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Arador is a Jedi Hunter of Qel-Droma in Clan Arcona, an adherent to the Sith Order, and apprentice of Legorii. He was born in 7 ABY on Sanctuary to a small family of refugees who became fishermen. He joined the Dark Jedi Brotherhood in 29 ABY. Arador is a loyal, fierce, persistent fighter, though he is often perceived as restless, unknown, and dark. His long brown hair, brown eyes, tan skin, and slight build make him an average looking Human, however he is quicker, more nimble, and agile than most. He makes his actions, both physical and otherwise, quickly and subtly in ways unlike any other.

Character History


Arador had learned to speak High Galactic fairly well from his mother, Vala, as a child and continued to use the language occasionally with his father, Dzrai, who had picked it up during the years Dzrai had known Vala before they moved to Sanctuary. Arador's main language until he was twelve however, was Hapan which his father had been raised with into adulthood. Arador's parents were both born on Coruscant. Dzrai's mother was the handmaiden of a younger sister of the Queen Mother of the Hapes Consortium. Her name was Vatala. She was told along with her sister handmaidens to flee one day after a particularly gruesome attack against the Queen Mother. Vatala left for Coruscant where she had two friends who took her in. She eventually met Dzrai's father who was working as an assistant to the representative from Dreena to the Royal Court. She fell in love with him despite the danger that could abound if she was discovered from their marriage. Many years passed and Dzrai came of age, falling in love with Vala, a head servant of an Imperial officer. Shortly after Dzrai and Vala were married, officers from the Hapes Consortium came searching for Vatala and her children, forcing Dzrai and Vala to flee to Sanctuary.


7 ABY to 21 ABY

"Your destiny was never yours to determine, you were always meant to be a mauling bane to those who don’t love you."
―Saavhir to Arador

Arador was born on the planet Sanctuary. The only family that he knew he had were his mother and his father. Arador lived in a small house built on a floating village, called Tudrak, in the center of the largest ocean on Sanctuary. The village's people made a living mostly by fishing in small wooden boats, because the movement of the fish often made long journeys a daily necessity. Arador's father was a fisherman despite his distaste of the would be food.

Co's Ship, the Dark Plague

When Arador turned seven, his mother became very ill, and died. It was a tragic experience for both him and his father. Arador began to spend more time alone after the death of his mother, even avoiding his father at times. It was during this time that an old woman, named Saavhir, moved to Sanctuary from Dantooine. Saavhir came to Sanctuary suddenly one day while Arador was sitting alone on one of the docks in Tudrak. Her ship came streaking through the cloudy sky and impacted the ocean just on the opposite side of the village. She had come in a large, no longer identifiable, red and white ship. The woman managed to escape the ship before it submerged into the depths of the ocean. Arador was very welcoming to her, taking her into his home and giving her food. She told Arador that she had left to escape a threat that she sensed would soon come and destroy those left on Dantooine. During the time Saavhir lived in Tudrak, she made a fairly quiet existence. She would however, often leave her home and not be seen by anyone for many weeks at a time. There was no explanation for her disappearances, and so it was just accepted by those who lived in the small village.

Saavhir's Last Enemy

Arador had never learned to take Saavhir's disappearances lightly, going as far as hiding in the street outside of Saavhir's home on a very rainy night, waiting for her to leave in the night. He followed her to the docks of Tudrak as she quietly left. Arador had been very stealthy; however, his lack of being visible to Saavhir that night hadn't kept him hidden from her. She offered him the chance to leave Sanctuary with her that night to travel to Coruscant. Arador couldn’t resist the invitation to get away from the place where he felt stagnation in his life so strongly.

