Welshman Corsair Erinos Tarentae

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Exodus era.
Welshman Corsair Erinos Tarentae
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Yaga Minor

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20 BBY

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15 stone





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Exodus era



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"Victorious warriors win first and then go to war, while defeated warriors go to war first and then seek to win."
―Sun Tzu

Welshman Corsair Erinos Tarentae (20BBY-present) Consul emeritus of the Clan Tarentum, Death Dealer of Tarentum, Vice Admiral of the Fleet and brother of the Tarentae has served the noble Clan of Tarentum dutifully and in many guises over the past decade; assassin, leader of men or even simple diplomat nothing is beyond the Human's desire and capacity to see the Clan succeed.

Character History

Early life

Welshman is a base-line Human hailing from the world of Yaga Minor. Born into the middle classes of Imperial Society 20 years before the Battle of Yavin he spent most of his adult life in the Imperial navy as a TIE pilot, first with the Galactic Empire and then, with the destruction of Palpatine at Endor, under Pellaeon/Thrawn leading a squadron of TIE Interceptors on the Imperial Star Destroyer Bellicose.

During the later years of the Galactic Civil War (19 ABY) Welshman was in command of a surface garrison defending a minor planet in the Champala sector, one of the few remaining loyal Imperial territories, however following Pellaeon's defeat at Anx Minor the planet was overrun with Rebellion troops causing Welshman to sustain prolific injuries. It was only by luck that a Tarenti supply mission were present at the shuttle port and saved the Imperial Colonel.

The Brotherhood

"The beginning of knowledge is the discovery of something we do not understand."
―Frank Herbert

After spending some time in a Tarenti hospital the Imperial officer was sent away to the Shadow Academy for Force training, an inherent gift which had no doubt saved the Human many times during the past, upon entering the halls on Lyspair his first choice was which Order to serve, twenty years as a tactician and commander of space forces biased the recruit towards the Sith. His further studies and teachings solidified his belief in the Order.

Upon returning to his Clan the old warrior was placed in the Sith house, House Tridens, and quickly rose up the Journeymen ranks. It was however the outbreak of the Third Sith War that gave Welshman an opportunity to shine, leading his squadron (Stingray) to glory over the Antarans. Knighthood was his reward for exemplary service, his apprenticeship to then Consul Rekio officially over, taking his name the newly christened Welshman Corsair began the long trek up the ranks which would one day see him nestled as Consul.

Glory Days

Earning the toe hold into the Equite ranks was one thing, proving his worth at holding and proceeding further was another. Fortunately a Force War soon broke out (21 ABY) when an insidious mind plague known as the Consciousness spread amongst the Brotherhood's members causing the Clans to slip into Civil War. The war went well for the Knight for many weeks, earning him a field promotion to the rank of Sith Warrior, however he was soon infected by his then Consul Sith Bloodfyre and shipped to Antei to defend the enemy's positions. The war was brought to its conclusion when Lord Firefox destroyed Okemi, an ancient Sith Lord, who was responsible for spreading the plague in an attempt to regain power.

Arriving back in Yridian space Welshman was inducted into the Tarentae and with newly found respect and powers was appointed to the role of Aedile of Gladius during a reshuffle of Tarentum's assets following depletion of her members and the closure of House Cestus.

It was during his time on the Summit of Gladius that he began his training in the Tarenti Force doctrine of Necromancy under the feared Field Marshal Maxamillian von Oberst.

Soon the Warrior ascended to the rank of Quaestor and Sith Warmaster.


After years of efficient management, thorough reforms and setting examples with member relations the Warmaster was approached to serve on the Clan Summit, a initial tenure as Proconsul under Anshar Kahn and then under Spears before rising to the Consularship during the Aranna Incident involving CNS, CSP, CP and Tar.

This was not the first conflict to blight his Consularship with another Great Jedi War, his second the Brotherhood's seventh, erupting. This War however, unlike others, did not find much enthusiasm in a Tarentum embittered with Dark Council politics and interference and only token support was issued to the camp of “Red Jac”, one of two Jac clones who had both announced themselves to be the true GM and demanded fealty. Tarentum's fleet however did enter the fight close to the end of the conflict eager to damage the other Clans and gain some loot. The end of the conflict not only signalled the termination of the war but also the termination of Welshman's faith in the Brotherhood, fuelled by dark visions he abdicated his post and left the Yridian system for the far reaches of the Galaxy.

