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New Order era.
Conflict: Appearance of the Evanescent attempting to awaken the Old Gods.
Date: 33 ABY
Location: Cocytus System
  • Lord Onasi
  • The Evanescent


Evanescent Forces



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Entanglement was a Scholae Palatinae campaign that took place in 33 ABY as the first act to the Forgotten Storyline. The Evanescent, a group headed by Lord Onasi, seek to rain havoc against the the Empire. Backed by the self-titled Emperor Vanis, the one of the surviving Glyph Priests from the Antenora Rebellion, the Evanescent seek to use the history of the Cocytus system to their advantage, by awakening the Old Gods, remnants from the time of the Infinite Empire.


The Rakata headed the first Galaxy spanning Empire

"Awaken the Old Gods, so they can pass judgement on this system and all who have come to inhabit it."
―Lord Onasi addressing the Evanescent

Thousands of years ago, during the height of the Infinite Empire, the Rakata discovered the Cocytus System. Colonizing the system with advance technology, resource extraction, and scientific research, they laid the foundation upon which the indigenous species would build.

Scholae Palatinae, understanding the importance of the Infinite Empire artifacts, has the Cocytus Historical Society research and study the history of the system. Led by famous archaeologist Polis Jones, the society discovered the Rakata left behind more than believed.

The Evanescent hoping to bring the downfall of Scholae Palatinae’s control of the system has been orchestrating rituals throughout the system in an attempt to awaken the Old Gods, the Rakata and the monstrosities they created and left sleeping in the ruins of their Empire. Made aware of their existence the Emperor, Xen’Mordin Vismorsus orders the clan eliminate the threat. In a series of orchestrated parties and meetings, the members of Scholae Palatinae set out to gather intelligence on the Old Gods, and disrupt the the Evanescent by any means possible.

The Operations

"By this time tomorrow we should be knocking at the doors of their leaders and sipping whiskey."
―Evant as the information gathering began

With a sure plan, and years of experience behind their efforts, the members of Scholae Palatinae, hit operations on all the core planets of the Cocytus System.

Glory to the Old Gods

The early stages of intelligence gathering involved Kell Palpatine Dante and Xen’Mordin Vismorsus travelled to the Forgotten Temple on Antenora to ascertain for themselves the exact nature of this threat. There they found an ancient text detailing the deep connection between the Old Gods and the very elements that made up the Cocytus System.

Skies above overflow with prayers from below Upward go our askance to the six Answers we await with patience for the flow Of abundant blessings towards our mix.

To the lord who rules the sky Control of the weather and the winds We ask for fair winds to fly Crops straight instead of with bends.

From the dirt another lord arises Fields and animals all abound Over everything all shapes and sizes Of all that is found and un-found.

Flowing around the planet and in the air Covering the oceans and the lakes Without this liquid we would not well fare Keep it safe for all our sakes

Yellow and extremely bright In the darkness of space was found Without which ever a light Would have graced the ground

The Lords that rule over all Trouble has founds its way here Please hear our call With you all we have none to fear.

Gathering Forces

Now knowing there was a real threat to be dealt with, Reiden and Koryn Thraagus were sent out to do the initial reconnaissance. Recovering information on a dozen Evanescent and Pacre Datship Lieutenants and a handful of warehouses of stored goods, it was this intel that led to the simultaneous strikes throughout the system.

It’s all Fun and Games

Venturing to a fundraising event in the Wachati Hunting Lodge on Judecca, Mayda Ferium, Athrun Zala, and Delak Krennel, hoped to make contact with several influential members of the Evanescence to pump for information. Taking multiple entrances, both as hired help for the fund raise, and as esteemed guests, they worked their way around the lodge looking for information. Through a large set of distractions by Delak and Mayda, Athrun was able to enter one of the lodge’s offices and capture several clear images of a hologram showing an ancient relic, one that was to be used to awaken the Old Gods.

Logo for the Historical Society, founded by order of Xen’Mordin

While most of the Clan was infiltrating the Evanescent and Pacre Datship, Chrome and Zagro went to accompany Polis Jones, and his assistant Karen, in venturing into a thought to be unexplored tomb on the planet of Caina. They hoped to uncover information as to what was left locked behind by the Infinite Empire scientists. What they discovered however, was that the entire tomb had been gutted by Evanescent forces. The frozen foundation and structural supports of the tomb did seem to indicate many heavy objects had been removed.

On Ptolomea, Landon Cruise and Anahorn Dempsey ventured into the jungle based on previously gathered intel. Hoping to find the location of the main ritual chamber, they instead came across a hidden barracks full of Pacre Datship loyalists. They carved their way through the loyalists, and set up security spikes to data mine the base’s computer systems. With all the available data copied, they left the base barren and lifeless.

So Much Being Underground

Believing to have found the main ritual site on Ptolomea, Kell Palpatine Dante and Lucyeth led several squads of elite commandos to the site. Not taking any prisoners they pinned the Evanescent forces in the back corner of of the ritual cave. Several calculated shoulder-mounted missile shots later, they left the bodies of the dead buried in rubble. They returned with a handful of artifacts and relics, to hand over to the Cocytus Historical Society for study.


"There’s a darkness tainting everything here, I’ve felt it. Whatever transpired today underground has created a disturbance in the Force"
―Xen’Mordin following the events on Ptolomea

Distracted by the spread of Evanescent forces throughout the Cocytus System, the proud member of Scholae Palatinae thought themselves the victor. Individuals were detained and tortured for information, relics on the Old Gods were recovered and for a time, the Palatinaeans celebrated their apparent victory.

But deep in the ruins found on the northern island of Tetralibros, the Evanescent forces accomplished the first phase of their plan. From the bowels of the planet, monstrosities poured forth to wreak havoc upon the population of the planet. Kell Palpatine Dante, field marshall was in the city of Tetoulichican when the first monsters appeared out of the jungle. His quick actions in utilizing the men he had with him, and the layout of the city itself, saved it from being overrun.

With planet wide chaos on Ptolomea, all military personnel not already on the planet were sent to defend the population, and were left hoping to not be overrun by ancient creatures that seemed to come straight from their worst nightmares.


Overall winners of Forgotten - Entanglement:

Entanglement - Glory to the Old Gods - First Place – Kell Palpatine Dante

Entanglement - It’s all fun and games - First Place – Athrun Zala, Mayda Ferium, Delak Krennel

Entanglement - Cocytus Historical Society Logo - First Place – Chrome

Entanglement - Paid in Blood - First Place – Athrun Zala

Entanglement - Gathering Forces - First Place – Reiden Karr

Entanglement - Cocytus System Research - First Place – Chrome

Entanglement - Clan Scholae Palatinae Research - First Place – Mayda Ferium

Entanglement - So much being underground - First Place – Kell Palpatine Dante

Team House Summits RO Team Shikaka RO

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