Kadrol Hauen

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Exodus era.New Order era.
Kadrol Hauen
Biographical Information


Date of Birth:

21 ABY (age 21)

Physical Description

Pantoran-Human Hybrid




5' 10"


185 lbs.


Blond with a blue streak


Deep Blue

Personal Information

Anya Terrano


Cyrus Hauen

  • Clan Scholae Palatinae
  • Meraxis Empire
Lightsaber Form(s):

Soresu and Djem So


Purple Bladed Lightsaber, Yellow bladed shoto lightsaber

Fighting Style(s):

Sliding Hands and Shadow Step

Chronology & Political Information



Grey Jedi

  • Clan Scholae Palatinae
  • Order of the Force Disciple
Personal Ship:

Aurore Class Freighter

Known masters:
Known apprentices:

Rhody Gorhea



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Kadrol Hauen is a Pantoran-Human Hybrid Born on Pantora in 21 ABY. At age thirteen he was recruited to the Brotherhood by a Chiss named Brimstone. The two bonded almost instantly due to their similar ethnicity and personalities but was short-lived. The following year, Kadrol was convicted of betraying the Brotherhood. He decided he would leave the Brotherhood to reflect upon himself and his future. He spent this time visiting family, exploring the galaxy, and doing contract work across all sectors. Kadrol decided to return 15 months later and carry out his sentence, thus returning to the Brotherhood. Upon his return, he joined Clan Scholae Palatinae, where he found himself involved in a war with neighboring nations. Kadrol played a major role in taking the city of Ulr Uvi, and the citizens of the city proclaimed him a hero.


Kadrol is a Pantoran. As such, he has beautiful cerulean blue skin. He is slightly taller than the average Pantoran, standing at 5'10" (178cm), and weighs 185 pounds (84 Kilos). His eyes are a brilliant baby blue, his pupils black as obsidian. His mixed genetics expresses very obviously in his golden blond hair which features a prominent blue streak on the top of his right side. He keeps his hair fairly short in order to cut down on maintenance. His medium frame is largely untoned, his muscles hidden underneath his skin. Kadrol's only other distinguishing mark is a faint half-moon-shaped scar on the middle of his left index finger.

Character History


Kadrol was born in 21 ABY to a Pantoran named Anya Terrano and a Human named Chase Hauen. His mother, Anya, is part of the noble class on Pantora, and his father, Chase, was an aide to the Naboo senator. When Kadrol was born, Anya gave many of her duties as a senator to Chase, so she could be with baby Kadrol. Because of this, Kadrol has a very strong bond with his mother.


Kadrol went to a normal school on Pantora before being recruited by Brimstone. In school, Kadrol was always at the top of his class. He was also especially good at History.

As Kadrol grew up, he had been told by his teachers that he would make a good leader and strategist. At the time, Kadrol didn’t think much of this statement, but as he matured, he could see what they meant. Kadrol was seemingly invulnerable at Holo chess, He was great at debating, and he loved analysis. He was a very gifted boy, but there was more to it than anybody knew. Since a very young age, Kadrol had a sort of energy that he could feel surrounding him. It was a very comforting feeling for him. He had the Force.

Brotherhood life

Kadrol shortly after joining the Brotherhood

In school, Kadrol was at the top of his class. He was particularly fascinated with Galactic History and developed a passion for learning about the Jedi Order, as well as their enemies, the Sith. In 34 ABY, at the age of thirteen, he met a Chiss named Brimstone, a Sith warrior, who offered Kadrol an opportunity to learn about the ancient orders. Kadrol, thrilled with the chance to live out the life of some of his heroes, accepted the offer and was taken to train with Brimstone. Kadrol was given his very own training lightsaber as a reward for his progress by his first master, Brimstone.

After failing his master, Kadrol left Clan Plagueis following his trial and exile. He later joined Clan Scholae Palatinae where he was accepted and given a new master. A few months after being given Kylex Sanguris as his master, internal issues between the two lead to Kadrol being given a new master. His new master was Elincia Rei, the Empress of Scholae Palatinae, with whom he underwent intense training with until he was knighted on October 24, 36 ABY at 13:30 (Galactic Standard Time).

