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Dragon Seraphim
General information

RevengeX Palpatine


QUA: Kalak Ragnose
BTL: Luciferus "Scyrone" Leviathan

Historical information

26 ABY


31 ABY

Other information
Notable members:

Impetus, Yeldarb


Clan Scholae Palatinae, House Acclivis Draco


Dark Jedi Brotherhood Era

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The Order of the Dragon is the personal honor guard of the House Acclivis Draco Quaestor.


War had passed Scholae Palatinae. Both houses of the Clan were weakened by a Civil War, after which no winner emerged. For years, Acclivis Draco was the dominant House, yet the equilibrium brought by Impetus and her treacherous House Caliburnus showed that the House was growing, and Rasilvenaira StormRaven’s desertion of Acclivis Draco to Caliburnus looked to shift the balance in their direction.

Yet all was not lost for Acclivis Draco. The artefact Caliburnus had made contact with Impetus, calling her to locate it. Only the True Quaestor of Caliburnus could retrieve the lightsaber from its resting place. The whole house left on an expedition to locate the weapon, in which Thran Occasus left Impetus, and searched for the blade himself with Rasilvenaira. It seemed Caliburnus had betrayed Impetus, and chose Thran Occasus as the Quaestor, despite her leadership of the house for over a year. Feeling unsafe in Caliburnus, she fled back to Acclivis Draco.

From Acclivis Draco’s view, Rasilvenaira, the new Caliburnus Aedile had betrayed them through desertion. Thran Occasus had betrayed his Quaestor by working against her. It was clear enough to RevengeX Palpatine that Caliburnus was not a force to be taken lightly. As manipulative as the average Krath, with the Power of the Sith, action had to be taken to prevent the pair from overwhelming Acclivis Draco.

A new defense force was needed. A defense unique to Acclivis Draco, to keep Caliburnus at bay. An Order of Champions would be assembled, built up slowly, as a primary defense against their partner house. First, he would need the first member of the Order of the Dragon. The perfect candidate was obvious. The Quaestor of Caliburnus not a month past, the one who made the house such a threat in the first place. Krath Priestess Impetus was the first Fang of the Order, entitled the Fang of Prophecy.

A month passed, and there was no hostile activity from Caliburnus. To join Impetus in the Order was the Fang of Power, Jedi Hunter Gavan, a skilled pilot. It seemed the defense against Caliburnus was a waste of time, and the Order would serve no real purpose, until the Fang of Prophecy lived up to her name, and claimed that there would be no new attack from Caliburnus for a long time. Also in her claim, she foresaw multiple Clan conflicts, and long periods of War for Acclivis Draco. True to her words, a feud between Scholae Palatinae and Arcona soon erupted, Acclivis Draco and Caliburnus combined to fight on the same side, the Order of the Dragon giving the new task of defending their house from other Clans.

The Clan Feud against Arcona was one sided, the Scholae Palatinae forces overrun by their Rival Clan, but managed to hold Judecca against the clear victors. On Antenora, however, efforts from the Order of the Dragon rendered any attack on the Acclivis Draco homeworld impotent, impeccable planning kept Arcona well away from conquering the Planet. After the success against Arcona, the task of external defense became the primary focus of the Order.

The Details

Initiation and Expulsion

Each month, the Quaestor will name their induction into the vaunted Order of the Dragon. Generally, this is the most active, dedicated member for that time period. After this, the named member will be inducted into the Order of the Dragon and offered an invitation into the House’s Elite Battle Team.

Once an individual accepts the invitation, they will be awarded an honorific title of Fang. However, regardless of the member joining the Battle Team, they shall be awarded the title “Order of the Dragon: Third Class.” This latter title will be maintained at all times throughout one’s career unless a member finds themselves worthy of removal, or expulsion, from the Order.

There are several reasons that justify the expulsion of a member. A member whom is AWOL (Absent With Out Leave), retirement from the Battle Team, a complete term of service or, in extreme cases, sets a standard opposite of Clan and House Values.

An Order Member and/or Fang may lose their status if the member is given a Letter of Reprimand by the Chamber of Justice, or has shown disreputable behavior across the Dark Brotherhood’s communication mediums (e-mail, IRC, etc.).

