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Elincia Rei
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Date of Birth:

0 ABY (age 37)

Date of Death:

25 ABY (Body never found)

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1m 70


45 kg



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  • Professor of Applied Mathematics
  • Assassin

Grand Vizier of Clan Scholae Palatinae


Scholae Palatinae

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"Mine is the greatest story to never be told. I am history's ghostwriter."
―Impetus M'Nar

Krath Augur Impetus M'Nar was a long term member of Clan Scholae Palatinae, now known as the Lost Daughter of Palpatine. A native to the homeworld of Judecca, she was renowned for her beauty as much as her skill in martial combat, feared as a crafty assassin and lightning-fast duellist alike, the mother of the special forces. During her time in Scholae Palatinae, Impetus was a master conspirator and pulled the strings from the shadows, most notable publicly for founding Imperial Scholae Intelligence and her open relationship with Eludajae M'Nar, she served many different roles across the brotherhood until her apparent death in the Brightlands of Ryloth. Her most influential actions will never be associated with her name, as she was the mysterious conspirator that formulated and executed a 10 year plan to ensure Xen'Mordin's successful rise to power as Emperor of the Cocytus System

Impetus has returned to the brotherhood seeking to avoid the cutthroat politics and power games of the Dark Jedi and advance more traditional scholarly pursuits. Through an intricate layered illusion she has disguised herself as a togruta scientist, going by the name Dr. Elincia Rei and establishing herself as a legitimate expert in bioweapons. While not all believe Impetus is truly dead, none suspect the true identity of Dr. Rei. She currently leads a bioweapons research group and has also been called into the field as a scientific advisor to the Dark Jedi. After a series of successful assassinations, many regard her as a researcher of death, is the lead scientist of Scholae Palatinae, and the most dangerous non-force user in the clan. She currently plays a dual role as Grand Vizier alongside her scientific duties to support her closest ally, Xen'Mordin.

Character History

Early Years

Outcast among Outcasts

The era that preceded the arrival of Clan Scholae Palatinae was an uncivilised, violent, turbulent time across Judecca. Warlords waxed and waned, gods rose and fell, technology was scarce and only the fittest survived.

The city of Ohmen was afforded natural protection from the chaos outside, the city was surrounded by mountain ranges, a difficult target on the planet of Judecca where vehicles capable of flight were accessible only to the privileged. The main threat Ohmen faced was from within, scoundrels, lowlives, thieves, and murderers. Technology was at a level some would refer to as the dark ages, however, over the millennia many lost travellers had left their mark on the planet.

The 'la family were descendants from a twi'lek refugee ship that had become stranded on the the planet centuries prior. Despite living in the city for many generations, the twi'lek family were still seen as outcasts by the Sephi of Ohmen and paid fair less than the natives for their work. Zentru'la was a blacksmith, earning a living for crafting bladed weapons for Ohmen's warriors, while his wife, Fernal'la, was a nurse, but even through both of their earnings, their four children were underfed and malnourished.

In 0 ABY, the fifth child of an already starving family was born: Tonal'la. Her mother was weak from years of near-starvation, and did not survive the birth. From the day she was born, Tonal'la had burdened her family with an extra mouth to feed and was blamed for killing her mother. She grew up despised by her family, even as a baby, she was severely underfed, the extra unwanted child that destroyed the family, the outcast in a family of outcasts.

Tonla'la, at 9 years old, by Juda

Raised on the Streets

Tonal'la was afforded no education, but was intelligent enough to understand her position from a very early age. She realised that her family were insufficient to support her. She also knew she was more intelligent than them; when her brothers started to bully her, she always found ways to hide, or ways to secretly get back at them later.

At the age of four she began to turn to exploiting the people of Ohmen to for the failings of her own family to support her. Zentru'la ignored his youngest daughter on an almost permanent basis, not even aware of where she was most of the time. Since she learned to talk, during those times she was usually on the street. She learned to survive by using her innocent cuteness to guilt the Ohmen citizens into giving her food and money. She began to develop a knack for convincing people to do what she wanted them to do.

She kept her activities and her spoils hidden from her family, sharing none of it. They paid such little attention to her they failed to realise she was growing up healthier than any of them had done in their youths.

As she grew older Tonal'la grew more famous among the people of Judecca, known as the adorable, intelligent and polite girl from the horrible family. They were mostly right. She spent a lot of time talking to people, making friends from both the native and immigrated species alike, and before long. With age came experience and understanding of her place in the city, and from the age of eight she began make connections between people. It wasn't long before she became a valuable asset.

The Girl with a Thousand Eyes

Ohmen's ruling warlord, Khael, began to grow suspicious of rumours of a usurper. Having rose to power through an armed rebellion, he knew as well as anyone else what a precarious position it was at the top. Ruling from the mountains of Ohmen, his enforcers were feared by the population. No-one opened up to them honestly. He needed inside knowledge about this so called rebellion, and someone capable of obtaining it, someone that no-one would expect. He chose the eight year old Tonal'la.

She accepted the deal, in return for more food and money than her family could make in a month, and importantly to her, a good education. That day would be the last day she spoke to her family for many years, as she would spend every day either spying for Khael or at the stronghold. She learned the basics of language, mathematics and science alongside specialist training in manipulation and stealth.

After two years, Tonal'la, now ten, had stopped the rebellion in its tracks by leaking information to Khael in secret. As planned, no-one suspected that the ten year old outcast girl had attained such influence within the city. From there she began to perform services for other powerful families, and began to learn how she can learn secrets and use them as leverage to get what she wanted. She performed her first assassination when she was twelve by poisoning the bread at a banquet after infiltrating the kitchen disguised as a starving child. She knew all of the secrets worth knowing, and knew how to find the others.

Impetus as the 14 year old Imperial Agent

Foreign Invaders

Tonal'la was 14 when The Empire arrived on Judecca. The foreign invaders crushed Warlord Khael's forces with power that Judecca had never seen before. A combination of technology and magic, Clan Scholae Palatinae conquered the entire system in days, subjugating the people to their will while bringing them modern technology and resources. They demanded absolute loyalty to the Empire, and to their Emperor, and decided that Ohmen was to be their new capital. The new empire brought significant improvements to quality of life, but with that came the oppression of military rule.

Under the command of Emperor Cuchulain, Scholae Palatinae needed first to understand the people of the Cocytus System to know how best to rule them. Their initial research returned one obvious candidate, and so 14 year old Tonal'la began working as a spy for Clan Scholae Palatinae. This was the day Tonal'la began a dual life. During her interactions with the people of Cocytus, she retained the identity of Tonal'la, people trusted Tonal'la as she had become a respected and knowledgeable member of the community. However, on business for the empire she was given the codename Impetus, to separate the Imperial spy with the socialite the people recognised.