The Plagueian Way

Having been recruited to the Brotherhood, Kadrol was initiated into Clan Plagueis. It was here that Kadrol was indoctrinated with dark-side beliefs, including views on power, and mercilessness. Many, including himself, defined his first months in the brotherhood as a Sith. Through the passing of time, Kadrol’s stance on Sith and Plagueian ideals softened, likely due to his semi-frequent visits to his parents on Pantora. Though he has changed his ways, some of the radical beliefs linger with him to date, even after he changed his personal morals.

Trial and exile

In 35 ABY, Kadrol undertook the name Fallitar and, under the guise, attempted to gain influence and power by infiltrating the Dark Jedi Brotherhood. This ultimately failed, however, and Kadrol was put on trial in the Chamber of Justice, where he was punished with a three-level demotion, as well as being forced into exile for a year to think about his actions. This time off changed Kadrol’s outlook on the force, and life in general, and so, upon his return, Kadrol vowed to take the path of the Gray Jedi.

Becoming a Palatinaen

Having changed his ways, Kadrol decided he would join a new clan, eventually being accepted by Scholae Palatinae. Kadrol quickly gained the attention of Empress Elincia Rei, though many within the clan viewed him as troublesome. Due to reasons unknown to all but the empress herself, and possibly Grand Admiral Mune Cinteroph as well, Elincia decided to become Kadrol’s master, stating that Kylex had become a “Bad influence” on the Padawan. Four months later, Kadrol was knighted by Darth Aeternus during the battle of the Meridian. Several weeks following the battle, the Pantoran was given an official knighting ceremony back within the Caperion System. He was the first member of the clan to be knighted at the new clan capital in Caelestis City.

Loss of a Master

In 37 ABY, The death of Elincia Rei caused Kadrol to once again leave his clan, this time for fear of his life. Elincia had been killed a traitor, her legacy falling to pieces as a result. Kadrol, in his grief, became paranoid that he would be roped in with Elincia's traitorous actions. He fled early in the morning, fleeing to the Mid Rim. During the journey, Kadrol reflected on his time with his late master, ultimately coming to the conclusion that Kadrol had been little more than an inconvenience for Elincia. During his time in the Mid Rim, Kadrol worked on schooling and visited with family. While visiting his family on Pantora, Kadrol would decide to receive the tattoos of his clan, something he had sworn off for the longest time. After a period of about three years, Kadrol decided it was time to return to Clan Scholae Palatinae. He spent the next year honing his skills and learning to fight with two lightsabers. At the end of his training, Kadrol returned to the Caperion system, ready to pave a trail and cement his legacy.

A Deepened Rift

Upon Kadrol's return to Clan Scholae Palatinae in Early 41 ABY, things were very different within the clan. The Caperion system had been united. Kamjin Lap'lamiz now ruled as Emperor. Several new people had joined the clan. However, nothing had changed more than Kadrol himself. While on leave, Kadrol had seen many injustices which struck him to the core, and he vowed to follow the moral law and right wrongs at any cost. This change in behavior and view towards the Sith among the ranks left him questioning his future within the clan, but the few other Force Disciples convinced him to remain; if only to change the clan from within.


Childhood Home

Like most, if not all Pantorans, Kadrol was born on the Pantoran homeworld of Pantora. Pantora is a snow-covered moon. Pantora is the primary moon in orbit around the planet Orto Plutonia, in the Pantora system, located in the Sujimis sector of the Outer Rim Territories. It is the homeworld of the Pantorans. The inhabitants of the moon were led by the Pantoran Assembly and the Chairman of Pantora. During the Clone Wars, Pantora was a member of the Galactic Republic and therefore represented the Galactic Senate.

Kadrol’s childhood home was fairly large and his family had a few hired hands. As a young child, Kadrol had loads of fun with them, although the servants might have said otherwise. As Kadrol grew older, he became very close to them and it was always a very emotional time when one of them left. Kadrol’s parents and siblings still live in that house, but Kadrol usually lives in his barracks in the DB headquarters.

