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Darth Sidious as Dark Lord of the Sith


Commander Evant Taelyan



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Formed from:

13 ABY


As a battleteam in 33 ABY

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Dark Jedi Brotherhood Era

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This is the page on Battleteam Caliburnus, the history of the former House is kept for historical purposes at House Caliburnus.

Battleteam Caliburnus was an elite team operating within the Scholae Palatinae Intelligence Agency, Imperial Scholae Intelligence (ISI), based out of Ft. Lance on Ptolomea in the Cocytus System. One of House Scholae Palatinae's two active battleteams reorganized as part of the newly formed House from House Caliburnus when Clan Scholae Palatinae was declanned in 33 ABY.

The team was tasked by order of the Emperor and Quaestor of House Scholae Palatinae, with protection of Scholae Palatinae and the Cocytus System. To accomplish this task, the team was given access to any resources necessary including use of a squadron of TIE Defenders and top secret intelligence.

Led by Commander Evant Taelyan, members are hand selected by the House Scholae Palatinae Summit from the ranks of Dark Jedi within the House including several of the member's apprentices to directly aid in their development. While not members of the team itself, there were many pilots, specialists and administrators who also hand picked for employment by the House in direct full-time support of the team's activities.


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Originally formed as House Caliburnus, it operated as Battleteam Caliburnus.


Named for the ancient and mythical blade called Caliburnus. The powerful and strange weapon that inspired fear and awe in those who spoke of it. That same theme fitted a team well who was known for acts that could be considered both lethal and incredible. The history of the battleteam was hard to separate from the history of the legendary blade.


Normally stationed on Escort Carrier Monarch, the squadron of hyperspace capable TIE Defenders operating under the same name of Caliburnus spent considerable time in use by the team. Normally under command of the XO and a 13 pilot roster, when in use command fell directly under Evant Taelyan.

Former Members

  • Evant Taelyan
  • Valkas Tamalar Palpatine
  • Archangel
  • Rasilvenaira Kaishera Nal'Kethar
  • Draco Maligo
  • Varkain Athanas
  • Eetherbiail
  • Shadow Nighthunter
  • Cello
  • Brandon Tarsus
  • Spectre