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Unknown Regions


Caperion System







Distance from Core:

324 million km

Rotation period:

24 hours

Orbital period:

450 days


13,742 km


Type I (Breathable)


0-30 degrees Celsius


0.99 g

Primary Terrain:


Surface Water:


Native species:
  • 80% human
  • 20% various alien races
Primary language(s):

Galactic Basic


3.7 billion

Major cities:
  • Nardash
  • Corocova
  • Huisan
  • Tokare
  • Meraxis Empire
  • Democratic Republic of Elaya
  • Nayama Dynasty
  • The Republic of the Force
  • United Corporations of Elaya
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Seraph is a moderately sized terrestrial planet in the Caperion System. It is the planet third closest to the star, Caperion. Seraph is a world perfect for life to flourish, with a variety of terrains, a breathable atmosphere and oceans of water. It is the only heavily inhabited planet in the Caperion System.


Seraph is the third planet from Caperion, a terrestrial planet of mixed terrain orbiting at a distance of 324 million km. Temperatures on Seraph range from 0 to 30 degrees Celsius, depending on latitude and season. The planet is 13,742 km in diameter, with a gravity of almost exactly standard and a day length of 24 hours. One year on Seraph lasts 450 standard days.

Physical Geography

Land map of Seraph

Seraph’s surface is 60% ocean. Of the remaining 40%, the land mass is split between two major continents: Seguk in the west, and Elaya in the east.


Seguk, the smaller of the two major continents, is elongated on the North-South axis. Around the north border are the The Krakens, a dark, foreboding range of mountains that stand above all else on Seraph. Deep crevices run throughout the mountains creating a network of channels, walls, and detours. This reduces visibility greatly due to the irregular, jagged cuts into the mountain that appear to have been carved by glacial water. Some of these crags can fit entire starships while others narrow to a man's width before opening to complex and sprawling caverns within the mountain itself. The Krakens surround the Arbor Forest, a large coniferous taiga region, although what was once an untouched area of natural wildlife measuring 1000 kilometres across is now only 40% forestry, as a result of centuries of deforestation and urbanisation of the area. South of the Arbor Forest are the Kosong Plains. A wide expanse of flat, fertile soil, the plains offer the most convenient area of the continent for building, and as such contain the largest cities in the Meraxis Empire.

The continent narrows briefly about two thirds of the way down. This tropical region is called the Jungle Belt due to its primary rainforest terrain where a range of wildlife species coexist. Past the Jungle Belt is another area of plains dominated by the large cities of Meraxis, framed by a small mountain range, the Vatol Mountains, along the east coast. Within the Vatol Mountains lies Mount Vulkan, an active volcano believed to be on the verge of eruption. Very dry with little rainfall and heavy wind, most wildlife in this region are reptiles that need little water. The very southern tip of the continent crosses into the polar regions, and is covered in snow all year round.


Part of Elaya

Elaya is the largest land mass on Seraph, and is roughly shaped like a giant E. Across the north of the continent is a large snowy region, where large white predatory canines reign supreme. As the temperature warms further south, the snow gives way to the Kaynya Forest, a huge roofed forest with rich wildlife diversity and a dense green canopy which allows little light to reach the undergrowth. The forest has been designated a no-build zone by the Republic of Elaya government to protect the natural diversity. The most densely populated area of Elaya is a plains region south of the Kaynya Forest, bordered by the Salji and Phiri mountain ranges to the south and east. To the east, beyond the Phiri Mountains, lies a large jungle peninsula, owned by the Nayama Dynasty, famous for its exotic trees and beautiful natural water features.

South of the Salji Mountains lies the immense Sahro Desert. Scorching heat and endless sand, the only animals that survive here are those who specifically evolved to do so. The area is mostly uninhabited other than a few small cities. To the west of the desert, visible from the shoreline, is a small island 100% covered by the super-rich United Corporations of Elaya. On the southern border of the desert, grass begins to grow once more on the TRF-controlled southern regions of Elaya, consisting largely of sparse patches of woodland across grassy plains.

Southern Archipelago

Along the south of the Central Ocean separating Elaya from Seguk lies a chain of large islands occupied by the TRF. The largest, Surik Island, contains two major cities and was a popular holiday resort for tourists worldwide thanks to its warm weather, luscious beaches with clean water and further inland, tropical jungle until it was attacked by Meraxis.

The Leviathan's Wake

The shallow, island-riddled ocean around Seraph’s ‘The Republic of the Force’ is the seasonal birthing ground for the Leviathans, herd-dwelling gargantuans resembling a cross between turtoises and krakens.

