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Atyiru Caesura Entar Arconae
Biographical Information


Date of Birth:

6 ABY (age 36)

Physical Description





5’10’’ or 1.77 m


134lbs or 60.78 kg or 9.5 st


Silver, thigh length


None (See: Species)

Personal Information

Heone Araave


Delphin Araave


Eleceos Araave


Marick Tyris (secretly)

Lightsaber Color(s):

Celeste (light blue)

Lightsaber Form(s):


Fighting Style(s):
Chronology & Political Information

Combat Medic, Trauma Surgeon


Consul of Clan Arcona


Dark Jedi Brotherhood Era

Known masters:
Known apprentices:


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"The hardest ones to love are the ones that need it the most."
―Atyiru's Creed

"You need never apologize to me, my friend."
―Atyiru to Nath Voth during the battle for Rhelg

Atyiru Caesura Entar, formerly Atyiru Araave, is currently a Gray Jedi Augur and Consul of Clan Arcona. She is one of the kindest, brightest souls in all the Brotherhood, and though she is not without her dark side, she tries her best to be better for all those around her. She is a friendly smile, a healing hand, and a righteous protector.

To find in-depth character information (such as for Run On purposes) see Atty's Out of Character page.

In Summary

Atyiru cannot see. She has no eyes. She has never experienced color, nor seen a joyous, irate, or sorrowful face. But she is far from blind. What she cannot see physically, she perceives mentally, emotionally, and morally. She is empathetic, patient, and understanding because of the sense of responsibility and compassion granted her through her perception. For one so young, she is wise and strong in mind. Atyiru is cheerful, benevolent, and passionate. When working, she is like a mountain, steadfast and calm, and though slow to anger she is vicious once stirred, having once earned her the moniker "the Mountain of Arcona."

Her purpose is to help, to heal, and to protect, and when she is prevented from reaching these objectives, she will rebel without concern for herself. She cares for all people, and prays for those the wicked would think cruel. Her worry for others often outweighs her worry for herself. However, she remains loyal and respectful of her friends and comrades, and though she may willingly help an enemy, she would never harm one of her allies unless under the most extreme of circumstances. Atyiru desires only to protect and to heal, and this means increasing her knowledge and her skill. To that end, she is ambitious, righteous, and sometimes frightening, and fights harder than many would ever expect. And, where the Force is concerned, Atyiru has and will always have a closer bond with the Light side of the Force, but also taps the Dark just as dearly. She is a Gray Jedi, beloved of both paths, worshiping of both sides in equal measure.

Character History

Quiet Beginnings (6 ABY - 26 ABY)

Atyiru as a young girl.

"Father, what do the stars look like?"
"I don't know, Yiru. Everyone views them differently. You're going to have to decide for yourself what you see. "
―Atyiru and her father

Atyiru was born on Alpheridies in 6 ABY to Delphin and Heone Araave. She had no siblings, but doting parents and many cousins. While her father was employed as a farmer on the agricultural planet, her mother was a biochemical engineer, working in laboratories on developing fertilizers, pesticides, and other such compounds. Excepting a few deep troubles, her childhood was happy and nourishing.

Atyiru was a little adventurer, intrigued by everything from microorganisms in a culture sample, to climbing the planet's waterfalls and scouring the fields, to simply helping a neighbor with her laundry. Her parents liked to comment that she got her mother's brains and her father's penchant for people and activity.

Atyiru was something of a prodigy child intellectually. She loved to learn and grasped new subjects and material with great ease. Her primary interests were in medicine and aiding others, and so she studied independently until she could be placed in one of the planet's few medical universities at the age of fifteen. She studied there for three and a half years, completing her curriculum, including learning Galactic Basic, and going on to spend the next two and a half years working and studying further at a local hospital. Here, she completed her residency and became a practicing general physician at age twenty. Although she was obviously strong in the Force, she did not accept the urgings of the Luka Sene to join their order, preferring to focus on her studies. She was, however, a devot member of the clergy surrounding the Miralukan gods, Ashla and Bogan.

As she settled into her hospital work, Atty found that there was little room for advancement on Alpheridies. Few Miraluka were physicians as it was, and none knew of a Miraluka surgeon, as she aspired to be. Dissatisfied, Atty quickly grew restless, and ultimately decided to leave her homeworld in search of further education, experience, and improvement. Shortly before her twenty-first birthday, she bid her parents goodbye and bought passage on one of the few industrial vessels exporting goods off-planet.

Seeking Something More (26 ABY - 27 ABY)

"When I first left home, one of the crewmen aboard the ship called me a silly girl and told me that the galaxy was going to be different than I expected it to be...and young as I was, I didn't believe him."


Soon after leaving home, Atyiru quickly realized just how sheltered her life had really been. She had witnessed horrendous injury, death, and grief in the hospital, but she had never experienced the cruelty and indifference other people could possess.

On Alpheridies, everyone called each other brother and sister, mother and father. The people were docile and amicable. There was not even a formal military, merely militiamen banding together when the need for a policing force arose. Such was not the case in the rest of the galaxy.

