Lyra-3K-a system

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Lyra 3K-a system

Mid Rim Territories


Essaga sector




Lyra 3K-a

  • Ionus
  • Beuphus
  • Eorilia
    • Eorilia’s Moon - ’’Lyra colony’’
  • Thillon
    • Temnos Excavations Co. - Moon of Thillon
  • Nunkomia
Space Stations:
  • ’’Thuvis’’ shipyards
  • Three outer asteroid fields
  • Barvis 9VLL
  • Cryria T01
Native species:
  • Human
  • Twi’lek
  • Zeltron
  • Various others
Official language:
  • Galactic Basic
  • Various languages

Severian Principate (Colonized)

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The ‘’Lyra’’ system, so designated three hundred years ago by the Old Republic explorators, is a small out-of-the-way system rarely seen or featured on hyper lane starcharts. It has seen several colonization attempts in the past with every colony failing for one reason or another. The system is inhabited by several thousand Severian Principate citizen-colonists and military personnel attempting to carve out an existence among the megafauna and megaflora of the only inhabited world in the system - Eorilia’s Moon.

Lyra 3K-a Star

Location in the galaxy

Lyra 3K-a is a G-class star nearing its later years as it slowly transforms into a red giant. It is nearly twelve times larger than most main sequence stars and burns a bright orange and hot. In the past several million years it has likely swallowed or decimated the closest planets that formed near it billions of years ago.



Eorilia’s Moon - ’’Lyra colony’’

The lush moon of Lyra 3K-a
  • Distance from the Eorilia: 640,000 km
  • Diameter: 7,901 km
  • Revolution period: 32.1 standard days
  • Rotation period: 24.5 standard hours
  • Atmosphere: Type I/Type IV
  • Temperature: Surface temperatures range from 43 degrees to -29 degrees standard.
  • Composition: Terrestrial
  • Habitability: Inhabited, Colonized
  • Resources: Ancient artifacts, exotic fauna and flora, medicinal goods

Eorilia’s Moon is a lush, green world orbiting the third planet in the system, the gas giant Eorilia, and it is the home of several thousand Severian Principate citizen-colonists and military personnel. ‘’Lyra colony’’, the only settlement on the moon, is located in the northern hemisphere.

The moon’s surface is split into several tectonic plates and continents, with vast island-filled oceans. It is a wild world of extreme flora and fauna on average easily double the size of humanoids. The animals that roam the jungles and forests that cover nearly every mile of the surface are almost always deadly and to be avoided.

Lyra colony

Cityscape of Lyra colony

‘’Lyra Colony’’ is a small but steadfast multi-species community living in a city built from premade housing complexes. The city is constantly under construction as new communities and families ship to join the developing colony. Premade housing and structures spread on a large plateau overlooking a fresh-water river and a large mountain.

The city had been initially built of deforested ground, however through the years the colonists had discovered ancient ruins underfoot and begun the excavations several years ago. Currently the colony produces and exports rare flora and fauna, medicinal supplies from local flora and mysterious artifacts usually delivered to various research stations in Principate space.

The colonists have set up high walls with modern defense grids to ward off the odd curious creature that wanders into their home. Outposts have been set up all around the planet in a similar manner for resource gathering and industry. Many ruins litter the planet, especially Old Republic outposts and colonies on several continents, and Imperial Navy and Army bases once used as training facilities.

Lyra Colony Security Force

The Lyra Colony Security Force—also known as Lyra-Sec—are a trained group local law enforcement on the Colony. They are made up of a mixture of veteran Severian Principate soldiers creeping closer to retirement to fresh rookie recruits from the local systems.


Lyra Colony features a fully functioning spaceport with loading docks and other features.

Ordu Aspectu temple

Ordu Aspectu temple

Little is known about the ancient ruins underneath Lyra Colony. Archeological digs have uncovered numerous artifacts, murals and kyber crystals strewn throughout the complex which seems to be built deep into the ground.

Archeologists have managed to uncover many texts related to the ancient Jedi order called the Ordu Aspectu and numerous defunct technologies. The most prominent artifacts uncovered are related to crystalline kyber structures that give a natural glow when in proximity to living beings. Much of the history of the temple and its use are still a mystery.