She realised in her new life in Scholae Palatinae that people were basically the same wherever they were from. She could still extract secrets from within the clan as easily as she could from the public. As her body matured she began to exploit her sexuality to her own advantage.

Impetus, Imperial Agent

Before long the name Impetus felt as natural to her as the useless name her parents had given her, and she became at one with her new identity. The Empire felt like the family she never had. As a face known to the people, she could accomplish tasks the Empire's foreign invaders could not, such as gaining the trust of those who may be hostile to the Empire, so that they may be removed before causing unrest. Quickly, she became a valued asset of the clan's intelligence.

Over the next four years she would devote herself full time to her work for the Empire. Under the name Impetus she performed assassinations and thefts, she built a reputation among the Empire's intelligence officers for being one of the most skilful agents they had seen, in addition to the fact that she held the trust of many of the people. These were the years in which her cute, youthful innocence began to turn into the picture of beauty and seduction, a fact she played to on many occasions. She even began to learn some of the workings of the Dark Jedi presence underpinning the strength of the empire, a secretive structure that not many from outside were ever privileged to see. By the time she was eighteen, it was time for her first true test.

Impetus, shortly after joining Scholae Palatinae for real

The Dark Side of the Force

The Dark Jedi had sensed the presence of an agent of the Light Side living within Judecca, spying on the Dark Jedi. Impetus was asked to support one of the rising Dark Jedi of the clan, a Krath Priest by the name of Mune Cinteroph, in his attempts to find and kill this Jedi. Armed herself only with a small dagger, she found the weapon Mune held at his hip, the lightsaber, a source of fascination. Slipping back into the identity of Tonal'la she had an entire city's worth of eyes working for her. From the shadows, Mune observed her methods with curiosity.

She quickly found a man willing to share stories of a new neighbour, a religious type woman with an unerring sense of peace. Mune knew the intelligence was exactly what they were looking for and moved in to apprehend the Jedi. Impetus was in awe of Mune , she had never even seen The Force in action before, let alone a lightsaber duel of the kind that ensued between Mune and the Jedi agent. His green blade and her blue clashed with lightning speed and precision until he was knocked to the ground by an invisible fist.

As the Jedi moved in for the killing blow, Impetus acted on instinct, running at the Jedi and driving her dagger into her throat. It was only after everything was finished, that Mune told her that she had The Force in her too, and that he would be happy to take her as an apprentice, teach her the ways of the Dark Side and she could become more powerful than she could possibly imagine.

The Rebirth of Impetus

Rising in Scholae

She immediately travelled to the Shadow Academy on Lyspair to learn the ways of the Krath. She learned of ancient Sith history and lore, of the workings of Scholae Palatinae and its place within the wider Dark Brotherhood alongside the other new recruits. She was inspired, perhaps dangerously so, by the schemes and machinations of the treacherous Sith Lords of ages gone by, especially of Palpatine's rise to power. She began to learn to duel with training lightsabers, developing a reputation for being extremely agile and gymnastic in her movements, and to learn the ways of the Force, under which she excelled in manipulation and mind trick powers.

When Impetus returned to the Cocytus System, she was placed in the Krath House Acclivis Draco, the House of the Dragon, with her master, where she immediately began to work her way up the ranks by a mix of exemplary service in the field and by direct persuasion. She developed a reputation as an assassin, but was equally capable of capturing her targets non lethally or even luring them back to the Empire of their own volition. For her proven skill in service to Acclivis Draco, and for the high rate of improvement in her manipulation and combat skills, Impetus was soon promoted to the rank of Guardian.

Immediately afterwards, Quaestor Mune took the unprecedented step of offering her the Aedile position, despite her having no experience of leadership in her life. Leadership was a new experience and a new challenge for the young twi'lek, but her skills improved at an even faster rate, obtaining a wealth of knowledge in combat, leadership and tactics from Mune. She soon sought higher challenges, and began to develop a close friendship with the Emperor, Consul Timbal Palpatine. She began to learn his secrets, trusted information known only to his closest allies.

Meanwhile, the other two houses of the clan, the Sith house of Caliburnus, the House of the Sword, and the Obelisk House Dorimad Sol, the House of the Sun, were recovering from a vicious and brutal war, in which Dorimad Sol was merged into Caliburnus. Following these events, Caliburnus needed a leader, a leader that could unite the previously warring Sith and Obelisk and turn Caliburnus into a house that could oppose the might of Acclivis Draco. Impetus was able to leverage Timbal into admitting that the best choice was her.

Xen'Mordin, Impetus' closest ally and co-conspirator

The Conspirators

"We must do this, no one else has the capacity. And they will never see us coming."
―Xen'Mordin to Impetus

The first person Impetus met in Caliburnus was her Aedile, Xen'Mordin Vismorsus, and a Neti, Ood Bnar, who served as the house rollmaster. Impetus and Xen’Mordin immediately struck up a very strong friendship and working relationship. Both were young, intelligent, driven, and wanted to see Scholae Palatinae lead a stable Empire in a dynasty that would rise above the petty infighting of the Dark Jedi. They both quickly orientated to the life of a leader within Scholae Palatinae, and brought much needed stability to the stumbling Caliburnus. Impetus began to form a small intelligence agency under the banner of Caliburnus, brought much needed organisation to the clan to provide direction such that they could march under the same banner, united. She continued to use the identity of Tonal'la, posing as one of the commonfolk to gain intelligence that ensured Caliburnus' success in all their activities.

Shortly afterwards, Impetus was granted the rank of Dark Jedi Knight and took her first student, an Iridonian Guardian by the name of Cethgus. Cethgus was the polar opposite of Impetus, in that he prefered to smash things into the ground rather than solve problems with intellect and cunning, but their partnership was nonetheless a successful one. Cethgus was also the one to first produce Impetus’ trademark weapon, a heat powered segmented whip called the Lightwhip. Impetus preferred it to her lightsaber, and made frequent use of it, and the weapon became synonymous with her.

Many months passed in which Caliburnus found its feet and developed into a strong unit in its own right, with Impetus and Xen’Mordin at the helm, when during a dueling tournament to commemorate the Day of the Fox, Acclivis Draco Quaestor RevengeX defeated a member of Caliburnus. Meanwhile, a botched kidnapping attempt of Acclivis Draco Aedile Rasilvenaira StormRaven was wrongly attributed to an order from Impetus. In the war that followed against the will of Impetus and Xen’Mordin, who strove to maintain Imperial stability, Caliburnus proved itself equal in every way to Acclivis Draco, and was the only conflict in Brotherhood history to result in a stalemate. However, during the war, Impetus' lightwhip was destroyed in a duel by RevengeX's lightsaber.