A ship came for Saavhir, piloted by a man named Demi. On the surface Demi was a simple servant of Saavhir's, however his influence as they entered hyperspace for Coruscant caused Arador to pass into unconsciousness. When Arador woke, he was on Coruscant. He was escorted with much difficulty to the Atrium of the Senate Building by a young female named Adinine. Several moments of quiet peace passed before Arador felt a 'call.' There was a man, named Daspir, standing within the Atrium that Arador seemed to have no choice but to approach. He was nearly to the man before Saavhir came out of a special Senate session. She engaged Daspir in fierce fighting that lasted several minutes before a large transport ship cascaded into the Atrium, interrupting the engagement. Saavhir and Daspir seemed evenly matched, both using Force lightning and darker fighting styles accessible through the Force. During the fighting, Arador was sent flying back hitting his head against a wall, and again passed out. Arador had a vision, while unconscious, of the future. Arador thought it was perplexing to see into the future while barely knowing what was going on in the present but upheld his sanity, baring through. Arador's vision was of a dark ritual, a sacrifice of Oath Breakers. The ritual was dark, empowering, and yet emptying as well.

When he woke, he was in a circular room with the man Daspir. It appeared that Daspir had won the battle, however he also seemed to have lost something he had in the battle. Arador thought that he was less sane and out of place when not in battle. Daspir had further showed this by bringing in his servant Demi to kill, and revealing Adinine to be his apprentice. The display revealed Daspir’s motive’s before he explained them. Daspir had taken Arador hostage in order to try to get Saavhir to allow him access to the planet Dantooine. There was one last ancient Sith relic that he had found there long ago he wished to control. The relic was told seldom even in legend, but it had come to the attention of two exiles, Saavhir and Daspir. It was said to be hidden on Dantooine by an unbreakable Force shield, containing the spirits and powers of several Dark Lords of the Sith. Saavhir had long been keeping Dantooine unavailable through various means including the intervention of the New Republic Senate to blockade incoming ships. Saavhir had a long and complicated history with Daspir that had started in friendship as they searched for the, and which also turned into hatred and rivalry once relic had taken hold of them, giving them both great powers in the Force, and as great limitations of their use of the Force. After much of this information had been given to Arador, he was taken over by a vision of the future.

The vision was of him completing a simple sword fighting discipline, but as he woke from the vision, he noted that there was a change in him. Something had taken over. As soon as lightning began erupting from his writhing body, he knew something was controlling him. The energy hadn’t come from Arador; he was being used. Adinine and the guards in the room had died a tragic death. Arador found he way to a ship located within the area to find Saavhir waiting for him. She had used him as a means to dispel her otherwise trapped Force powers upon the minions of Daspir after she had destroyed Daspir in a last battle between the two rivals. She explained some of the finer details of what had happened on the journey to Coruscant on their way back to Sanctuary on the ship Lunar Shadow II.

Co's Last Victory

Arador spent much time with Saavhir the following years, as she treated him kindly. She secretly taught Arador some basic, unrefined techniques in the Force when he was young. As Arador got older, she began to teach him some more advanced uses of the Force. Arador learned to use telekinesis to catch hundreds of fish at once without using a net, and it was often for his ability to do this that kept what was left of his family from starving during the harsh winters.

When Arador was fifteen, a bounty hunter named Co, came to the small house that Arador and his father lived in, and destroyed it with detonators while attempting to kill Arador's father. During this, Arador had been hiding from the bounty hunter under the floorboards of the corner of the house; however, the bounty hunter found him. Seeing a strong, angry boy, the bounty hunter offered him a choice. Arador could either become Co's apprentice, or be killed as his father was. In Arador's eyes, there wasn't much of a choice, and so he chose to become an apprentice to the bounty hunter. The bounty hunter left the planet Sanctuary with Arador and traveled throughout the galaxy on his ship, the Dark Plague, collecting bounties, and teaching Arador. Through his apprenticeship, Arador learned many things about fighting, including the hand-to-hand combat style Knifist.

