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Biographical Information

Barab 1

Date of Birth:

19 BBY

Physical Description





2.01 meters


158 kilograms


Green with slit pupils

Personal Information
Lightsaber Form(s):


Chronology & Political Information

Security Chief on AGV Nighthawk


Clan Arcona

Known apprentices:

Nath Voth



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Zakath is a Sith Battlemaster in service to Clan Arcona and a member of House Galeres. Currently, he is assigned to the Nighthawk Battleteam, which operates under the jurisdiction of the Dajorra Intelligence Agency, and serves as Chief of Security aboard the AGV Nighthawk.

Character History

Bounty Hunter Days TBA

Recruitment into the Brotherhood TBA

Recruiting Nath Voth TBA

Dying at Naradas' hands TBA

Return from the Void TBA

Physical Description

Tall for a Barabel, Zakath stands at just over two meters tall. He is built as a warrior, and his time in the Brotherhood has done nothing to erode that fact. Constant exercise both on and off the battlefield has ensured that his reptilian body is heavily muscled, with thick protective black scales covering every inch of his body. His fingers end with thick heavy talons that can rip his enemies to shreds if given an opening.

As with all Barabels, Zakath has a long and thick muscular tail trailing out from behind him, which can flick to and fro in a calm manner or rapidly depending on the state of his mood. And unbeknownst to all who weren't familiar with the Barabel species and sought to trap him by seizing the tail, Zakath has the ability to shed the tail to free himself and eventually regrow another.

Zakath's normal attire is very simple, as in most situations, he does not wear much clothing, usually electing for a pair of simple black pants. Instead he wears two leather belts, one at his waist, and the other slung across his torso. The belt on his waist is used to carry his lightsaber, comlink, and other essential items, while the cargo belt on his torso is used to carry other items that he deems necessary, changing depending on the situation he finds himself in.

The signs of dark side corruption is easily spotted on Zakath, most notably in his eyes. Normally shown as a pair of reptilian green eyes with slit pupils, they have a tendency to glow a deep violet whenever Zakath draws deeply on the Dark Side or when he is enraged. His lustrous black scales has also begun to show changes due to the corruption, small crackings in the scales has begun to appear and the shininess has begun to dull to a matte black, although to date, it had not impacted Zakath's abilities in or out of combat.


Many who meet Zakath for the first time will perceive the Barabel as a cold and blunt person, preferring to stick with short direct answers that is ruthlessly stripped of any sugar-coating whatsoever, which many take as being needlessly cruel. Those who take the time to learn from Zakath and work with him will discover that this is simply how he thinks and operates by, considering flattery and lies to be a direct insult to not only the person being spoken to, but to Zakath's own character as well.

When in combat, Zakath is at his most expressive emotionally, as he takes a savage joy in a fight. The normally tacitum Barabel will begin to speak more often, usually making sharply barbed observations about his opponents that usually aim to cut to the bone and rattle them into making a mistake that Zakath would instantly take advantage of. Sparring with his allies is the closest people will come to seeing an actual conversation coming out of Zakath. Words come much easier to him when in a fight, something that Zakath has acknowledged when he started incorporating elements of Dun Moch into his lightsaber combat forms.

Combat Styles

As an adherent of the Form 1 Shii-Cho style, Zakath is a force to be reckoned with on the battlefield, channeling his greater strength over many species into direct and brutal attacks against his opponents. And as the savage joy of the fight begins to infuse him, he would then begin to incorporate verbal and Force-based elements of the Dun Moch style into the battle, seeking to gain a psychological advantage over his opponents and goad them into making even the slightest mistake, which Zakath's keen eyes would spot and instantly take advantage of- usually to the fatal determent of his enemies.

Outside of lightsaber combat, Zakath tends to be a very heavy hitter in hand-to-hand combat, favoring the Broken Gate style, although the Barabel also incorporates elements of Hapan boxing as well. Zakath's heavy talons on both hands and feet lend him an advantage in combat against those unaccustomed to fighting against Barabels, most of the time using them to end the fight swiftly by ripping out his enemies' throats with a hard swipe.

Associates and Enemies

Nath Voth

Zakath's first encounter with Nath Voth took place on Nar Shaddaa when he was on a personal assignment to hunt down a Twi'lek traitor called Rach'talik Dira, who had passed on information to Zakath's enemies. As Zakath stalked his prey, a tremor in the Force alerted him to the presence of a disguised Iridonian that was trailing the Twi'lek.

Striking by surprise, Zakath soon cornered the Twi'lek and his Iridonian bodyguard. When Zakath revealed the extent of the Twi'lek's betrayal and his deception to Nath, the Iridonian almost instantly spun on her heel and slaughtered Rach'talik by slowly cutting off his lekku, earning a modicum of respect from the Barabel.

Afterward, the two sat down to a meal, over the course of which Zakath acknowledged Nath's Force sensitivity and gave an offer of recruitment to the Dark Brotherhood. Nath agreed to join at first, but subtly expressed

This marked the start of a turbulent relationship that has continued to the present day, although over the course of the years since her joining, the two had managed to put aside their differences, especially once Zakath had taken Nath on as an apprentice. Now, although Master and Apprentice may disagree extensively, both verbally and physically in the sparring ring, the two have developed a mutual respect for each other, even though some grudges remain.

Andrelious J. Mimosa-Inahj

Zakath first met Andrelious during a tournament when the Barabel was a Knight. Andrelious' anti-alien bias had rubbed Zakath the wrong way, and he made the then Sith Battlelord pay for his arrogance, breaking both wrists before walking away. The two had hated each other ever since, even as Andrelious' anti-alien bias had lessened over the years.




When Naradas died, Zakath assumed control of his spy network, headed by the mysterious human known as Elim. Holding a true professional mercenary attiude, Elim promised Zakath that as long as the credits kept flowing to him, the spymaster's loyalty will remain absolute, and to date, this has held true.


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