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This article details the history of a character who no longer actively takes part in current events.

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Physical Description

Scelestus is tall and slender with long white hair and a matching goatee. An incident in his youth left his hair bleached white, while years of being steeped in the dark side of the Force have turned his skin almost alabaster white, and his eyes blood red. He is generally seen wearing robes in muted colors, with his hood obscuring his face. While on assignment for Shadow Gate he generally stays true to type, wearing a long trench coat in place of the robe.

Character History

Early life

Born on a distant planet of the Outer Rim, Scelestus was a twin born to parents who held high ranks in the local planetary government. His sister was born first and showed all the signs of being the dominant twin. Both of the young ones got along very well, in fact, they were almost attached at the hip. They could not stand to be separated at any time from each other and spent all of their waking moments playing together, developing their own language as twins tend to do. Around the time of their second birthday, a global epidemic of a very virulent disease swept through the capital city and Scelestus' sister Katrina caught it. Scelestus spent all of his time for the next two weeks hovering over his stricken twin, refusing to eat or sleep while he kept his vigil over her. When the disease finally claimed her life, something deep in Scelestus' soul snapped and his parents came running after a shockwave of energy rocked the house. They found everything in the twin's room blasted away from their children in a huge ring, and their son was shaking with uncontrolled emotion over the body of his dead sister.

This was the source of his ever smoldering temper, and the young Scelestus was characterized as having a fierce anger that broke loose frequently at anything that offended the young child. He constantly got into fights at school as he continued to grow up, and his parents, at a loss for what to do with their troubled child, enrolled him into martial arts classes, hoping that they would provide an outlet for his anger and aggression. This did help partly, although the new skills were soon incorporated into his continuing fights at school. He was eventually expelled from the private academy that he attended at the age of twelve when the normal fluctuations of puberty combined with his already volatile temper in a very bad way. The final blow came when he beat a fellow student near to death over a simple matter. As if this was not bad enough the young man also displayed a deeply disturbing cruel streak during his childhood, as he would amuse himself by torturing little animals. He spent his free time during the days after school hunting in the nearby woods, capturing squirrels, rabbits, and other rodents that he would then mutilate and abuse before finally killing them and burning the caracasses. While this depraved behavior would not be discovered until much later, the cruelty that was instilled in him through these actions proved to be very valuable later in life as Scelestus was able to translate these skills learned in his macabre childhood play into effective torture techniques that allowed him to extract information from others, either through intimidation or applied threats and pain. He also learned how to hide evidence of his passing, since he took great pains to remove any sign of his juvenile amusement so that no one discovered his hobby.

This disturbing glimpse into the life of the troubled and disturbed Scelestus does not in any way imply that his parents did not care for their child or that they neglected him. In fact the exact opposite was the case. His parents doted on him and spared no expense in either time or money when it came to his needs. This was in part due to the fact that he was now their only child and also to attempt to console him over the loss of his sister. Due to this attention and care, Scelestus loved his parents very much, and despite all of the hate that would gather in and around him later in life, none of it was every directed at them. However, all of their attempts seemed to be in vain as the young man simply shrugged off their attempts at comforting him and slipped deeper and deeper into his dark passtimes in an attempt to fill the void in his soul that the death of his sister had left there. It seemed to Scelestus that the only way to diminish the pain of the loss of his sibling was to submerse himself in evil attempting to numb his emotions entirely to the world around him. Since this did not work as perfectly as he had hoped, this failure simply served to push him deeper and deeper into morbid hobbies and fuel his anger even more.

By the time that Scelestus was expelled from school his father had died from a heart condition that proved to be fatal and his mother still had no idea what could be done to redeem her tormented son. At the veritable end of her rope, she enlisted the aid of a strange man that was considered to be very wise, and who served as an advisor to the ruler of their homeworld. Having secured an agreement with this recluse to serve as tutor for her son, she breathed a sigh of relief and turned him over to his new teacher. Under the guise that separating Scelestus from his current life would be the first step on the road to recovery, the old man and his pupil left the capital city to spend sometime in the country-side. In fact, this old man was a moderately powerful force user, who sensed the potential in the young boy and wanted to seclude him for training in the ways of the force.