Following the way, both Impetus and Xen'Mordin began to quietly express frustrations from the shortcomings and glaring flaws weakening the clan’s hold in the system. Cocky, headstrong, and determined, the two began to formulate a plan to take the throne. They took inspiration from Emperor Palpatine himself, and his brilliant manipulation of the Republic into giving him more and more power willingly, finally seating himself as Emperor by thunderous applause. Confident that their combined intellect and skills would allow them to adapt to roadblocks in their plan, they began their long con for Xen’Mordin to take control of the entire Empire. The plan was as crazy as it was clever, as is necessary to pull off a coup on such a large scale.

The Mythical Blade

"You're just not fighting me. What you're fighting ... is an idea. You can't shoot lightning bolts at an idea."
―Impetus to Thran

House Caliburnus was named so, after a mythical and ancient lightsaber, the permeate the legends of the native people of the Cocytus system. The members of House Caliburnus were regarded as the sword, skilled warriors, in comparison to the dragon of Acclivis Draco and the sun of Dorimad Sol. The validity of the myth surrounding the lightsaber had been in question for years. The stories were just that, stories used to bolster the members of the house in a shared belief. What the members of Scholae Palatinae didn’t realize, was that no one had ever attempted to properly piece together the history of the lightsaber in its entirety. An artefact such as that would be an incredible find for the Empire.

It took a little more than two months of researching for Xen’Mordin and Impetus to not only validate that the lightsaber existed, but pinpoint its exact location. It was in a temple deep in the dark jungles of Ptolomea. If it was found, it would clearly be a sign of one’s right to command the House. However, Xen and Impetus did not wish to find it for themselves. Those well versed in the lore of the lightsaber knew it was always coupled with a terrible price upon those vain enough to try to wield it as their own. Xen and Impetus wished to allow another to claim it, and ultimately further destabilize the entire system. This would begin the first phase of their plan.

News of the true existence of the lightsaber was leaked to the House, through Ood Bnar, thinking it was his own work that validated its location. Multiple groups of interested parties began to prepare, knowing if they could retrieve the lightsaber, control of the house and all of Ptolomea would be theirs. Impetus led a team of her best troops, alongside Xen'Mordin, the only other person in the galaxy that Impetus genuinely trusted. However, mid-way through the excursion, in the most public way possible, Xen publicly betrayed his co-conspirator to help a vain and power-hungry man, Thran Occasus, retrieve the blade first. Stories tell of the lightsaber duel that ensued between Quaestor and Aedile, Impetus enraged by his betrayal, and Xen'Mordin expertly fending off the blows from his former ally, as the two knew each other so well they failed to land a hit on the other.

Following Xen'Mordin's betrayal of the one who the system thought was his closest ally in favour of Thran Occasus, Thran began to falsely believe that Xen'Mordin would simply function as a tool in his quest for higher power. Making the fallout as public as possible served to convince as many in the system as possible that the two despised each other. As Thran usurped control of Caliburnus, Impetus returned to her home house, Acclivis Draco, still under RevengeX, while Xen’Mordin turned his attentions to the next phase of the plan. While Thran saw Xen’Mordin as a tool he could use to accomplish his goals, he saw Impetus as a threat that could easily be defeated.

Impetus and Eludajae, her lover

The Dragon's Tail

Back in Acclivis Draco, Impetus could escape a lot of the attention she attracted by leading Caliburnus and work towards phase two of their master plan. Her skills led her to be the first inducted into the Quaestor’s personal guard, The Order of the Dragon, shortly after which she was joined by Laurus. She was also given a new whip to replace the lightwhip, forged by the best smith in Acclivis Draco, as ordered by RevengeX, as a mark of her loyalty to the Dragon house, and somewhat as an apology for breaking her old one. It was appropriately named ‘The Dragon’s Tail’, and would remain Impetus’ weapon of choice for over a decade.

Without the added responsibility of leading a house, Impetus was able to accomplish more in the field. She worked more on her reputation among Scholae's intelligence forces, which were still at that point unorganised and reported directly to the Emperor or various military commanders. Having been a valued member of Scholae Intelligence even when she was 14, she accomplished her new tasks perfectly, and became renowned for her skills in subterfuge and stealth, a crafty spy and a feared assassin, rebuilding her public image from the one who was defeated by Thran to the greatest special forces agent in the clan.

Shortly after rejoining Acclivis Draco, Impetus met Eludajae M'Nar, a stunningly beautiful new female human in Acclivis Draco. Impetus and Eludajae fell in love quickly and deeply. Eludajae's dominant personality and adventurous lifestyle choices seduced Impetus into submitting to her as a lifestyle choice. It was very soon afterwards that their relationship grew to such a strength that Impetus adopted Eludajae's last name, going by the name Impetus M'Nar.

Path of the Palpatine


When Impetus was sent an unknown message, merely a grid location and a time, she had no idea what was planned for her later that day. Wearing her armoured robe, armed with her lightsaber and The Dragon's Tail, she departed for the unknown location, her husband as always beside her.

Unfazed by the lightning storm, the M'Nars found their destination in the form of a tunnel built into the monolith. Upon entering, a cloaked and unknown figure sent Eludajae flying back outside, the tunnel closed after her. Given no choice, Impetus followed the cloaked man, and became surrounded by 9 cloaked, and unknown figures.

Their message confused her: You have been summoned her today to be held accountable for your acts within the Royal Clan, Scholae Palatinae. Her service to the clan had been exemplary from the day Scholae Palatinae came to Judecca.

Before given any time to think on this however, she was dragged into the air by Force Energy, spontaneous pain and electricity coursed through her, and her precious armoured robes were burned to cinders. Nothing she did helped to fight the pain, and it was only when she tried to embrace it, that it immediately subsided.

Impetus, now naked, dropped to the ground, as several of the dark figures also staggered. It was as the nine drew back their hoods, revealing an assembly of the Palpatines, that Impetus realized what 'her acts within the Royal Clan' truly were. She left that place Impetus M'Nar Palpatine.

Impetus as commander of the Imperial Scholae Intelligence

Imperial Scholae Intelligence

It was her first assignment since being named a Legacy of Palpatine that Impetus became most famous for. She had worked for the Scholae Palatinae's intelligence forces for eight years, yet they still had no organisation or form. Impetus, with the help of her new wife, Eludajae assembled the forces into a singular unit, the Imperial Scholae Intelligence, and led the unit as the Director General. Impetus was the most successful agent of the unit, and became known as the 'Mother of the Special Forces'.