Atyiru was made to disembark at her ship's first stop along the Corellian Run, Zham Hlar. There, she was left to her own devices, eventually bartering passage off-world again on another trading vessel in exchange for basic medical services. In this manner, she made her way along the Corellian Run towards Mid Rim and Inner Rim space, hoping ships and doing miscellaneous work. It was typically not too hard to gain passage: either mercenaries wanted someone with basic first aid skills, or merchants wanted someone to stand at their stalls and look pretty in their wares. Atty likes to tell the story that, once, a crew just wanted the entertainment. Nothing dubious - they just wanted to watch her dodge things they threw, since she had no eyes.

Twining Fates

Ethran and Atyiru save each other

Constantly moving around and interacting with different species and people in this way, Atyiru learned quite a few new things, and absorbed it all like a sponge. Mercenaries taught her how to defend herself; merchants taught her to barter and speak; accountants taught her to write without seeing the letters; politicians taught her how to influence people and walk like she could conquer the world; prostitutes taught her to never underestimate the use of her body; performers taught her to express through her movements and gestures what she couldn't without eyes; and a peculiar ex-military tattoo artist taught her that "illegal" had a loose definition.

Atty's travels were difficult but productive. She stepped out of the realm of scholars and community and spent a year immersed in the various facets of the life the galaxy had to offer. Nothing too noteworthy happened, until one day in her journeying she came across a dying man beside a river, near an abandoned temple. He had been mysteriously shot, and Atty rushed to tend him as best she could with her medical skills. Fearing she would lose him, however, the unstudied Miraluka attempted to tap into her Force powers and heal him...what she did instead was accidentally form a Force-Bond between them.

The man turned out to be an unaffiliated Dark Jedi and scientist named Ethran Sayre. A genetically-modified Arkanian, the half-cybernetic being was cool, aloof, proud, powerful, and terribly intelligent. He was not pleased to discover the new bond between him and the Miraluka girl when he woke, but thanked her for saving him nonetheless. For the last few months of the year 26 ABY, Atyiru stayed near Ethran as he wandered the galaxy, trying to unravel the mystery of the man she was now, for better or worse, irrevocably bonded with. She learned precious few things: he was nearly twice her age, but appeared near it due to bodily modifications; his parents had been obsessive scientists, but he was raised more by a rogue Jedi; he loved to experiment and build unique devices and weapons that he could use with the Force, particularly a pair of blades he called chariguai; and he once belonged to a group of powerful Force-users. They were tentative friends, largely uncomfortable with each other due to the sudden intimacy of their connection, their minds so close, but stayed near each other due to the discomfort of being apart. In the time she spent with him, Ethran acted as a distant older sibling figure, often trying to corral Atyiru's detrimental behaviors or shape her thinking, just as she would try to coax him into a better state and treat his many medical conditions. In time, Ethran also saved Atyiru's life, and the cycle continued between the two, tied together, always keeping one another alive, sometimes horribly so.

But all things end. One day, eventually, Ethran simply vanished. Unable to find any trace of him on the spaceport they'd come to, and barely able to detect him, even through their mental link, Atyiru was forced to concede to solitude. She debated chasing after him but decided against it, since he obviously wanted to be free of her. The Miraluka instead did her best to suppress their connection in her mind, closing that door away, and simply moved on. After all, she was a wanderer. And, wandering again, she didn't find a solid direction until she came aboard a smuggling vessel and met a certain Zeltron.

Meeting the Renegade

In 27 ABY, Atyiru boarded a ship named the Paramour. The Paramour was crewed by a motley group of smugglers and pirates calling themselves the Red Ladies, and at their head was a Zeltron woman named Arraas. Arraas, though far from lazy, embodied many of her species' stereotypes: she was promiscuous, uninhibited, saw everything as a challenge, and lived for the thrill. She won the admiration of her crew through her vigorous spirit, unusual dedication, and numerous successes. At the time, the Red Ladies were in search of a doctor to treat one of their sick crew, and when Arraas made her offer, Atty was happy to accept.

Toxicity (27 ABY - 30 ABY)

"I love you too, even if I’m selfish. You know that, don’t you Atty? I can’t give you what you give me, and I’m sorry for that...but I do love you."
―Arraas to Atyiru
Arraas, Captain of The Red Ladies

Pirate Queen

The Red Ladies were an eccentric bunch. They could be as vulgar and dangerous as mercenaries but as carefree, spirited, and outright quirky as a circus troop. They were pirates, attacking and robbing other starships, and smugglers, carrying and selling illegal goods and ferrying discrete clients across star systems, all for the right price. They brawled, laughed, danced, drank, and still managed to effectively run a ship, all under their captain's mischievous eye.

Atyiru was distinctly out of place. Hired as a professional and expecting as much, she had little idea what to make of the crew. Even with her many and varied experiences thus far, none had been quite so...loose, not even with the unruliest of mercenary bands. Despite the fact that she was supposed to be treating a patient, crewmembers often tried to pull her away for a game of Sabaac or a round of whiskey. Their captain in particular began to see getting Atty to "live a little" as a game, and pursued the course tenaciously.

