Judecca Abyssal

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The Abyssal
General information

Deep Sea Creature

Planet of origin:


Physical characteristics
Average height:

330 ft (100 m)

Skin Color:


Eye Color:


  • Many Tentacles
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The Abyssal of Judecca is one of the powerful monsters left behind in the Cocytus System by the Infinite Empire. A massive deep sea monster, with strong arms and many tentacles, it was awoken by Pacre Datship leader, Emperor Vanis, in 39 ABY. Following its return to hibernation, Imperial Scientists began to analyse the data they gathered on the abyssal. It was given the scientific name of Lexiconia Abyssi, named after the fierce Lexiconus Qor for his incredible efforts during the Monstrosity event.


Sometime around 30,000 BBY, at the height of the Infinite Empire, many of their best scientists took up residence within the Cocytus System, turning it into a multi-planet laboratory to study the mysteries of life itself.

On the planet of Judecca, the scientists of the Infinite Empire researched methods to help pacify their massive slave population. Here they took a different approach than seen elsewhere in the galaxy, turning to the basic animal instincts to influence their slaves. Centuries of experimentation resulted in a monster so horrific, it was sent to rest in the deepest parts of the planet’s oceans.

It dissolved into a fine mist that retreated rapidly to the planet's oceans following the reversal of the awakening ritual.

Description and Abilities

The Abyssal of Judecca is the largest of the great monsters in the system in terms of raw size. While it has slumbered for thousands of years in the crushing depths of the ocean, it is incredibly strong and surprisingly agile on the dry land. While it has no issue destroying buildings with its huge claws, its giant tentacles from it’s back operate as extra limbs capable of grabbing and crushing things as well. From the tentacles on its face, obstructing where it’s mouth is, comes a steady drip of toxic red liquid.

The Abyssal emits a slow, low pulsing noise, that causes any sentients around it to go mad, either in fear or in murderous rage.