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Aidan Kincaid
Biographical Information


Date of Birth:

7 ABY (age 34)

Physical Description





1.96m (6'4")[1]


85kgs (187lbs)[1]





Personal Information
Lightsaber Color(s):
Lightsaber Form(s):


Fighting Style(s):

Broken Gate[1]

Chronology & Political Information

Dark Jedi[2]


Dark Jedi Brotherhood Era

Personal Ship:

VT-49 Decimator Ghost

Known masters:

Jac Cotelin[2]



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"He won't be the same. He can't be. Shadow Taldrya was killed..."
―Jac Cotelin, discussing the birth of Aidan Kincaid[src]

Aidan Kincaid was a powerful Human Dark Jedi serving under the tutelage of Jac Cotelin, a former Grand Master of the Dark Brotherhood. He was difficult to read and, unlike most Dark Jedi, based his powers on cold, calculated logic rather than relying on bursts of negative emotion. He was a skilled tracker and investigator, and served as his master's operative in missions ranging across the galaxy.

In truth, "Aidan Kincaid" was an artificial persona created by Cotelin to replace the ravaged mind of Shadow Taldrya, who had succumbed to torture by the One Sith and turned against the Brotherhood. Using powerful Sith magics, Cotelin restructured both mind and body to create a new identity for the fallen Shadow known as Aidan Kincaid. To keep a close watch on Kincaid, Cotelin introduced him to the Dark Jedi Brotherhood as a secret apprentice to explain his power and skills. The memories of Kincaid's past life were utterly destroyed in the process, and all but a handful of people believed that Shadow Taldrya was killed in action on Rhelg at the hands of a Sith Lord known as Darth Silas. Out of fear of Kincaid walking the same path as his former self, Cotelin instilled in him a powerful hatred towards the One Sith.[3]

Due to Kincaid's inherited combat prowess and strength in the Force, which wrought havoc in the Shadow Academy, Cotelin was forced to pull some strings with the Dark Council to elevate Kincaid to the rank of Dark Jedi Master. This strange elevation, coupled with his identity as a "secret apprentice" earned Kincaid no small amount of grief and suspicion amongst his peers.[4] Despite the issues between himself and others, Kincaid served as a member of Taldryan at his master's command for several months, but remained an outsider due to his antisocial personality and the unusual situation surrounding his transfer.[1]

FL. GJW. Voice. UnVoice.

Personal history prior to 30 ABY was artificially constructed by Jac Cotelin and implanted into Aidan Kincaid—the persona fabricated to replace Shadow Taldrya's physical appearance and memories. Events from 30 ABY and beyond are considered canon events for the character within the Dark Brotherhood. See Behind the Scenes for further information.


Rebirth (30 ABY)

Trials of the Shadow Academy

"This is the worst idea ever."
―Aidan Kincaid, on being sentenced to the Brotherhood's Shadow Academy[src]
The Central Library of Lyspair

Forcibly inducted into the Dark Brotherhood by his master, Jac Cotelin, Kincaid's initiation into the ways of the Dark Jedi proved highly aggravating. Despite his combat prowess and years of experience, the superiors on the Dark Council demanded Kincaid complete the journeymen trials in the Shadow Academy. It was a point of contention between himself and the Council and one that set his time in the Brotherhood on a rough path. The training was about what he expected, which meant it was far beneath him. Kincaid was forced to endure weeks of study with recruits just awakening to their powers. The instructors—self-important windbags—made it their mission to impress upon their charges how powerful they were.[4]

To Kincaid, it was sheer torture. Eventually, after weeks of reading tomes and meditating in silence, the apprentices were finally introduced to lightsaber training. Unfortunately, Kincaid's brutal teachings at the hands of Silas and the One Sith prevented him from playing nice with the beginners. In the heat of the moment, he instigated a massive battle on the Academy's grounds and defeated dozens of instructors and students with a training lightsaber before being apprehended by members of the Grand Master's Royal Guard. In the end, he was forced before the Justicar and the Chamber of Justice for multiple charges that would most likely result in his death. Fortunately, his master was able to pull some strings and have the charges dropped. Using the circumstances surrounding Kincaid's attempt at the Academy, Cotelin was at last able to convince the Council to elevate Kincaid to the rank of Dark Jedi Master.[4]