Arraas' original tactics centered largely on persuasion and seduction, being so charismatic and, well, a Zeltron. This only seemed to amuse Atyiru, who often gave cool, dismissive retorts and a raised eyebrow in response. Figuring the Miraluka was just the uptight type that would snap if bothered, Arraas began trying to annoy her into submission. However, this too proved futile. Atty seemed unfazed, keeping her peace even when Arraas went as far as to dye her hair green while she slept one night. Eventually, the Zeltron decided to analyze the situation as a battle, observing Atty carefully.

This turned out to be fruitful. Arraas soon noticed that although Atyiru would not abandon her duties to eat regularly, or get some rest, she would tend to other tasks if the crew asked something of her. Deducting that the physician viewed her offers of relaxation as a more selfish respite, she approached Atyiru and asked her to drink with her so that Arraas wouldn't be lonely. To the Zeltron's triumphant delight, it worked, and the two shared a drink and chatted hours away, trading barbs.

"Oh, give me a hint at least, you cruel thing. What's it take to catch your...eye, so to speak?"
"I like Vasarian brandy."
"Ruthlessly expensive! A woman after my own heart.''"
―Arraas and Atyiru

To her surprise, Arraas found that she actually enjoyed Atty's company, having previously thought of the Miraluka as a pretentious buzz-kill. They began to socialize more, becoming good friends, and Atyiru soon integrated into the crew. They treated her much like another sister, and nicknamed her Silver and No-Eyes.

Contrary to their partying attitude were the crew's business deals. They traveled along main trade lines and raided other ships, stealing their cargo or otherwise extorting their money. Oftentimes, the Ladies would stop at various cities and Shadowports to sell and trade wares, conduct deals, or pick up contracts. Atty usually stayed aboard the Paramour, tending any injuries as her crewmates returned.

The Red Ladies' heraldry

On one particular trip, however, one of these exploits went sour, and Arraas was badly wounded in the ensuing brawl. Her crew managed to get her back to the ship, where Atyiru in turn managed to save her. However, the Miraluka was terrified by close call. She insisted that she go with Arraas on the rest of her extortions, so that the Zeltron had a physician with her in the field. Arraas agreed, with the stipulation that Atty learn to fight and defend herself.

Although Atyiru already practiced Jeswandi, Arraas immediately degraded the style as too honest and too soft. She and the crew began teaching Atty a motley mix of every dirty trick and underhanded move they could think of. Noting Atyiru's low physical strength but good hands and good senses, Arraas also endeavored to teach her to shoot. Atty had never considered learning, accounting for her physical blindness, but Arraas insisted that she could navigate a room and pinpoint someone in a crowd better than anyone. The pair spent long hours practicing, and quickly found Atty indeed had a penchant for blasters, particularly for sniping. The crew soon revised her nickname to Sharpshooter.

As her combat skills expanded, Atyiru began running jobs with the rest of her crew. Soon, she was present on nearly every outing, always covering Arraas' back. Atty was only excluded from a few select contracts Arraas occasionally received that she wouldn't speak of; otherwise, the pair was inseparable. Atyiru's adventures as a pirate continued in this manner until the Red Ladies raided another smuggling ship and discovered they were hauling spice.

Glittering Eyes

"I had two gods...and the spice replaced them both."
Atty as a smuggler, pirate, and addict

Although many of the Paramour's crew used one drug or another, few ingested spice, simply because it was more difficult to come by and usually involved stepping on bigger toes. However, Arraas allowed them to seize the cargo this time, as the product was glitterstim and much harder to get ahold of. Although Atty was apprehensive, having dealt with spice's detrimental effects in patients, she was encouraged by Arraas' enthusiasm, and decided to try the drug.

Atyiru and Arraas as well as several other crewmembers began to inject or otherwise take spice regularly. The majority of the Red Ladies soon expressed a desire to take more spice-centered contracts, and Arraas, who had formerly worked in spice smuggling for the Exchange, called in some of her old contacts. Instead of simply taking whatever operations came their way, the crew entered the spice trade once again.

This decision set the tone for the Red Ladies for the next two years. They operated as a rogue group, taking smaller or otherwise more dangerous jobs and generally trying to avoid either the Exchange or the Hutt Cartel. In the midst of their work, Atyiru and Arraas started a relationship, and continued to use spice. Perhaps inevitably, Atyiru became addicted to the drug, particularly glitterstim, and also began trying other types of drugs. For months, they lived in an aesthetic high, falling in love and embracing their euphoric lifestyle.

Perhaps inevitably, their choices would ultimately demand an equal cost.

Waking Up

"One painkiller won't make you an addict, Atyiru."
"Try to understand, my friend. Listen to me for a moment. Close your eyes. Imagine your world. Everything you care about. Picture all the things you like to do, picture your achievements, picture the people you love, and picture your gods, if you've any. Imagine all of it...and now replace it with the pill in your hand right now. That pill is worth more than all of it. That's what addiction is. And it doesn't go away. Not ever.""
―Atyiru to Nath Voth on taking pain medication for her wounds

It was the dawn of 30 ABY, during Atyiru’s third year as part of the Red Ladies, when the consequences of their actions finally caught up with them. The Ladies had cultivated enough business in the spice smuggling industry to be considered an annoyance to the Exchange. When the group’s information brokers brought back word of who the Paramour's captain was, the situation only worsened. Arraas had left on bad terms, stealing thousands in cargo and hijacking one of their starships after she was caught embezzling credits from the gang. Determined to end her operation and punish her appropriately, the Exchange sent one of their many bounty hunters after Arraas.