They love to break the surface, warming their coral-encrusted carapace - ovoid, up to twenty meters long, and on the adults thick enough to be impenetrable to man-portable weapons and lightsabers - in the sun before their return to the cold depths in the coming months. Their presence lures all manners of local fish and birds to feast upon their parasites and attracting predators in turn, creating a dangerous living landscape of rising and sinking island strewn with corals, sharp mussels, and pools full of trapped fish segregated by narrow waters threshed by powerful torrents and diligent hunters.

Courageous youths from all free nations have created the custom of using the stubborn and mostly indifferent beasts' backs for all sorts of trials, be it island hopping, duels, or treasure hunts. The elite of the Scholae Empire has adopted the custom with higher stakes.

Nayama Islands

In the far east, the Nayama Islands feature the most beautiful scenery on Seraph. Natural waterfalls cascade through the jungles of tropical trees a spectrum of colours, and exotic animals. The jungles of the Nayama Islands contain predators from all areas of the animal kingdom. The northernmost islands, closest to the equator, feature the densest jungles, while towards the south of the islands the woodland is sparser and more coniferous.

Political Groups

Political Borders of Seraph

The Meraxis Empire

  • Head of State: Emperor Adoniram
  • Government: Absolute Monarchy
  • Wealth: Moderate
  • Territory: Strong
  • Capital: Nardash
  • Population: 1.2 billion

A military dictatorship, Meraxis harbours the long-held desire to rule all of Seraph. They rule their dominion with an iron fist and a strong army backed by forced military conscription. Their main enemies are the Democratic Republic of Elaya, with whom they have been at war for five years, and the constant threat of rebellion as a result of their authoritarian rule. The current Emperor, Adoniram, inherited the position 15 years ago from his father, whose father took control of the Empire in a such a rebellion, a military coup, in his youth over a century ago.

The Meraxis Empire has a population of 1 billion people. Nardash, the capital city and home of the Imperial Palace, contains 20 million people, a concrete jungle whose rule of law is enacted by a strong military police. On every official building, banners of striking red and black, bearing Imperial symbolism are a constant reminder of the Imperial rule. The only other country Meraxis have any relation with is the trade deals they have in place with the UCE.

The Democratic Republic of Elaya

  • Head of State: President Skylar Seki
  • Government: Constitutional Republic
  • Wealth: Rich
  • Territory: Very Strong
  • Capital: Corocova
  • Population: 1.7 billion

The Democratic Republic of Elaya (Elaya) is a powerful liberal state controlling the largest territory of the planet. Their goal is global peace and prosperity, and support the ideals of freedom, justice, and democracy. They are at war with the Empire of Meraxis, who they see as a threat to global peace. The current leader, President Skylar Seki, is popular among the people, and entering her 3rd term in office, although has come under criticism recently for weakness in handling the Meraxis crisis. They maintain peaceful relations with other countries on the planet, and will use their power to protect them if necessary.

Located in the centre of Elaya, Corocova is a rich, prosperous city of 15 million people, home to the Republic’s Parliament. The rest of the country’s 1.6 billion population are spread among cities across Elaya, employing a range of architectural styles, including stone, brick, and more modern building materials, sometimes even in the same street. Money is well distributed across the country, as the government unsure no citizen is left hungry by strong welfare schemes. Elaya shares land borders and peaceful relations with the TRF and Nayama.

The Nayama Dynasty

  • Head of State: Queen Meihui
  • Government: Aristocracy
  • Wealth: Moderate
  • Territory: Moderate
  • Capital: Huisan
  • Population: 350 million

The Nayama Dynasty are a kingdom rich in culture, history, and martial tradition. Among countries of the planet, they are the masters of the arts, ruled by a dynasty that dates back millennia, although their power has wanted over time. The Queen Meihui is respected among the people for both her beauty and martial skill, in addition to her fair leadership approach. They are seen as an exotic people by the other countries, and have repelled numerous invasion attempts from Meraxis thanks to the martial skill of their civilians and military.

Nayama’s population of 350 million people is mostly located on the Nayama Islands along the east coast of Elaya. Their architecture is as exotic as the local flora and fauna, curved structures of wood and gold, meticulously decorated with engravings and calligraphy. However, their civilisation is by no means primitive, the technology is merely disguised behind traditional decor. Nayama’s capital, Huisan, is located on a large island on the equator, and was the only major city, at 3 million people, while the rest of the population were mostly decentralised. The island chain contained a large number of small towns and villages, each carrying their own local unique arts and traditions.

The Republic of the Force

  • Head of State: Master Troykal Berckur
  • Government: Theocracy
  • Wealth: Poor
  • Territory: Moderate
  • Capital: Tokare
  • Population: 400 million

The Republic of the Force (TRF) are a spiritual society that follow a mysterious religion unique to Seraph which dates back millennia, based on worship of the Force and protection of nature. Traditions of prayer to the Force are strictly upheld by the head of state and religious leader, Master Berckur, seen as somewhat of a messiah by the people of the TRF due to his proficiency with the Force. These traditions were established millennia ago by the founder of the TRF, an ancient Jedi Master who came to Seraph and sought to create a cult that worshipped him. They seek to avoid interaction with the outside world, but rely on the protection of the Republic of Elaya for protection from the Empire of Meraxis.

