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Exodus era.New Order era.
House Excidium
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Caperion System

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From House Scholae Palatinae


32 ABY


Mid-35 ABY

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Clan Scholae Palatinae

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House Excidium is one of two active Houses of Clan Scholae Palatinae, alongside House Imperium. Its members are generally considered wild cards of dubious character, some even outright criminal, but this is exactly what Excidium needs to watch over the Scholae Empire. The House ensures that the Empire is protected from internal and external threats that the Clan fleet either can’t see or can’t fight due to more delicate reasons, such as politics or public image. As a result, it is publicly disassociated from the Clan itself and its loyalties may appear to be less than dependable, but in reality its fealty is to the Scholae Empire above all else.


EXCIDIAC 2.5.png

"Arise Excidium with merciless hearts and cold steel!"
―Motto of House Excidium

Beginnings on Antenora

When Scholae Palatinae regained clan status in 32 ABY, its founding members formed two Houses of its own: the militaristic House Imperium and the radically unconventional House Excidium. Excidium was created to combat especially troublesome threats on missions too savage for a civilized state to be associated with while utilizing guile and unorthodox means to eliminate these threats.


Excidium’s first campaign took place with Entanglement, where they shined by helping the Clan acquire vital intelligence on an ancient threat discovered underground with Monstrosity: rebellions in the late Cocytus System were not yet destroyed. Despite the clan’s efforts to fight the rebels, they were not successful in preventing the summoning of ancient and dreaded monsters.

Red Fury Pirates

House Excidium joined an effort to hunt for treasure in a covert role by sending in unmarked and unassuming trade ships as bait. Fortunately, Red Fury pirates immediately jumped on them. House Excidium grabbed some treasure for Scholae, as agreed upon by both Clans, and then made its way back home to defend Ptolomea from monsters.


Emboldened by their successful trial of summoning the ancient Monstrosity, whom they called the ‘Old Gods’, a rebellion set about enacting a final ritual to fully awaken these ‘Old Gods’ for good. Excidium immediately left for Antenora, and assaulted the last remaining rebel stronghold: the Forgotten Temple. The vile monsters returned to their slumber, but the leader of the rebellion was able to successfully flee.


The rebellion enacted a dangerous ritual that sacrificed the remaining rebels, save its leader, to the ‘Old Gods’, and simultaneously turned them into seemingly undead, horrifying, half-fungal creatures that immediately headed to cause unrest in the heavily populated city of Ohmen. There was widespread destruction, but House Excidium had helped the Clan finally defeat the rebellion by completing a sleeping ritual.


In a surprising move, the Emperor told House Excidium that House Imperium, whom they had fought alongside for some time now, was plotting to destroy them. Excidium took the threat to heart and gathered its forces for an offensive.The ever-watchful House immediately struck back at their former allies. Despite their failure, House Excidium was spared from final destruction by the Emperor who then explained he had lied to both Houses on purpose. House Excidium swore to move forward from the defeat and give the Emperor another chance, but would be wary in the future.

Shattered Ties

Time mended old wounds for the House just in time for a sudden conflict with Clan Naga Sadow. Precious treasure was discovered on Mygeeto by the Red Fury pirates, treasure that both Clans agreed to acquire by wiping out the pirates for good. The deal was set, and the operation to expel the pirates from their stronghold was successful, but as the operation to recover the loot was underway Clan Naga Sadow got a rude awakening. Clan Scholae Palatinae wouldn’t share any of it. House Excidium was directed by the Emperor to acquire the treasure by any means necessary. House Excidium showed off its guile and independent fighting skills by helping to locate the precious artifacts, destroying any opposition, and jointly securing the cache of treasure for Clan Scholae Palatinae. It was eventually taken by the Grandmaster, but Excidium proved itself again as worthy of protecting the Empire’s interests.

Operation: Starfall

Following the success of their attack against Clan Naga Sadow, the members of Scholae Palatinae were enjoying the high of victory.The Emperor and Elincia Rei met to discuss how to best focus the clan’s energy into furthering their own goals. The Emperor decreed it was time to enact “Operation: Starfall” a plan that had been in the works for months. Excidium was sent to venture to the planet Aesirus, a planet rich in resources, on the far side of the Galaxy. Operation Starfall was live. Due to some earthquakes on the surface, members of Clan Scholae Palatinae found themselves contained within a Kyber crystal cave. Suddenly, an enormous holoprojection of the Emperor filled the air of the cave and identified as Darth Fallax, a Dark Lord of the Sith who had lived centuries prior. For months he had slowly taken control of Consul Xen’Mordin, and was now in complete control of his body. Before Fallax could detonate the final charges to collapse the roof of the cave, Xen’Mordin managed to regain control. He activated a handful of detonators, collapsing the tunnel system, preventing Fallax soldiers from storming the cave. He then fried the remaining detonators with a blast of force lightning. The members of Scholae Palatinae were left for dead inside.


