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Anshar Kahn Tarentae
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Blue and violet

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  • Jar'Kai Niman
  • Soresu
  • Djem So
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Dark Jedi Brotherhood Era


Dark Council, Clan Tarentum



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"It has been said that if you are not remembered, you never existed. I can live with that."
―Anshar Kahn Tarentae

Anshar Kahn Tarentae is a Krath Master. He has served with distinction on many levels of the Brotherhood, including serving as Headmaster and Consul. Known by many for his steady demeanor and pragmatic, if sometimes indifferent, approach to most things, Anshar fits comfortably into gray path. Anshar is driven to train and teach others, constantly searching for the perfect apprentice.

Character History

Pre-Brotherhood Years

Anshar has kept most of his pre-Brotherhood years a closely guarded secret. However, this is not because he is trying to hide anything, but rather because he does not believe it to be important. Anshar knows that his current form and life is the result of some type of genetic experimentation. This resulted in his solid blue eyes, high tolerance to bright light and heat, and drastically slowed aging. He was raised on the desert planet Jaguada, and, while he is not certain, he thinks that the genetic modification he underwent also occurred on this planet.

Clan Arcona and Exodus

Anshar joined the Brotherhood and joined Clan Arcona. Anshar made decent progress through the early ranks and was quickly promoted. He served as Tetrarch of the Dark Orb phyle, Aedile and then Quaestor to House Qel-Droma. While Quaestor of House Qel-Droma, Anshar helped lead Arcona to a victory over Tarentum and Naga Sadow in a three way clan feud, helping win the Carrack class cruiser Wrathraven . Anshar also served as an Envoy. When the Seven announced their intention to separate from the Emperor’s Hammer, Anshar supported the effort and helped hold Arcona together by serving as an interim tetrarch. Anshar also became a member of the Shadow Academy staff at this time, something he has maintained since then.

New Chances

After the split, Anshar remained active within Arcona as the Brotherhood rebuilt itself. However, it was during this time that Anshar began to drive himself even harder to find and train his ideal apprentice, taking frequent trips throughout the galaxy, seeking a new student not yet tainted by the bureaucracy and politics of the Brotherhood's system. He would not even look for apprentices among the new students at the Shadow Academy despite his work within the organization.

During one of his many journeys, Anshar came across a Shi'ido named Dranik. Recognizing many of the same qualities in Dranik that Anshar had once had himself, Anshar recruited the young warrior and began training him in the ways of the Force. As fate would have it, Dranik was assigned to Clan Tarentum upon joining the Brotherhood. Anshar transferred from Arcona to Tarentum, intent upon moving forward with Dranik's training. Though Anshar would take on other apprentices, Dranik has since remained his chief student and ally.


Because of his leadership experience and ties to the Shadow Academy, Anshar became Clan Tarentum's envoy. He guided many new members into the clan at this time. Eventually, Anshar would take on leadership roles within House Gladius (as quaestor) and ultimately rising up to Proconsul and then Consul. Anshar also served as Praetor to the Headmaster and Knight Commander of the Envoys.

It was during Anshar’s first tenure as Consul that the Yridian Revolt occurred. Anshar crushed the revolt brutally. In a somewhat uncharacteristic move, Anshar ordered the execution of many of the rebels, rather than letting them return home with defeat hanging over their heads. The crisis over, Anshar “traded” positions with Headmaster Spears Tarentae. Anshar was now the Headmaster and he kept Dranik close, keeping him on staff and ultimately appointing him as his Praetor.

Lyspair, Anshar’s second home in the Brotherhood

Interlude on Lyspair

When Anshar took the reigns as Headmaster, he had little expectation that he would ever return to serve as Consul again. Though he kept tabs on Clan Tarentum, Anshar devoted himself to his duties as Headmaster. Under his leadership, the Shadow Academy saw an expansion of course offerings, as well as adding to the Shadow Academy’s defenses as the Academy has been prone to destruction in recent years. The Dark Vault was finally opened to general membership during Anshar’s tenure. However, at the same time, Anshar ordered that back up copies of all documents in the Dark Vault be made. Along with the truly rare items, these copies were hidden away. Only a few people know where they are.

Times of War

Sixth Great Jedi War

During the Sixth Great Jedi War, before he became Headmaster, Anshar was teaching classes at the Shadow Academy. Taking up arms to defend the institution from his infected brethren, Anshar himself managed to defeat several “enemies,” including Sith Bloodfyre. However, a lucky strike by a journeyman infected Anshar, though he was one of a very few who, rather than turning on their former allies, fell into a coma. After Okemi was destroyed, Anshar quickly recovered.