Rising from the ashes.

For months the Warlord traversed the galactic fringe, following up rumors about ancient Force sites in an attempt to gain a greater knowledge of the Force. Following the destruction of Sernpidal and the resultant Force disturbance the Warlord returned to Yridia to assist his Clanmates in preparing for the coming storm.

Upon returning to the marbled halls of Castle Tarentum he assumed second in command of his first house, Tridens, by request of his old friend Archean who now served as QUA. Confiding in the blind Warrior of terrible visions and numerous rumors he had been party of the dynamic pair began preparing the House for war.

The forces of the Brotherhood soon amassed under the cover of the Shroud to partake in exercises, apparently others had too began hearing of the alien invasion, to test the Clans and to see which of the August bodies would have the honor of leading the Brotherhood's forces into combat. Commanding Task Force Mako Welshman acquitted himself well, the three ships surviving each simulated combat often against superior enemies. However the opportunity to bask in his individual glory was short lived, the Yuuzhan Vong had arrived.

The alien onslaught was merciless and without pause, fleets of their unique organic craft pierced the veil of the Shroud, destroying the Brotherhood's comforting illusions of safety. Unwilling to commit their forces against a seemingly invincible enemy the Forces of Tarentum began a tactical withdrawal deeper into the Shroud, heading towards the Brotherhood capital world of Antei and all its undefended prizes. The other Clans however soon grew wise to this and began a similar retreat eager to prevent Tarentum from despoiling the planet, combat was soon joined and Tarentum and the other Clans engaged in a four-way duel up until the Yuuzhan Vong themselves advanced into the inner system and brought their guns to bear on the feuding Clans. A week of heaving fighting saw the Clans bled dry and it was only the timely intervention of Grand Master Sarin's Autarch and its suicide charge on the enemy flagship gave the Clans the opportunity to retreat.

A Clan in hiding

"So many great nobles, things, administrations, so many high chieftains, so many brave nations, so many proud princes, and power so splendid; In a moment, a twinkling, all utterly ended."
―Jacobus de Benedictus

Following the ravaging of the Brotherhood each Clan went to ground to lick their wounds, fighter wings decimated, armies pulverised and ships of the line abused each Clan had plenty to of work in store. At a meeting of the Council and Consuls the Brotherhood's fleets were deemed obsolete for the emerging threat and new fleets furnished from a secret reserve constructed using syphoned funds and materials.

Alongside the new fleet came a new position for Welshman and a promotion to Rear Admiral, he was to command Task Force Piranha's capital ships and their fighter compliments.

The following weeks were spent integrating the task force into the Yridian defense grid and acclimatising the crews with their new ships the period was also marked by the reopening of House Cestus, sensing an opportunity to help shape the embryonic House into a third formidable fighting unit for Tarentum. Assuming AED position he worked tirelessly with the QUA Sato to bring some identity and cohesion to the new unit, an operation which gave some mixed results.

The proceeding months were a tumultuous time for Tarentum but the Warlord decided to remain, dividing his time between his study at Poen Plains and his laboratories at the Mystics Asylum.

Physical Appearance

Measuring in at 1 meter 95 centimetres Welshman is slightly above average height for a Human and weighs 240 lbs (108 kg),a bulk made up exclusively of toned muscle perfected by years of rigorous military training and self-discipline. An imposing figure his height and weight lend him the appearance of a Human tank on the battlefield, a sight most enemy flee when it approaches with twin lightsabres lit. His skin, which has been kissed by the light of a hundred suns, is covered in a deep tan and unmarked saved for the usual blemishes and pockmarks one accumulates over a life time. It is only when one looks upon the Sith's face that one sees something totally out of the ordinary, his face is a mass of scars, milky white lines writhe across his defined jaw and dimple while his nose bears obvious signs of great trauma. For it is his face that took the brunt of the damage in the incident which led to him being rescued by the Brotherhood, shrapnel gouged the criss-crossing patterns into his visage and heat seared away his eyes, it is over the dead pits he wears his optical goggles his means of seeing what he once saw and much more.