Mercenary, Nath Voth

The crew of the Paramour was relaxing at one of their favorite hubs, Port Haven, when the bounty hunter tracked them down. Paid to inflict as much pain as possible before killing Arraas, he began observing the crew and made note of her and Atyiru's relationship. A few days later, shortly before the Red Ladies were to leave the Shadowport, Atyiru was abducted while restocking on medical supplies.

Arraas was alerted to her capture, and then Atyiru was taken to Exchange-controlled Nar Shaddaa, orbiting Nal Hutta. During the trip from the Outer Rim to the Mid Rim, Atyiru was tortured with multiple whippings to her back. Weak from the abuse and withdrawal symptoms, her health quickly deteriorated. Arraas was periodically sent holos of Atyiru's capture in order to bait her to Nar Shaddaa and torment her psychologically.

In the end, it wasn't Arraas or her crew that rescued Atyiru, but the respective efforts of Nath Voth and a particularly benevolent Jedi.

At the time of Atyiru's imprisonment on Nar Shaddaa, Nath Voth was also on the moon, then working as a mercenary. She was hired to recover Atty by the Red Ladies and posed as one of Atyiru's guards. Force-sensitive herself, the Zabrak could sense Atyiru strongly, and was moved to aid her despite the questionable nature of the job. She killed the bounty hunter holding Atyiru captive, and broke Atyiru free during her own guard shift. Afterwards, she began treatment of Atyiru's wounds. Her actions are likely the only reason the Miraluka survived.

Meanwhile, a Jedi woman returning to Coruscant with several Force-sensitive children noted the presence of two individuals strong in the Force on Nar Shaddaa. Furthermore, she sensed Atyiru's Force weakening, and went to recover her. She briefly confronted Nath before the Iridonian left the scene to attend to a more pressing and profitable matter. After being found, Atyiru was taken to Coruscant for further medical treatment. The Jedi also contacted Arraas after accessing the bounty hunter's communication logs, and the Zeltron hurried to Coruscant after them.

Atyiru awoke in a hospital on Coruscant, with Arraas at her side. The Zeltron informed her of what had happened and explained that the wounds on her back had been too severe to be treated completely, even with Force healing. Upon inspection, Atyiru found her back and arms covered in welts of scar tissue. Arraas seemed horrified and guilt-ridden by the events, apologizing profusely to Atty and telling her she would never see her again. However, Atyiru would not hear of it, and the two argued for hours on the topic.

"I’ll always love you, Arraas. I don’t care about these wounds, or the scars. I don’t care what it costs me to stand by your side. Anything. Anything to live and love with you."
"Anything? Well then, do this now: get away from me. Just get away from me, Atyiru. I love you, and I can't watch you die because of me. I can't have that on me."
―Atyiru and Arraas fight over continuing their relationship

In the end, Arraas' pleas won out. The couple agreed to separate, although promising to remain friends and send messages occasionally. Atyiru bid her and the rest of her pirate family goodbye, deciding to stay on Conruscant and attempt to enter the Jedi Order despite her age. With a head clearer than it had been in years, a heavy heart, and a new phobia of whips to match her scars, Atyiru began her brief tenure among the Jedi, rallying around the goal of becoming a healer.

The Jedi Order (30 ABY)

"Their Code was ugly. It was inexorable and ruthless, unwilling to adapt or see reason. They asked me to sacrifice everything, and I did, willingly. But then they asked me for my heart. Too much, they’d said. Too much. And all I could think was, 'How dare they?'"
―Atyiru on the Jedi Code and her time with the Order
The Jedi Temple


Despite her age, Atyiru was inducted into the Order as an Initiate, on the good word of the Jedi woman who'd saved her, as well as on the premise of not leaving a fledgling Force-user recklessly uneducated. Her rank was more of a formality while her superiors found a Master that would take her. In the interim, Atyiru threw herself into her studies, amazed by the wealth of knowledge the Order possessed in its halls. She was fascinated by the Jedi healing techniques and wanted to become a Jedi healer. Atyiru became employed at one of Coruscant's medcenters while she waited, observing procedures, treating non-Jedi patients, and completing an accelerated surgical rotation. She and Arraas communicated regularly, sharing stories of their achievements and generally calling upon one another when a friend was needed.

For awhile, Atyiru was happy, and flourished within the Order as her knowledge and skill expanded. She befriended the people around her, most prominently a Knight a few years older than her, a Human man named Uji. Atty and Uji became good friends, and Uji would even give her training tips when he was not off on one of his vital assignments. During the time, she was free to grow and learn as she pleased, until a Master was found for her. Atty was put through her Initiate Trials and made a Padawan under the tutelage of her new Master, Jedi Knight Scopian Teticth.


Atyiru's Master was an older Human, insipid and not keen on teaching an already headstrong adult. He found her eagerness rash, and spent most of his time trying to reign Atyiru in as the Miraluka chased her ambitions. Atyiru began to feel disillusioned, worried her goals would never come to fruition and angry that her efforts thus far might have been for nothing.