Following the events of Operation Starfall, the members of Scholae Palatinae escaped the kyber crystal cave, and smuggled themselves back into the Cocytus system. The tide in the battle of Teyr turned as more of the military defected back to support the Palatinaeans. The New Dawn, Fallax’s soldiers, were eventually overrun. A planted charged crystal shot and drowned out Fallax in bright raw energy. Xen back in control of his own body, and Fallax with a fully restored body of his own. Combat between the Sith Lords ended with Fallax being impaled by Xen’s broken lightsaber. The members of Scholae Palatinae crowded around, and kept him alive long enough to kill him painfully. When they finished, Xen’Mordin had vanished. Xen’Mordin had been taken to a secret medical facility on Caina where members ultimately decided to leave his life support on, hoping he would find his way back through the Force.


House Excidium's latest excursion had been a success as they brought more of the system back under the Empire’s control. Quaestor Blade Ta'var had been absent through most of the Midnight campaign and had grown distant from even her closest of friends. In her alleged absence, Aedile Alara Deathbane had been appointed acting leader of the House. Upon reaching the Cocytus System, Excidiacs discovered a horrible sight: Judecca was burning. Not just a section or a small region—the entire planet burned. Pockets of erupting flame flickered and danced across its surface. Blade was gone, and it was revealed she was the one who worked with Pravus to destroy the Cocytus System. With the First Clan’s fleet in ruins and the last of the remaining Clans’ forces put in their places at long last, Pravus’ vision of his New Order was slowly coming into sharp focus. He was close to achieving everything that he wanted: Excidium’s fleet was destroyed, and members barely survived, though were unaware due to gathering in a transport ship in obedience to a false alarm their Consul called for.

Operation: Sleeping Dragon

It was time for Excidium, and ultimately Clan Scholae Palatinae, to find a new home. Members were sent out into all directions until the desolate Caperion System, far in the outer unknown region was discovered. Excidiacs chose the moon Ulress, orbiting planet Albicosus, as it’s home. Through Operation: Sleeping Dragon, under the newly Quaestor Braecen Kaeth and Aedile Alara Deathbane, Excidiacs began to prepare for the take over. Their first attempt failed which caused the House to lose even more resources. This loss lead to a mission to steal from Imperium. Despite their success in this mission, it was discovered that the latest Imperator Raiju was aware of their treachery and allowed them to steal what was Imperium’s. Once Excidium had what they came for, they marched towards Ulress. With the help of Xantros and Ric "Blade" Hunter, the Excidiac Summit successfully acquired Sinagra Villa in the market sector Ulr Uvi, and killed its crime lord along with some companions of his. Little did they know, this was only the beginning of their efforts in taking over the moon base.

Endgame (Mid 35 ABY)

In efforts to fight back, Battle Team Leader Shadow Nighthunter of Tacitus Athanasius agreed to join multiple agents from various clans to destroy the Grand Master's flagship shield generator. The group was successful in their attempts, but were betrayed by Naga Sadow and barely made it out of a band of Tie Fighters waiting for them in the shuttle bay. Meanwhile, the Lotus Resistance and other multiple clans of the Brotherhood began their strike against the Grand Master and his Dark Council. Clan Naga Sadow confirmed themselves to be true enemies of Scholae Palatinae by joining forces with Pravus and struck against Arcona's Flagship Invicta II. In attempts to save them, former Quaestor Braecen Kaeth hailed Consul Atyiru Caesura Entar over communications and allowed Dek Ironius III to give advice and aid to the Arconans. However, due to unexpected arrival of suicide bomber Quadrijet tugs, both clans were forced to flee; Clan Scholae Palatinae and the ISN Tarkin managed to escape safely despite sustaining major damage, but Arcona was not so lucky and was hit with too much detonation and lost their Consul in the process.