"Waters gently flow
The even movement below
Sanctuary lo
―Arador on leaving Sanctuary

During their travels Co had eventually begun to tell Arador of himself, how he had found out about his father, and where he had come from. Co was born on Shili to moderately important political figures for the planet. He was raised in a stable, calm home, where he was given a proper, and thorough education. He knew everything about politics, war, hand to hand combat, swordsmanship, ships, and technology of all kinds. Most of all, he was taught how to kill without others knowing. His tutors came from all over the galaxy, some strange, others odd. He learned of the Jedi and Sith, and their philosophies. He even knew the basics of how to wield a lightsaber, though nothing more. Co had eventually came to study the Emperor, and his apprentice.

It was during this time, that his parents were both assassinated by a small group of bounty hunters hired by a rebelling group from another planet, who felt that they were being oppressed through their influence. Co set out to find them, to kill them, but wanted to do so in an especially gruesome way. He had heard of how the Dark side of the Force could be used for terrible things, and had heard of a specific area rich in dark texts, that had been left untouched. He set out to find where exactly they were.

Scrolls of Darkness

27 ABY

"My revenge will never end. It will destroy me before it is satiated."

When Arador turned twenty, he found out why the bounty hunter had come to destroy his home and kill his father. Co had been searching for something across the galaxy for many years and finally came to Arador's house. Arador was forced to kill the bounty hunter after learning what Co had found. Co had discovered, hidden within Arador's house, odd-looking scrolls that had been hidden there by Arador's father. The scrolls contained information, and told the location of a great treasure, hidden hundreds of years before. Arador followed the information provided in the scrolls until he reached [starwars:Manaan|Manaan]. He then made his way to an abandoned Selkath city on the ocean floor. There he found a great vault inscribed with this, "The Last Great Darkness of Manaan." Arador searched through the city until he found some old and unused orbital depth charges. Arador managed to manipulate the charges for his purposes. The charges opened the vault easily, reveling hundreds of records about the teachings given to some Selkath by Darth Vader. Arador read, learned, and began to utilize the teachings beginning to understand his affinity for the Force. Arador quickly became more powerful, but there weren't enough teachings there. Arador felt a hunger for more knowledge and teachings, to become more powerful in the Force. It was at this time he heard the call of the Dark Brotherhood, though he did not know it.

Search for Darkness

27 ABY to 29 ABY

Having exhausted the source of knowledge, Arador left Manaan in search of someone who could teach him the secrets of the Dark Side. His search began on the planet Milarian where Arador met with an old friend of his father's, Exzlon. Arador had met with Exzlon before when he was passing by Sanctuary and decided to visit Arador's father. Exzlon was able to direct Arador to a man who had been a business partner of Dzrai. The search was long and hard following one lead to another as Arador tried to track down the person who had given Dzrai the Scrolls. After many months, Arador finally found the man who Dzrai had gotten the scrolls from. He refused to give his name, but told Arador that he had gotten the Scrolls from a former member of the Emperor's Hand, who had died in a battle. Arador found out where the agent of the Emperor used to live.

The Woman whom Arador met with under the Iziz palace.

Arador's search finally ended after almost three years, on Onderon when Arador made contact with a woman who once knew of the agent Arador was seeking information about, and who also knew of a group of Dark Side followers he might be interested in. Arador met with the woman under the Iziz palace where she told him of the Dark Jedi Brotherhood. She told him that she had found out about the group while imprisoned by the Vong. The woman escaped from the Vong, and took with her the lightsaber of one of the slain Dark Jedi. Inscribed upon the hilt of the lightsaber was information of where the Dark Jedi Brotherhood was. Arador left Onderon, and in the middle of 29 ABY, Arador found the Dark Jedi Brotherhood.