Force Training

Thus was Scelestus initiated into the world of force users. He resented the menial tasks that his new master set for him, not guessing their true purpose. He could be regularly heard cursing loudly and proficiently as he stalked through the forest lashing out at any plants and animals that were unfortunate enough as to get in his way, while hauling water. The hours that he spent chopping wood were not much calmer as every new blister brought on another tantrum of dancing around in total fury, throwing the axe at whatever he thought was a suitable target. The old hermit was wily, and used chores to stoke the fire of Scelestus' anger so that it could be unleashed as he gained more power over the dark side of the force. This mentor believed in using the force as a weapon—a gift that allowed those who could control it to enact their will on the world around them. Recognizing the role that emotions played in the gain of power, the recluse used these endless tasks to increase the anger and frustration of his student to the boiling point. The lesson was learned well one day, after two years of training. Scelestus was faced with another afternoon of chopping wood to fuel the camp and cook fires. As he looked at all that remained to be done, the pent up anger and turmoil from doing these chores, the death of his father, and the death of his sister, burst loose as if from a dam and flowed outward through his body manifesting as force lightning that blasted the tree into non-existence. The hermit, who had been watching his pupil very closely waiting for this exact moment, stepped out from his hiding place and congratulated his young protege on the completion of the lesson and the power that he gained. Once this had been mastered, the instruction turned to other facets of the force, including how to sense others in the general vicinity and ways to determine when danger was in the area before it had a chance to catch him unaware. The young Orshana also learned how to move objects with his mind, and how to control his mind and body in a way that allowed him to recover energy and become more in tune with the force around and in him. Scelestus' instruction in these powers was not entirely academic, as the old hermit also made his young pupil apply these skills to practical situations. Frequently Scelestus would head out into the surrounding woods with enough supplies to sustain him for a couple of days and then would make his way back to the camp using the powers that he was learning to thwart animal ambushes, downed bridges and other obstacles that his master put in his way. Once he had learned those powers, his master instructed him in the fine art of the weapon used almost exclusively by those trained in the force, the fabled lightsaber. His martial arts training served him well in these new lessons as his training with the staff translated well to the skill set needed to wield his double-bladed silver lightsaber. The lightsaber was a gift from the old hermit, who claimed that he had taken it off someone he had killed in his youth, back when he roamed the galaxy drifting from place to place. The two weapons were obviously different for a variety of reasons (involving reaction times and weapon heft) but he still performed admirably. At the same time that he learned how to control the force, he was taught the philosophy of why he would want to control the force. This was when he learned the teachings and tenets of the Dark Side of the Force. While his master knew nothing of the names light or dark side, he did instill in Scelestus the concept of those weaklings who used the force to better the lot of mankind, while those who had true strength, power, and courage used the force to gain power over themselves, and those around them—power which could then be used to one's advantage and for personal gain.

Adult life

Many years passed this way in the exchange of knowledge and power from old man to young pupil. Around the time of his 25th year, the two men returned from their seclusion to the capital, where the hermit again took up his position as advisor to the ruler of the planet, while Scelestus assumed the role of muscle helping "persuade" reluctant people as to the wisdom of his masters course in politics. Here is where the time of his childhood came back to serve him well as the torture techniques that he learned then proved to be invaluable as he worked to influence the course of politics on his homeworld. Five years later, Scelestus had progressed to the point that he felt he could no longer gain anything else from his master, so in keeping with the ways of the Dark Side, he attacked the old man looking to supplant him and gain his position of power. Of course, the old hermit was expecting such a move and was ready for his student. After a fierce lightsaber contest the old man finally fell, but he used his last breath to plant an idea in Scelestus' mind that he knew would spread more chaos, hatred and destruction throughout the galaxy. The hermit told Scelestus that he knew who was responsible for the plague that had claimed the life of his sister all those years ago. It seems that a group of terrorists known then as the Rebel Alliance and now as the New Republic was testing biological warfare, and one of their weapons caused the deadly epidemic. The death of the ruler's advisor was obviously caused by Scelestus and gave him the status of outlaw causing him to leave the city in search of new places to reside, but due to his previous training in the forests of the planet, this was no problem for him.

He had heard of the mighty Dark Jedi Brotherhood in his time in politics, and he absolutely hungered for the powered that could be gained serving that vast organization of Force weilders, along with the opportunity to strike back at those damned terrorists that had befouled his planet and caused all of the grief and turmoil in his life. During his time of exile as an outlaw, he constantly strove to find ways to get in touch with this brotherhood so that he could serve their wishes and his by crushing the New Republic and exacting his revenge. Thoughts of his sister continued to drive him through this time and steel his resolve to see the end of the New Republic while he still had the strength to do so.

DJB History

Since being accepting as an intiate into the Dark Jedi Brotherhood, Scelestus has stayed busy, wearing a path in the halls of the Shadow Academy as well as learning the ropes of the ACC and his duties with the Shadow Gate Battleteam.

Arconan Family Feud

While not a major player in the Arcona Family Feud of 35 ABY, Scelestus was still involved, and it was an event that changed his perspective on life in the Broterhood, and how to improve himself moving forward. The various events that happened, and his responses to them are sure to leave their mark on the young dark jedi for years to come. Scelestus sided with the Entar family, following in the steps of his master, Socorra. He was convinced that the best situation for the clan was to stay a solid, strong whole, behind the iron leadership of the Dragon of Selen. This was just not the time to throw the clan into turmoil by throwing the job of consul up for grabs. While many sought to vent their frustrations through the ACC sanctioned matches between factions, Scelestus threw his energy into working to convince others of his viewpoint, developing a lot of propaganda for the Entar family and the clan as a whole. Of course, he was saddened at the loss of the Grand Master, but pleased that the end result was a stronger, more unified Arcona than ever before.

DJB Facts

Positions Held

Apprentice to DJK Socorra Member of Shadowgate Battleteam

Outstanding Achievements

Granted Dark Maven degrees in Flight and General History. Promoted through Jedi Hunter around one month from joining the Brotherhood