Twelfth Great Jedi War (Late 35 ABY)

The Collective were Scholae's enemy during the Twelfth Great Jedi War. Scholae suffered heavy losses fighting this powerful organisation that hates Force users of both sides and seeks their utter eradication, inspiring the entire Dark Brotherhood to units its forces against them. They have lent support to the Meraxis Empire in its fight against Scholae. During the war's Retribution, former Quaestor Braecen Kaeth fought on the Nancora Badlands and helped Excidium succeed until he came across a major stumblingblock: Blade Ta'var. It was then he realized that the newly-turned Jedi was the one who caused the whole battle to occur. Thus it began the feud between Aurora and Excidium that would last longer than either party anticipated. When the war finally ended], Consul Elincia Rei of Scholae Palatinae headed the clan into the direction of their new home, the Caperion System.

Battleteams & Cultures

"Each of us has his or her own goals and motivations. And all of us are in Excidium because we don't like the prim and proper way of Imperium. We're a deck of wildcards."
―Jorm Na'trej
Excidium is run with an independent mindset, eschewing the orderly traditions of a military structure for one based off of commerce. Members are free to do what they want, but if they wish to get paid they need to complete missions or help others complete their missions. This ensures that the House stays focused on prioritized objectives, as set by the Quaestor, and enables its members to enjoy the privilege of independence.

Personal responsibility is paramount in Excidium’s organization, but equally important is the fact that no member is an island. Not everyone is perfect at everything; therefore, open trading of skills amongst members is highly encouraged. In addition, some jobs require more than one person to complete, so teamwork is sometimes required.

Former Battleteams

Until early 37 ABY, Excidium fielded two Battleteams of rather specialized nature. They were dissolved after the battles for Merisian and the Kiera Run had blurred the lines between them to the point of nonexistence. Occasionally, their names get revived to designate temporary Task Forces in line with their namesakes' natures.

Battle Team Tacitus Athanasius' logo

Battle Team Tacitus Athanasius

This cabal was a sub-unit of House Excidium that turned murder into an art form. In the process, they impressed the Executor enough to grant them exclusive assignments in addition to those publicly available. These special assignments provided the Executor with a means of secrecy when warranted and utilized the team’s superior skills at assassination to deal with particularly dire threats to Excidium. In addition, this unit took the initiative to carry out what they call ‘Darkstrike Orders’, but only when there was concrete evidence of treason. It is unclear how they acquired such evidence, or even where the idea came from.

Battle Team Vindictae Immortalis

Vindictae Immortalis styled itself as the Battleteam for those that like to get the job done, no matter what it takes, and an expressed preference for events in the Clan's blind spots. Where Tacitus Athanasius had murder most foul from the deepest shadows firmly locked down, this Battle Team was not shy to operate in public. Members were fiercely protective of their own, their Executor, and the Clan, and served the Empire no matter what it may have cost them - taking some freedoms along the way. They provided an excellent mix between intellect, tenacity, street smarts, brawn, guile, and endurance and made for good spies, rangers, mercenaries, thieves, smugglers, and misfits alike, combining strengths into a near unstoppable force.

Battle Team Vindictae Immortalis' logo


Excidium views itself as the party-going (sometimes silent) guardians of the Scholae Empire, trading recognition for the freedom and independence to do what must be done. It has become the House’s belief that Excidium is needed as a crucial check to ensure that the leaders of the Empire do not ruin the Empire like they almost did in Midnight. In addition, the House takes pride in their privilege to neutralize any threats, regardless of their political position or location, that the Clan can’t otherwise directly smash into oblivion with its main fleet.

Unlike some other Houses, Excidium cares about fiscal responsibility, since they work outside the Clan’s supply chains. First, they have their own revenue streams through piracy. Second, the House searches for its own opportinities in addition to missions provided to them by the Clan. As a result, Excidium doesn’t relyi on the Clan for their livelihood.

Dark Jedi

What makes Jedi "dark" is not the robes they wear or the emotions they feel, it is their shunning of discipline and the view of the greater whole for the sake of doing what they think is right. Some are out for revenge, some think they do justice nobody else wants to do, some think they have no choice, and a myriad more. At their core, Dark Jedi care and cannot suffer to stay inactive when they see injustice done, rationalizing their actions later.

In Excidium, being a Dark Jedi is a peculiar situation, given that the House is openly criminal. Those who serve have arranged themselves with the situation, believing Excidium a necessary evil or a means to their end, a tool to be used and nothing more.

Dark Jedi are most fit to serve in rather independent roles, as scouts and diplomats, or in roles where emotional ties keep them loyal to the group.


Sith are a varied lot with one common denominator: they lust for power. The power they seek may vary from person to person, but in the end, that is what they seek.

Within Excidium, Sith find an environment which can teach them new tricks and schemes while providing opportunities to test them out and even establish an own power base, away from organized observation or any laws but those imposed by the people who prove to be their betters.