Growing restless with this stunted learning, Atyiru went back to teaching herself when she was not attending to the duties her Master assigned her. She observed other Padawans training, stole texts from the library, and generally spent as much time evading her Master as she did learning from others.

As she began putting skills into practice he had not taught her, Scopian became unhappy and dismissed Atyiru as his Apprentice. He gave her two options: either beg for another Master in the Order, or leave. When Atyiru approached the the Council on the matter, they urged her to consider if she was suited to the Knight's Order and to consider a more administrative position.


The Council's suggestions infuriated Atyiru. She left the Council Chamber in an outrage and went back to her quarters, where she called Arraas. By the next day, Atyiru was at one of Coruscant's ports, boarding the Paramour once more and fleeing the Order without bothering to say goodbye to anyone.

Crucible (30 ABY - 31 ABY)

"I let her go. She begged me to let her go, and I loved her enough to do it. I let her go..."
―Atyiru to Arraas' mother on her daughter's fate
Atty's crew, slain


Coming back to the Paramour was both a pitfall and a homecoming for Atyiru. The Red Ladies welcomed her back with open arms, and Atyiru was happier than she had been in months. However, it was a tainted sort of happiness. Arraas held herself apart from Atyiru, seemingly afraid to do more than speak with her. Worse, the Ladies still ran their spice smuggling operations, although they had toned it down quite a bit since the bounty hunter incident.

Every moment aboard the ship was an internal battle for Atyiru. She sequested herself away in her cabin more often than not simply to avoid her drug of choice. Even her medical services were unneeded, as the crew had found themselves another doctor while she was away. Atyiru remained largely distant from the going-ons, and the crew began to view her with an air of aloofness, thinking that they were not good enough for her anymore now that she had been to the Order. Atty became estranged from her old friends, growing lonely and despondent.

Arraas, noticing how miserable Atyiru seemed, decided to stop fooling around and just reconnect with the Miraluka. It went unspoken between them that they still loved each other, and the two decided to resume their relationship, if tentatively. Atyiru attempted to integrate back into the crew, with mild success, and whenever she felt the urge to take spice, she touched the scars on her back and went off to meditate instead.

For a time, there was a very precarious balance.

The End

In a classically tragic show of karmic justice, the Red Ladies met their demise at the hands of another group of pirates and slavers. The Paramour was attacked along the Corellian Run, and found themselves outgunned and outmaneuvered. A raiding party boarded the ship, ransacking the cargo, seizing all their spice, killing most of the crew, and abducting the survivors to be sold as slaves.

Arraas' death

The captain of the Red Ladies was not one to surrender easily, however. Arraas fought her captors every step of the way, until she was beaten bloody and thrown in with the rest of her imprisoned crew. Atyiru, accostumed to thinking in crisis situations, remained calm and treated Arraas' wounds as best she could while formulating a plan with her crewmates.

Atyiru used her limited telekinetic abilities to knock their guard unconscious with his own blaster, stealing the keys to their bindings off his body. Securing Arraas, Atty and the rest of the crew made their way to the cargo hold where they recovered their belongings and weapons then attempted to seize control of the ship. In the ensuing chaos, Atyiru periodically "blacked out." When she awoke a final time, she found the last of pirate crew and her own crewmates dead around her.

Making her way carefully to the bridge, Atty found only a pilot, a navigator, and a handful of deckhands alive. She ordered them to plot a course to Coruscant and went back to the hold in search of Arraas.

The Zeltron was in terrible shape when Atyiru found her. In pain from her wounds and delirious from her withdrawal symptoms, Arraas was nearly out of her mind. The Zeltron was a much worse spice addict than Atyiru had been, and her body was shutting down without the drug. Arraas was so afflicted that once she realized Atyiru was with her, she begged the Miraluka to kill her.

Atyiru was appalled and refused vehemently, knowing Arraas was delirious and in shock. She abhorred the idea of letting someone you loved go, if you truly loved them. To Atyiru, ltting go was senseless, weak, and stupid. Letting go was giving up. It was not mercy or compassion. It was submission instead of fighting for what was and would always be worth fighting for.

But Arraas kept pleading. She reminded Atyiru of all the promises the Miraluka had ever made her, and demanded action. Promises and responsibility. Anguish beyond words. Depthless love and dedication. Atyiru cared. She had always cared. Always and forever she would care. And caring meant mercy. It should not. It should be idiotic and desperate, not noble. An arm of hatred, not love. But Atyiru cared, and loved, and so she would show mercy.

Atyiru had recovered Arraas' favorite blaster from their stolen cargo, and used it then to execute her. Afterwards, she gathered up all her crewmates' corpses and those of the pirates, and had the ship stop at an unnamed moon. There, she burned all the bodies and spaced the spice and the rest of the dangerous cargo before continuing on to Coruscant.

Letting Go

Saying goodbye...

When they reached Coruscant, Atyiru allowed the remaining pirates to go free. She went to the Temple and formally resigned from the Jedi Order. There, she briefly encountered her old friend, Uji, and learned the truth of her crew's demise: an agent for Alliance Intelligence, Uji had been ordered to take out the Red Ladies as part of a messy deal between his superiors and the Exchange.

