The Democratic Republic of Elaya

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The Democratic Republic of Elaya
Political Information
Head of State:

President Skylar Seki

Societal information

Corocova, Seraph

Religious Body:


Historical information
Date of Establishment:

7000 ABY

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The Democratic Republic of Elaya (Elaya) is a powerful liberal state in the Caperion System controlling the largest territory of the Seraph. Their goal is global peace and prosperity, and support the ideals of freedom, justice, and democracy. They are at war with the Meraxis Empire, who they see as a threat to global peace. The current leader, President Skylar Seki, is popular among the people, and entering her 3rd term in office, although has come under criticism recently for weakness in handling the Meraxis crisis. They maintain peaceful relations with other countries on the planet, and will use their power to protect them if necessary. Elaya possess a strong military and economy.



The Democratic of Elaya dates 7 millennia almost as far back as civilisation in the Caperion System. In the millennia that followed the establishment of TRF, the planet became split in two. The peaceful Democratic Republic of Elaya formed on the eastern continent, uniting most of it in an era of peace and prosperity. Meanwhile, in the west, aggressive military regimes reigned supreme, none ever gaining enough control of its own people to threaten the other nations.

The Secession of the UCE

While the Galactic Civil War ravaged the galaxy, Elaya was a prosperous, liberal haven, a land where the leaders placed freedom and quality of life above all else. However, discontent grew among the owners of powerful businesses, who began to see tightening worker protection laws and the increasing power of government-sponsored trade unions as a threat to their productivity and profits. Together, in 2 ABY, a coalition of businesses, the The United Corporations of Elaya (UCE), pooled their wealth and purchased Sailyo, an island city off the west coast.

Sailyo became a city ran with economic output at the heart of everything, and as a result has accumulated incredible wealth. Strong in the scientific industry, the manufacturing of innovative technology, and financial services, the independent city established itself as a valued trade partner of all 4 other countries on the planet.

The Battle of Surik

In the year 34 ABY, under the command of Emperor Adoniram, the Meraxis Empire began its attempt to expand its power by launching a vicious unprovoked attack on the TRF controlled Surik Island. The battle was short and bloody, with Meraxis quickly gaining full control of the island until the TRF called upon the Elaya for support.

The result was a naval war between Elaya and Meraxis over the island. Elaya successfully stopped the invasion from progressing and secured half of the island for itself. A heavily militarised land border all that separated the two countries and numerous skirmishes were fought elsewhere across the planet.

Eventually the tide of the battle was turned by the arrival of a second empire, Clan Scholae Palatinae, to the Caperion System, under the command of Emperor Xen'Mordin Palpatine. Elaya saw an alliance with Scholae Palatinae as the key to defeating Meraxis once and for all, and allied with the foreign power. Elaya won back control of Surik Island, and gained a short-lived foothold on the Meraxis continent, Seguk.

Corocova, capital of Elaya



Home to 1.7 billion people, The Democratic Republic of Elaya controls most of the continent with which it shares its name. Elaya is the largest land mass on Seraph, and is roughly shaped like a giant E. Across the north of the continent is a large snowy region, where large white predatory canines reign supreme. As the temperature warms further south, the snow gives way to the Kaynya Forest, a huge roofed forest with rich wildlife diversity and a dense green canopy which allows little light to reach the undergrowth. The forest has been designated a no-build zone by the Republic of Elaya government to protect the natural diversity. The most densely populated area of Elaya is a plains region south of the Kaynya Forest, bordered by the Salji and Phiri mountain ranges to the south and east. To the east, beyond the Phiri Mountains, lies a large jungle peninsula, owned by the Nayama Dynasty, famous for its exotic trees and beautiful natural water features.