Her organisation of the unit was inspired by the Imperial Intelligence division of the Sith Empire of millennia past. Agents made up the bulk of the operatives, and were recruited directly from the ground forces. Typically battle-proven soldiers yet to master the arts of subterfuge, agents were tasked with easier, less sensitive missions, such as theft and observation. Special agents were hand picked from the agents, and were trusted with more complex and dangerous tasks, such as sabotage and counter-terrorism. Finally, the Cipher Agents title was given only to the ten greatest operatives within the ISI. They are known only by their Cipher designation, e.g., Cipher Seven. The Ciphers were used sparingly and only for the most important of tasks, such as assassination of high profile targets. The Ciphers were under the command of only the Director General. Dark Jedi were also occasionally used as operatives at the request of the Director General for missions only a Force user was capable of, although they still only answer to the Emperor. Eludajae was among the first Cipiher Agents.

Analysts made up the greatest number of ISI personnel and were typically recruited from the general public, from a diverse background of ex-business managers to software engineers. Analysts were tasked with obtaining information from the safety of the ISI offices. Their main tasks involved background research, hacking enemy systems, and analysis of information gained by the operatives. A senior analyst was promoted to the title of Watcher, who lead teams of analysts. They maintained a feedback loop with the operatives, in which analysts provided mission-specific intelligence intelligence to the operatives, and the operatives fed back information obtained on the mission. The analysts were managed by an individual code-named Watcher One.

In research and development, technicians were the scientists, engineers and mechanics. They were scientists recruited from civilian universities. They developed the advanced computer systems required by the analysts and the specialist weaponry and gadgets required by the operatives, including bioweapons, bombs, camouflage and exploding pens. Successful inventions were also sometimes employed by the rest of the military. Senior technicians were promoted to the rank of Fixer, who lead teams of technicians. The technicians were lead by an individual named Q, who was typically Scholae Palatinae’s greatest scientist.

Vismorsus Industries

The founding of the ISI was the second phase of Impetus and Xen'Mordin's master plan. It was at the same time that Xen’Mordin devoted most of his time to founding and developing Vismorsus Industries, to both amass a large personal wealth of credits and also forge a better public image of himself in the eyes of the Cocytus System citizens. The general public did not need to know the truth of Xen'Mordin's murderous schemes and plots, so long as he appeared an exemplary citizen while in the public eye, while Thran's lack of discipline began to destabilise Caliburnus.

Impetus secretly siphoned funds from the ISI to assist Xen'Mordin's developments, the two working together was beyond anyone's imagination after their public fallout and Xen'Mordin's betrayal. Using the vast array of information sources at her disposal, Impetus was able to leak valuable intelligence to Xen’Mordin's company. Information on competing companies, areas of strongest propaganda effect, contacts of ill repute, and more were passed in secret to Xen’Mordin.

Due to this and Xen’Mordin's natural affinity for business, Vismorsus Industries took off with resounding success, starting with scientific research before branching into manufacturing, trade goods, and every other service imaginable. Regular engagement with charity work solidified the public image of the successful, generous entrepreneur, he was able to push side projects into directions that would help solidify control of the system once the time had come for him to take the throne.

The Cause

The Cause was another masterstroke of Impetus and Xen'Mordin's plan. Using the resources of the ISI, Impetus identified the most influential people in the Cocytus System fulfilling certain criteria. Then, speaking to them as Tonal'la, the name they recognised and trusted, brought them together to form The Cause, an unofficial division of the ISI, a secret group of civilians who would quietly feed information from the streets back to the authority.

However, what the rest of the ISI did not know is that Impetus and Xen’Mordin had hand-picked members of the cause for their anti-Imperial sentiment. Slowly, what started as a group of secret ISI informants was led in a seperate direction by their leader Tonal'la, and became a terrorist organisation sowing seeds of discontent against the Empire, gathering support from those who had grown tired of Imperial oppression and wanted to take back the Cocytus System in the name of the people.

The Cause were the conspiracy theorists' dream, the terrorist organisation funded by the Imperial Scholae Intelligence. Multi-tasking between the ISI and The Cause, Impetus grew the unit to be capable of destabilising the entire system, but not strong enough to cause a significant treat to the ISI or her position. Membership of The Cause exploded in numbers after Impetus ordered brutal ISI attacks on unarmed members of The Cause, and leaked the video footage to the holonet as a sign of Imperial oppression. As Emperor Lucien the Fearless came into power with a shaky grip on the system, the time to strike began to draw closer.

Occasus the Usurper

"System instability is at an all time high. Soon it will be time to strike, and the Cocytus system will kneel to Emperor Xen'Mordin Vismorsus."
―Impetus M'Nar to Xen’Mordin

Impetus' position was threatened significantly by Lucien selecting Thran Occasus as his Proconsul. Thran was power hungry and ambitious, but not an idiot. Impetus knew that he wanted nothing less than control of the Cocytus System, and would see Impetus as not just an obstacle in this task, but an obstacle that would be easily dealt with. Soon after his ascension to Proconsul, Impetus began to receive threatening messages about both her and Eludajae. It became apparent that Impetus' continued presence in the system was not conducive to the plan.

She met with Xen'Mordin one last time in secret to finalise the remaining stages of the coup. She gave him access to the Cause, and placed trusted moles in the ISI to continue to leak information in her absence. The plan was for Xen’Mordin to manipulate the power hungry Thran Occasus to use the Cause to wrestle control of the system from Lucien, and take the throne for himself as Emperor Thran Occasus the Usurper. Under Thran's leadership methods, they anticipated that system instability would further increase.

All the pieces were in place. While Impetus would not be there to see it, she was happy that Xen’Mordin would be able to take things from then on his own. Xen’Mordin would bide his time, gathering more support, continue to grow The Cause on the quiet, and when the time was right, unleash hell on the Cocytus System and take control of the throne for himself. Impetus' last request was that when Xen'Mordin had taken the throne, he would send an advertisement looking to hire capable scientists, letting her know it was time to return.

The Tragic Storm

Shortly after, Impetus leaked fake reports to the ISI analysts about plans for an attack on the Empire from agents that a branch of The Cause were hiding on Ryloth, the twi'lek homeworld, working on developing a superweapon that would destroy the whole of Ohmen. Of course, the report eventually found its way back to her, including blueprints of the base, hidden in the Brightlands, an area of Ryloth prone to savage heat storms and constant burning sunlight. As Ryloth was her species' homeworld, Impetus selected herself for the job.

She assembled a team of special forces troops from Scholae Palatinae, and began preparations for the journey into the Brightlands. It was a notoriously dangerous trip that had claimed the lives of many more powerful figures than her. Two days into the expedition, communications between the ISI and the expedition team went dead. The ISI received information that the worst heat storm in decades had obliterated the target area. The base had been ripped to pieces. Impetus was unrecognisable among the charred remains destroyed beyond any form of identification.

She was officially reported missing in action, presumed dead in the year 25 ABY. Eludajae vanished shortly after without a word.