Too numb and hurt to react volatilely at this point, Atyiru merely accepted the revelation, and expressed concern for her friend's well-being. Uji had become extremely cold, almost blindly dedicated to his righteous work at the Order. Even though she had just lost so much, she felt like she was losing him, too - that the Order was going to eat him alive, like it would have her, if she had stayed the first time. And though there was so much to be said, neither person had anything more to say. Quietly and sadly, Atty bid him goodbye. Then, she left again.

Her next stop was Zeltros. There, she located Arraas' sole surviving family member, her mother, and informed her of her daughter's death and the circumstances surrounding it: namely, Atyiru's role in her passing. Atyiru and Arraas' mother parted on bittersweet terms of mutual grief, and Atty moved on.

Atyiru went back to wandering for a time. She ran a few stints with mercs, worked in a few clinics, and even considered going back home to see her parents, and settle down in the church. But she was restless, and so she continued aimlessly through the galaxy without purpose.

Moving On (31 ABY)

"...perhaps so, but you did not leave me to the void. My life is yours. Thanks for this is irrefutable, beyond the turmoil of your doubt. Words are unneeded in the void. You bring light, Bright Sister."
―Atyiru addressing Nath Voth, delirious from pain at the time

In the end, it was a face from the past that provided Atyiru with a new future. Atty and Nath Voth encountered each other once again by chance.

Nath was on her first shore leave since joining he Brotherhood, shortly after the Krayiss II campaign. At the time, Atyiru was transitioning between jobs aboard a spaceport. Sensing Nath's presence and recognizing her as the "Bright Sister" that had saved her two years prior, she went to investigate.

Although Nath was a bit paranoid at first, she remembered Atyiru, and the two had a long talk. Recounting what had happened to her after Nath left, Atty revealed her failed attempt as a Jedi. Nath, in turn, suggested a new solution to chase her ambitions: become a Dark Jedi. Join the Brotherhood. Although her offer was hesitant, Atyiru was intrigued, and accepted. When Nath returned to the Brotherhood thereafter, she brought Atyiru with her to begin her training.

Brotherhood Activity

Lights in the Void (31 ABY - 32 ABY)

Atyiru as a member of the Brotherhood

"It was all very arbitrary, to be honest, because I didn’t care much where I ended up. I was wandering. Only the slightest reason was needed. But I'm glad I'm here. I'll forever be glad for coming here."
―Atyiru on joining the Brotherhood

Into the Midst of Chaos

Atyiru's new home, Estle City, Selen

"Use that pain. Meditate on it, harness it, and use it against your enemies. We have a high turnover. Death is a part of what we do. Don’t let it eat you away."

"It's not death. It's loss. So much loss. And I don't know how to stand it."

Nath Voth and Atyiru discuss their wartime duties

The Brotherhood was a new chance and a new home for Atyiru. After so much drifting, she'd finally found somewhere to settle again. Although the power-hungry, self-centered, and sometimes harsh environment of the Brotherhood was an odd place for someone of Atyiru's character, she was still glad to be there. She threw herself into her studies at the Shadow Academy and began training her Force abilities as much as possible.

Very quickly, she graduated, and took her first steps into the Brotherhood as a Apprentice. She joined House Galeres of Clan Arcona, and soon found a place on Nath Voth's Battleteam, Dark Forge. Atyiru and Nath began training together, assisting each other where they lacked in respective combat skills and becoming friends by virtue of Atty's patience.

It was soon after this, however, that the Dark Crusade resumed its fervor, and the Battle for Rhelg began. Shortly after Atyiru became a Novice, her Clan entered into the conflict over the contested planet. The Crusade had all of the Brotherhood in upheavel, and although she was of a lowly rank, her Battleteam was deployed planet-side to fight, and Atyiru was quickly swept into the madness.

Despite having seen many deaths and experienced much professional and personal loss throughout her life, Atyiru had never been involved in war. She was not prepared for the carnage.

Atty, a sorrowful killer

The Battle for Rhelg

The icy, alpine tundra of Rhelg would be a proving ground for Atyiru. The mass death and bloodshed of war around her was horrible, yet she had little time to focus on her deteriorating mentality. There was always another skirmish to fight, an area to scout, or an artifact to recover; and like everything else she involved herself in, Atyiru went to the task with dedication and ambition higher than many expected. She made the service of her Clan her beacon, what she strived to in order to survive the war and get out whole and sound.

Throughout it all, she never allowed herself the detachment from death or desensitization to killing that many soldiers developed in order to cope. She made a point of remembering those she killed, those that died around her, and those she couldn't save. On the battlefield, she treated enemies as well as allies for their injuries, although their later fate was questionable. Rather than harm her, this approach actually preserved her, both physically and psychologically.