Hunting a Killer

Kincaid: "Why would Esoteric want to kill the Herald?"
Cotelin: "Why indeed..."
―Kincaid and Jac Cotelin, discussing Orv Dessrx's murderer[src]
The late Orv Dessrx

Contacted by a secret society embedded within the Brotherhood, Kincaid was contracted to hunt down the killer of Herald Orv Dessrx on the infamous moon of Nar Shaddaa.[5] The mission, which should have been straightforward, turned out to be anything but. Before leaving his Karufr apartments, Kincaid was stopped by his master and discovered some curious details about the society. The investigation into the murder had been ordered nineteen hours before the Herald's death, which meant the Society had based its intelligence on a future premonition. Kincaid would land on the moon only hours after Dessrx's demise.[6]

The mystery only deepened from there. After finding the crime scene, Kincaid learned that another Jedi-committed murder had taken place earlier and not far from where Dessrx had been killed. By following the trail of rumors on the streets, Kincaid was led to a Jedi investigator who was also tracking down the killer. By convincing her he was a wayward member of the New Jedi Order, Kincaid was able to join the Jedi's investigation and learned that Dessrx had been sent to Nar Shaddaa as an assassin.[6]

After ditching the Jedi, Kincaid followed the trail left by the Herald's extraction team, and confronted a Anzati Sith Lord in the Old Duros Sector. The battle was fierce and Kincaid barely came out alive, but he learned something of Dessrx's killer. Upon returning to Antei with the little information he had acquired, Kincaid learned the identity of the killer from his master and was able to complete the mission for the Society.[6]

Fading Light (31 - 32 ABY)


"After all, you keep walking into these ambushes and dying... all in the name of the Dark Council."
―Esoteric to Kincaid on the surface of Bosthirda[src]
Ancient City of Xlopora

Following the death of Dessrx, conflict between the Brotherhood and the One Sith resumed. Both forces set their next target on the Sith World of Bosthirda. Based on knowledge acquired behind the scenes, Kincaid was tasked by his master to lead a small team of Taldryan members on a separate, covert mission to retrieve Revelation, the fabled sword of the assassin, Ferran, one of the three members of the Triumvirate.[7]

While the Dark Jedi and Sith battled on the surface of the planet, Kincaid's team slipped through the warzone swiftly towards Xlopora City―an ancient city possessed by powerful and dangerous magics. Unfortunately, his team was not the only group interested in recovering the sword. The One Sith, led by the individual known as Esoteric―the man responsible for Orv Dessrx's murder―had also taken action to retrieve the artifact. While it was unknown to Kincaid why the Sith would want a relic related to the Brotherhood, the Sith had amassed a great force to engage the Brotherhood and draw them away from the search. By sheer luck, Kincaid personally met up Esoteric and engaged him in battle. It was during this fight that he discovered that the One Sith have allied with old enemies of the Brotherhood. Against the incredible power of the Sith Lord, Kincaid and his team were defeated and left for dead. It was the bond he shared with his master that summoned Cotelin to lead a rescue mission with some Taldryan Elders.[1][8]

Though his master and the members of Taldryan wanted the sword, Kincaid was driven by a different desire. He merely wanted a second chance at fighting the One Sith to exact revenge for his defeat. His team joined forces with the Elders and, together, they entered the ancient city of Xlopora. Fighting within the city was fierce. Their mission was still a secret kept from the Dark Council, which required them to avoid other Brotherhood forces (or eliminate them). The difficulty was compounded by the waves of undead creatures risen by the Sith magic polluting the city and the Imperial troopers allied with the Sith.[8]