His posture and walk are as should be expected from one who has served in military institutions for so long, ram rod straight with clipped precise footsteps, the leather soles of his boots beating out a regular tattoo on the floor of his command. If his footsteps where not enough of a clue to the Admiral's impending arrival the whirring and clicking of his optics, deliberately designed to appear archaic, herald his arrival.

A tone of command permeates every utterance, even when conversing with those he calls friends, neither cold nor warm his voice is carefully neutral and his words direct, similar to the body language underneath the naval uniform of Tarentum. Welshman refuses to give in to what he sees as vanity and as such will only wear his Jedi robes for important services and should the psychological advantage be needed.


"The art of war is simple enough. Find out where your enemy is. Get at him as soon as you can. Strike him as hard as you can, and keep moving on."
―Ulysses S. Grant

Beginning his career as he did in the Imperial Navy the Warlord is adept with many firearms and weaponry, a trait encouraged and built upon during his time within the Brotherhood, as such he is rated as a marksman with the service issue handgun (with no Force aid) he keeps on his body at all time. Similar levels of proficiencies have been achieved with a variety of rifles and when the mood strikes he has been known to utilise thermal detonators to devastating effect.

Should he be disarmed in any way Welshman has decades of hand-to-hand combat training to fall back on, years of Imperial Academy training in arts ranging from the Broken Gate form to K'tara, forms which rely on the strength and musculature he has built up over the years. Welshman has been known to snap limbs with one punch.



Beginning his training at a time when only Knights were allowed the prestigious weapon Welshman began mastering the weapon as soon as he moulded his first crystal to the power assembly. Currently he is in possession of two custom lightsabres, weapons he keeps stored in his personal quarters on board the Magnus Kaerner. Should he however find himself caught in a situation and find himself not on board the flagship he has secreted several basic lightsabres in locations he usually frequents namely; Castle Tarentum, Cestus base, land grants and anywhere he has an office.

Even though he has earned the right to brandish two lightsabres Welshman eschews any form utilising both blades deeming it too flashy and show offish, two traits that were bound to get a person killed. Instead he focuses on conservative, classical forums such as the duellist's Makashi and blaster bolt deflecting forum Soresu, a mutually beneficial combination as it allows Welshman to switch from being able to deal with fellow Jedi or their plebeian armies.


A T/D his chosen method of starfighter combat.

It has been said that Welshman is only truly in his element when he is behind the flight stick of a starfighter. His fighter's move with a deadly grace and poise barrel rolling, juking and jinking his way to complete destruction of his enemies. His fighter family of choice are still the venerable TIEs, indeed in a widely distributed holo he demonstrated his ability to destroy a shield triad of coralskippers while piloting a 30 year old TIE Fighter simulacrum. Having begun his career as a fighter jock Welshman places great emphasis on small unit fighter tactics and training resulting in a bit of a reputation as a slave driver amongst the pilots who serve under him.

Fleet Combat

The ISDII Magnus Kaerner, flagship of the Tarenti fleet and Welshman's flagship.

A competent fleet commander one of Welshman's preferred modus operandi is to allow the enemy fleet to make the initial move if the situation is feasible, an opening gambit such as this often causes the opposing commander to throw away any initial advantage they might have. Given Tarentum's current fleet however tactics facilitating quick strikes and decapitating blows are the standard operating procedure with long range turbolaser strikes serving in support. For a Commander Welshman advocates an unorthodox tactic of keeping his interceptor/fighter squadrons behind at the breakout of battle, preferring instead to allow a turbolaser/missile barrage to thin out enemy formations, this tactic also prevents any blue on blue casualties.

While not anywhere near the tactical genius of Admirals Thrawn, Ackbar or even Brotherhood supremo Maxamillian Oberst, Welshman can more than hold his own against most regional level commanders and considers himself above most of the Brotherhood's officers.

