Antenora Rebellion

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Exodus era.
Antenoran Rebellion
Date: 32 ABY
Location: Antenora, Cocytus System
  • Ognerate Emperor
  • High Glyph Priest

  • Pacre Datship Loyalists



  • Ognerate Emperor
  • Pacre Datship Loyalists

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The Antenoran Rebellion was a Scholae Palatinae campaign that took place in 32 ABY following the main push of the Dark Crusade. Antenora, a planet in their home system of Cocytus had been part of the Empire for years. However, historically the planet was comprised of many different clans of native tribes. The leaders of the Pacre Datship, one such tribe on the planet had escaped from their prison thanks to the help of a mysterious figure, Fias Zhan. These leaders, the former Ognerate Emperor and his Glyph Priests, worked quickly to rally the people of Antenora into a rebellion against The Empire. A fast and brutal assault was launched against the rebellion to once again secure Antenora as a loyal planet for the Empire.


"The time has come for Antenora to be liberated!"
―Ognerate Emperor
Hatza's Needle

As the strength of the Empire in the Cocytus System grew, a more direct means of controlling the planets there was required. Antenora, a harsh desert planet, dotted with small oases of life giving water was one of the more difficult planets to bring into the Empire’s direct control. Dozens of warring tribal states filled in the planet’s oases. A carefully constructed plan of removing tribal leaders, either through bribing or assassination, allowed the Empire to consolidate power on the planet. One of the larger and more difficult tribes of the planet, the Pacre Datship, were so difficult to control, that the removal of their leaders would only spark further bloodshed. The Ognerate Emperor and his religious advisors, the Glyph Priests, were imprisoned within Sibil'hatzabra, Hatza’s Needle, a great white stone tower that once worked as the seat of their tribal empire on Antenora.

In 38 ABY, Scholae Palatinae was returning to the Cocytus System, following a long and brutal year fighting for the Dark Jedi Brotherhood against the forces of the One Sith in what was known as the Dark Crusade. This year of less direct control of the Cocytus system, led to many issues for the Empire. They knew for quite some time that the Ognerate Emperor wanted nothing more than to escape and lead a rebellion to liberate the planet of Antenora. With the less direct oversight of the Empire, a mysterious individual known as Fias Zhan, helped the Ognerate Emperor and his Glyph Priests escape from their imprisonment in Hatza’s Needle.

The initial investigation of the breakout was investigated by Kell Palpatine Dante, who working with a field unit discovered a great deal of information. Firstly, the hole that the Ognerate Emperor and the Glyph Priest escaped from was too precise and lacked shrapnel damage. That kind of damage could only be achieved through the use of the Force. To the Empire’s knowledge at this time, there was no one in the system who had Force abilities and would have the means and motive to break out these Pacre Datship leaders. The second piece of information Dante was able to extract from this investigation, was that the Glyph Priests, while insanely covering the walls of their rooms with intricate drawings indicated in multiple areas, meetings with a hooded figure. Whomever this figure was, that was surely the person who helped these tribal leaders escape.

Later the next day, reinforcements from the Scholae Palatinae Military were arriving to help defend the loyal camps of tribes on the planet. Focusing on the leading planet tribe of the Hoka Dachu, members of the house and soldiers alike prepared for an incoming attack by Pacre Datship Loyalists. The rebellion had grown quickly, with many loyalists obviously waiting for the word from their imprisoned leaders that the time had come for liberation.

While the members of the house prepared with the loyal tribes of Antenora, the Emperor Xen'Mordin Vismorsus remained on Judecca, organizing the rest of the assault against the Pacre Datship. Alone in his office, he received an encrypted holo-transmission. This individual, revealing himself to be the one who helped the Ognerate Emperor and Glyph Priests escape, introduced himself as Fias Zhan. Zhan transmitted the location of the Pacre Datship Leaders, allowing Xen to send a targeted strike force against them. Zhan was among the last of Palpatine's Emperor’s Guard. He felt it was his birthright to rule as the true Emperor of the Cocytus system. Until such a time that he could strike against Scholae Palatinae and take control, he wanted to remove other threats for stability. The Pacre Datship was one such threat. The conversation ended and one thing was clear, this would not be the last time Scholae Palatinae would see Fias Zhan.

The Operations

"We must end this quickly."
―Xen’Mordin Vismorsus

It was immediately clear following the escape of the Ognerate Emperor and the Gylph Priests, that a full scale rebellion was at hand on Antenora. The Pacre Datship had long harbored ill feelings from losing their power on the planet. An investigation was sent to explore how they escaped, while a large portion of the Scholae Palatinae military was sent to aid local tribal warriors. As long as the rebel forces were distracted by the Palatinaean military, the Dark Jedi of the House could focus on removing the threat entirely.

Illustrations of the High Glyph Priest

"These guys really need some art classes"
―Kell Palpatine Dante
The mad drawings of the Glyph Priests

The first step of preparing against the rebellion was digitizing all of the mad scribblings of the High Glyph priest. Everything from images of Hatza, their God, to cryptic messages, to ornate geometrical shapes needed to be processed and examined. As part of his investigation, Dante quickly made sure images of all surfaces of the High Priest’s room were sent back to Judecca for analysis. Most importantly he made sure several high resolution images of the hooded figure that appeared in multiple places in the room were captured. He had an uneasy feeling about the man, who would later be discovered to be Fias Zhan.