The Wild Side

Satisfied that she would not be followed, Impetus rejoined Eludajae away from Brotherhood space, where they would embark on their own adventures. A pair of mavericks roaming the galaxy carefree, they lived wild and they lived fun. Running into trouble with the law wherever they went, fun was the one and only thing on the menu.

Impetus experienced aspects of sexuality and of night life that even she had never experienced before. The pair became notorious for their rather open lifestyle and uncanny prowess for dealing with law enforcement. The couple became very famous across such regions as Nar Shaddaa and Coruscant after headlining adult holovids and making numerous news stories.

They travelled from planet to planet, doing whatever the hell they liked, occasionally putting down entire criminal syndicates for fun, embarking on vigilante work for money or simply taking it to put it towards a better cause. There were no politics or power games, no orders except from her beloved owner.

The two Rogue Jedi continued this for almost two years, but Impetus started to feel unsatisfied. There was little sense of accomplishment or achievement in their time travelling, and Impetus developed the desire to be part of something. There was also a desire in the back of her mind left unsated for too long, she had an interest in science that she had never found the chance to fill through formal study.

Elincia Rei, Impetus' new identity

Elincia Rei

The University of Corellia

Impetus created herself a new identity, seeking a quiet life away from the fame. Using force illusions, among other techniques, she redesigned her iconic slender, alluring twi’lek body for that of a simple togruta, augmenting her disguise through artificial cosmetics as well as her assassin techniques.

While lacking formal education, she felt that she knew enough to jump in as a research student, her sharp mind absorbing huge quantities of knowledge in days. After a short interview process, possibly influenced by a mind trick or two, she gained acceptance to the University of Corellia on a project involving Biochemistry.

She left her old ways behind, deciding to see if she could live life as a legitimate scientist. No promiscuity and no more mind tricks, she set to work on her new life. Her supervisor, an aging female human named Professor Sebu, would describe her as a brilliant maverick, one capable of producing the extraordinary out of nothing.

Under the name of Elincia, Impetus’ readership quickly expanded off-world after a series of papers on harmful chemicals, epidemiology and mathematics. Her disguise had become more than that, it became a new life, changing the foundation of who she was. While her agility deteriorated as a result of her neglect of martial training, she didn’t care much, as it was unnecessary. After joining the ranks of the professors, Elincia continued her research, obtaining a galaxy wide reputation among the scientific community for her work.

A Call From Home

As much as she tried to suppress it, her background would continually recur in her research as she started to forge a reputation as a renowned expert in chemical and bioweapons. Five years after joining the university, she was involved in a collaboration with Sebu in the diffusion of a gaseous nerve agent expected to produce ground breaking results. Plans to proceed to phase 2, testing with lab rats, were in development.

The young scientist’s work in unconventional warfare was discovered by a few military R&D departments, but she wasn’t interested. At least not until she saw an advertisement looking for a scientist on Judecca to handle extremely sensitive research in military science. Elincia recognised the name, Yerwyn Metzl, tech advisor for Caliburnus while she was commander. Impetus still remembered Xen's promise to her six years ago. He had taken the throne, and this was her sign to return.

Impetus returned to Scholae Palatinae as a simple scientist under the disguise of Elincia Rei. She was in luck upon her return to the house, as most of the Dark Jedi were away following the Crusades, and she was able to slip past the weakened security without disclosing her true identity.

She decided that announcing her return would not benefit Xen’Mordin's bid to maintain control of the system, and as he was performing better at the task than anyone before him, Impetus chose to maintain her disguise even from him, watching over him while hiding in plain sight. Impetus chose not to even tell Xen’Mordin that she had returned to service, and none suspected that the new Togtuta scientist recruit was actually Impetus M'Nar Palpatine, the Lost Daughter of Palpatine and the Mother of the Special Forces. Maintaining her disguised gave her a unique angle in which she could serve the clan in a different capacity to a Dark Jedi agent.

Seeping Death

Her first task was to continue her research in the diffusion of bioweapons, assigned a small team to help her. However, unrest on Ptolomea, home of Caliburnus, shortened the phase 2 timescale from months to weeks as she was delegated the task of the assassination of the Dictator Lou Khebe. She set her team to work finding the optimal way to distribute a gaseous nerve agent through the ventilation shafts to maximise the probability of killing Lou Khebe. It was also a convenient test of the skills of her new research student, Leeda. Although Impetus found her alluring, she chose not to act on her desires, maintaining professionalism.

She chose to distribute the nerve agents herself, although in her lack of physical training for many years, she overestimated her jumping ability. In performing a move that she could have previously completed blindfolded with a flourish, she sustained minor injuries to her weak leg. She started to realise that her age may start to be catching up with her and she could no longer rely on her body to accomplish the feats it used to. Nonetheless, the mission was a success and the name of Dr. Elincia Rei made it into clan news, the scientist that could work miracles of death. Elincia and her team were at the heart of everything. Following this, Xen’Mordin began to feel there was more to this Togruta than met the eye, and placed an order with Imperial Scholae Intelligence to begin to monitor her. Little did they know they were following their founder.

Not long afterwards, Elincia was again influential in the success of Scholae Palatinae's endeavours, supporting a strike team of Arthadonis Kalderis, Flelm, Lucyeth, and Brandon Tarsus on a mission to either kill or capture the Ognerate Emperor. Elincia provided medical and explosive support for the team, whose cover was blown by the emergence of a giant tortoise. Elincia caused panic among her team by a mysterious disappearance during the chaos and confusion. Camouflaged by the Force, Elincia single-handedly assassinated the emperor. However, unable to take credit for her exploits without blowing her cover, the true assassin of the Ognerate Emperor remains unknown, and it is suspected that he committed suicide or was killed by one of his own lieutenants. Elsewhere in the reclamation of Antenora, Elincia's well calculated scientific methodologies resulted in more damage to the rebel attackers than any of the participating dark Jedi, establishing her reputation as a researcher of death, and one of the most dangerous women in the Cocytus system.

Elincia drops her disguise in front of Mina Kordae on Felucia

Devil’s Masquerade

Elincia Rei’s reputation had grown so considerably she was soon called into the field by Scholae Palatinae Emperor Xen'Mordin Vismorsus on a sensitive issue of Brotherhood security. With orders coming from the Dark Council, the task was to track down fugitive twi’lek Jedi Rhiaen Ust’essi on Felucia. Elincia was sent as a scientific advisor to the main agent, a violent Sith Battlemaster named Mina Kordae who absolutely despised the thought of working with a scientist. Elincia put on a fake air of submission towards the Sith.

When Mina’s rashness had the pair attacked by an Acklay, the only way Elincia could possibly ensure her own survival was to drop her disguise for her lightsaber and slay the beast herself, revealing herself to Mina as Impetus M’Nar, the legendary assassin. Mina still didn’t like her, but respected Impetus. For Impetus, this complicated matters considerably. Mina would have to die for her disguise to stand, but for now she was useful. Impetus was able to convince Mina to stand watch while she used her skills in manipulation to disguise herself as Rhiaen’s dead sister.