The Sith of Excidium are an invaluable asset to the House. Powerful in the Dark Side of the Force, and equipped with various talents and abilities, the Sith perform numerous roles. They can serve as great assassins, assist non-Force users in missions requiring Force talents, lead and strategize in battle, and serve as symbols of fear and destruction. These Sith serve their Quaestor out of loyalty, benefit, or straight blackmail, and will take on any challenge and threat for the sake of the House and their own hide. They are the dark hand of Excidium, ready to strike terror in those that oppose them and reap the spoils.


The need for mercenaries has never been more pressing than now. Since recent events have put the House in a huge bind, mercs are needed to bring back Excidium’s strength. Mercenaries excel at bringing in large amounts of money and resources. With good mercs, the house can raid anyone of supplies and money without the consequences of anyone tracing the raid back to Excidium. Politically, mercenaries are a tool that can be exploited for personal gain. If Excidium needs resources from other houses, mercs will gladly get them without loyalty and moral values getting in the way.

Pirates (Loyalists)

In Excidium, piracy is a new trade taken up by what others call Loyalists within the Pirate Order, though members may have personal experience. They either work directly on the flotilla or in Loyalist fashion from their own ships. Excidium’s primary goal concerning piracy is to establish a presence in the spaceborne element of crime and exploit it for intel and expendable manpower. The ulterior motive dictated by the Empress is to use the pirate forces to create opportunities for Scholae Palatinae to intervene and earn favor.

"Mad Scientists"

A broad term covering all those members who do not feel bound to the principles mentioned above. Some are actual scientists who spur ethics and oversight, others may be inclined towards shady endeavors of business or diplomacy. They all are welcome under Excidium's umbrella.

Excidiac Operations

Previous Dominion on Caina

When Excidium was founded, the young House surveyed the planets of the Cocytus Empire for privacy and defensibility, yet also for access to transportation and potential for ‘blending in.’ It found suitable habitations in Daemon on Caina, a largely subterranean city built into exhausted and repurposed mine shafts and caverns with one of the system’s largest spaceports on top. Years ago, local entrepreneurs had tried to build a holiday resort in one of the greatest caverns but failed due to low demand following the Empire’s arrival. With the arrival of Excidium, this project was completed in secret, isolated from the rest of the city, and loose ends tied up. Tacitus Athanasius’ Silent Citadel was built in the icy wastes, and was former Aedile Rosh Nyine’s private abode.

Current Dominion on Ulress

At the end of Operation: Sleeping Dragon, Excidium found itself successfully positioned in the fallen Crime Lord’s Sinagra Villa, directly in the heart of Ulr Uvi inside Albicosus’ moon named Ulress. This is a moon of treachery and thick history, completely hollowed out like a massive shell since its atmosphere is literally non-existent. Excidiacs continue to work diligently and persistently within Ulr Uvi to take over more territory, make camps where necessary, and rebuild their House and its resources.

Notable Landmarks

Sinagra Villa in Ulr Uvi Home of the late Gervasio Sinagra, one of the several influential Crime Lords reigning on Ulress, Excidiacs managed a successful take over of this location at the end of Operation: Sleeping Dragon. This villa was once guarded by Trandoshans who served Gervasio, but since is now patrolled by Excidiac assassins and mercenaries that protect the Excidiac base of operations while the Excidiac Summit moves forward in taking over Ulr Uvi in its entirety. It has a large open courtyard in its entrance that leads to a large staircased chamber, though its true treasures and important facilities remain further underground in stony passageways once utilized by fallen crime lords.

House Excidium Sub-Flotilla

  • Decimators: Vanguard Flight
    • Decimator 1: "Veritas"
    • Decimator 2: "Aequitas"
    • Decimator 3: "Fidelitas"
    • Decimator 4: "Vae Victis"
  • Lambdas: Talon Flight
    • Lambda 1: "Caliburnus"
    • Lambda 2: "Dorimad Sol"
    • Lambda 3: "Acclivis Draco"
    • Lambda 4: "Drynwyn's Flame"

Vindictae Immortalis' flotilla

Home Port

The Home Port of the Flotilla is above the planet of Seraph, in the Caperion System, though precautions against detection have to be made. The planet is considered to be the ‘home’ of House Excidium, and as such, can provide the best support for the fleet which serves the House. Major facilities are on the planet surface specifically for the fleet, such as supply depots, training stations, and recreational areas for the crew.