Temnos Excavations Co. - Moon of Thillon

Temnos mining facility
  • Distance from Thillon: 478,000 km
  • Diameter: 2,675 km
  • Revolution period: 42.1 standard days
  • Rotation period: Tidally locked
  • Atmosphere: None
  • Temperature: Surface temperatures range from 43 degrees to -29 degrees standard.
  • Composition: Terrestrial
  • Habitability: Inhabited, Colonized
  • Resources: Kyber crystals, exotic commodities

The moon of Thillon is a barren rock riddled with craters and debris from eons old meteoric bombardment. Much of it is dust and rock, but what lies underneath is a treasure ready to be tapped. Temnos Excavations Co. is a Sirmium-based mining company give rights to the moon of Thillion, the fourth planet of the system. Excavation on the moon had already started years ago, immediately after Lyra Colony was established. By now a large complex of mines, docks, shipping units and storage holds have been erected on the surface. The operation is civilian in nature and has very little military protection, apart from private security.

The main resource being excavated are various building materials for the navy, such as steel and other metals, but the most prominent are the kyber crystals which seem to be abundant in the Lyra system in general. The value of the kyber mines under the moon’s surface is immesurable.

Thuvis Imperial Shipyard

The abandoned Thuvis shipyard
  • Distance from the sun: 164.9 mil. km
  • Diameter: 5.6 km
  • Revolution period: Around the sun - 60 days

The ‘’Thuvis’’ shipyards are a space station floating in orbit around Lyra’s sun. Abandoned by the Empire even at the start of the Galactic Civil War due to lack of resources. Once in geosynchronous orbit around Eorilia’s Moon, the shipyards were set on a collision course with Eorilia and abandoned by the Imperial navy. The shipyards changed course likely due to a programming error and veered out of orbit into an elliptical course across the planetary plane around the sun. Found just off of Eorilia’s orbit, the shipyard is slowly moving closer and closer to the massive planet with every revolution since its thrusters gave out.

The shipyard is currently undergoing repair and restoration by the Navy of the Severian Principate. Much of the station is still abandoned as the resources are gathered to bring it into operational order, but the command center and at least one third of the docks are operational. The Severian Navy uses the station as a staging point and merchants often refuel there after entering and before exiting the system, carrying valuable goods and commodities with them.



  • Distance from the Sun: 12.1 mil. km - Within sun’s corona
  • Diameter: 1,903 km
  • Revolution period: 15 standard days
  • Rotation period: Tidaly locked
  • Moons: None
  • Atmosphere: None
  • Temperature: Surface temperatures range from 3409 degrees to -273 degrees standard.
  • Composition: Blasted rocky planet
  • Habitability: Uninhabitable
  • Resources: None


  • Distance from the Sun: 61.6 mil. km
  • Diameter: 3,467 km
  • Revolution period: 61 standard days
  • Rotation period: 18 standard hours
  • Moons: Several asteroids
  • Atmosphere: Varied
  • Temperature: Surface temperatures range from 988 degrees to -2 degrees standard.
  • Composition: Rocky planet
  • Habitability: Uninhabitable
  • Resources: Various minerals


  • Distance from the Sun: 148.9 mil. km
  • Diameter: 43,420 km
  • Revolution period: 32 standard days
  • Rotation period: 35 standard days
  • Moons: Lyra Colony
  • Atmosphere: None
  • Temperature: Surface temperatures range from 654 degrees to -2 degrees standard.
  • Composition: Gas giant
  • Habitability: Uninhabitable
  • Resources: Tibanna gas


  • Distance from the Sun: 778.5 mil. km
  • Diameter: 54,821 km
  • Revolution period: 11.5 standard years
  • Rotation period: 9 standard hours
  • Moons: Several smaller moons
  • Atmosphere: Varied
  • Temperature: Surface temperatures range from 654 degrees to -2 degrees standard.
  • Composition: Gas giant
  • Habitability: Uninhabitable
  • Resources: Tibanna gas


  • Distance from the Sun: 972 mil. km
  • Diameter: 8,109 km
  • Revolution period: 24 standard years
  • Rotation period: 3.3 standard days
  • Moons: 100+ smaller objects
  • Atmosphere: Thin
  • Temperature: Surface temperatures range from -10 degrees to -190 degrees standard.
  • Composition: Icy planet