Shattered Ties

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New Order era.
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Shattered Ties
Conflict: Feud between Naga Sadow and Scholae Palatinae
Objective: joint attack against Red Fury Pirates
Date: 34 ABY
  • Red Fury officers
  • Red Fury
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Shattered Ties was a Feud event between Scholae Palatinae and Naga Sadow. The backdrop of the Feud involved yet another attack on the Red Fury Pirates, taking place in 34 ABY. Both Clans were making a push to wipe out the Red Fury Pirates. This attack could not be as open as in past, with the planet containing civilians that both Consul's declined to allow to be caught in the crossfire.


With the planet inhabited, the Clans each chose a member to scout out the planet on foot. Scholae Palatinae chose Zehsaa Hysh and Naga Sadow chose Aul Celsus. Despite the shared desire to wipe out the wretched remnant of the pirates from the face of the galaxy, a great tension and distrust was felt between the Clans. Though Celsus and Hysh were scouting together, Aul did not report to a joint command. Still the two could sense something grand awaiting them within the hidden structure that served as well as they knew as the Red Fury base of operations. With the Clan Summits working in concert, the attack was poised.


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