Kor Vaal

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Kor Vaal
Biographical Information

Unknown Dorin

Date of Birth:


Physical Description

Kel Dor




1.7 m


69.8 kg





Personal Information
Lightsaber Color(s):

Light Blue

Lightsaber Form(s):

Niman Djem So

Chronology & Political Information
  • Slave
  • Scholar
  • Antiquarian
  • Fortune Teller

Dark Jedi Brotherhood Era





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"Do what I will shall be the whole of my law."
―Kor Vaal
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Character History

Pre Dark Brotherhood

Early Years

In which Kor is orphaned and buries his sadness in books... (In progress)

In Servitude, In Chains

Kor is captured and forced into servitude... (In progress)

Unheeded Whispers

Kor's Force abilities begin to manifest... (In progress)

Road to Power

Having begun to control his abilities Kor escapes his captors and begins a life of travelling. He makes his way as a fortune teller, antiquarian and con man. He goes to great lengths to seek out ancient artefacts and writings of the Sith, Jedi and many Force using cults and religions of the galaxy... (In progress)


Kor's captors catch up with him but he eliminates them. Finds cryptic details about the DB on the body of an unlucky bystander caught in the crossfire, and feels that destiny leads him to the Brotherhood... (In progress)

In the Dark Jedi Brotherhood

Magick, in Theory and Practice

Upon joining the Brotherhood Kor Vaal spent a great deal of time in the Shadow Academy, longer than most do before joining a Clan. He hungrily soaked up the superior and more complete knowledge housed within the academy, his fascination with the Sith Empire and philosophies of the various Force using cults throughout the galaxy growing into an all consuming obsession, his rituals becoming ever more complex, his Force abilities more powerful. Eventually, and with more than a little persuasion from the Shadow Academy staff, Kor Vaal departed to Judecca to join the ranks of Scholae Palatinae. Kor Vaal quickly acclimatised to life in House Scholae Palatinae, rapidly ascending through the Journeyman ranks and putting his knowledge and skills to good use. He was seen infrequently in social circles, spending a great deal of time in his own quarters researching ancient secrets and practicing esoteric rituals. Eager to put his knowledge to practical use and satiate his desire to release his rage, he requested to be placed in Battleteam Acclivis Draco. His first true test would come soon after.

The Art of War

Shortly after Kor Vaal joined Acclivis Draco, Fias Zhan, the mastermind behind the Antenora Rebellion, turned his attention to the world of Caina. The forces of House Scholae Palatinae mobilized to take the world back from Zhan's dark Jedi and the civilian uprisings they had instigated. Although he was no stranger to combat, this was Kor Vaal's first taste of real warfare, of great warships and vast armies, and he became enthralled by the experience. For the first time in his life he began to feel part of something greater. The sight of the armed forces of the house willing and eager to carry out the commands of their dark Jedi masters ignited within him the desire to command. His new found enthusiasm saw him highly decorated in the war (a surprise to all, including himself) and in the aftermath of the Cainian Strikes he began to study the finer points of leadership, determined that one day he would be in command of great ships and legions of men eager to carry out his will, earning himself the position of Battleteam Sergeant in Acclivis Draco. Unfortunately for Kor it was at this time he had a vision which shook him to his core; his own death. He foresaw himself standing before the Grand Masters Iron Throne, the seat empty, when the crimson blade of a lightsaber burst through his chest. Kor's somewhat fragile sanity started to crack as his mind tried to process the vision, and without warning he took his belongings and departed suddenly, keeping his vision and his destination secret to all.

There and Back Again

Kor returns to the Brotherhood, believing the circumstances of his vision to be unavailable but that the outcome can be changed, and though it may seem he is rushing headlong to meet his fate he knows that nowhere but the Brotherhood will he be able to gain the power he needs. He is determined to see more of his vision, the circumstances leading to it and the identity of his murderer. His obsession with ancient lore has not dwindled, and he firmly believes the means to his salvation (greater foresight to change his fate or, preferably, immortality) are spread between the teachings of the old masters.



