessary propaganda to spin blame on the incident to the neglectful former dictator. It would be a clean slate for the new government.

Poetic Phoenix of Ptolomea

"Only beings, who are clever and strong enough, who do not come here just for worthless fluff, may truly appreciate the beauty of this place."

While data was being collected, and key individuals eliminated, a stable foundation would be required for sustainable support into the future. So the propaganda machine was fired up to glorify the incoming new government officials in the best possible light, while releasing details of corruption and illegitimacy of the outgoing power. While information was being spread to lay a foundation, and ongoing operations were eliminating key targets to make room, the new government would need to be prepared to step in. Grand Marshal Xantros was tasked with preparing the new dictator and his family for the transition to power. Just moments before the final operations, he arrived along with the Praetorian Guard and the Emperor in a Lambda-class T-4a shuttle to deliver them to a designated safehouse under military protection. Jaran Pendragon and his family set foot in Almagast for the first time prepared for its time to reign.

Dark Side of Almagast

Rats in the sewers beneath Almagast, key in the final operations to take down the Khebe Brothers.

" It perfectly suits the nature of our job. We need to clean this planet of all disloyal people and it is going to be a dirty job. "

As the final operation, two teams of Dark Jedi ventured into the sewers beneath Almagast to eliminate the leaders of the resistance movement. With the Praetorian Guard moving into the city above, the Emperor Xen'Mordin Vismorsus met with Commander Evant Taelyan in the dark sewers along with several other members of Caliburnus, Dark Jedi Knight Shadow Nighthunter and Sith Warrior Varkain 'Corin' Athanas. The four quickly moved on the central command center with the Twin Brothers Khebe were making their last stand. With use of the Force, Shadow was able to turn the rats at their feet into allies who chewed through cables to the power generators of the facility taking them down and allowing entry.

On the far end of the complex, Grand Marshal Xantros lead his team with Krath Priest Koryn Thraagus, Obelisk Primarch Kell Dante and Dr. Elincia Rei. Their team also moved quickly deep into the sewers. As they expected Dark Jedi they met strong resistance, using explosives to move beneath the shields protecting the central command center. Once inside they found the security systems disabled by Xen'Mordin and his team and quick entry to the installation.

Although they were expected, they severely underestimated the power of the Dark Jedi of Scholae Palatinae. An underestimation that led to their decision to go rogue and grab for power themselves in the first place. Striking down the private military they had accumulated it became evident quickly that those under their command began to question their loyalty with such a strong show of force. Finally they reached the armory where the Twin Brothers Khebe made their last stand. The two put up a surprisingly good fight, mostly given the armor and weaponry they had at their disposal, but in the end were both killed. Their deaths marked the end of the campaign.



Command Center of Caliburnus Operations within Fort Lance on Ptolomea.

"Carved into a edge of the Red Talon Mountains, overlooking Golden Bay, where some of the best combat pilots in the galaxy are made, Fort Lance will make the perfect operational base for Caliburnus to make its mark on the galaxy."
―Evant Taelyan

Following the conclusion of the campaign, the denizens of Ptolomea awoke to a news cycle of negligence and corruption that led to the replacement of the government. A corrupt Senator was replaced and a negligent dictator brought about his own demise and was replaced by a legitimate heir. All other operations carried out were masked and transparent to the populace and never came to light. A heightened appearance of the Praetorian Guard on planet and Emperor were seen as expected given the overturn in the government and welcomed.

At a deeper level, all key players associated with the Khebe Loyalists were eliminated and the culture of the planet changed that even the slightest mention was disregarded. The new dictator, Jaran Pendragon, was fiercely loyal to Scholae Palatinae and understood their place in the greater picture. While the new Senator, Lysa Elana Harik, was easily transitioned to her new role.

On top of regaining control of the planets resources, Caliburnus moved its own headquarters back to Ptolomea officially and stationed themselves at Ft. Lance. Built into the side of a steep cliff and housing the Scholae Palatinae Fighter Corps it was a natural choice for the small elite team to operate from, though its members rarely spent time at the facility the operating staff required to support them called it home.


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