NPC's of Excidium

Name Race Gender Birth Year Origin Occupation
Devaronian Male Unknown Captain Captain of Excidium
Human Female Unknown Captain Captain of Dagger
Human Male Unknown Veteran & Sergeant Sergeant of Vae Victus
Mandalorian Female Unknown Mercenary Member of Clan Qar
Pantoran Female 16 ABY Director Member of Excidium

Alliances and Enemies


House Imperium

The sister House of Excidium, they are treated as allies, but cautiously so. Their blind dedication to the Emperor, and their reputation as tacticians for the Emperor’s military campaigns marks them as a potential threat. Their heart may be in the right place, but at the end of the day they do what they do best: follow orders. You never know when those orders might be pointed at Excidium again.


Clan Arcona

In a distant past, Clan Scholae Palatinae was forced to become a part of Clan Arcona. It led to strong opposition from members of Scholae Palatinae, who valued their independence. For a long time after reclaiming its independent status, Clan Scholae Palatinae displayed bitter and mutual hatred towards Clan Arcona. However, hostile feelings have faded out. Currently, relationships between the Clans are considered to be neutral with an unstable truce between the units, even though rivalry between the Clans tend to break out during large conflicts that involve multiple Clans of the Dark Jedi Brotherhood, even if they are allied against a common enemy. Members of House Excidium tend to view Clan Arcona as a threat to their agenda in general and while they prefer not to engage in direct war against the Shadow Clan, they will not hesitate to get rid of any member of Arcona, if they crossed their way. Recent events had Clan Scholae Palatinae, more specifically the Aedile of Imperium, aiding Arconans in fighting against Pravus’ fleet. However this mission failed and Clan Scholae Palatinae barely got away with their starship while Arcona’s flagship was destroyed, with evidence suggesting that the Consul was still aboard.


The Jedi Order

Due to contradicting philosophies and the fact that Clan Scholae Palatinae took part in invasion on New Tython, relationships between House Excidium and Clan Odan-Urr have been tense, near hate. However, after destruction of Cocytus System, the relationships between these two units have seen slight improvement. While they still are unable to consider each other friendly allies, they understand that they have a common enemy - the Grand Master. Strongly believing in unorthodox philosophy and methods, members of House Excidium are more open to cooperation with Clan Odan-Urr as long as it serves their goals - and always considering the Odanites as expendable.

Clan Naga Sadow

This clan is currently a cautious enemy, a result of the fallout from Shattered Ties. The bitter fight between Clan Scholae Palatinae and Clan Naga Sadow left a sour taste in House Excidium’s mouth, one that has yet to be properly forgotten. To add to the chaos, Marka Ragnos attacked Scholae's ISN Tarkin during Endgame. Otherwise if spotted, most Naga Sadow members will be attacked and looted.

Former Grand Master Pravus

House Excidium in general tries to avoid publicly aligning themselves with any political faction. After all, in most cases, politics can be bad for business. However, many among Excidium hold a sincere and fervent dislike for Darth Pravus. For a few it's even flared into an outright hatred of the Grand Master. The root of the hatred for Pravus comes largely from the Grand Master's decision to have the Cocytus System destroyed. The House, and the Clan as a whole, lost their home. That fact combined with the knowledge that many innocent lives were lost in the destruction of the system never sat well with the members of Excidium.

Blade Ta'var aka Aurora Ta'var

Former Quaestor of House Excidium, this Zeltron ended up betraying her Clan and House by aiding Grand Master Pravus in the destruction of the Cocytus System. Upon fleeing the scene, she ended up in the welcoming arms of Clan Odan Urr, and quickly became a Rollmaster there. Excidiacs hate Blade Ta'var with a passion, and will attack on sight should she make her appearance.

All other clans and members are neutral until proven otherwise.


Quaestor Aedile Battle Team Leader(s) Years of Service
Koryn Thraagus Lucyeth Vacant 32 ABY
Lucyeth Rosh Nyine Shadow Nighthunter 33 ABY
Blade Ta'var Vacant Shadow Nighthunter 34 ABY - 35 ABY
Braecen Kaeth Alara Deathbane Shadow Nighthunter 35 ABY - Mid 35 ABY
Alara Deathbane Rasilvenaira Kaeth StormRaven Shadow Nighthunter & Jorm "The Jester" Na'trej Mid 35 ABY - 36 ABY
Alara Deathbane Shadow Nighthunter Derek Cinn & Jorm "The Jester" Na'trej Early 36 ABY - Late 36 ABY
Alara Deathbane Jorm "The Jester" Na'trej Derek Cinn & Aylin Sajark Late 36 ABY - Present

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