Kor Vaal's slight frame and gaunt appearance have led many to believe him physically weak, when in fact his frame is almost entirely composed of whipcord musculature giving him a strength and power not at first thought possible. His skin is a dusky red in color, and like all Kel Dor he has large extrasensory organs which frame his head and culminate in a pair of black tusks below his chin. Due to the unique conditions of his species home planet Dorin Kor Vaal must always wear a breathing mask and eye protection, which are made of a shiny black metal. His is rarely seen without a hooded cloak or black cowl. Most of the left side of Kor Vaal's body and head are covered in a mass of scar tissue. At first glance these scars look like the result of a horrific accident or a mad butcher, but they are in fact a large number of individual scars in the shape of various runes and sigils from a myriad different cultures and beliefs which Kor Vaal has carved into his skin over the years during some of his stranger rituals.

Personality and Beliefs

He is a follower of the theory of the Unifying Force, and believes that all deity's, religions, magickal practices and philosophies stem from the same single point, that they are at once true and untrue. To this end he obsessively pours through ancient manuscripts, practices occult rituals and prays to various deity's and ancient Sith lords and Jedi Masters in an attempt to reconcile these various systems within the Unifying Force theory and discover the power in each. This research has given him a good grounding in the fields of history, philosophy and ancient artifacts. He has also extensively studied and practiced a verity of lightsaber combat forms, believing it to truly be the pinnacle of combat in the galaxy.

The vision of his own death has, unsurprisingly, had a profound effect on Kor's personality. While still mostly as arrogant and selfish as ever, he has found a great deal of the rage that once almost consumed him begin to subside, replaced with a grim resolve and determination to cheat his fate. In combat he is cocksure, believeing that whatever situation he finds himself in he won't meet his end until he stands before the Iron Throne. This is not to say he recklessly throws himself in to danger, as he still feels pain as all beings do, and is always conscious that any injuries could make him less effective at dealing with his unknown 'would be' murderer (and, though he'd never admit it, there is still a small part of him that worries his vision might be wrong).

Kor has had some basic training in piloting starships. Unfortunately he is still a terrible pilot, and is reliant on others to ferry him from planet to planet.


Divination is one of Kor Vaal's most studied subjects, and he uses a variety of methods to amplify his powers of foresight through the Force. His main method is by using a Sabacc deck, laying the cards out in a certain sequence and reading future events depending on what cards are in a certain position. This is his preferred and most accurate method, however he also makes use of small stones carved with Sith runes, the bones of small animals and even mists like those used by the Findsmen of Gand.

Between Kor's Farsight and his powers of Precognition he can sometimes build up a fairly clear picture of immediate future events, or be able to work out subtle changes that can alter an outcome in his favour. Many have questioned Kor's abilities, and some have accused him of simply being a superstitious mad man who spouts random thoughts as prophecy. Whether they are right or not remains to be seen, but Kor utterly believes in his abilities, and mostly believes in his sanity.

Weapons and Combat Style

Kor prides himself on being a studied and practiced saberist, and focuses on the styles of Niman and Djem So. He will often use Niman as a means to learn his opponent, relying on the Force and his knowledge of lightsaber forms to keep him safe. Once he is confident he has figured out his adversaries fighting style and identified their weakest point he will switch to Djem So, enhancing his abilities with the Force where necessary to batter through where his opponent is weakest.

Kor counts his telekenises as his second weapon, and has become quite proficient at pushing and pulling his opponents and their surroundings to unbalance them. His abilities to terrify his opponents and create invisible barriers are usually his next go to abilities.

Without his lightsaber or Force abilities, Kor would have to rely on his very basic abilities with Teras Kasi, though he learned this purely as a back up should he have no other options. He refuses to use blasters, believing they are beneath him and a weapon only used by those unable to master a lightsaber.


Spent many years in the DB in Arcona under the names Karan Callidus Entar and Valnir Kayvaan Tiberian.