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Unknown Regions


Caperion System





Rotation period:

33 hours

Orbital period:

22.54 days


3,948 km



Primary Terrain:


Native species:
  • 80% human
  • 20% various alien races
Official language:

Galactic Basic


300 million

  • Meraxis Empire
  • Democratic Republic of Elaya
  • Nayama Dynasty
  • The Republic of the Force
  • United Corporations of Elaya
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Ragnath is the sole orbiting moon of the planet Seraph in the Caperion System. Like the planet it orbits, it is a fully habitable planet with a variety of terrain and oceans of water. It has been heavily colonized by the citizens of Seraph.


Ragnath orbits the planet Seraph at a distance of 193,000 kilometers. It has a habitable surface temperature range of -10 to 40 degrees Celsius, depending on its location in orbit around Seraph. It has a diameter of 3,948 kilometers, with a natural gravity of .287 g. It orbits Seraph every 22.54 days, and completes a full planet rotation every 33 hours.

Physical Geography

Land map of Ragnath

Ragnath’s surface is approximately 57% ocean. Its landmass, which holds 300 million people across several cities, is split into numerous continents ranging in size. While the natural gravity of the planet is very low, artificial gravity generators (the same technology used on capital ships) is used to provide pockets of gravity to major towns and cities.


Located in the northern hemisphere of the moon, Sharnelle is of a medium size for the land masses on the planet. The most notable feature is its large lake, Vivverna. To the north west of the lake is the snow capped Guath mountain range. Around Vivverna is a large plains area, frequently subjected to thin layers of frost, depending on Ragnath’s orbit around Seraph. East of Vivverna is another small mountain range, making passage the eastern peninsula of Meratille difficult by foot.

While there is a collection of small villages throughout the continent, the biggest city, Ryax, is located on the south west edge of the Meratille peninsula. Controlled by the United Corporations of Elaya, Ryax is the third largest city on the planet.


Located just to the south east of Sharnelle is the continent of Quelabon. It sits right on the equator of the moon and has a central land mass with three large “arms” branching out from it. Tall mountain peaks stretch along its central body, and eastern arms are sharply shaped by erosion due to the frequent snowfall and melting of the rapid changing seasons on the moon. Its lower flatlands are covered in thick jungle along its main body, giving away to more arid desert along its southern arm.

Controlled by the UCE, it has been quarantined for years, for reasons unknown to the citizens of Caperion. Parties who have attempted to venture onto the continent unauthorized have never returned. It is known that this is where


Located across the narrow sea of Yulad, to the south west of Quelabon is Jaylaa. It is angled from North-west to south-east, with its northern most tip at the equator of the moon. Much of the northern half of the continent is rolling hills and rich farm lands. The southern half gradually develops thick forest cover the further south it goes. At its most southern point is the mountain Helafac, referred to by the local Nayama people as The Mountain of Will, where young Nayamans will frequently venture to prove their physical capabilities.

Nethal Archipelago

The Nethal archipelago lies to the east of the southern arm of Quelabon. The largest landmass is Nethal Prime, a long island featuring a giant desertous mountain peak to the west, and arid plains to the east. To the east of Nethal Prime a chain of 6 small islands that curve northward. While all under the control of the Meraxis Empire, the archipelago is primarily populated by small fishing communities, content in their isolation. It is a well known “secret” that the Meraxis use the islands to stash resources and weapons that violate the agree humane laws of the system.


Maqor, one of the largest continents on Ragnath, lies to the north of the Nethal Archipelago. Maqor features a ringed mountain range, The Hypraex Mountain range. This ring of mountains formed following a massive asteroid impact on the moon thousands of years ago. At the center of impact lies Kaskon Lake, a beautiful and tranquil location. The rest of the basin in the crater is full of rich and fertile lands.

To the east of Maqor is a smaller island still considered to be part of the continent. It is a thick forested island, which originally formed a strong landbridge between Maqor and its nearby neighbor, Welok.

Caelestis City

Main article: Caelestis City

The southern-most point of the continent is a crescent bay, home to the largest city on the moon, Caelestis City - a massive technological masterpiece of a city, filling in both stretches of land forming the bay. The city was held as the pinnacle of development and an example for the whole system of the wealth and power that The Meraxis Empire claimed to have, until it was forcefully taken from them by Clan Scholae Palatinae.


Welok is the largest continent on Ragnath. It runs nearly the full height of the moon, narrow at its northern end before widening further west toward its southern end. Its northernmost point is isolated behind a wide range of mountains, and features a dense tundra forest that is frequently covered in snow. The mountain range curves south along the easternmost edge of Welok, before flattening out into the plains making up the central section of the continent. From the south-western edge of Welok is the Gabollo mountain range, that curves up close to the western edge of Welok before cutting past the plains land and ending on the eastern edge.

For the narrow stretches of land on the west side of this mountain range, there is thick jungle life, with frequent rainfall. The storm systems are slowed down by the Gabollo mountain range, giving the region a well above average amount of precipitation. The eastern side of the Gabollo Mountains is a continuation of the plains land that gradually gives way to the Torvam desert.

Controlled by the Elayan Republic, the second largest city on the moon, Palcona, is located in the bay formed where Maqor and Welok once were joined.


Off the eastern coast of Welok is another smaller landmass, known as Dammalus. This smaller body runs north and south with a larger set of plains lands jutting out to the west. The north/south regions feature a small mountain chain, not as far pronounced as other mountain ranges on the moon. Dammalus is controlled by The Republic of the Force, and features multiple holy sites, many believed to be natural points of concentrated force energy.


Political Borders of Ragnath

Ragnath was first colonized around 20,000 years ago, just after the first human colonies on Seraph were established. The moon’s naturally low gravity made practical life there difficult to advance. Ruins of over a dozen unknown civilizations can be found across all the continents of the moon. While population growth on the planet had been slow for millennia, both Ragnath and Seraph shared a tightly intertwined history.

Approximately 500 years ago, ancestors of the corporations that would eventually break from the Republic of Elaya began to tinker with gravity generators. Burying them deep near the core of the moon, using the moon’s geothermic properties to power them, these advancements allowed for an artificial gravity enhancement of the moon. While most consistently generated in the more populated areas of the moon, the rest of Ragnath experiences fluctuations between the moon’s natural gravity levels, and the closer to standard levels generated.

With near standard gravity achieved, the population and colonization of the moon grew at an exponential rate for decades before leveling out to its current levels. Much like Seraph, control of Ragnath has been split between the 5 major political parties of the system. The UCE carved out a large portion of the moon for itself, its history in helping better the moon for a more comfortable life gave it easy control of a large section of land.

The Meraxis and Republic of Elaya also maintained their tense standoff with each other on Ragnath, as they do on Seraph. However, Scholae Palatinae allied itself with the Republic of Elaya and conquered the Nethal Archipelago and the continent of Maqor, which they now share.

Both the Nayama Dynasty and The Republic of the Force have some of the longer histories on the planet, both establishing ceremonial and religious locations of importance on the moon well before the gravity had been artificially enhanced.

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