Following Cotelin's visions, Kincaid and the team eventually made their way to the hidden location of the sword in the catacombs deep under the city. There, they came face-to-face with Esoteric and his minions. Kincaid, Cotelin, and Halcyon Rokir engage Esoteric in battle, while the other three handled the Sith Adepts. The battle was fierce and it was only due to Cotelin's powers that they were able to hold against Esoteric, but the fight against the Adepts quickly turned dire. The battle reached a climax when one of their number, Tarax Eosphoros Kor drew Revelation and unleashed a deadly curse. The power threatened to destroy both the members of Taldryan and One Sith, but his master employed the dark side power of seethe to draw the malevolent energy into himself.[8]

Sith Revenants, raised by Sith Magic to protect Xlopora City

Poisoned by the power, Cotelin barely managed to unleash a torrid of dark side energy at Esoteric, throwing the Sith Lord through a wall and ending the fight. Quakes began to rumble through the underground chamber and Kincaid felt the premonition of catastrophe. Kincaid assisted the weakened Cotelin and followed the team as they made their escape to the surface. Upon breaking free of the catacombs, they discovered that the city was being destroyed by Brotherhood naval forces. A shuttle recklessly braved the bombardment to pick them up and return them to the Clan Flagship, the KSD Resurgent.[8]

Aboard the Resurgent, Kincaid endured a short debriefing with the team and the upper echelons of the Clan. Cotelin, still suffering the effects of the curse, cut the meeting short. Through their bond, Kincaid realized his master was hiding something from his clan mates. Kincaid followed after him to hear the truth, but was interrupted by Keirdagh Cantor who had also sensed something was wrong. Cotelin explained that the power he had absorbed from the curse was slowly killing him and that he would die within a year. Cotelin admonished the two for fighting and demanded that Kincaid put aside his distrust and work with Taldryan. Begrudgingly, Kincaid accepted Cotelin's orders.[1][8]

A Traitor Within

"Tell me, Necren. Has the Council just now begun supporting the One Sith, or has it been compromised from the start?"
―Kincaid, confronting Darth Necren[src]
  • Saved/healed by Jac, sent to infiltrate the ancient palace with Keirdagh Cantor
Ancient Palace
  • Battle on the Bridge with BHs
  • Traitor revealed -- Necren part 2 with Timeros and BH
  • Captured.
Dangerous Games

Cotelin: "Don't do this, Kincaid."
Kincaid: "Perception is reality, master. This is how it has to be."
―Cotelin and Kincaid on Nicht Ka[src]
  • Awake on Nicht Ka. Part of a plot to lead the Brotherhood into civil war
  • Working for the Society, Kincaid was actually the sacrificial pawn of Darth Pravus, who wanted to bait the traitors within the Brotherhood into overplaying their hands. Though Pravus gained his lead, he did not foresee that using the apprentice of Jac Cotelin could ignite all-out war between the various factions within the Brotherhood.
  • Having fallen into the trap, Kincaid is forced to act to ensure his master remains free of guilt. The two battle, with Kincaid eventually being overwhelmed by Cotelin's out of control powers.
Shadows of the Past