DB Home

Kadrol lives in the Clan Barracks in Caelestis City when he is not at home. However, since his knighthood in October of 36 ABY and his master's death in 37 ABY, he has spent the majority of his time with his family and traveling the galaxy.


Kadrol’s Warbanner


Kadrol’s Warbanner is adorned with silver trim, a mark of knighthood within the Brotherhood. The fabric is made of cloth, denoting his relatively low-ranking status. The fabric is a solid red style to give a sense of wealth and regality that can be attributed to his family’s presence in the Pantoran Senate. The emblem found in the center of the warbanner is the Hauen family crest.

The crest of the Hauen family is typically applied in a single color, as it was first applied onto armor during war times in 2500 BBY when it was first created. As a result, it has become a tradition to keep the crest in a single color, although it is not always used in this way. The emblem is in black to represent the relatively humble background of the family, having no famous beings to the name. The emblem itself is a spiral galaxy surrounded by nine stars. The four points in the diamond at the center of the galaxy represent the four core ideals of the Hauen family. The two large, which attach to the spiraling arms, represent the most important two ideals, love and courage. The two small, pointed arms which complete the diamond shape represent the other two ideals of knowledge and trust. The galaxy as a whole represents how the family has spread from their home world on Dantooine to systems all over the galaxy. The nine stars represent the nine children of the crest’s creator, Jameson Hauen. Kadrol is believed to be the only remaining person with the emblem, as only the first son of each of the nine descendants is allowed to inherit the emblem to use as their own.

Fixed to the warbanner is a set of silver rails and emblems of the Grand Master’s Royal Guard, Shroud Syndicate, Antei Combat Center, and the Shadow Academy society, of which Kadrol is a part, as well as the emblem of his order, the Force Disciples. Though they are insignificant pieces of metal to most, Kadrol finds meaning in each of them.

Clan Tattoos

Like many Pantorans, Kadrol has distinctive facial tattoos on each cheek which represent his clan heritage. However, because his father was human, Kadrol had held off on getting these tattoos for the longest time. However, during his travels across the galaxy, Kadrol came to the conclusion that he was not just an embodiment of what it meant to be a Hauen, but also what it meant to be Pantoran. So, when he returned to Pantora next, he had a sketch drawn up and received his very own clan markings. These markings consist of an arc, representing all of the ancestors who have paved the way, culminating in a diamond, representing the individual's place at the end of the long line. The diamond also represents the four core ideals of love, courage, knowledge, and trust.



Kadrol earned his Sage in History and Lore in 36 ABY and now plans and leads archaeological digs around the galaxy.

Kadrol Hauen had been fascinated with extinct species of Fauna since he was a young boy. Learning about the ancient beasts let Kadrol drift into his own imagination where he lived alongside these mythical beasts. An imagination where even the most dangerous of beasts could become his friend. Through the years, his imagination would become focused on hyper-realistic scenarios and less on more fantastical things. Though his general love for these creatures would eventually fade, the memories were stored away and Kadrol took a liking to History.

When Kadrol was twelve, he was reintroduced to the world of these beasts in a class at school. During this unit, Kadrol also learned about Paleontology’s sentient-based counterpart: archaeology. At this point in his life, Kadrol was more intrigued by the empires of the past, such as the Old Republic and the Sith empire. He also found ancient battles quite intriguing: ones before droids were able to be mass-produced as they were in the Clone Wars. The Jedi and Sith orders and the evolution of the lightsaber were, in his opinion, the most fun to learn about.

The following year, Kadrol was recruited to the Dark Jedi Brotherhood. In his first few months, he had begun to notice all kinds of Brotherhood-funded archaeology digs to uncover ancient artifacts from the ancient Sith as well as the ancient Jedi Order, as well as to fill in holes in what was known about these Force users of old. He had immediately asked his master, Brimstone if he could take leave and participate in a few of these archeological digs. While on these archeological digs, Kadrol himself never actually discovered anything particularly special, but he did try to gather information about them based on where they were found and the things they were found with.