South of the Salji Mountains lies the immense Sahro Desert. Scorching heat and endless sand, the only animals that survive here are those who specifically evolved to do so. The area is mostly uninhabited other than a few small cities. To the west of the desert, visible from the shoreline, is a small island 100% covered by the super-rich UCE. On the southern border of the desert, grass begins to grow once more on the TRF-controlled southern regions of Elaya, consisting largely of sparse patches of woodland across grassy plains.

Elaya also controls Surik Island, a strategically valuable position in-between itself and Meraxis. The island once belonged to the TRF, but after being attacked by Meraxis, Elaya stepped in, and with the help of Scholae Palatinae, claimed the island for itself.

Located in the centre of Elaya, the capital Corocova is a rich, prosperous city of 15 million people, home to the Republic’s Parliament. The rest of the country’s 1.6 billion population are spread among cities across Elaya, employing a range of architectural styles, including stone, brick, and more modern building materials, sometimes even in the same street. Money is well distributed across the country, as the government unsure no citizen is left hungry by strong welfare schemes. Elaya shares land borders and peaceful relations with the TRF and Nayama.


Elaya controls Welok, the largest continent on Ragnath. It runs nearly the full height of the moon, narrow at its northern end before widening further west toward its southern end. Its northernmost point is isolated behind a wide range of mountains, and features a dense tundra forest that is frequently covered in snow. The mountain range curves south along the easternmost edge of Welok, before flattening out into the plains making up the central section of the continent. From the south-western edge of Welok is the Gabollo mountain range, that curves up close to the western edge of Welok before cutting past the plains land and ending on the eastern edge.

For the narrow stretches of land on the west side of this mountain range, there is thick jungle life, with frequent rainfall. The storm systems are slowed down by the Gabollo mountain range, giving the region a well above average amount of precipitation. The eastern side of the Gabollo Mountains is a continuation of the plains land that gradually gives way to the Torvam desert.

Controlled by the Elaya, the second largest city on the moon, Palcona, is located in the bay formed where Maqor and Welok once were joined. Recently, Elaya took controls of Tel island from Meraxis while it was distracted dealing with Scholae Palatinae on the Nethal Archipelago.


The even-handed leader of the Democratic Republic of Elaya

  • Name: Skylar Seki
  • Title: President
  • Species: Twi'lek
  • Age: 58
  • Gender: Female
  • Discipline: Director

Skylar was born to humble origins in Corocova, the capital city of Elaya. Despite a poor background, she excelled throughout her education, and subsequently founded a humanitarian foundation to help refugees across Seraph. Skylar is generous, compassionate and peaceful, a strong believer in helping the less fortunate, regardless of species or background. These motives inspired her to move into politics and are apparent in her rule, emphasising the values of freedom, justice, and democracy. She desires peace and prosperity across Seraph, although is thwarted in this goal by the hostility of Meraxis. Skylar is popular among the people and has been elected for a third term in power, but she has been attracting criticism in recent years for perceived weakness in dealing with Meraxis, and again for allying with a foreign empire.



Allies and Enemies


  • Clan Scholae Palatinae - An unlikely alliance between a democratic republic and an empire, Elaya sees Clan Scholae Palatinae as easier to negotiate with and the lesser of two evils when compared with Meraxis. They have helped Scholae gain territory from Meraxis, but keep a keen eye to make sure it does not become too powerful.
  • TRF - The TRF have always been a weak force on Seraph in terms of their military and territory, but Elaya and the TRF share a friendship that dates back millennia, and will always protect their allies in times of need.


  • UCE - While there was once a sense of bitterness over the thriving city declaring independence and going alone, the sheer wealth of the UCE makes existence in Caperion without having some sort of trade partnership with them an impossibility.
  • Nayama - Elaya and Nayama have little need for feud or friendship. The Dynasty can handle itself perfectly fine, and has never encroached on Elayan territory. As its people are happy, there is little need for intervention.


  • Meraxis - Meraxis have tried to conquer the system since their founding a century ago and Elaya has always stood up to protect the people from its advance. Eventually, they hope to free the people from its ruthless rule.