Imperial Scholae Navy

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Imperial Scholae Navy
Unit Information

34 ABY




Space Operations

  • 1 Star Destroyer
  • 4 Heavy Cruisers
  • 4 Corvettes
  • 3 Carriers
  • 1 Assault Ship
  • 26 Fighter and Bomber Squadrons
Part of:

Scholae Palatinae Military


Imperial Scholae Command

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The Imperial Scholae Navy (ISN) and the Imperial Scholae Army (ISA) are the two major branches of the Scholae Imperial Armed Forces (SAF), used by the Scholae Empire and Clan Scholae Palatinae in defence of the Clan's dominion. The ISN comprises of the collective identity of the entire Clan naval forces: the large warships, starfighters, and accompanying personnel. The ISN has evolved into a single unified force led by an Imperial-class Star Destroyer: The ISN Retribution, recently captured from the Meraxis Empire. The Retribution is supported by a collection of cruisers, frigates, corvettes, assault craft and starfighters. The ISN is further augmented by two smaller military forces, those of House Imperium and House Excidium. The Imperial Medical Station IMS Tipoca II also falls under the umbrella of the ISN.



In 34 ABY the Iron Fleet under orders of Grand Master Darth Pravus destroyed the Cocytus System and almost the entire military of Clan Scholae Palatinae, both on the ground and in space. Left with nothing, the Clan evacuated to the recently acquired medical station IMS Tipoca II, with only the Clan members and top military commanders surviving the attack. It was at this moment that Emperor Xen'Mordin Palpatine revealed the acquisition of the Victory-class Star Destroyer ISN Sidious, flagship of the new Navy. Shortly afterwards, Jorm Na'trej was tasked with masterminding the theft of a Venator-class Star Destroyer, which was renamed the ISN Vader.

In the following weeks and months various other ships were bought or stolen by Clan forces, which were named after important figureheads in the Galactic Empire, and new recruits were hired from across the galaxy to replace the men lost in Cocytus' cataclysm. All titles and names associated with the old military were permanently discarded in favour of the newly titled Imperial Scholae Navy and Imperial Scholae Army. The newly formed fleet was initially split into two flotillas, with the Sidious and the Vader serving as respective flagships. In addition, a sub-flotilla designed to be disassociated from the Empire for use by House Excidium's stealth missions was placed under the command of then-Quaestor Braecen Kaeth. The fleet's first action was the sacking of Caelestis City, taking the metropolis from the Meraxis Empire and securing Scholae Palatinae its home in the Caperion System.

Under the rule of Empress Elincia Rei, income acquired from success in Brotherhood wide conflicts was diverted towards the establishment of bigger House forces, expanding Excidium's sub-flotilla and granting House Imperium an equally sized force of its own. During this time, the Vader suffered heavy engine damage in an ambush and was traded in for a second Victory-class: the Vader's Vengeance. The following year, the conflict with Meraxis took an unexpected turn as Meraxis acquired an Imperial-class Star Destroyer with the help of Collective funds, and used it to cripple both House flotillas. Scholae then attempted to unify the navy into a single fighting force to counter the aptly named Retribution. However, before the Second and First flotillas could combine, the Vader's Vengence was destroyed in a surprise attack. In retaliation, Elincia Rei launched a suicide mission to capture the Retribution. Aylin Sajark, Mune Cinteroph and Shadow Nighthunter were the heroes who fulfilled her command. The Sidious was crippled beyond repair in the process, but the actions of Jorm Na'trej preserved a large part of her crew. The ISN was left with one immensely powerful Star Destroyer to rally behind, and so the fleet was restructured into one central naval force as opposed to two separate flotillas.

Structure and Organisation

Imperial Scholae Navy Organisation
Naval Ships Fighter Corps Typical Commanding officer
Assault Ship Starfighter Flight Lieutenant
Assault Ship Flight Squadron Commander
Carrier / Gunship Group Captain
Destroyer Wing Commodore
Flotilla N/A Admiral
Imperial Scholae Navy Imperial Fighter Corps Moff
Imperial Scholae Military ISA + ISN + ISI Emperor / Grand Admiral

Rank and File Command Structure

The Imperial Scholae Army (ISA) uses the same military ranks as the loyalists of the Dark Brotherhood, with the exception of the Grand General rank, which is replaced by Grand Admiral, a title held by the Proconsul of Clan Scholae Palatinae. The navy maintains a rank structure as close as possible to both this and those of the original Galactic Empire.

