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Oblivion Brigade
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Kant Lavar


Captain Legorii Kryotek Entar


Event Horizon Investigations

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31 ABY

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Dark Jedi Brotherhood Era

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"Nothing is true, Everything is permitted."
―Oblivion Code

Oblivion Brigade is currently closed, but it's members are still around and can easily be united if called for action.

In The Beginning...

Archpriest Arcturus Xyler had reorganized Prophecy Phyle by folding its members into the staff of Naruba Investments, thereby giving them an ability to move about the galaxy at large while blending into the background. This was good, as it allowed them to perform their mission - covert intelligence gathering - well. Unfortunately, as the Yuuzhan Vong war wore on after the Ninth Great Jedi War, Prophecy was sent on more and more direct action assignments. Therefore, it was decided to realign some of the members into a covert action squad - it would allow House Qel-Droma to maintain some of the intelligence-gathering abilities of Prophecy, but also combine it with some assault unit elements.

A Change In Direction

When the team was originally created, the Tetrarch of the dissolving Prophecy Phle, Kant Lavar, was selected as its leader. While he had been in command of the Phyle for nearly a year, many had not expected the House Summit to retain his services as a battle-team leader. For the missions that the new Oblivion Brigade would be assigned, though, he was the best choice due to his experience as a former Bounty Hunter.

Soon after, many of the veteran members of Oblivion moved on to other positions or teams. This left Oblivion with a cadre of newer members with a wide array of talents that didn't quite gel with Oblivion's current mold. It was decided, then, that Oblivion would go in a different direction, something that catered to the new members strong suites.

A New Leader

After Kant stepping down due to personal reasons, Marick Del'Abbot, the former apprentice of Arcturus Xyler, was anointed Battleteam Leader and tasked with turning Oblivion into a more "unique" division. Despite the young Hapan's lack of formal leadership experience, the Summit felt that his work ethic and desire to be the best contrasted well with his intelligence, cunning, and suave. His family wealth would also play a big part in funding the exploits of the new Oblivion.

A New Identity

""We are the ones that people get uncomfortable simply being around. We are the ones who make people disappear when they need to be "dealt" with."
Timeros Caesus Entar

Oblivion Brigade are the harbingers of death in a more...personalized manner. Specially trained to take out individual threats to Clan Arcona, they are the internal security --the ones in the black uniforms that no one likes being around. Similar to their namesake, they are often forgotten about not by ignorance but rather, fear. Oblivion Agents are never the first line of defense for Arcona, but they are always the first ones who deliver retribution when one harms her.

As such, the life of an Agent is tough and grueling, not only a physical level, but a mental and emotional one as well. Not every recruit has the stomach to handle the training needed to do the things that Oblivion does so members are almost always personally recruited by the BOT captain, though exceptions have been made.

A bulk of the training includes extensive immunization to hurlothrumbic gasses (fear generators). Each agent also has small doses implanted within them, allowing them to come across as unnerved as possible; cold, calculative, and deadly. Other training regimens include basic physical fitness, forms of hand-to-hand combat and small weapons training as well as investigative and interrogative techniques. Further training, long-range weapons and melee instruction, are available to be learned at the Agent's discretion.

The majority of Oblivion Brigade's members swear fealty to either the Krath or Sith Orders, but a select few Obelisk transcend their brutish stereotype, including current Battleteam Leader, Marick Del'Abbot.


As a Black Ops Team (BOT), Oblivion has very little in common with the rest of Arcona's structure, be it military or otherwise; her members have no official position or normative rank within the Dajorra system nor does their chain of command bear any resemblance to a formal ranking structure. They are also officially listed as having no possessions or headquarters, relying on a front company in the form of Event Horizon Investigations.

What Oblivion does have, however, is the legal right to second any military or government agency into their service, subject to no check. To do so, two Oblivion members, usually the members of a single Cell, must formally make this request to the commanding officer of said unit/agency. This power cannot be hindered or refused by any entity in the Dajorra System. The sole exception is the Lord Consul who is naturally informed of each such secondment and can punish the Brigade's members should he determine they be out of bounds.

Another caveat also exists on Oblivion's Right of Secondment: While their ability to second troops is absolute under all normal circumstances, they have no authority over Arcona's Dark Jedi members...except when ordered to track them down and kill them.

After learning of Oblivion Brigade's primary power, it almost goes without saying that the Black Ops Team has legal and complete access to the information of any formal Dajorran agency. This includes, but is not limited to, police records, Army Intelligence data, and the archives of the Dajorra Intelligence Agency.

Inducted Oblivion Members


Shortly before leaving his position as leader of the Oblivion Brigade and their reformation under Marick Del'Abbot, Kant Lavar had used his influence in Naruba Investments to divert a sum of credits through several cutouts, before they landed in a new account on Nal Hutta under an assumed name. These credits were then laundered expertly by at least three different shadow accountants, and changed hands in cash at least once, before being sent into yet another account – this one a corporate account that had been established in the name of Event Horizon Investigations, an agency founded to be a front organization for Oblivion Brigade.

When Marick took the reins of Oblivion Brigade and the battleteam was reformed into Arcona's internal investigations division, the establishment for Event Horizon Investigations was set up in the commercial district of Estle City on Dajorra.