Kadrol often takes some of the artifacts, keeping them for himself, in hopes that one day he will be able to start up a museum. While his collections mostly consist of small, insignificant items, the occasional large item renews his ambitions once again. After being knighted, Kadrol found himself with a large gap in his schedule, which he filled with freelance excavations. Two such expeditions were those of Delta Base, a rebel base on the planet Hoth with a less fortunate fate than its more famous counterpart, Echo Base, and the Star Destroyer Inflictor on Jakku. His finds included a full Stormtrooper uniform, a rebel uniform, numerous rank plates from both rebel and Imperial officers, a portable radar computer, code cylinders, several Imperial Officer uniforms, an ISB uniform, A Sith amulet, a Nightsister skull, and a mostly intact TIE Fighter which failed to leave the Inflictor during the Battle of Jakku.


In his free time, Kadrol likes to keep his hands busy. He does so by messing around with a children’s toy called holo-bricks. The bricks lock together to form various things, such as scale models of some of the galaxy’s most famous landmarks.

Pets and Droids


Kadrol has a pet Vulptex pup, a baby crystalline fox hailing from the planet Crait. Kadrol has nicknamed his pet fox “Kyber,” as the crystals on the magnificent creature remind the Pantoran of the rare crystals used in lightsabers. The pup’s crystals are a cloudy sort of clear and have a bluish hue in the light. The crystals’ edges and tips have been dulled down in order to be nondeadly. The general shape and size of the crystals have been retained, and the dulled points do not detract in any way from the aesthetic of the original creature.

BB-10Z "Tenz"

BB-10Z "Tenz"

Tenz is the name of Kadrol's BB-unit Astromech droid, which he bought in 36 ABY. He has a base color of imperial gray, with cyan accents. Around the edges of the accents is gold trim. Like Kadrol, Tenz is dedicated to self-improvement and strives for greatness, though this often leads to arguments with his owner.

Parents and Sibilings

His mother is a Pantoran senator by the name of Anya Hauen (born Terrano). As a result, Kadrol grew up in the spotlight. Kadrol didn’t mind the extra attention, though. His mom is very kind and loving, but her senator nature means Kadrol occasionally has to debate her in order to get certain things.

Kadrol’s dad is a Human named Cyrus Hauen. Kadrol likely gets his enjoyment of history and collecting from him.

Kadrol has two siblings. Kadrol’s sister, Malia, is a year younger than him, and his little brother Daniel is six years younger than him.


Kadrol's Lightsaber

As a gray Jedi, Kadrol’s weapon of choice is his purple lightsaber, but he is also trained with a blaster.

Purple Lightsaber

His lightsaber was given to him as a gift by his first master, Brimstone. It originally had a red blade, and a basic cylindrical hilt that all initiates have, he was a Sith initiate at the time. After his conviction and exile, Kadrol vowed to change his ways. It was during this period of time when Kadrol traveled to Dantooine, to search for a new crystal for his lightsaber in the crystal cave. Brimstone had told him stories of the cave, and Kadrol had a general idea of where it was. After Kadrol landed on the planet, it only took an hour of searching before he found the cave. He reached out to the Force and followed its directions. The Force led him to a crystal on the cave wall, Kadrol reached up and broke it off. He went back to his ship and meditated. Using the Force, he disassembled his lightsaber, replaced the crystal, and reassembled the weapon. Coming out of his meditation, Kadrol stood up and ignited the saber. It now glowed with a deep violet blade. Upon reaching knighthood, his master Elincia took him into a room containing hundreds of thousands of lightsaber parts. Calling upon the Force, Kadrol created a new hilt to house his Kyber Crystal. The new hilt featured an angled emitter made of durasteel and bronze, and a plasteel (durasteel and plastoid alloy) hilt, highlighted with bronze accents, which curves at the end, and a rubber grip. The activation switch is small in comparison with most lightsabers, but this fact does not detract from the functionality of the saber. The lightsaber is equipped with both an environmental adaption kit and waterproofing, truly preparing Kadrol to fight in any condition. In 37 ABY, Kadrol would once again upgrade his lightsaber, this time by making the journey to Christophsis to secure a focusing crystal. Crystals from the planet Christophsis are said to produce much more powerful impacts than normal Kyber crystals.

