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House Imperium
General information

Kell Palpatine Dante


Caperion System

Historical information

33 ABY

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Clan Scholae Palatinae


Dark Jedi Brotherhood Era

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Imperium is currently in devotion to keeping the Empire safe, exploring the reaches of the Empire, and securing knowledge and artifacts for the Empire to utilize in the future at the behest of the Emperor.


The First Age Period

Imperium was created during Emperor Xen’s reign, with Kell Dante at the helm as Imperator (Quaestor of House Imperium). The House existed primarily as a mode for the Emperor to signify and enact his will, with Imperium controlling the ground forces and allowing the leaders of the Empire to work through the bureaucracy of an empire. Over time, Imperium would become known as the center of all things related to the Empire, whether it was the Imperial holonews, the training academies, the background work, and scientific research.

Imperium’s might would be tested against pirates who would plan a joint attack against Clan Scholae Palatinae and Clan Naga Sadow. It was after this attack that Kell Dante orchestrated the creation of Imperium’s first battleteam: Shadow Guard. Shadow Guard protected the Imperator, the Aedile, and other notable House members, as well as performed stealth attacks, and first strikes.

During the Forgotten Campaign, Kell Dante lead the House in a great battle against the Pacre Datship followers and their false Emperor. With the Judeccan Abyssal eventually attacking Ohmen, Lexiconus took it upon himself to head off the destruction of the monster. In the eyes of the Emperor and the stepping down of Kell Dante as Imperator, Lexiconus took on the face of leader of the House.

Lexiconus reformed the House into a group to be reckoned with. When the Emperor tested both of the Clan’s Houses against each other, Imperium became the victor. This work continued into an age of false cooperation between Clan Scholae Palatinae and Clan Naga Sadow. Vowing revenge against the pirates that had attacked them and stolen Sith artifacts from them, they launched an attack that soon divided them into who would obtain which artifacts. Although the outcome was victorious for House Imperium and Excidium, the Iron Throne soon picked all the artifacts from the Clan.

The Iron Throne eventually came back for more, and decided to burn through the Cocytus System and Judecca. In the aftermath, Imperium was homeless and aided in the finding of a new home.

The Lost Period

Dek Ironius II was made battleteam leader of Shadow Guard for a short time. During this time, he had attempted to help Clan Scholae Palatinae find a new home. He eventually stumbled on a planet with a group of clans who called themselves the Moldates: brutal warriors fighting for land all over their system. It was during this time, most of Shadow Guard had been killed, and Dek along with the few remaining members had escaped with their lives. Dek soon returned to Imperium, taking some soldiers and some ships and equipment with him to fight the Moldates.

During the search for a new home, Jurdan Krennel, Shadow Guard’s former leader, had supposedly been captured, and Lexiconus thought dead. During this time, Kell Dante retook power of Imperium and attempted to find out who had caused the attack. While most of Imperium’s leaders took aim at Clan Naga Sadow, Kell thought that the Moldates or another enemy may have been responsible. His words were proven true when an assassin Ulfsark had found was chased to Moldren 11, a planet that Dek and his faction of Imperium were currently attacking.

It was during this operation that it was found out the Moldates used nuclear technology to fight their enemies. Dek was summoned by Kell, along with Calindra to an Imperium war center. There they planned the battle of Moldren 11. They attacks were successful. But Dek planted orders counter to what Calindra and Kell had wanted, placing him into prison. Calindra became head of a new battleteam devoted to intelligence and strategy: battleteam Pallaeon. While Wagglehorn, who lead one of the ground attacks, became battleteam leader of a team devoted to military and war: battleteam Krennic.

It was discovered soon that Kell already had Lexiconus safe in a bacta tank. Upon healing, Lexiconus promoted Dek to Aedile in a sign of solidarity. But Dek had used this time to gain allies; such as Bridge Commander Arthur McElroy, ace pilot Alphus Centaurus, and a hidden friend, Nyx Noxium.

Skirmishes with the Moldates pressed on, but when the Caperion System was found and made the place of Imperium’s future home, new orders came in. Not only did a new Empress come into power, but Raiju, a newcomer, was eventually made head of the House. During his reign he oversaw Imperium solidify it’s base on a plethora of ships, but focused on Caelestis City on Ragnath. He also oversaw House Imperium through its war with The Collective.

The Revolution Period

Eventually, Raiju would become the new Proconsul of the Clan, with Dek replacing him. Dek would bring in new reforms on how the House worked, detaching it from the central Clan authority that it had always occupied. He used his allies to gain a new foothold in the House and focused on three major strategies: exploration, battle, and knowledge. He made Darth Aeternus his Aedile, Reiden leader of battleteam Krennic, and Wagglehorn leader of battleteam Pallaeon.

With this new image, Dek attempted to rally his House to fight off a new enemy with new connections to Excidium’s enemies as well as the Moldates. Dek wanted to end the Moldate conflict once and for all.

Rise of Imperium

After Quaestor Shadow Nighthunter became the Empress and moved on, Aedile Ric Hunter took over the reign in Imperium. He chose former Quaestor Dek Iron'yikut as his Aedile. Together, they sought to consolidate power and help bring an end to the Meraxis threat.



Until early 37 ABY, Imperium had been made up of two Battleteams, Krennic and Pellaeon. They were disbanded after the battles for Merisian and the Kiera Run. Now the House is unified as one with members now and then selected or volunteered for task force missions.

Battleteam Krennic

Battleteam Pellaeon

Battleteam Pellaeon is part of the military intelligence arm of House Imperium. Officially, members of Pellaeon source and evaluate potential threats to the house through use of covert operations and intelligence gathering. Unofficially, members have been suspected of much more proactive "assignments" against the enemies of House Imperium.

Imperial Cult


Raider I-class corvette (name)

Quasar Fire-class Cruiser Carrier (name)

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Lambda Shuttle (name)

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Hold the Line Batallion

Search and Destroy Battalion

Leadership History

Imperium Summit
Quaestor Aedile BTLs Years of Service
Kell Dante Zagro Fenn Chrome 33 ABY
Kell Dante Talon Jade Chrome 33 ABY
Kell Dante Lexiconus Qor Delak Krennel 33 ABY - 34 ABY
Lexiconus Qor Blade Ta'var Delak Krennel 34 ABY
Lexiconus Qor Vacant Delak Krennel 34 ABY - 35 ABY
Lexiconus Qor Vacant Dek Ironius II 34 ABY - 35 ABY
Lexiconus Qor Dek Ironius II James Malum 35 ABY
Lexiconus Qor Dek Ironius II Raiju Kang 34 ABY - 35 ABY
Raiju Kang Dek Ironius II Calindra Hejaran and Wagglehorn 35 ABY - 36 ABY
Dek Ironius II Darth Aeternus Lexiconus Qor and Reiden Karr 36 ABY
Dek Ironius II Darth Aeternus Wagglehorn and Reiden Karr 36 ABY
Darth Aeternus Shadow Nighthunter Wagglehorn and Reiden Karr 36 ABY
Shadow Nighthunter Ric "Blade" Hunter N/A 37 ABY
Ric "Blade" Hunter Dek Ironius II N/A 37 ABY

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