Event Horizon Investigations' headquarters building looks like many other buildings in the Sinchi Ring of the city. The sign is very subtle and easy to miss, discouraging the casual visitor. A single organic receptionist is backed by a squadron of droids, and access to the area beyond the lobby is only granted via biometrically controlled doors and a thorough scan for weapons. The handful of licensed investigators that the company employs are all non-Jedi, and all are completely unaware of the truth behind the corporate facade.

This becomes tricky – Event Horizon does not employ idiots – and on more than one occasion an investigator that gets too close to the truth has to be removed. Sometimes it's done by an Oblivion Brigade member, posing as one of the “senior partners,” suggesting it's time for the investigator to move on, either starting his own business away from Dajorra, or simply retirement. Sometimes, the investigators are assassinated, discreetly and never in a manner that would suggest the presence of Dark Jedi on the planet.

The Event Horizon headquarters has a series of offices and dining facility on the main floor for all employees. Hidden beneath the floor in an archive storage room is a turbolift that can only be activated by an Oblivion agent. The lift leads to another secret entrance in the Arconan Citadel at the top of the city – an entrance only the Summit and Oblivion itselfis aware of.

The turbolift inside Oblivion's sectioned-off portion of the Citadel allows agents to come and go as needed without being seen or bothered. In addition, Oblivion's section includes state of the art training and dining facilities as well as living quarters, weapons lockers and cache's, armor stands, simulation rooms, interrogation chambers (such as sensory depravation, water boarding tables, and various tools and chemicals), advanced computer systems and more. This is largely due to some under-the-table funding from the Del'Abbot family fortune, the same fortune which also paid for the Silent Blade, the Brigade's stealth shuttle, and the hangar that it is stored in.

Oblivion Armory

Members of Oblivion are granted the right to wear and cary unique weapons, armor, and gadgets catered towards their particular skills.

Oblivion Spectre Armor

Marick Del`Abbot wearing the prototype Spectre Armor.

When designing the Armor that would be worn by all of his agents, Marick factored in the various situational needs of the types of missions his operatives would be undertaking. As such, he wanted something that was light weight yet helped give Oblivion agents an extra edge in their field. It is an extremely light-weight full body suit designed for light combat. It was not intended to be worn by itself on any conventional battlefield, and won't hold up against more than a few blaster bolts or bladed weaponry.

The suit consists of two different layers. The first is an all black body suit made of an elastic, flexible material that is lined with nano-processing servos as well as tiny little needles that just barely puncture the epidermis. Once linked with the wearer's body, the suit can monitor every vital statistic of the organic body (such as temperature, hydration levels, and heart rate). Not only does it monitor these stats, but it also factors in data from its sensors to analyze and then counteract the environment around the user and adjusts accordingly.

Also along the suit are scattered packets of different types of chemicals. Depending on the situation, the suit would automatically inject the body with the appropriate chemical. On a typical operation, this could mean injecting the body with a chemical that could cool the body off when in a hot environment. This would allow an Oblivion agent to stand in an interrogation room with the heat turned all the way up and not so much as breaking a sweat.

It can also release something to give agents an unnerving sense of calm in what could normally be perceived as a highly stressful situation. The chemicals have all been diluted and balanced out so that the body will naturally flush out the chemicals. The suit is NOT a substitute for the training Oblivion Agent's endure, and the more experienced the agent is the less likely they are to depend on the suits abilities.

Having worn the prototype armor on his own person, Marick is confident in his design. Each suite is custom tailored to the agent. One agent's suit would not work with another body, as it's specific to the users specifications. There is also room for modification on the second layer.

The second layer, by defaulton Marick's prototype, is a matte-black armor-weave padding that covers the legs, forearms, and chest. There is room in the design for personal modifications, such as adding plate's or other forms of heavier materials. Doing so would affect the suits mobility, though.

The last piece of the Spectre Armor is a unique retractable "visor" that when activated covers the agent's face from the eyebrows, down to the chin. The visor is made of a flexible poly-carbonate material and reads as an opaque, glossy black. When not in use, the visor can be deactivated with the tap of a button. The visor retracts into a set of nodes that are fixated on either side of the agent's jawline from the ear to the chin. (see above image)

The visor by default is resistant to glare and features an HUD that monitors all the vitals from the suit. It has a toggle for inferred, ultra-violet, night vision, and thermal vision which comes in handy with quick interrogation.

Oblivion Hidden Blade

While somewhat archaic and simplistic in its design, the Oblivion Hidden blade can be an agent's greatest tool.

Oblivion Hidden Blade worn by Marick Del'Abbot

The Oblivion Hidden Blade is a unique weapon that's best utilized in assassinations and interrogations. Built into what appears to be a regular bracer hides a slender, stiletto-like blade that extends slightly past the index finger's length. Not designed for melee combat, the specially crafted alloy is perfect for puncturing into meaty flesh, but little else. It is virtually useless against heavy armor (unless an opening can be found) or any type of droid. The blade can be retracted silently and with ease. The casing and embezzle are also coated to repel scanners, and will not register as a weapon on even the most advanced systems.

What's also unique about the blades is that they are hollowed out so that they can be equipped with different types of small cartridges. These cartridges can cary anything from poison, medicine, to truth syrum or any other type of liquid chemical composition.

Note: Both the Spectre Armor and the Hidden Blade are prototypical designs and property of Del'Abbot Designs

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