Cities within the TRF are all named after famous Jedi that existed throughout history. 10 million people live in the capital city of Tokare, is located on the TRF’s section of the Elaya continent, south of the Sahro Desert. Master Berckur rules the country from the High Temple in the middle of Tokare, a 1:1 scale replica of the Jedi Temple on Coruscant.

The United Corporations of Elaya

  • Head of State: Chairman Gretris Retpay
  • Government: Corporatocracy
  • Wealth: Extremely Wealthy
  • Territory: Weak
  • Population: 50 million

The United Corporations of Elaya (UCE) was once a city of the Republic, but an alliance of powerful companies negotiated secession due to the president’s favouring of people’s welfare over business output. Ruled by businesses, for businesses, the UCE hold only a single city, but it is a densely packed metropolis of high rise buildings. Despite their small territory, they are untouchable due to their advanced economy, driven by science and technology manufacture, as well as financial services. The city itself is the largest, densest, richest, and most populous on Seraph, with 50 million people living on the island off the west coast of Elaya.

Political History

Due to Seraph’s general distrust and disconnection from the rest of the galaxy, major galactic concerns such as the Galactic Civil War has had little impact on life on Seraph, other than on available technology available through trade. However, Seraph has had a vivid political history of its own.


The planet of Seraph has been inhabited by spacefaring, sentient species since the first human colonists landed 20,000 years ago. Conflict and division have been prevalent since then, as more colonies began to form on the land, attracted by its lush scenery and, at that time, sparse population. As more species came to the planet, stable political groups and trade deals with the outside world began to form.

The Nayama Dynasty is believed to be the oldest lasting civilization on the planet, with records spanning back 10,000 years. While its name has changed numerous times due to the waxing and waning of Royal Families, little has changed in terms of the country’s location on the Eastern Archipelago, exotic style and martial traditions.

The creation of The Republic of the Force (TRF) is well documented. 8,500 years ago, a flamboyant Jedi Master, disillusioned with the ways of the Jedi Order, came to the planet with the intention of establishing a planetary-wide cult. At its height, the influence of the Republic he created based around worshipping the Force and its users (himself) spanned most of the Southern Hemisphere, but was unable to sway the Nayama Dynasty to their cause.

In the millennia that followed, the planet became split in two. The peaceful Democratic Republic of Elaya formed on the eastern continent, uniting most of it in an era of peace and prosperity. Meanwhile, in the west, aggressive military regimes reigned supreme, none ever gaining enough control of its own people to threaten the other nations.

The Meraxis Coup

Over 100 years ago, a general by the name of Meraxis, as ambitious as he was charismatic, developed a supreme lust for power on the western continent. As he gained power and supporters, a bitter war engulfed half the planet while the other powers attempted to remain neutral for fear of fueling the fire further. Eventually, Meraxis emerged dominant, and united the continent under his own name, The Meraxis Empire, with ambitions to rule all of Seraph. Over 100 years on, his grandson, Emperor Adoniram, still rules the Empire.

Officially, the end of the war is celebrated by the Meraxis Empire as a glorious day in the history of the country. By the people, however, it is remembered as the day in which the most oppressive regime in the history of Seraph rose to power.

The Secession of the UCE

While the Galactic Civil War ravaged the galaxy, Elaya was a prosperous, liberal haven, a land where the leaders placed freedom and quality of life above all else. However, discontent grew among the owners of powerful businesses, who began to see tightening worker protection laws and the increasing power of government-sponsored trade unions as a threat to their productivity and profits. Together, in 2 ABY, a coalition of businesses, the United Corporations of Elaya, pooled their wealth and purchased Sailyo, an island city off the west coast.

Sailyo became a city ran with economic output at the heart of everything, and as a result has accumulated incredible wealth. Strong in the scientific industry, the manufacturing of innovative technology, and financial services, the independent city established itself as a valued trade partner of all 4 other countries on the planet.

The Battle of Surik

In the year 34 ABY, under the command of Emperor Adoniram, the Meraxis Empire began its attempt to expand its power by launching a vicious unprovoked attack on the TRF controlled Surik Island. The battle was short and bloody, with Meraxis quickly gaining full control of the island until the TRF called upon the Elaya for support.

The result was a naval war between Elaya and Meraxis over the island. Elaya successfully stopped the invasion from progressing and secured half of the island for itself. The situation remains hostile, with a heavily militarised land border all that now separates the two countries and numerous skirmishes fought elsewhere across the planet.

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