Rhetoric of Glyph Priests

"Rise up! Rise up! Rise up! Save our lands from Darkness. As one we must fight and win."
―Part of the fanatical teachings of the Glyph Priests

Following his work investigating the escape of the Ognerate Emperor and Glyph Priests, Dante left Hatza’s Needle to find out how the Pacre Datship were so quickly gaining followers. He discovered the Glyph Priests were quickly moving about populated areas, using complex chanting and spiritual teachings to help influence the population of Antenora into rebellion. A high emphasis on the will of Hatza, as well as the evil of the Empire that controlled the planet was a common theme throughout their teachings.

Priority: Propoganda

"Make sure to frequently show this."
―Lucyeth to the Communications Manager of the Imperial News Net

As Scholae Palatinae’s forces quickly made their way planetside, Xen’Mordin tasked the members of the house to do all they could to squash any bad images of the Empire that might pop up while they quickly put this rebellion down. Controlling the image and public opinion of the Empire was half the battle at maintaining their control of the entire system. Any bad press could have long lasting consequences.

Lucyeth quickly took charge of the situation ensuring local meeting houses such as clubs and bars would put great effort into keeping the talk of the Empire positive. At the same time, he took horrifying images of torture, death, and screaming of the innocent, along with some carefully edited images of the Glyph Priests to be broadcast around the system. This harsh and shocking imagery worked wonders in turning the general population of the Cocytus System against the rebels on Antenora, while painting the Empire as heroes.

Defense against a Rebellion

"Take no chances, when they attack, have no mercy."
―Koryn Thraagus to the Dark Jedi of the House

The quickly gathered rebel forces made it clear they were going to strike out against several installations of other tribal leadership. These forces needed to be drawn out and kept busy so that a small strike team could target the leaders of the rebellion. Once again, Lucyeth came up with a quick and effect measure to quietly get Palatinaean forces in place and keep the rebels coming, while minimizing risk to loyal tribal members.

Defend the Base

"This is too easy."
―Elincia Rei

When the rebels finally did attack, they were met by the strong arm of the Scholae Palatinae Military. As usual, military forces were headed up by the Dark Jedi of the House. While understanding the importance of the situation, the Dark Jedi made a game of seeing who could kill the most rebels over the course of the battle. Many rebels were slain, but Elincia Rei managed to do more damage to the rebel forces than any of the other defending Dark Jedi. While she is a scientist, many now regard her as a researcher of death.

Assault against the Pacre Datship

"They are distracted, go in and remove the head of this rebellion."
―Xen’Mordin to the strike teams

Following Xen’Mordin’s conversation with Fias Zhan, two strike teams were assembled to remove both the Ognerate Emperor and the Glyph Priests, without the leaders of the rebellion, the rebel forces would dissipate.

Strike Team 1

In team one of the Looking Home Campaign consisted of Arthadonis Kalderis, Dr. Elincia Rei, Sith Warrior Flelm, Sith Sorcerer Lucyeth, and Brandon Tarsus. Their mission was to go to a rebel compound to the south, and either kill or capture Ognerate Emperor.

During the mission, Elincia, Arthadonis, and Flelm had a run in with three sentries, which they had no choice but to kill. Soon after, they had a run in with a giant tortoise. They lost the element of stealth after air support drove off the tortoise. Tarsus grabbed some explosives from Elincia, and used them as a landmine. He walked in the compound to distract the enemies, only for the giant tortoise to do just that. Tarsus then lead the enemies to an ambush, and a battle presumed. Elincia flanked around and was successful to kill the Emperor, and the mission was completed.

Strike Team 2

In the second team of the this assault were to attack a compound to the West. In this compound was the mad High Glyph Priest that they were to find. The team consisted of Shadow Nighthunter, Black Eagle, Evant Taelyan, Eetherbiail and Xantros.

During the mission, they attacked the compound in two teams. One team lead by Eether did a distraction through the more heavily guarded area. The second team, lead by Shadow, Eagle, Evant, and Xantros went over a wall where it wasn't as guarded. Shadow and one other sniper took positions. On team one, they were pinned down by enemy fire, so they called in fire support; which was 10 minutes away. They ended up overrun by the enemy forces, and had to withdraw, allowing the Glyph Priests time to escape into the wilderness.


"We will have to keep a closer eye on the tribes from now on."
―Koryn Thraagus

While several of the Glyph Priests were able to flee into the desert, the combination of the loss of the Ognerate Emperor and the harrowing defeats of rebel forces around the planet quickly led to the rebellion being stomped out. The military was able to mostly withdraw from the planet within several days. The overwhelming system support for the Empire against the Pacre Datship, left what surviving rebels there were to quickly and quietly hide.

The loyal tribes of the planet, such as the Hoka Dachu, were very grateful for the Empire’s assistance. Koryn, one of the key individuals in the initial unification of tribes on the planet under Empire control, ended up spending several days planetside working out some new laws and security measures for the planet.

Most upsetting to the summit of the House was the inability to find Fias Zhan. All attempts at locating him had failed. He had simply disappeared. His threat of wanting the throne was one that put the entire House on high alert. He was the system’s most wanted and the members of Scholae Palatinae knew for certain that they would be seeing him again.


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