"When you've had to kill someone you care for, you will understand why many of us are as cold as we are..."
"I have killed someone I cared for. She asked me to put a gun to her head, and I did, because it was mercy to her, no matter what it was to me. But I won't allow myself that detachment. I'm going to keep caring. I couldn't bear it otherwise."
―Nath and Atyiru discuss the act of killing

Recognition and Scarring

"...death is emotional agony to all Miraluka. Every life extinguished is a literal part of our world swallowed into darkness, like the ground falling out from under your feet. Mass tragedies, wars, and genocide are always felt by our people, and if you witness it around you, you could be rendered catatonic from the mental trauma. It's...awful."
―Atyiru to Nath, describing her people's weaknesses

Atyiru's earnest and extensive service on Rhelg impressed many of her superiors. As the battle grew to an end and the planet was claimed by Arcona, Atty was given a double field promotion from Proselyte to Guardian. By the time she left Rhelg behind, Atyiru was more experienced, stronger, wiser, and more scarred.

While her wounds healed, Atty had to determine whether or not she could continue to serve. The mass amounts of violence and loss were hard on her, yet she had a purpose within the Brotherhood. And moreover, she had developed friendships and relationships, finding a new family among her Clan. Atyiru's desire to stay by the side of the people she loved was once more paramount over her misgivings, and with that in mind, she went about her duties, fervently preparing for the next stage of the war.

Soldier of the "Holy" War (32 ABY - 33 ABY)

"To those lost, but never gone; and to fine company."
―Atyiru toasting a glass of Tihaar with Nath Voth after the Rhelg campaign
Bhargebba, one of many battles Atty fought.

Atyiru continued on as both a commander and one face among many soldiers, fighting for her loved ones, her House, her Clan, and for the overall betterment of the Brotherhood. She continued to remember the fallen, celebrate the victories achieved, and cherish the quiet, happy moments amidst it all. She also continued to advance in skill and rank, her thirst for knowledge never sated and her sights set on becoming a true asset to her brethren.

However, as the Crusade wore on further and further, and she lost more and more "lights" to the Void, Atty's smiling positivity became more and more strained. To those sensitive enough, the sorrow and tiredness weighing on her shoulders became more apparent, and the depth of the resolve she needed to keep going more obvious.

The situation was exacerbated with the tragic death of her close friend and brother-figure, S'nar Que Seshai. After enduring so many losses to the war, both intimately personal and less so, this seemed to push the Miraluka to the precipice. She swore to avenge him, not only to those directly responsible for his death, the Mantis Syndicate, but also the One Sith and, very quietly, in her heart, the Dark Council. After remaining so firm as a "good" figure, Atyiru finally allowed some true resentment to fester in her spirit, honestly wishing harm on other people.

Although she fights back these hateful thoughts and feelings often, resolvedly persevering with good will and compassion, Atyiru had changed. Sometimes, in the cold, quiet moments when her smile drops, it's frighteningly obvious that to some, tiny degree, she'd stopped caring. She was and is extremely grateful to her friends as they, in each of their own ways, tried to support her efforts to remain a positive force, particularly Cethgus, Uji, Kordath, Marick, and Nath, along with guidance from her teacher, Timeros.

The Light That Faded


Into the Great War (33 ABY)


When He Was There


The Sound of Change (34 ABY)


Advent of Rebellion (43 ABY)


"People are my stars. They're all the meaning I know."
Atty's classic smile


Atyiru is a very calm, steadfast, honest person. She tends to be stubborn but logical and contemplative. She possesses a quick wit and loves humor, and is very respectful and friendly towards others. Atyiru is compassionate, empathetic, and highly intuitive. She takes responsibilities very seriously and is a hardworking person. It would be prudent to compare her to a mist-shrouded mountain: serene, supportive, enduring, yet also cheerful and full of life.

However, she isn't a saint. Again like a mountain, she can be slow to anger, but erupts violently when pressed. She utterly despises personal failure, or feeling helpless. If it is out of her ability to do something, she will accept the loss and move on; but if she is somehow prevented from acting when she could have, she will become frustrated. And, as for hatred, anyone who dares to take her loved ones from her is, to her, unforgivable. After growing up some in the Brotherhood due to losses, Atty became much less easy-going in her pacifistic behaviors, and grew more confrontational, swearing to '"protect those who can't protect themselves"'.

Marick and Atty

Of course, she also has her more mischievous side. Atty can be a relentless tease and has fun stirring up the occasional bit of trouble with her friends. A large part of her positivity is lies in stopping to smell the roses, making her own fun, and generally doing things for the hell of it. That said, she doesn't particularly heed risk when it comes to getting a few laughs out of people - as evidenced by her pushing her more tempermental collegues' buttons.

Atyiru's approach to nearly all situations largely involves active listening and diplomacy. She does not like violence or brutality, and would not retaliate against an attacker unless her life or that of another's was in danger. Should she be driven to combat, she will fight ruthlessly and with surgical precision and lethality; however, she will nearly always spare her opponents.

Her purpose in life is to heal, to protect, and to gain knowledge. She is passionate about helping others and learning. She wants to expand on all her knowledge and skills, both in medicine, the Force, combat, and educational topics. The single most important thing to her are her loved ones. She will sacrifice anything of herself that she needs to for them (she is so protective of these people, in fact, that she has been compared to a "mother bear with cubs" by a certain Ryn).

A large majority of Atyiru's demeanor can be attributed to her heritage and culture. Miralukas see themselves as one family, and have no word in their language for "friend", just "brother". They have some of the strongest familial attitudes and most accepting views of any race, and see no one as their enemy. They also value all life above just about anything else, as to their Force-sighted world, only living beings make up the universe, not their cities or possessions. Atyiru embodies many of these qualities, and would be a completely different individual were she not Miralukan.