Seventh Great Jedi War

The Seventh Great Jedi War was the first Great Jedi War to take place while Anshar was Headmaster. Anshar took a far more active role in this particular conflict than in previous wars. With two Jac Cotelins claiming the title of Grand Master, Anshar made an uncharacteristic move and quickly sided with one of the two Jacs, taking the position of Deputy Grand Master. Though roundly criticized for such a bold and open move, especially by his friends in Clan Tarentum, Anshar’s own motives were never revealed to the rest of the Brotherhood. In secret, Anshar had hoped to get close enough to one of the two Jacs to try and determine which one was the real Jac. However, Anshar was kept at a distance by the Jac he had chosen to side with, ostensibly under the pretense of preparing loyal forces to fight off the “rebels.” In the end, Anshar never achieved his goal, and the war ended with no one really knowing which Jac had been the real one.

Eighth Great Jedi War

The Eighth Great Jedi War also occurred during Anshar’s tenure as Headmaster, but its consequences would be far reaching than previous wars. In the end, however, Anshar could claim responsibility for one of the few successes the Brotherhood achieved in the conflict: the preservation of the Shadow Academy’s library.

The Mnemosyne travels through the Shroud

Anshar took the Mnemosyne to the gathering of the clans at the end of the Rite of Supremacy known as Second Darkness. Anshar attended the awards ceremony, but immediately returned to the Mnemosyne, preferring to avoid the large social event full of inter-clan politics. It proved to be a fateful decision.

Anshar was on board the Mnemosyne when the aliens attacked. The ship fell quickly to the sudden onslaught, though she managed to launch her two squadrons of TIE Interceptors before being destroyed. Anshar himself suffered severe wounds and was saved only by the captain of the vessel shoving him into the escape pod.

Anshar was picked up by a Shadow Academy shuttle that had been observing the fleet for the benefit of a few promising students. Returning to Lyspair, Anshar set about preparing both the defenses and for an evacuation, using what little spare time he managed to find to seek treatment for his injuries. His decision proved to be correct, for the aliens and the hodgepodge Brotherhood forces collided over Antei and Lyspair. Miraculously, no more Shadow Academy vessels were destroyed, though the dozens of Clone Wars era droid fighters were sent to engage the aliens. The Shadow Academy fleet, under the command of Dranik on the Sirona, fled the battle in what became known as the Evacuation of Lyspair.

Tempted to deny the aliens the Shadow Academy, Anshar almost used a self-destruct device, but instead chose to simply close the abandoned facility, promising to return one day. The last to leave the Shadow Academy, Anshar received a message from Sarin. Upon meeting up with Sarin, Anshar was presented with a Khyron-class dreadnaught that would serve as a mobile Shadow Academy. Naming it the Arcanum, Anshar met up with Dranik and the fleet, reestablishing the Shadow Academy aboard the vessel. Shortly thereafter, Anshar and Dranik assembled a new fleet for the Shadow Academy. Constantly on the move in order to protect the institution, Anshar knew he would eventually return to Lyspair. However, by the time that occurred, he would no longer be Headmaster. Events back home in Tarentum's home system needed his attention.

Crisis on Koros

During his last few months as Headmaster, Anshar was called upon to help Clan Tarentum heal an old wound: Koros. Koros, the moon that orbits Yridia II, once housed House Cestus, but an outbreak of undead creatures had left the base uninhabitable. Now, however, many clan members began to experience harsh dreams, and the clan leadership traced the problem back to Koros. Anshar, as a Master, agreed to go to the surface in hopes of discovering the source of the problem. Anshar, along with Dranik, quickly discovered that several Force spirits had joined the undead creatures, and had managed to find a way to possess the corpses, as well as using spiritual undead creations to invade the dreams of the Tarentae. These seven Force spirits were former Dark Jedi and each one had been trapped by Trevarus Caerick in the Crystal of Tears with the assistance of the Tarentae. When Trevarus broke the crystal during the Eighth Great Jedi War, the seven spirits were released. Banding together, they swore vengeance upon their captors and they targeted Clan Tarentum first.

The Corsair

Using a possessed draugr, the seven spirits demanded that Anshar and Dranik, whom they had captured, create more spirits for them to latch onto, in hopes of ultimately being able to possess real bodies. Anshar and Dranik managed to escape, and they returned to orbit. Anshar then joined Sith Bloodfyre and Trevarus Caerick in guiding the battle scarred Corsair into the surface of Koros, destroying the undead and creating a new base for the reconstituted House Cestus. The seven spirits disappeared, at least for the short term.