"Don't you know? I am your past. And your future. How have you not realized it yet? Your are nothing more than a mask created by Jac Cotelin to hide the poor, pitiable fall of Shadow Taldrya. To hide me!"
― Darth Vokun, Lord of the Sith[src]
Darth Silas
  • Kincaid is believed to have died on Nicht Ka, a traitor to his master, his Clan, and the Brotherhood. However, his master knows the truth and continues to pass bits of information to Kincaid to further track down the One Sith
  • An intelligence report from the Council to the Taldryan Summit is intercepted by Kincaid, who learns that his Sith master has been located on the moon of Khar Shian. Though Cotelin tried to stop him, Kincaid risked re-entering the Brotherhood-controlled system to have a face-to-face meeting with his old master.
  • On the moon, Kincaid uncovered a One Sith excavation of Naga Sadow's true citadel. After killing the Sith Acolytes, Kincaid challenged Silas. But Silas didn't recognize Kincaid, and Kincaid found his own memories unclear.
  • During their fight, Silas proved a powerful foe. He managed to worm his way into Kincaid's mind and discovered the truth of Kincaid's past. A powerful mental attack forced Kincaid into a dream-like state where he encountered memories of his fight with Cotelin against the Sith Lord Vokun on Dromund Kaas.
  • But the scene was not as he remembered. Kincaid could not see himself participating in the battle. Suddenly, Vokun himself appeared before Kincaid and the two fought. Locked in battle, Vokun's mask fell off, revealing the face of Shadow Taldrya--the man who had supposedly died a year ago on Rhelg.
  • Vokun reveals the truth of Kincaid's existence. That he is Shadow Taldrya, who had fallen to the One Sith and become Lord Vokun. The man had killed dozens of Dark Brotherhood members, including those of his former Clan, only to be defeated by Jac Cotelin. Cotelin altered Shadow's memories and appearance, and returned him to the Brotherhood under careful watch.
  • In the end, Vokun forces Kincaid to fight for control. With the truth of who he was known, Kincaid is almost beaten, ready to give up. In the end, Kincaid decided to throw away his past and fully embrace the new identity of Aidan Kincaid. After making his decision, Kincaid returned back to reality and broke Silas' mental control. Then fled the battle and the moon.
Civil War


Something something dark side... (33 ABY - Present)


Physical Appearance

Aidan Kincaid was a tall, slightly built, human male in his early thirties. He had gaunt, angular features with high cheekbones and a sharp, hooked nose. His eyes were a piercing brown, hooded by a deep brow. His face was rough and unshaven, which spoke to his years living on the fringes of society. His wiry frame was more adept at feats of speed and dexterity rather than pure power, but he still exuded a sense of strength. He always moved with grace and cold precision. His voice was strong and commanding, somehow able to resonate with people, and contained a hint of an Imperial accent—a possible clue to his growing up in the Core Worlds region.[1]

Aidan Kincaid

Kincaid wore black, form-fitting body armor comprised of small, ceramic plates designed more for style than protection. His lower half was shrouded in an ankle-length black legwrap, held together by multiple belts, which crisscross around his waist where he stowed his two lightsabers. Over the ensemble, Kincaid donned a long, flowing black robe, open in the front to reveal the armor beneath. He almost always wore his hood up, casting deep shadows across his face. The notable blue trim on the armor and robe was believed to be a personal preference and helps to break up the otherwise completely black attire.[1]

Personality and Traits

"He's obviously dangerous, Jac. What the hell made you think bringing him here was a good idea?"
―Keirdagh Cantor, demanding explanations from Jac Cotelin[src]

Kincaid was an outcast. Because of his shrouded past and unique mentorship, he had trouble working with groups or teams and preferred to handle matters by himself. He had his own methods and tended to conflict with those wielding authority over him. Even his master, Jac Cotelin, whom he formed a close bond with was no exception. This made Kincaid unwelcome within his new home of Taldryan and he was distrusted by the leadership and Elders of the Clan. One would never find Kincaid "making friends" with other members of the Brotherhood, and his personality assured none would ever try to approach him first.[1]

Given his time spent as an agent of his master, Kincaid had a natural affinity for solving mysteries and uncovering hidden truths. Preferring to spend his time isolated from others, he spent a great deal time in his own head and liked to process information logically to create answers to problems. His analytical approach to life further alienated him from other sentients and ensured he almost always rubbed someone the wrong way. He found it more useful to exploit the emotions of others, rather than relying on his own to strengthen his powers.[1]

Kincaid had a close relation with Death. His hands were drenched in the blood of both the innocent and the malevolent, as he was forced to kill objectively at his master's command. However, Kincaid never became bloodthirsty. He was a pragmatist. If he deemed killing as a necessity, he would not think twice about ending a life. But, it would be done based on cold, hard logic and not a petty, emotional response. Killing was just one of many necessary evils.[1]