The disguise was successful, and Impetus was able to gain the target’s trust. However, Mina grew impatient, and Impetus, still disguised as Rhiaen’s sister, intercepted her Sith partner out of Rhiaen’s eyeshot. This entire scenario had been planned from the start, as Impetus could simultaneously kill Mina while staying close to Rhiaen. Impetus slew the Sith in a duel, but her disguise was dropped, and Rhiaen learned she had been tricked, falling to the Dark Side and violently lashing out at Impetus. She passed out as a result of tranquilising and amnesia agents Impetus had slipped into her food minutes prior, and was brought home alive, with memory loss.

Elincia had accepted a mission under her fake identity’s reputation, manipulating even the Dark Council by extension, tricked Mina into going along with a plan that would give Impetus the best chance to kill her, manipulated Rhiaen into believing she was her dead sister, and managed to land the final blow with a tranquiliser that the scientist Elincia was known to use, preserving her false identity and leaving no signs that she had ever used the Force on the mission. It would have been one of the greatest tales of manipulation in brotherhood history… had anyone known the truth.

Following this, Xen’Mordin realised who Elincia really was. He had started to gain suspicions ever since he set ISI to trail her, but meeting face to face, and her performance on this mission confirmed them. However, as Elincia had proven herself to be every bit as loyal and useful as Impetus, Xen’Mordin made no attempt to draw attention to it. Following that day, there was mutual understanding between the two, and Elincia became more eligible for more difficult tasks.

The Forgotten Temple

In the events of Monstrosity, ancient, monstrous creatures awoke on all four planets of the Cocytus System. Once awoken, these monsters wreaked havoc upon the system, and it was up to the members of Scholae Palatinae to both limit damage and find a way to reverse the ritual. Elincia was tasked with finding a way to destroy the mindless husks that were attacking the city of Ohmen. After failing to harm the beasts with water, blunt force trauma, and slashing damage, ultimately she found it was fire that was the most effective against the Zombies.

Her next mission in the campaign was to deal with the Caina Colossus. Elincia developed a prototype bomb consisting mostly of thermite, termed the Elincia-Class Flame-Warhead, of FWEC-bomb. This prototype bomb heated the Colossus up to tempratures of 4000 degrees, melting the beast alive.

With Scholae Palatinae unable to stop the flow of the zombie-like husks, Elincia joined a small strike team ventured to an abandoned temple facility on Judecca, the last location known to hold remnants of the Infinite Empire. The temple was masking a massive underground facility. After facing the ancient fungal zombies that guarded the entrance they entered the facility, where they were tested through many levels of defenses by the AI left in place by the Infinite Empire, G14-D05.

The Forgotten Temple on Judecca was converted to a state of the art science facility, under the watch of Elincia Rei. The ruined temple above ground remained a strong deterrent from the local population of the planet. G14’s programming was examined and after some modernization to its systems, and changing of core protocols, it was left as the facility's AI system. The Forgotten Temple became Elincia's new base of operations, a secret lab known only to a select few, with a team of expert scientists working underneath her, and the AI, G14-D05, proved to be a valuable assistant when it wasn't requesting to poison the research assistants with a deadly neurotoxin.

System Moff

Following Monstrosity, Xen’Mordin had Elincia's Palpatine title reinstated on the quiet. This act was known only to a small section of the incumbent Palpatines, and Evant Taelyan, the other being awarded the name and recently named Voice of the Brotherhood. Elincia was also inducted into the Inquisitorius, a secret society that matched her own philosophies of deception and subterfuge.

Shortly afterwards, Landon Cruise resigned as Rollmaster and System Moff of Cocytus. Xen'Mordin chose Elincia to fill the role, figuring that her ability to handle large amounts of data, with the help of G14 and her research assistants, would be a perfect fit to a job that could be performed remotely from inside her base in the Forgotten Temple. Her first task was to keep the civilians of Cocytus in check while a war, orchestrated by Xen’Mordin, broke out between the two houses of Scholae: Imperium and Excidium. Her role as System Moff was embroiled in war, as shortly afterwards, war erupted on the clan level after Scholae Palatinae Proconsul Cyris Oscura ordered an unprovoked attack on Clan Naga Sadow. Elincia remained home during the war to maintain a clan presence in the Cocytus System, but assisted in the battle through reconnaissance, thanks to her most recent invention, the Scholae Palatinae 34 Reconnaissance and Observation Wing (SP34-ROW), a droid disguised as a bird to move undetected through enemy space.

Elincia's time as System Moff did not last long, as following the war, Cyris Oscura left Scholae Palatinae without a word. Following the Proconsul's departure, Xen'Mordin formally elevated Elincia to the role of Grand Vizier, second in command of the Empire. Despite originally attempting to stay hidden from sight, she had become the second most powerful person in the system. Her position as System Moff was taken by her old master, Mune Cinteroph, who had recently returned to the clan following a long absence.

The Order Campaign


Elincia's tenure as Grand Vizier began with events that rocked the clan. Unknown to her, Xen had fallen under the possession of an ancient Sith Lord, Darth Fallax, who had asserted control of him through a holocron obtained during the war against Naga Sadow. Taking control of Xen, and by extension the clan, Darth Fallax began to set his plans into motion. Under the guise of frustration at the Empire's stagnation, Xen sent the entire clan to Aesirus, a small but rich mining colony under the control of the SoroSuub corporation, to capture it for the Empire. The move was strange, illogical to Elincia, but she never considered that the entire attack was part of Fallax's plan to eliminate the clan.

After a remote detonation trapped every Scholae Palatinae member within a Kyber crystal cave, an enormous holoprojection of the Emperor filled the air of the cave. Removing his traditional mask, a twisted and corrupted face of Xen’Mordin was revealed. He identified himself as Darth Fallax, a Dark Lord of the Sith who had lived centuries prior. For months he had slowly taken control of Xen’Mordin, and was now in complete control of his body.

He had been the force backing Fias Zhan’s attempt to take the Cocytus system, and originally hoped to end up possessing Zhan’s body instead. When Zhan fell, a new plan was put into action. He had his disciples place a holocron on Antenora, which was then found by Polis Jones. Due to the age of the holocron, Xen had foolishly believed it to belong to Emperor Palpatine. His erratic behavior and actions of the past year were due directly to Fallax slowly possessing his body.

Before Fallax could detonate the final charges to collapse the roof of the cave, Xen’Mordin managed a desperate and excruciatingly painful finally act of control of his body. He activated a handful of detonators, collapsing the tunnel system, preventing soldiers from storming the cave. He then fried the remaining detonators with a blast of force lightning. His head slammed into the table as Fallax retook control of his body.