Kadrol Training to Dual Wield

Gold Lightsaber

Kadrol crafted his gold-bladed shoto lightsaber in 40ABY while on sabbatical from the mishaps of the Dark Brotherhood. The hilt of this lightsaber is much more simplistic in design than his saber of regular length, featuring a rounded black hilt with contours on two sides, allowing for ease of control in either hand. The hilt also features an elegant silver trim which contrasts nicely with the dark casing. This simplicity in design represents Kadrol's more refined nature and an inner peace he had yet to find when he first started on his journey through the Dark Jedi Brotherhood. The focusing crystal in this lightsaber is a Nishalorite stone, which causes the lightsaber to intensify when pointing to magnetic north. Finding the Nishalorite stone proved difficult for Kadrol, and it wasn't until he found his own true north and finally accepted himself that he was even able to locate the stone.

Jedi Training


Brimstone is a Chiss in Clan Plagueis who recruited Kadrol to the brotherhood. He was Kadrol’s first master and guided him until Kadrol’s conviction. Under the leadership of Brimstone, Kadrol reached the rank of JM3, before his demotion. He led Kadrol from NV1 to JM3 before Kadrol was demoted back to NV4.


After Kadrol returned to the Brotherhood and joined Clan Scholae Palatinae, Kylex was the one who took Kadrol in. Kadrol hoped this will be the master to lead him to knighthood, but internal struggles between the two led to Kadrol being re-apprenticed. He apprenticed Kadrol from NV4 to JM2 during his time as Kadrol’s master.

Elincia Rei

Kadrol was re-apprenticed to Elincia after internal issues between Kadrol and Kylex. Kadrol hopes to learn how to become a leader under his master and Consul, Elincia. Shortly after becoming apprenticed to Elincia, Kadrol earned his first Sage from the Shadow Academy. This was something he had been working on since Kylex was his master but finally came to fruition due to the teachings of Elincia, who guided Kadrol to knighthood.

Missions and Adventures

Kadrol participated in the battle of Ulr Uvi and was officially proclaimed an Excidiac hero. Leading up to the battle, Kadrol played a key role in gathering intelligence on the Meraxis Empire and relaying it to Excidium. Kadrol would later lead a dozen troops during the ensuing battle, taking hold of a bunker previously in Meraxis hands.

Timeline of Significant Character Events

Year Age Event
21 ABY 0
  • Jan- Kadrol is born.
23 ABY 2
  • March- Kadrol Displays his first signs of being Force Sensitive
34 ABY 13
  • Oct.- Kadrol is recruited to the Dark Jedi Brotherhood.
  • Oct.- Kadrol joins Clan Plagueis.
35 ABY 14
  • Feb.- Kadrol is convicted of betraying the Brotherhood.
  • Aug.- Kadrol goes Rogue.
36 ABY 15
  • April- Kadrol returns to the Brotherhood
  • Feb.- Kadrol joins Clan Scholae Palatinae and is apprenticed to Kylex
  • May- Kadrol becomes apprentice to Elincia Rei due to internal conflicts with Kylex
  • July- Kadrol becomes revered as a hero by the citizens of Ulr Uvi
  • Sept.- Kadrol is immortalized as a bust in the Ulr Uvi city hall
  • Oct.- Kadrol is Knighted
37 ABY 16
  • Feb.- Kadrol becomes Magistrate to the Headmaster. He resigns later the same year.
  • Apr.- Kadrol is Promoted to Mystic (Equite 1)
  • July- Kadrol is inducted into the Order of the Dark Paladins
41 ABY 20
  • Jan.- Kadrol is Promoted to Savant (Equite 2)