Powers and Abilities

"Given the... situation within the Academy, I have convinced them to elevate you to a rank deserving of your talents."
―Jac Cotelin, informing Kincaid of his elevated status to Elder[src]

Kincaid inherited much of Shadow Taldrya's powers as they shared the same body. This gave him a powerful complement of skills and abilities that were intuitively learned through early training with Jac Cotelin. Kincaid's natural aptitude for physical combat was heavily reinforced by his raw strength in the Force. He excelled at augmenting himself with Amplification, pushing far beyond the limits of human endurance to achieve incredible feats of prowess in battle.[1]

Kincaid employing Amplification and the Ataru Form

Lightsaber Prowess

"This is pointless. Not one of you can stand against me."
―Aidan Kincaid, "training" against Taldryan journeyman

Kincaid was a highly skilled warrior. His inherited abilities, coupled with intense re-training, gave him abilities on par with most Elders in the Brotherhood. He bolstered his natural abilities with the powers of Amplification and Precognition. It was part of his style to always be moving in combat. His actions were kinetic and acrobatic, with a focus on fighting with overwhelming offense, relying on instinct and the Force for defense.

Kincaid was a practitioner of the Ataru Form of lightsaber combat. He began his training in this style by battling one-on-one against his master, then eventually against a pair of modified MagnaGuard droids every single day. His training was completed in realistic, life-or-death situations, which was why Kincaid honed his skills to mastery before being inducted into the Brotherhood.

Force Powers

"Where is he from? And how the hell did he attain this level of power?"
―Rian Aslar, demanding answers about the new Taldryan recruit
Kincaid in meditation

Kincaid was exceptionally powerful in the Force, having been granted the rank of Dark Jedi Master shortly after his induction into the Brotherhood.[4] Since his power originated from Shadow Taldrya, Kincaid was able to instinctively draw upon the Force, using advanced powers and feats befitting an Elder-level combatant. He was able to unleash an explosive form of telekinesis to devastate his enemies and, after serious training this raw power, Kincaid became able to wield powerful telekinetic attacks in close range.[1]

By channeling the raw potential of the Force through his body, Kincaid was able to amplify his melee abilities immensely. Based on his proficiency, Kincaid began a strict training regiment to improve the strength and duration of his amplification, until he was able to endure entire duels in a near-superhuman state. However, pushing the human body to such a degree was both reckless and dangerous. Side effects began with crippling exhaustion and muscle spasms, but quickly evolved into seizures, and ultimately mental blackouts. Having learned the limits of his body, Kincaid rarely pushed himself so far beyond his endurance.[1]

Aside from the development of combat-oriented powers, Kincaid also had a great talent for the gift of Force Sense. His master secretly believes that Kincaid's mental re-conditioning helped to create a detachment between himself and others, an emotional blank slate, which made it easier for him to form empathic bonds with other beings and even objects. Kincaid fine-tuned this power in his role as his master's secret apprentice—enforcing the Grand Master's will across the galaxy. However, due to Kincaid's antisocial personality, he only ever made use of these bonds to gain an advantage over others—both in social and combat situations.[1]

This affinity for Force Sense also enabled Kincaid to master the art of Precognition, which allowed him to instinctively predict and anticipate impending danger. Kincaid honed this ability through dozens of life or death encounters and learned to trust in guidance from the Force to protect him in battle.

Other Talents

Kincaid, repelling on enemy assault on Bosthirda

Kincaid's strength in Force Sense made him a merciless hunter of Force-sensitives. When commanded to eliminate a Jedi or Dark Jedi, Kincaid would quickly track down and assassinate the target. In the field, Kincaid picked up a lot of experience investigating the whereabouts of people. By being able to get into the heads of his prey and by understanding how they think, Kincaid was that much better at hunting targets down. The psychometry aspect to his Force Sense also allowed him to pick up valuable information from the fragments of "memories" he could pull from inanimate objects.[1]

