Reclamation of Judecca

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Exodus era.

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Reclamation of Judecca
Date: 21 ABY
Location: Cocytus System
Outcome: Scholae Palatinae wins, force-devoid aliens leave system or assimilate into the Cocytus System

Clan Scholae Palatinae

Force-Devoid aliens


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Reclamation of Judecca
Date: 21 ABY
Location: Cocytus System
Outcome: # House Acclivis Draco
  1. House Caliburnus
  2. House Dorimad Sol

Acclivis Draco


Dorimad Sol

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The Reclamation of Judecca was a Scholae Palatinae event that reclaimed the Cocytus System back from the aliens who had taken over during the Incursion. Proconsul Phoenix Olkyssagh Palpatine proclaimed himself as Consul, and Emperor of the System near the start of the war since he easily recognized the early signs of insanity that Braecen Kaeth was showing. Lucien was named as his Proconsul, with the reopening of Dorimad Sol and the appointment of new leaders throughout the Clan, although Acclivis Draco's Summit was not touched. Over the course of several days, Scholae Palatinae gradually retook the system, and reclaimed Antenora, Caina, Judecca and Ptolomea.


Gathering the Dead

The conquest of the Cocytus System had resulted in the deaths, and disappearances, of many members, including Niemand 'Duda' Machweg, and the Knight Class Envoy, Zeron. As the order from the Grand Master for a general retreat was received aboard the Excidium from the Consul, Braecen, before he announced that the Clan would be pushed to their limits as they would reclaim the System that was theirs. The amusement in the tone of voice of the Krath to The High Admiral issuing orders to attack both alien fleets, at this point Phoenix recognized the insanity in the Consul and decided to take over the Clan. Upon Phoenix's announcement to Scholae Palatinae, he also reopened Dorimad Sol with Koskian 'Psyko' d'Tana as Quaestor.

Despite Braecen's removal from Consul, between him, Thran and Natth a'Niel, the preparations of Scholae Palatinae's forces began aboard the Excidium, as the ship neared the system. The plan marked Operation Thunder Foot included pulling the majority of the fleet past the first alien vessel before setting off for the second fleet. There were two platoons under Braecen's command that boarded the world ships, placing warheads that were then linked to a dead man's switch.

Two of the three Battleteams of Caliburnus, Souls of Darkness and Nightmare Brigade, had been called to assist their recently appointed Quaestor, Rasilvenaira StormRaven, in an attack on Dynasty Station, in order to reclaim it for House Caliburnus. Despite the alien's loathing of technology, they had seemingly managed to take note of the strategic importance of the Space Station.

Rescue at the Shrine

A small team of Dark Jedi went on a hunt to find three unnamed members who had been captured, and were being held, at the Shrine on Judecca. The Shrine had reportedly been cleansed according to alien standards, as fauna and flora that had never been seen before in the galaxy now roamed free around the Shrine, and pockets of aliens were said to be stranded on the planet. The reports from the three unnamed members, suddenly stopped after a few days of reporting difficulties, at which point orders were issued by the Grand Marshall that the members were to be brought back, and the Shrine secured.

After three kilometers of nothing being found, the team were found by four alien warriors, forcing them into battle, with the victory of the Palatinaes as the outcome, though the final alien was killed by Daniel Stephens's lightsaber in an attack to the groin in a stroke of luck. On the last leg of the mission, signs became more and more overt about the alien inhabitation due to appearances of a recent battle, some of the most obvious things being laser scores on the ground, razor bugs in trees, and the final thing that caught the group's attention was a large pool of greenish-black blood.

Upon approach to the Shrine, the three missing members were spied upon tied to a tree, with three aliens guarding them, and each taking their turn in beating the Jedi. The appearance of the situation was that the captured Dark Jedi had taken out a few aliens before their capture. The aliens were shot from the trees, all three instantly dying at the base of the tree as the members were released from the tree and watered and fed before being returned to base.

Dynasty Station

Attack on Dynasty Station

One part of Operation Dragon Claw. The attack was at first set to be on the moon of Alberigo Outpost, though this was changed shortly before the attack was to commence to the Dynasty Station, upon review that it would provide a more strategic placing for CSP. Carried out on the Quaestor's orders, Souls of Darkness and Nightmare Brigade went in for an attack on the station assisted by the 4th Legion. The TIE/DS and assault ships lead the fighters to the Space Station while the Quaestor and Aedile stayed back on the Valkyrie, and waited until the reports came through that it was clear to land.