The members of Scholae Palatinae were left for dead in the cave. In the palace, Fallax’s disciples captured and subdued Elincia, the only clan member remaining in the system. Fallax ordered her to begin testing on the corruption now cracking and breaking Xen’s body, stating he planned on using it for a long time to come.


After Xen removed his mask, showing a heavily corrupted, dying face, Elincia realised there was nothing remaining of her friend. The members of Scholae Palatinae had been replaced by his followers, the Order of the New Dawn. Held captive by Darth Fallax under a tight guard, she began to use G14 to monitor Darth Fallax's vitals through a scanner strategically surrendered to his possession. Despite her seething hatred for what the Sith Lord did to her friend, keeping Xen's body alive was a mutual interest. She compiled enough information to learn how to stop the flow of the corruption through acquiring brain scans remotely using the scanner, and using G14 to interpret and analyse.

She left a note for Darth Fallax in her cell, genuine advice on stopping the corruption, before breaking free by mind tricking the guards. Fallax could never have expected the simple scientist to be so strong with the Force. She crept through the palace, trying to sneak her way out and rejoin with her clan, but was confronted by the Sith Lord himself in the palace courtyard as she tried to call out to Xen. She held on as long as she could by confusing Fallax through a web of illusion powers, tiring the Sith Lord by turning his followers against him and tricking him into attacking false targets. Eventually, she finally managed to get through to Xen, breaking Fallax's control for long enough for her friend to yell at her to run.

Elincia immediately turned and ran, but Fallax quickly regained control of Xen's body through the Force, holding her in place with a powerful force choke. He taunted as he slowly choked the life away from her. It was just as she was expecting to die that an explosion rocked the courtyard, and disrupted Fallax's concentration. A middle aged twi'lek man in heavy armour, with a grenade launcher and heavy blaster rifle, screamed her birth name at her, claiming that he had been tracking her for years for the chance to atone for his mistakes. After helping her escape, he revealed himself to be her father, Zentru'la, the one who neglected her from childbirth in favour of her three older brothers. She had not seen him since she was 6 years old.

The discussion that followed their escape from Fallax changed Elincia's perspective on her entire life. She understood the difficult choices her father faced, and after he saved her life, she accepted his apology. She learned that following Scholae Palatinae's invasion of their homeworld, while she joined the special forces as a child spy, her family were conscripted into the military and served the Empire. Her oldest brother was killed during the Sixth Great Jedi War, fighting for Scholae Palatinae. When Elincia had orchestrated a war between the Imperial Scholae Intelligence and The Cause, her family was torn apart, as her youngest surviving brother joined The Cause, while the rest of her family served the Empire. She learned that 10 years prior, a terrorist attack she orchestrated killed her oldest brother, and that she had set into motion the events that led to her father having to kill his only surviving son.


In the streets of Ohmen, Elincia Rei remained on the run, having split from her father to protect him, and to distance herself from anyone who knew her true identity. Immediately, however, she came in contact with Stana Watsertha, who identified herself as an ally, and demonstrated knowledge of both Elincia, and the entirety of the clan. Stana took Elincia, along with Polis Jones to the location that all of Scholae Palatinae were hiding at. There the three of them set forth a plan to attempt to save Xen’Mordin from Fallax. Some members of Scholae Palatinae agreed to help, others refused, instead deciding on advancing the fight against the New Dawn no matter the cost.

While the Palatinaeans plotted against Fallax, the Sith Lord was putting his plans into motion. To draw the clan out, Fallax ordered the entire city of Teyr, a favourite place of Elincia's due to its strong academic culture, massacred in the streets. In the ensuing battle, the forces of Scholae were able to turn the military on Fallax to turn the tides, while out in the jungle, the team working on the risky ritual to free Xen succeeded, but in the ensuing events, which caused the separation of Xen and Fallax, Xen was critically wounded. Xen’Mordin had been taken to a secret medical facility on Caina by Stana Watsertha. She brought Elincia Rei and Evant Taelyan to visit him and discuss what to do. The machines showed he had no brain activity. They ultimately decided to leave his life support on, hoping he would find his way back through the force.

With Xen unconscious, but alive, Elincia took it upon herself to attempt to stabilise the empire during his absence. She tasked Mune with overseeing the replenishment of the military command with the survivors of those who fought alongside Scholae. She contacted the quaestors of both houses, asking them to use their resources to track down the military men that sided with Darth Fallax and had gone into hiding, fearing punishment for betraying the clan. Elincia, however, did not see their actions as betrayal, as they followed Xen's body's commands, and ensured there would be no retribution. Those men were loyal to their Empire, and the military needed them, as every troop lost on either side was the loss of one of their men.

She then traveled to Teyr, the site of Fallax's massacre, by herself, disguised as a twi'lek waitress. Ironically, her disguise looked much like her true self than she did normally. She was distraught at what had become of one of her favourite places in the system, and further so that the people blamed the Empire for Fallax's deeds. However, she determined that the people were generally more appreciative of Elincia than the other imperials. Still disguised as the waitress, she spread advertisements of a public speech from the Grand Vizier, Dr. Elincia Rei. Back under the appearance of Elincia, she showed the public a sign of trust by walking through the crowd alone and unarmed, before giving an emotive speech, pledging that the Empire would help Teyr to rebuild.

The Hellfire

Elincia's efforts to help rebuild the city of Teyr were all in vain. In 34 ABY a vicious and brutal attack by the Iron Throne, led by Grand Master Darth Pravus. The warnings first reached the Imperial top brass, due to the insight of Regent Evant Taelyan, 24 hours before the attack hit. They had run monthly simulations for such an event. After the Clan had been forced to abandon the system by the aliens from the unknown regions, several emergency evacuation plans were created. In this case, order 1138 signified an immediate and catastrophic attack. Complete evacuation of the Clan’s assets would take weeks, but a combination of G14’s processing power and Elincia’s ingenuity had cut it down into days. The most critical could be done within a single day. A day they might not have.

The local folklore spoke of a day of great fire, the end days for all life. They called it the Ragnogeddon. As Order 1138 passed on her monitor, she realised the prophecy had been fulfilled. Elincia carried out the evacuation order. All clan members and top military officials were the first to escape the hellfire that razed every city in the Cocytus System. From aboard the IMS Tipoca II, Elincia watched her homeworld set ablaze by the Iron Fleet, and there was nothing she could do about it. The fleet had been destroyed, everything she had built had been destroyed. The only military asset Scholae Palatinae had left was an old Victory-class Star Destroyer, the ISN Sidious. She was only thankful that her father had survived the attack, one of the first military officials to be evacuated by her own orders.