Some would have called Kincaid a sociopath and, for the most part, they would have been right. He had an uncanny ability for manipulation, able to delve deeply into the minds of others and expose their greatest weaknesses and fears. He applied this skill liberally when his missions required covert means of infiltration. In battle, he used this skill to enrage, humiliate, or terrorize his opponents, creating cracks in their defenses that he was quick to take advantage of.[1]

Due to his relationship with his master, Jac Cotelin, the two had formed a powerful Force Bond, enabling them to sense each other across vast distances. The two were even able to communicate with each other beyond normal telepathic range, as if the Force directly linked them together. Their bond also gave Cotelin the ability to keep a close eye on Kincaid and monitor his actions from a distance. When in close proximity, Kincaid and his master were able to form a Force Meld, allowing them to draw strength from each other and coordinate their movements in the heat of battle. In truth, the bond was established by Cotelin when he delved into Shadow Taldrya's mind to overwrite his memories and he uses this bond to monitor his "psychic surgery" to make sure it never comes undone.[1]


Kincaid's two lightsabers


"Master these weapons, apprentice. They will determine the length of your life."
―Jac Cotelin, handing Kincaid his twin lightsaber hilts

Kincaid had two, identical lightsaber hilts. The hilts were simple and elegant in design, constructed from a sharp, grey durasteel base with onyx threaded throughout the metal to form the grip. There was no discernible source of activation on the hilts. Instead, the lightsabers could only be activated by manipulation with the Force. The main blade was a brilliant, amber hue, while the secondary blade was a deep sapphire. A small, wickedly sharp blade protruded from the base of the emitter and four smaller blades circled around the bottom. Despite carrying two lightsabers at all times, Kincaid's study of Ataru prevented him from wielding more than one at a time. He merely kept a secondary blade as a backup to always be prepared.[2]

Assassin Lightsaber
The Assassin Lightaber

As part of his induction into the Dark Brotherhood, Kincaid was given the Assassin Lightsaber by his master, Jac Cotelin. This sparked no small amount of animosity with the other members of Taldryan. The weapon had once been a prized possession of the late Shadow Taldrya. No members of the Clan were able to understand why Cotelin was in possession of the weapon, or why he would give it to the suspicious new recruit.

The bracer of the Assassin Lightsaber was constructed with the extremely versatile durasteel, which could resist the blistering heat of the blade, ensuring minimal risk to the wielder from accidental burning during combat. The inherent strength of the alloy also gave it a measure of protection against physical attacks. However, because it was created as a reward, the weapon is plated in rare electrum, giving it a gold and silver veneer and marking it as an especially ornate and beautiful tool for killing.[9]

When equipping the blade, Kincaid often hid the flashy gauntlet under the sleeve of his outer robe, which keeps the weapon hidden and prevented it from impeding the projection of the dagger-like blade. The hidden blade was activated by quickly flexing the wrist backwards at a precise 90° angle, which gave the wearer full control over when and how it was employed in battle.

Behind the Scenes

Mysterious Facility

Aidan Kincaid is the new personality and physical form of Shadow Taldrya after he was captured and turned by the One Sith during the events of the Dark Crusade. Rather than killing Shadow and starting a new character, and explaining the sudden emergence of a new Dark Jedi Master, the character was given a blank slate ala Revan in Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic.

This character has the same rank and general strengths of the old, but his personality is completely different. His past, which is actually created from false memories, has been re-written. Any previous relationships with Brotherhood members or units are all starting fresh from the year 30 ABY, when he "joins" the Brotherhood after the Dark Crusade as Jac Cotelin's secret apprentice.

To anyone who may want to make mention of Shadow Taldrya in their fictions and whatnot, it is widely believed he was killed in action on Rhelg. The actual story of his transformation into Aidan Kincaid is only known (fictionally) to Jac Cotelin and the NPC, Maxyn Vonnisia.

The new persona was named by members of the Old Folks' Home. The surname of "Kincaid" is based on the name of a character in the Dresden Files.

Notes and References

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