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Regent (RGT)—The owner and manager of all the possessions related systems, structures and balance. This position was created in response to the overwhelming workload associated with managing a set of stores selling Star Wars items, and keeping the content up to date with the Star Wars universe that never ends. Primarily tasked with keeping the possessions experience fun and engaging for members and up to date with Canon content. The Regent works to add new items and engaging experiences to the systems while documenting every aspect of the system for a consistent experience going forward. This requires collaboration with every other office on the Dark Council as well as Clans in some form through items, items, the site, the societies and the administration.

The current Regent is Zxyl Bes'uliik Taldrya.


General Duties

  • Maintain the data for all items in the possessions system
  • Balance the cost of items against the sources of income within the possessions system for member experience
  • Determine and manage how members and units with slot or equip items and use them
  • Manage all Aspect customization of unique Items
  • Continue to develop and expand the possessions systems along with Star Wars Canon

Specific Duties


  • Develop and maintain available stores
  • Determine and manage the stocking rules for all Prototype Items
  • Work with the Seneschal to maintain a user friendly site interface for researching, buying and selling Unique Item Instances
  • Develop and maintain a list of Item Types and Categories
  • Develop and maintain a policy on Item Rarity
  • Work with the SCL to maintain a list of triggers for when Unique Items will be granted to members automatically
  • Develop and maintain any prompts to members to make decisions about obtaining items
  • Maintain full documentation and process flows of the possessions system for quality control and reliable experience going forward
  • Work with the MAA to resolve any inappropriate item names to maintain a safe member experience
  • Maintain a policy for requests of new items being added to the possessions system for purchase
  • Approve and manage the creation of any new items in possessions to be awarded in any Vendetta and their distribution
  • Determine how many of any individual Prototype Item should exist within possessions for any limited runs or special items as well as policies and procedures to handle their ownership

Item Prototypes

  • Management and creation of new Item Prototypes according to policy
  • Maintain all variable data on Item Prototypes
  • Determine, own and enforce any ownership restrictions on any prototype items to align with all other Dark Council policy
  • Manage the structure of Sockets in the system for nesting items using Item Type
  • Work with the Herald to maintain graphics for each Item Prototype

Item Aspects

  • Develop and maintain a list of Item Aspect Types
  • Determine how many Item Aspect slots, and of what type will apply to each Prototype Item
  • Develop and maintain policies and guidelines for custom aspects for members to apply to their items
  • Maintain a list of pre-written Item Aspects of each type for attaching to instances of items

Member Item Ownership and Kits

  • Develop and maintain a policy for equipping possessed items including how many and what types of items a member can equip
  • Work with the SCL to maintain a user-friendly interface for equipping items to their character
  • Review the available options for members to purchase, and continue to expand as Star Wars Canon expands

Unit Item Ownership

  • Develop and maintain the level of structure which units will reflect their Order of Battle on the site using the possessions system
  • Develop and maintain policies and guidelines around unit implementation and how items will be grouped for use by units and supports necessary goals of units to field an Order of Battle on the wiki
  • Review the available options for unit purchase, and continue to expand as Star Wars Canon expands


  • Develop and maintain the policy on base pricing of Item Prototype items in possessions
  • Maintain percentage at which each store will buy or sell a unique item relative to its Item Prototype value
  • Develop and maintain the policies in place to reward members with credits for their different services to the Brotherhood with Grand Master approval
  • Develop and maintain the policies in place to reward Clans or other units with credits allowing purchase of possessions items
  • Manage the member experience and economy of possessions


  • Maintain the content of trophies on the site and available options and updating as necessary
  • In conjunction with the SCL, maintain the trophies system on the site


  • Develop and maintain the policy regarding the creation and maintenance of Artifacts
  • Approve the creation of any new artifact items and their creation in the possessions system

Society Item Rewards

  • Working with the appropriate Dark Councilor or Society Leader, maintain a list of appropriate rewards for active participation in the society with necessary triggers
  • Approve and maintain a list of possessions items in support of society rewarding goals
  • Approve the creation of any new items to be awarded within any society

Fictional Role

The Regent is tasked by the Grand Master with overseeing all the Brotherhood’s trade routes, resources, supply lines, industries and economics including all assets necessary for the continued administration of the Dark Jedi Brotherhood’s operations. This includes the production of necessary technology and equipment to carry out the vision of the Grand Master as well as operations of all other groups.

See: Organizational Chart

Roll of Regents

The current Regent is Zxyl Bes'uliik Taldrya.

Regents of the Brotherhood
Name Service Dates
Evant Taelyan September 8, 2016 - May 16, 2019
Atra Ventus June 9, 2019 - March 22, 2021
Zxyl Venzos April 9th, 2021 - Present


  • Prior to this position being officially instated and named Regent, it was generally referred to as Darth Logistics
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