Scholae Palatinae wandered deep space looking for a new home for many months. They eventually found one, the Caperion System, a system rich in biodiversity with a range of cultures and a complex political system that the clan could look to exploit for its own gain. Elincia made contact with twi'lek president Skylar Seki of The Democratic Republic of Elaya, and successfully convinced the politician that the Scholae Empire were the lesser of the two evils compared with their current adversary, The Meraxis Empire. Elincia formed the first alliance Scholae Palatinae had had for quite some time, although was unable to leverage a partnership with The United Corporations of Elaya, who saw Scholae Palatinae as an unreliable business venture. Along with their new allies in Elaya, Scholae Palatinae decimated Meraxis resistance above Ragnath and quickly took control of Caelestis City, the most technologically advanced city in the system, as their new home.

The Empress

Taking Control





Unblemished and pristine yellow skin, a slender yet curvaceous figure, Impetus’ voluptuous appearance was immaculate, resistant and untainted by her Dark Side allegiance.

Her bright, azure eyes were expressive of compassion, also of empathy; complimented by her cute and serene, perfect smile, reflect her warm and friendly heart. Her teeth shone a pristine white, adorned by a pair of crimson lips, bright but not dazzling. Her upper head was decorated by either a cloth or a stone tiara, the former also embellishing her lekku, unblemished as the rest of her skin, flowing down to her lower back.

Her figure was thin and slender, typically undisguised by her revealing choice of attire, reflective of her agility and flexibility in both combat and dance. Her robes cut off in the middle of her chest, making her breasts a prominent feature of her ravishing appearance.

This formed marvellous appearance, showing quite clearly why she was highly valued as a slave in her youth, and combined with her choice of attire, attracted a wealth of attention from the majority of the Brotherhood’s males.

Impetus' unique robes


Under the disguise of Dr. Elinca Rei, Impetus’ appearance screams a much different description of her character. Still slim by galactic standards, she had put on weight slightly in absence of training.

She bears the face of an unremarkable young adult Togruta, pale red skin with white markings around her eyes, forehead and cheeks. Her ivory montrals, partly fake, partly recoloured lekku, are patterned by thin wisps of cyan. Her green eyes shine with an intelligence and a creative spark, reflective of the sharpness of her mind. Elincia’s appearance is one of professionalism and intelligence, as opposed to the brilliant beauty of her true self.

It is difficult for anyone to tell any more about her body as it is always covered by a long white lab coat, neck to toe. Her appearance has been crafted to attract the least amount of attention, to look as unremarkable as possible. Her identity has become more than a disguise. It is a work of art, a masterpiece, her new life.


"Her will is stronger than steel. Tempered durasteel, that even the mightiest Wookiee could not hope to bend"

Under her disguise as a scientist, Elincia takes on a very different personality. Professional, immaculate, confident and plain talking, Elincia is a natural leader. Her incredible intelligence and sharp mind are clear to see for any that know her, although she never flaunts it. In the academic community, she is known for her creativity, unorthodox approaches a brilliant maverick, one capable of producing the extraordinary out of nothing. Above all else, she values competence.

Elincia tends to shy away from personal conflicts, seeing them as distracting and preferring to just focus on her research. She has little interest in the political power squabbles of the Dark Jedi and seeks to avoid them whenever possible. Despite this, she has a strange ability to get what she wants out of people. Due to her situation of leading a fake life, Elincia does not form any strong personal attachments during this time, forming no loyalties other than to challenge herself further her research.

Elincia will occasionally drop the disguise when on missions far from Brotherhood space. While out in the field she will mainly handle herself through the use of stealth, subterfuge, and huge dependence on illusion powers.

Impetus in an exotic dance

Notable Possessions

The Dragon's Tail

The Dragon's Tail

The Dragon’s Tail is Impetus’ weapon of choice. The Tail is a segmented whip, with each segment containing an Adegan crystal, allowing the metal to heat to incredible temperatures. Through the work of Alchemy, the whip has become as flexible as a leather whip, even the shards themselves seem to bend when the whip is used at high speeds. It is worn around the waist like a belt at all times for easy access.

After a similar whip to this was destroyed in a duel with RevengeX during the Battle of Antenora, Impetus switched to Acclivis Draco. As she was to become RevengeX’s first personal guard in the Order of the Dragon, he thought it appropriate to have her made a replacement of her favourite weapon, fittingly named ‘The Dragon’s Tail’.


Designed by the Praetor to the Herald Raven, DragonFang is Impetus' custom saber. Named regarding her position as a Fang of the Dragon, it features a violet blade and a Scholae Palatinae logo near the emitter.

DJB Facts

Positions Held

  • Aedile of Acclivis Draco
  • Quaestor of Caliburnus
  • Tetrach of Dragon Seraphim
  • Ward of the South / Priestess of Lore (CSP Character Development Co-ordinator)
  • Wiki Staff Member
  • Magistrate to the Headmaster
  • Assistant Loremaster (to the Fiction Tribune)
  • Commander of Caliburnus
  • Rollmaster of Scholae Palatinae
  • Proconsul of Scholae Palatinae


  • Author of the first proposal for the modern Character Sheet design
  • Named Legacy of Palpatine twice


  • Impetus accepted her first Leadership position, Aedile, as a nervous Protector with no experience what so ever
  • Impetus was the first Krath in Caliburnus, and was also named Quaestor on the day of her initiation (February 1, 2006)
  • 'Impetus' was originally a game name, Latin for attack or sudden motion. Later, after choosing the Brotherhood character of Impetus, Laurus discovered that Impetus was also a dance move, reflecting her history as a dancer.
  • Impetus submitted the current Dark Cross add-ons.
  • She is the student of Mune Cinteroph.
  • Impetus trained Cethgus to DJK
  • Won CSP Oscars in Best Caliburnus and Joint best Krath in 2006, best Wikipedian and joint best IRC Personality in 2007, and best Wikipedian and best Caliburnus member in 2008. She was in Acclivis Draco both times she won best in Caliburnus.
  • The alter-ego of Elincia Rei is based on the real life persona behind Impetus

Positions Held
Before Position After
Braecen Kaeth Kunar Aedile of Acclivis Draco
24 ABY - 25 ABY
Warhunter Quaestor of Caliburnus
25 ABY - 26 ABY
Thran Occasus
Thran Occasus Dark Paladin
26 ABY
Adam Anderson
None Tetrarch of The Order of the Dragon
26 ABY - 28 ABY
Yeldarb Vohokou
None Ward of the South
27 ABY - 29 ABY
Herself as Priestess of Lore
Herself as Ward of the South Priestess of Lore
29 ABY - 30 ABY
Kalak Ragnose
N/A Wiki Staff Member
29 ABY - 31 ABY
N/A Magistrate to the Headmaster
30 ABY - 31 ABY