Tier System

Upon induction into the vaunted elite of House Acclivis Draco, an individual is awarded the prestige of “Order of the Dragon: Third Class.” This is the primary, beginning rank of all elected individuals whom have taken strides to strengthen the House - be it through activity or completion of significant projects.

However, elevation within the Order is attainable in the form of two additional classes: Second and First Class. These titles are reserved only for current individuals belonging to the Order and must be approved by a trio of individuals: Quaestor, Proconsul, and Consul.

No one can detail the tasks required for further advancement, but it is assumed that longevity of service and the ability to act on superior’s orders can factor heavily into such elevation. Additionally, a member whom proves themselves as a Champion of the Clan in times of Brotherhood Vendetta may be eligible for advancement, as well.

Dragon Seraphim

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Acclivis Draco Battleteams
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Dragon Seraphim

Order of the Dragon

Mando'ad Vode

Dragon Seraphim Logo by Laurus

The Dragon Seraphim is the name given to the group of the twelve newest Order members and is at the very bottom of the system of echelons.

While the Order of the Dragon is a purely fictional roster, the Dragon Seraphim was an official unit of Acclivis Draco, once functioning as the House’s only Battleteam. Conveniently, there are twelve available spots in a battleteam, and twelve months in a year. Anyone inducted into the Order will be placed in the Dragon Seraphim, and the oldest member of the team will be removed, but will unofficially remain in the Order.


The First task of the Order is as Advisers to the House Summit. If the Acclivis Draco leadership need extra feedback or ideas in a project that will affect the entire house, the Order will be the first ones for them to go to. In this role, the Order plays a key role in the running of the house, as in many projects taking place, they will be consulted on many occasions.

Secondly, the initiation process of the Order allows anyone to get in through a good month of activity. The constant prospect of induction to the Order will entice people to push themselves harder, really make an effort in important times to be known as one of Acclivis Draco’s elite. In turn, this will make for a much more active Acclivis Draco outside of the Order.

The combination of the two responsibilities will allow the Order to play a very active role in the running of the house, and the very existence of it will encourage activity in those outside, thus making Acclivis Draco a much stronger force in DB-wide events.

Dragon Support

The Dragon Support is the name given to the squad of NPCs that accompany the Dark Jedi of the Order of the Dragon.

At this time, there are two members of the Dragon Support: Nero, and Meggon Vohkou.

Ararin Korin 
A Twi'lek-Human hybrid, who was the spouse of ex-Order member Impetus Korin, Ararin was the longest serving Dragon Support member, until he followed Impetus to Caliburnus. Despite his superior marksmanship, his fake, modest personality and undying loyalty to Impetus were seen as a vexatious hindrance to the House by most others. He was killed by slavers following his wife in a martyrish mission to Siordan'a.
A middle-aged Mon Calamari that is renowned for his piloting skills, Nero joined the Dragon Support after being captured by Scholae Palatinae when he made a daring escape from Imperial imprisonment. Nero is very skeptical, but his concentration is fierce in the heat of battle, and his sense of loyalty is radiant towards those who gave him a second chance - House Acclivis Draco.
Meggon Vohokou 
A female Human married to Yeldarb Vohokou, she was born and raised on Coruscant. Although short for most Humans - standing at a mere 5 foot 2 inches - and despite her seemingly innocent appearance, her abilities with slicing and explosives is invaluable to the Order.


First Class


Second Class

Fang of Prophecy - January 2007

Third Class

Gavan Sykes Mandalore 
Fang of Destruction - February 2007
Fang of Fear - March 2007
Fang of Aggression - April 2007
Siyavash Kaida 
Fang of Beauty - May 2007
Adam Anderson 
Fang of Wisdom - June 2007
Syphoc Rilkel 
Fang of Spice - July 2007
Yeldarb Vohkou 
Fang of Swords - August 2007
Tra'an Reith 
Fang of Fate - September 2007
Kalak Ragnose 
Fang of Knowledge - October 2007
Fang of Tenacity - November 2007
Anga Salinas 
Fang of Ice - December 2007
Korroth Karn 
Claw of Suffering - Q1 2008
Koryn Thraagus 
Claw of Callousness - November 2008
Korrot Karn 
Fang of Stone - Unknown
Luciferus "Scyrone" Leviathan 
Fang of Spirit - Unknown
Fang of Fear - September 2009