Shortly thereafter, Anshar was asked by Sarin to return to Tarentum to serve as Consul.

Second Tenure

In 28 ABY, Anshar returned to Tarentum to serve as Consul, becoming the second person to hold the position more than once. This tenure was much longer than his first, and was marked by several major events, including those events that would, eventually, lead to Tarnetum's renunciation of necromancy.

Settling Home

Shortly after his return to Consul, Anshar discovered that, though Yridia had been spared the direct alien invasion, the system still faced trouble. Refugees flowed towards the system, and even placing many in designated areas did not placate them. To complicate matters, Deutta the Hutt, a n alien collaborator and crime boss, had his agents infiltrate the camps and stir up discontent. Tarentum managed to defeat Deutta and distract the aliens long enough to retreat. The aliens never discovered the true home of the Tarentae, losing track of the “infidels” as more appealing targets opened up.

The Renegade

Masquerade of Allies

After a close encounter with the Yuuzhan Vong, and knowing that the Brotherhood would have to fight them again, Anshar immediately ordered the clan to begin stockpiling war supplies. Everything from guns and bombs to electrical wiring was considered fair game, and Tarentum bought and stole whatever it could. The greatest prizes, however, came with the discovery of a secret Imperial research facility on Prakith, a world deep in the Core. With potential weapons and technology too good to pass up, Anshar led the clan to the planet. An elaborate ruse managed to fool the New Republic garrison. Though they encountered resistance within the facility, Tarentum ultimately managed to escape unharmed, and with plans and designs for technology that held great potential. While returning home, the clan came across a more tantalizing prize: the MC80 Renegade.

Ghosts, Spirits, and a Young Girl


Finding an abandoned MC80 was too good of an opportunity to pass up, and Anshar authorized an inspection of the ship. Little did he, or anyone, know that the ship was already inhabited. The ship itself still housed the lingering spirits of much of the crew, all of whom desired vengeance upon Oberst,

The MC80 Renegade

whom many blamed for their deaths. Furthermore, the seven spirits from the Crystal of Tears spirits had joined forces with the spirits, knowing that finding Oberst would allow them vengeance upon Clan Tarentum.

During the ensuing mission, Anshar’s spirit was stripped from his body. His spirit soon encountered a young girl named Talitha, who agreed to serve as Anshar’s guide if he would help her “find her king.” It was revealed that Talitha was actually a Keeper, and her true powers far surpassed anyone else in the clan. However, while in her more docile state, the young girl could remember nothing about being a Keeper, only knowing how to use her powers, and that she had actually lived numerous lives.

In the end, Talitha was able to restore Anshar to his body, and only one of the Crystal of Tears spirits managed to survive as Tarentum discovered ways to fend them off, and ultimately kill them. However, as Anshar would discover, his own journey had resulted in his spirit and his body loosely connected.

The Ninth Great Jedi War


Anshar had, upon assuming the position of Consul, given his word to Grand Master Sarin that Tarentum would be ready for the retaking of Antei. Though convincing the clan elders that the conflict was justified proved difficult, Anshar was surprised that his most vehement resistance came from Talitha. Talitha insisted that Anshar remain on Yridia II, claiming that he ran the risk of having his spirit separated from his body once more, likely permanently. Nevertheless, Anshar insisted upon fulfilling his promise to Sarin.

Conflict: Separation and Return

In anticipation of battling the unknown aliens, Tarentum and the rest of the Brotherhood found things very different on Antei. The Brotherhood found itself facing a sect of Jedi and a droid army. At Anshar's command, Tarentum joined with units of the Army of the Iron Throne and began to assist in retaking Antei.

As the clan advanced, they were confronted by a Jedi named Jorax Tuar, whom Anshar had briefly encountered many years prior. Tuar was a warrior, akin to a Jedi Guardian or Weaponmaster. Fanatically devoted to the Light Side, Tuar sought to convert or slay all who opposed him. He dueled Anshar twice during the conflict. The first duel took place in a cavern and it taxed Anshar to his limits, placing great strain on his spirit-body connections and costing Anshar one of his two lightsabers. Their battle ended prematurely when a Brotherhood bomber was shot down, crashing into the cavern ceiling. Tuar’s robotic right arm was trapped, temporarily pinning him down. Anshar chose not to kill the Jedi in return for a “small” favor during their prior meeting. It was a decision that would prove unwise.