The Force

The Force is a means to an end. A mantra that has been the cornerstone of many a Sith's tenets, the glorious Sith Empires of the past utilised every erg of power to place those beneath them in their thrall and to terrify supposed equals. The rich history of the Sith demonstrate that they know no limits in their application of their powers, morality and ethics have no meaning and it is this calculating mentality Welshman demonstrates in his judicious use of his powers. Will he use his powers to pick up a chunk of fruit? No. Will he use the Force to crush the life out of those he thinks needs it? Yes. There is a greater shock value in people not knowing the extent of a person's capabilities.

While hardly a Darth Vader or Emperor Palpatine the Tarenti's powers are not by any means weak, his 10 years of training in the arcane workings of the Force have seen him achieve an enviable amount of power, while there are dozens stronger than him the important fact is there are trillions who are weaker.

Death Dealer

"Death is nothing to us, since when we are, death has not come, and when death has come, we are not."

Tarentum's unique brand of Dark Side power is the art of manipulating Death and the Oblivion that lies beyond. As such Tarentum's brand of power can result in powerful, if grotesque techniques which, if not initially fatal will cause the enemy to bolt in fear or die a lingering death.

Of the two schools of Necromancy practiced by Tarentum Welshman is an adherent of the Death Dealer's path, a more combat orientated college which is further divided into three groups. Of these Welshman would most describe himself as a Scimitar, a refined warrior not above assassinations and torture.

Of the powers available to him as a Third Caste adherent of the Way of the Keepers Welshman is known to favor the use of certain powers such as “Doom Within”, “Shattering” and “Call of the Euthanatos”, three powerful techniques that can cause painful death or debilitation and should the need arise the ability to craft an army of skilled, powerful undead to serve his beck and call.

A sad fact of life is that as one ages ones reactions become slower and fatigue sets in easier, training and working out has helped allayed the atrophy of his body but these can only go so far. As he approaches 50 standard years of age he finds that Tarentum's unique powers allow him to offset the ageing process, he uses the life force of other sentients to bolster his own manna.



"The crest and crowning of all good, Life's final star, is Brotherhood."
―Edwin Markham

Sometime after the last Great Jedi War Welshman found himself on a mission to Arconan space escorting Tarentum's leadership to a summit with their Arconan counterparts. During the mission Welshman found himself in conference with soon to be Consul of Arcona, Sashar Kodiak Erinos, and found concordance with many of the young Mandalore's ethos.

Many weeks later the Tarentae was invited to Arconae Primus to undergo a rigorous selection process consisting of forced marches, small arms firing, survivalism and stealth tactics. Fourteen days later, emerging from the jungle of the humid planet equipped with only a survival knife to provide food, shelter and heat he was accepted into the elite fraternity.

Upon admittance to the family he found a second home to be had with the primarily Arconan Mandalorians, their unique brand of training honing his talents to a shining pinnacle of lethality the Mando creed blending in seamlessly with Sith and Imperial teachings.

When on combat duties with the Erinos Welshman has been known to don a version of the Mandalorian Neo-crusader armor eschewing the traditional Mandalorian iron in favor of a lighter reinforced plas-steel plates and a form fitting body suit designed to provide thirty minutes of protection against hard vacuum with the support of a helmet. For his weapon he prefers the Tarenti issue slug thrower, a high velocity round which provides excellent armor penetration and accuracy alongside the ability to silence the weapon making it ideal for stealth/assassination roles.

His main role within the Erinos Jedi team is heavy weapons and front line combat.

Positions in Tarentum

Tarentae: A member of the Clan's inner circle with responsibilities for the rule and well being of the Clan and individual Tarenti/Yridians.

Vice Admiral: Responsible for commanding Task Force Piranha's capital ships and ensuring that maintenance and supply are carried out to maintain efficiency.

Baron Welshman of Poen Plains: The Barony of Poen Plains was bestowed upon him upon his resignation of Consul.

Prefect: Judge, jury and executioner for one of Tarentum's prefectures.

Knight Sir Welshman: A member of an elite military order that serves the Clan.

Master of Phoenix CrestPhoenix Crest: A large land grant located under the majestic oceans of Yridia II

Dean of Necrozoology at the Mystics Asylum

Consul Emeritus

Proconsul Emeritus

Gladius QUA/AED Emeritus

Tridens AED Emeritus

Cestus AED Emeritus