After several hours of battle, one of the ports were cleared for the landing of the Valkyrie. Upon unloading with extra support, the last few pockets of alien combatants on the Space Station were wiped out within a few days and Dynasty was secured back into Caliburnus's hands.

The Valley of Silence

Another part of Operation Dragon Claw. The Valley of Silence protects the House from a full Frontal round attack, and held several gun emplacements with the idea that it would stop it from falling into enemy hands. However, the aliens had taken hold of these gun emplacements. Using 4 companies that were named Alpha Coy, under Adam Anderson, Bravo, under Timbal, Charlie, under Impetus and Delta under Natth a'Niel, the aliens were attacked once all companies were in place.

The attack however, was of no surprise to the aliens, especially since the companies were all in view. The aliens had also learned of the way that the Dark Jedi fought, thus making it to achieve the two objectives made it harder on those fighting. Once the aliens had been pushed into the center of a horseshoe in the valley, the order to set off air-blasts was given. Many of the Dark Jedi that were amongst the command troops had dropped further and further back away from the main fighting, and were heading back towards the command station when it was detonated. Many members were lost when the ground gave way.

Alien Terraforming

The Sanyassan Race, which were considered to be transformed in that another race had been conquered and converted by the aliens, had been attacked at the Shrine and defeated. On the shuttle to the Base, the plans were explained for the next attack on the Alien Terraforming Station after regrouping with the 9th Legion, 303 Infantry Division.

At first, a section of the team in a group of four that were sent out only encountered one alien, which soon grew to four, as their fight attracted the unwanted attention of these Humanoids. As soon as another group came to their aid, the four aliens fell swiftly, leaving the path clear to enter the Terraforming Station.

From the center outwards, the path was direct to take the Station, though it was frequently interrupted by fights with the aliens. Once they had retaken the Station, and released the few prisoners that they had found, and saw the effects of the start of the alien forming process that was being inflicted by the aliens. The team of sixteen had been worn down to eleven, and the Station was now under control.

The Abandoned Temple

Braecen lead a group, Delta to the abandoned temple under the order of Natth a'Niel and Thran Occasus, that the aliens had set themselves up inside there, in a hope to unlock the secrets held inside to use for their own gain. On the way, the ship followed a space battle and destroyed two of the ships in a bomb raid; however this cost around 70 men of the 120 strong group.

Once landing on Ohmen, the group soon came in contact with the aliens. While fighting, an alien warrior charged with his aim for the Krath who appeared to have no idea about it, Fenix shot the alien down in three blaster shots. As soon as the conflict was finished, Braecen delved into the Temple and sort out a familiar Force user that he had sensed while fighting.

Once the Pontifex had located the user, he was faced with a prone form of Arania Lawakiro Palpatine, who had disappeared at the end of the Sixth Great Jedi War. The Dark Jedi Master had been altered by an alien Shaper, and Braecen brought Arania back onto the ship to return with to Phoenix.

Ptolomea, where the Blood Forest is located

Cleansing the Blood Forest

The small and selected team of Dark Jedi that composed of the Souls of Darkness, with Rayne Victae, Yzarc Rellik Kaeth and Yeldarb Vohokou, their mission that had been laid out in front of them by the Quaestor was to capture a shaper, while ensuring the aliens did not get past the Blood Forest.

As night fell and the team of twelve had split into two groups, each waiting to enter the alien base, and armed with the plan of one group to distract as the other planted charges and captured the alien Shaper. There were around a dozen warriors at the base, which spotted one group sooner then expected and a sudden battle broke out.

Once the battle was over, Malaki was left to cover the entrance in a sniper position, as the Aedile left to fetch the transport, and the remained of the group entered the compound. Three members were then instructed to obliterate the place, as the others departed in search of the Shaper.

Though capturing the Shaper resulted in injuries across the quartet that had gone in search of him, they overpowered him and dragged him out of the compound.

The Temple of Rakata

The aliens had infiltrated the Temple, where many of Acclivis Draco's house artifacts were stored. There is also a source of great power located in the area which is of great importance to the House. Quickly unloading from the ships, the Dark Jedi and the forces soon broke into the temple through two of the entrances. The Shamed ones and Chazrachs were soon slaughtered due to lack of armor, and lack of warning that they had received. The first group of warriors did not fare any better against the Forces, as the Acclivis Draco members knew the corridors and terrain of the temple much better than their assailants.