Clan Scholae Palatinae Members

The members of Clan Scholae Palatinae exist outside of the chain of command of the military and typically outside of its jurisdiction, reporting instead to their Battleteam leader or House summit. However, military backing is available to the members of the Clan in their missions if it furthers the goals of the Empire. Members of a rank equal to the typical military rank may, for the duration of their mission, commandeer a unit whose commander's rank is equal to or lower than their own.

The necessary Brotherhood ranks for each unit are as follows:

  • Journeyman 1: Starfighter / Assault Ship
  • Journeyman 3: Starfighter Squadron / Assault Ship Flight

For larger units, and for logistical reasons, commandeering larger units requires House summit approval, and is more likely to be granted to members with skill in leadership and tactics. This is typically only done in times of war, when a Clan member is needed on the front line, they will lead the troops on the ground while the original commanding officer maintains control over strategic decision making:

  • Equite 1: 2x Starfighter / Assault Ship Flight
  • Equite 2: Quasar-Fire Class Cruiser Carrier + contingent of 4x starfighter flights
  • Equite 4: Acclamator-Class Assault ship / Vindicator-Class Heavy Cruiser

While officially Elder ranks have the authority to command Star Destroyers, the Clan's currently limited supply of such ships severely limits the opportunity to do so.

Rank Chart

Imperial Scholae Armed Forces Ranks
DB Member Army Rank Navy Rank
Elder 3 Grand General Grand Admiral
Elder 2 Moff Moff
Elder 1 General Admiral
Equite 4 Colonel Commodore
Equite 3 Lieutenant Colonel Captain
Equite 2 Commander Commander
Equite 1 Major Lieutenant Commander
Journeyman 4 Captain Lieutenant
Journeyman 3 Lieutenant Sublieutenant
Journeyman 2 Sergeant Ensign
Journeyman 1 Private Midshipman
Novitiate 4 Trooper Trainee
Novitiate 3 Cadet Recruit
Novitiate 2 Apprentice Apprentice
Novitiate 1 Initiate Initiate

The Imperial Scholae Armed Forces use two ranking systems, one for the army and one for the navy. The army ranks are identical to the loyalist ranks of the Dark Jedi Brotherhood. The naval ranks are set as close as possible to the ranks of the Galactic Empire, using the mercenary Dark Jedi Brotherhood ranks for the novitiate level. Members of the the clan can assume the temporary military position in times of war according to their skills.


Role of ships

Capital Ships

The Imperial Scholae Navy is the most expensive fighting force available to the Empire, and is primarily tasked with the defense of the Scholae Palatinae dominion in the Caperion System. Due to its roots in the old Galactic Empire, the ISN favors and primarily uses ships of Imperial design. The fighters used by the Clan favor quality over quantity, with all squadrons in the Clan fielding exclusively elite-rated designs and pilots.

The fleet is spearheaded by the most powerful warship in the ISN, the Imperial-class Star Destroyer ISN Retribution. It serves as the Flagship the Emperor of Scholae Palatinae, and houses the officers and top leadership of the Scholae Empire as a centralised mobile command centre. A 1600-meter long Destroyer, the Retribution is a warship for both capital ship battles and planetary assaults. It carries 37,085 crew for full effectiveness and offers extensive carrying capacity, docking four squadrons of TIE/D Defenders and two more of TIE/SF Starfighters.

The Retribution is supported by four Vindicator-class Heavy Cruisers, 600-meter long Cruisers designed to operate independently as a multi-role warship, and four Raider-II class corvettes, 150 meter long Corvettes built to chase starfighter squadrons. Each cruiser carries two squadrons, one of TIE/D Defenders and another of TIE/SF Starfighters. An Acclamator-Class assault ship is the main method of getting troops to the ground, and carries up to 16,000 soldiers, but is limited in combat effectiveness and requires an escort to reach the surface.