Tuar freed himself, though it cost him his robotic arm. He then tracked Anshar down, drawing the weakened Tarentae into a second duel. Anshar’s spirit-body connections could not withstand the increased pressure, and just before Tuar ran his lightsaber through Anshar’s solar plexus, the final connection snapped. However, in his zeal to end the battle, Tuar let his concentration slip, allowing Oberst to swiftly execute him with a blaster shot to the head. Oberst, sensing that something was amiss, then ordered Anshar’s body taken to the fleet and healed. He kept Anshar’s remaining lightsaber for the duration of the war, notifying only Bloodfyre, Saitou, and Kazarelth (all Watchers) of Anshar’s condition.

Anshar would be unable to help his clan during the rest of the war, but the clan performed its duty and accomplished its objectives. Upon the clan’s return home, Dranik immediately sought out Talitha. The Keeper was able to call Anshar’s spirit and reattach it to his body, but the process almost killed her.

Shortly after his recovery, Anshar stepped down as Consul. He went on a sabbatical, involving himself very little in the affairs of the clan. During this time, he worked on strengthening his spirit as well as training with Dranik. Eventually, Anshar was pulled back into Tarentum affairs when his estate became a war zone thanks to the Church of Infinite Perception. Anshar took command of the Yridian land forces around his estate and helped coordinate a breakout from the attack. The forces then combined with General Sato's forces for the final assault on the Yridia IV government complex.

During the battle, Anshar's spirit-body connection grew weak, and a confrontation with an warrior cut the connection yet again. As his spirit drifted into Oblivion, it encountered the spirit of Talitha, herself still wandering the netherworld, vainly searching for her king. In spite of, or perhaps due to, her delusional state, Talitha offered to repair Anshar's spirit by binding hers with his own, forever healing his spirit-body connection. Anshar agreed and Talitha indicated that she accepted this as an absolute and final death. To date, there have been no adverse affects from this event. Anshar would go on to serve as Aedile and Quaestor of House Tarentum before turning the reigns over to Scion.

A New Apprentice

Though Anshar had semi-retired from leadership in Clan Tarentum, he never abandoned the clan. As with his time as Headmaster, Anshar sought to strengthen the clan so that it would be better prepared for the next incident. Anshar's solution was to nurture and develop Messina into a fully functioning state, complete with a government, police, and a pro-active economy. As Messina grew stronger every day, Anshar retreated more and more into his private estate, his drive to find a new apprentice growing stronger every day. Though Dranik was still his student, Dranik's own self-imposed limitations were beginning to hamper progress.

Anshar utilized the Force and identified several potential candidates within Messina. Robust surveillance led Anshar to select Sirai Dressler to be his apprentice, although he ultimately left the decision in her hands. The teenager accepted, seeking to leave behind her abusive father. She even took on the new name of Triela Blake.

Personal Info


Once the Baron of Messina, Anshar abruptly left the nation-state in the final days of Tarentum. Packing up his belongings from his personal estate, Ansahr departed along with Dranik,Chloe, and Triela. Messina was now officially on its own, to grow and prosper as it could. Anshar considered the whole experiment a success and was ready to move on. The closure of Tarentum only added to his resolve.


While Anshar has numerous allies throughout the Brotherhood, his chief allies are:

  • Dranik- his chief apprentice and right hand, Dranik has served Anshar as praetor, proconsul, and helped establish and maintain Messina.
  • Chloe- a Force user cursed with a fragmented mind, Anshar has worked over the years with her to heal her mind and turn her into a stable, powerful Force user.
  • Triela- Anshar's latest apprentice, she hails from Messina itself. At Anshar's insistence, she has never officially joined the Brotherhood and gone through the Shadow Academy.


Anshar is extremly proficient in bladed combat, especially with short blades and lightsabers. He uses speed and agility to his advantage and he has mastered both Jar'Kai Niman as well as Soresu. He is also proficient in Djem So and Niman. He has mastered the technique of switching styles in the blink of an eye. In particular, the switching behind the highly defensive Soresu and highly offensive Jar'Kai Niman has left many foes stunned and frequently dead within seconds. Anshar wields two lightsabers: one with a royal blue blade, the other with a purple blade.


Though Anshar has used a variety of ships over his time in the Brotherhood, ranging from fighters to capital starships, these days he primarily utilizes his YT-2000, the Gambol Shroud.

DJB Facts

Positions Held

Anshar has held numerous positions in the Brotherhood, from battleteam leader up to Headmaster. His career spans 20 years, most of which has involved his being in some sort of leadership position. He has served as a Tetrarch, Aedile, Quaestor (twice),

Old Knight Commander Emblem

Proconsul, Consul (twice), Clan Envoy, Eclectic Pedagogue, Praetor to the Headmaster, Praetor to the Master at Arms Knight Commander of the Brotherhood, and Headmaster.