Once they had entered into the Main Chamber, the Warriors took longer to kill then the previous group, but the Forces soon overpowered the aliens as the floor became slippy with black blood. Once the aliens were defeated there, the small group of Dark Jedi gathered on a keystone in the center, before Cuchulain tapped into the center, and the keystone sunk into the vault below the Main Chamber. It was thought that the aliens had forced their way in due to the reaction of the Pontifex.

No force-devoid aliens were found until the Jedi entered the Burial Chamber. Around twenty warriors surrounded two sarcophagi, and a female alien Shaper. A vicious onslaught occurred, taking out all but two of the alien, and three of the Dark Jedi. The amphistaff of the Shaper took out another Jedi, leaving the Quaestor and Aedile to fight her. A skirmish between RevengeX and the Shaper ensued, which ended in Cooch pulling a tentacle that was attached to the nerves and hitting her across the back of the head with his Hurley Stick.


The Alien Base on Caina

Forces from the House of the Rising Sun were soon able to locate the leader of the alien forces on Caina. The Shaper had plans of using the vast minerals and almost limitless supply of water on Caina to create a new fleet capable of conquering the Republic and Brotherhood alike. While fierce battles raged on between the dwindling forces of the renewed house and the aliens, Quaestor Koskian d'Tana recruited a single Dark Knight who had already proven himself against the invaders many times.

It was with the help of Prajna Berkana that the two infiltrated the Shaper's base, under the cover of fog created by melting ice. Once inside, the Obelisks surprised many alien Warriors with Force-enhanced speed and stealth. Finally they confronted the Shaper and several body guards. As Koskian was wounded, Prajna was empowered by loyalty and fear, destroying the remaining troopers near by and capturing the alien leader.

Upon returning to the base, integration of the Shaper occurred, though the alien refused to co-operate and insisted on speaking to the Grand Master. The Dark Jedi Knight persisted with threats of death that did nothing to help, since it would only honor their gods. The Shaper was soon transported to where the Consul wanted him.

Et tu Brutus

The clan was preparing for the impending attack from the aliens, with the Jedi being prepared should the fighters fail on their attack. The Forces were gathered around the comlinks as news came through on the fighter's attack, though most of the fighters were lost, only one of the four alien ships survived.

Once on Brutus, the aliens raged forward, knowing that it would be honourable to die in battle for their gods. The combat was heavy on the Forces, as the floor became thick with different colors of blood from those who had fallen. Once the aliens had all been slain, only a few members of Scholae Palatinae remained, looking dazed before making their way back through the oozing mess of bodies.

Search and Destroy

Commander Ail'en Sommetra was in charge of the ship, when the order was given by Braecen to chase the remains of the alien ships. Though she had shared her concerns with the condition of the Excidium to Braecen and Natth a'Niel, though both had dismissed her and told her to do the best that she was able to. The insanity of the former Consul meant the fleet was following the aliens with reckless abandon. The order was given to deploy fighters when enemy ships were found coming in, the Ogmio's Whip was weakened by it. The alien ships that had gotten past Thran's fighter attack ships, headed for the Excidium. The Victory was destroyed shortly before the Will arrived, which looked half-wrecked. Once all the fighters had docked, the fleet leapt into hyper drive to avoid further attack and destruction.

Upon arrival back into the Clan Space, assistance from the Predator, Hammer and Valkyrie was requested. However, the alien ships had followed the remaindered of the fleet back. The Valkyrie and Hammer turned on the alien fleet, as the Predator enclosed on the gathering. Within minutes, the Valkyrie was destroyed through a snap to the spine, and shortly afterwards the Hammer was also gone, with the Predator severely weakened. As the escape pods were deployed from both the Predator and the Excidium, the alien fleets moved in closer, and aimed for their targets, taking both the ships out.


House Standings

  1. Acclivis Draco: 1289 points
  2. Caliburnus: 1279 points
  3. Dorimad Sol: 1193 points


Named the First, Second, and Third Redeemers of the Cocytus System, respectively, these three individuals were the spearheads in driving the force-devoid aliens away from the System.

  1. Braecen Kaeth (HDS): 244 points
  2. RevengeX Palpatine (HAD): 214 points
  3. Prajna Berkana (HDS): 202 points

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