Serpentine Throne

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The Serpentine Throne of Clan Arcona. Reserved for the Consul of the Clan and situated in the Citadel, Selen.

The Serpentine Throne was acquired by Arcona shortly after the Exodus. It is believed to have been constructed specifically for the then Consul Mejas Doto, by persons unknown.


Standing several feet above the head of even the tallest who may come to occupy the Consul role in Arcona, the throne is coloured mostly black, though some elements are white as well. A pair of serpents are coiled around each side of the throne, their lower bodies appearing to constrict the throne’s legs, before loosening their grip a little, eventually reaching a point near the top of the throne, where the serpents’ heads stare out menacingly at anyone who dares approach. The throne is also adorned with the symbol of Clan Arcona, leaving no doubt as to who this artefact belongs to.


"This is no chair, Entar. It will give you so much more..control..over your Arconans."
Darth Ashen to Wuntila Arconae, as the latter ascended to Consul - (35 ABY)

The throne holds a great deal of power, but it is only accessible to the Consul of Arcona. When he or she sit in the throne, they are able to connect to the minds of each and every member of the Clan. This allows them to communicate with their subordinates, regardless of location. However, if the Arconan is in the Dajorra System, they are also able to probe their mind, being able to tell an individual’s emotions, moods and intentions, making the throne a powerful asset indeed.

The Serpentine Throne is a permanent feature of the Throne Room of Arcona's Citadel, Selen.