Starfighter Contingent

The rest of the fighter contingent is carried on three Quasar Fire-class Cruiser Carriers. Two of these carry two squadrons each of TIE/D Defenders and TIE/SF Starfighters for a total of four per ship. The third, named Imperial Justice, contains four B-Wing bomber squadrons. The Rebel-designed B-wings are something of an oddity in the Imperial fleet, but were purchased in a hurry to offer more of a threat to larger warships in the wake of Meraxis purchasing the Retribution. With four squadrons of the best bombers money can buy, the Imperial Justice is Scholae's trump card against any spaceborne object the Empress really wants gone.

Finally, the Flotilla contains smaller ships, including eight flights of VT-49 Decimators, designed by the Galactic Empire as a heavily armed Imperial Transport and serving as pickets and anti-fighter support. A flight of Delta-class JV-7 Escort Shuttles stands by to serve as both assault ships and armed personnel transports.

Landing Craft

The Landing craft division contains 3 Atmospheric Assault Lander Flights, 18-meter long troop transports designed for rapid deployment, each carrying 20 stormtroopers. In total, these shuttles carry 480 passengers (3 line companies). The bulk of the carrying capacity of the Landing Craft Division is in the larger, specialist craft. The navy contains 5 flights of Sentinel-class Landing Craft, a 38-meter long troop transport unit designed as a heavily armored and shielded multipurpose drop ship for transporting troops and armor directly into battle safely. Each of these craft contain 75 stormtroopers, allowing the 5 flights to carry 1,500 troops (approximately 9 line companies and one assault company). Finally, the navy possesses 3 flights of Y-85 Titan Dropships, a 90-meter long dropship transport unit designed to deploy walkers or prefabricated garrison bases from powerful magnetic clamps into battle. The Titan Dropships each carry an armoured platoon, and the three flights in total carry three of the Imperial Scholae Army's 6 full armoured companies.

List of Ships

Total starfighter contingent: 26 squadrons (12 TIE/D Defender, 10 TIE/SF Starfighter, 4 B-Wing Starfighter)

Sub-unit forces

While the ships listed below are not technically part of the Imperial Scholae Navy, as they serve their own units, they are included here to give a complete view of all of the space forces available to the clan. This section is outdated pending house summit work.

House Imperium


List of Ships

Battleteam Krennic

Serving as an extension of Imperium, Krennic's forces are designed to support its mission in not only defending against enemies but striking out at them as well.

List of Ships

Battleteam Pellaeon


List of Ships

House Excidium

Excidium's flotilla is a key asset in combating the House's external rivals, and has been composed with independence in mind. Mobile ships and fighters of mostly Rebel design provide respectable firepower, while converted freighters make port calls a rare necessity. These choices allow the flotilla to operate without leaving glaring evidence of its Imperial affiliation

List of Ships

Battleteam Tacitus Athanasius

Seen more as a tool than a key asset, the assassins use their ships like a hidden blade - for short, brutal surprise attacks.

List of Ships

Battleteam Vindictae Immortalis

The unruly Battleteam has replicated Excidium's overall fleet doctrine and refined it. Notable is the Baleen-class freighter which has been extensively modified to function as a small starbase.

List of Ships

IMS Tipoca II

The IMS Tipoca II is a Haven-class Medical Station in deep space outside the Caperion System. The circular station measures 652 metres in diameter, and is designed with eight medical bays around a central administration hub. Each of the eight medical bays contains an advanced medcentre with a 10,000 patient capacity. This gives a total capacity of 80,000 patients, which exceeds the number of stormtroopers in the Imperial Scholae Army. Furthermore, the IMS Tipoca II is capable of docking with with even massive warships, which facilitates both maintenance for the benefit the Navy's Star Destroyers and Heavy Cruisers as well as a quick vector for transporting wounded Navy personnel to the medical bays. The space station fulfils an important economic role, as well as a military one, as excess space at times when the clan is not at war is rented out to neutral factions at a premium.

Unarmed, this station is highly vulnerable and depends on other space vehicles to defend it from attackers. As such, it is defended by the ISN Sidious and the rest of the First Flotilla. Despite not officially being part of the Imperial Scholae Armed Forces, the IMS Tipoca II maintains strong mutually beneficial communications with both the Navy and the Army, and its patients are primarily wounded military personnel.

Imperial Scholae Armed Forces
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