Uneasy Alliances

29 ABY to 30 ABY

Arador had entered into the Brotherhood in a time of confusion, war, derision, and coercion. This time of infighting in the Brotherhood was known as the Uneasy Alliances Feud. The Yuuzhan Vong, Clan Arcona, Clan Plageuis, and Clan Scholae Palatinae, were all involved in creating the chaos that engulfed Arador's beginning days in the Brotherhood. His only anchor being his new master, Legorii, he was careful to hold his place as best he could in Qel-Droma. Arador had become an Acolyte during this Feud, taking much credit of his promotion due to his work in the Shadow Academy. Though he shaped little of the Feud's outcome, he had gone through several difficult battles that tried his abilities. He had just been included into Dark Orb as Arcona's Fleet approached Scholae Palatinae's. The Feud caused many changes through Arcona, and made many opportunities for advancement as Mejas Doto stepped down as Consul of Arcona shortly after the end of the Feud. It was at this time that Arador was named the new Tetrarch of Dark Orb Phyle. During the Feud, Legorii Kryotek had led the team into a time of growth that quickly ended as the Tetrarch left to become Aedile of Qel-Droma. Legorii had expected that the team would continue in strength and even grow, however in truth the team began to stagnate. Arador's first act as Tetrarch was to allow the four soldiers of Covert Squad Delta to work as the Aedile's new guard. Arador charged Templar Etah d'Tana with heading the team in order to keep the squad so well trained as Legorii had left them.

In a very short time Arador's time as Tetrarch of Dark Orb would end, as Consul Sashar Arconae would make the decision to have the battle team close once more. It was disappointing for Arador, though he quickly saw something better on the horizon. During the following days, Arador went into a state of deep contemplation, meditation, and study. He delved deep into his own roots of history, considering more than anything, his origins. He also looked into his position within the Brotherood, his Clan, and the Force. It did him much service as he realized what was causing his turmoil lately. In the time, since he had become a Guardian he began to feel absence. It was a lack of emotion, completely clear, but nonetheless empty. Arador knew that his hunger was an effect of this absence. It was the Dark Side alone calling him now, but also the Final Way. Little did he understand of it, but the feelings he had were nothing less than a very shallow understanding building on a very deep concept.


Physical Appearance

Arador is a slight but muscular Human with few distinctive features. His brown hair is wavy and long though well kept. His eyes are brown and his skin is fairly tan from long hours of living under the bright sun of Sanctuary. Arador has a small crescent shaped scar on his left hand that is darker than the rest of his hand. He often wears long thick black robes when he can, but otherwise takes little care of what he wares. His expressions are often dark or passive.

Arador's first warbanner


Arador most often uses a Westar-34 and a Fira in battle as he is well skilled in using the sword which has some meaning to him, as well as the blaster. Though Arador is able to use some other weapons with some proficiency, his fighting style is best suited to using a more simple combination of weaponry. Arador is also well versed in hand to hand combat though he rarely resorts to using it.

The Force

As he is but a learner in the Force, Arador sees the Force more than anything, a portal to see through. His use of the Force is very limited, however his uses of it are much different than others. Especially as a child, Arador learned to use the Force to complete practical tasks in his life, and as a device through which to read others. He often used to Force to slightly manipulate others perceptions and opinions, though he often was unsuccessful and often didn't realize what he was doing. As Arador became more aware of his abilities, he used the Force for darker purposes however insignificant.


"I can see your long-suffering from your great longing, but what is it you wish? Will you never say?"
―Sastae to Arador

More than anything, Arador is uncaring, ruthless, and deceptive. His view of others is most always a very dim one, leading him to have few friends, however his uncaring attitude keeps him from having many enemies as well. His deceptive nature is one that gives him the upper hand at others' expense in odd times. Arador is however loyal, persistent, and fierce, giving him strong however few allies. Arador's will toward others often leads them to downfall without them knowing it, however his ruthlessness allows them to feel the suffering. Arador’s has a harsh tendency to be overly critical of others and their decisions. Despite his typically serious demeanor, he has a humorous side sometimes seen as perverse whether he intends it to be or not. His only inherent flaw is a great hidden longing. The longing is well known to anyone around him, however what causes it is unknown by all perhaps even himself.

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Legorii Kryotek Tetrarch of Dark Orb
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