For more, detailed information on Atyiru's character, see the Out of Character page.

Understanding Herself...and Others

But she's got demons too...

Atyiru has a very strong internal locus of control. She believes that she and she alone is responsible for her actions and their consequences. To that end, perhaps her greatest ambition is to achieve a complete understanding of herself, and from there, progress to understand other people as best she can.

Like many of her people, Atyiru also believes in philosophy of The Greater Force and worships the two gods Ashla and Bogan that represent the two, balancing aspects of the Force. That is, the Light and Dark Side respectively. She does not view the world as black and white or good and evil, but as a mix of both. In her mind, the galaxy is gray.

To that extent, she also believes that the only individual she can ever completely understand is herself. She can attempt to empathize, but never fully will. This is a contributing factor to what makes her so open-minded: the philosophy that she cannot judge others, only herself. Any decisions another person makes are theirs, and she respects them.

Skills/Training/Fighting Style

"If I must kill, I will kill. I believe, however, that life is more precious than anything. I would give my own to preserve it."
―Atyiru discussing her skills with Nath Voth
Atyiru's lightsaber


Atyiru's primary combat skills are defensive and supportive, revolving around being able to pick off enemies, dodge, take a hit, and if necessary, shield a victim in a combat zone. She uses blasters, but specializes in longblaster shooting. When dealing with living targets, particularly Force-users, her aim is impeccable, but when shooting for inorganic or non-living targets, she finds the task much more difficult. This is because she sees with Force-sight, and non-living objects appear transparent in her "vision", while living things radiate Force in varying levels that she can perceive.

Atyiru practices the softer, defensive arts of Verdanaian, as well as the dirtiest forms of street fighting, courtesy of her pirate days. Once in the Brotherhood, she began to learn the Soresu lightsaber-combat form, eventually growing to modest mastery. She currently prefers to fight with a combination of lightsaber and blaster.

Although Nath had once tried to teach her swordplay, her skills are still lacking outside of saber combat. Although she can use a scalpel surgically, Atty seems to be hopeless with a vibroshiv. However, she has grown much more adept at combat in her Brotherhood time.

BlasTech A280 Rifle

Atyiru is very flexible and has excellent fine motor control. She's good at dodging and generally weaving around her enemies, and has some oddball acrobatic moves in her repertoire honed from her days exploring her home world. She also has unusually high pain tolerance, and can roll with quite a few punches, although she's by no means a brick wall.

Atty's preferred weaponry once included her blasters, a SoroSuub ELG-3A and a DL-18, for short-range use, and her BlasTech A280 longblaster for sniping. Currently though, the lightsaber she once merely carried with her has become much more prevalent, since her further training with the weapon and the Force. Though she still carries a blaster, the tools of a Jedi have become her main weapons.


Atyiru is a licensed general physician, a licensed ER physician, and licensed a trauma surgeon. Though she does not have training from a formal regime, she has spent eight years as a medic in hostile combat situations and possesses a combat medic's skills. Her equipment generally includes a standard emergency medical kit, a specialized field medic kit, and miscellaneous other tools or supplies needed for various situations. Contrary to what some may believe, she has no trouble performing all her health care duties despite not having eyes.

Aside from these mundane-based medical skills, she also possesses an affinity for Force-healing, and has dedicated much time to training her abilities beyond any of her other skills. She is largely known as one of the greatest healers in the Clan, if not the Brotherhood.


Though she shows it relatively little beyond an explative or two in her gods' names, Atyiru is rather religious after her own peoples' fashion. She worships Ashla and Bogan, the dual Miralukan deities representative of the Light and Dark side of the Force respectively, and follows the philosophy of the Greater Force. The Miraluka did not believe in good or evil, but were taught to accept both life and death, and Atyiru did the same. Though not trained by her people's own order of Force-sensitives, Atyiru did spend time with her informal clergy during her medical studies, and is an ordained priestess/minister on her homeworld. As a very strong, trained Force-user, she is actually considered a very prominent clergymember of high status. She often prays quietly to herself, and will happily dole out wisdom, but is never one to much brandish her faith at others.


"I smile so much for one reason alone: smiling expresses joy. That bit of kindness...whatever I can give...Well, it makes perfect sense to me."
Atyiru's scarred back


A sweet smile

Of an average height for her race and lean of frame, Atyiru isn't particularly intimidating in stature. Her body shape is something of a thin hourglass, with her hips and shoulders being about the same width. This makes her waist more well-defined, and her bust, while average-sized, appears more pronounced. Her whole body is lightly muscled from her work and training. She practices some martial techniques to maintain that strength, even though she has a less active combat role. While it's fairly obvious that physical strength isn't Atyiru's greatest suit, she is by no means diminutive or forgettable. What her physical presence lacks in certain areas is taken up by others: the eyeless sockets and the wraps masking them more than lend to a certain disconcerting aura.

Atyiru's skin is olive-toned, a medium, rosy copper, decorated with a thick web of scar tissue from whippings over her back and some smaller scars from wartime. Her wild, wavy hair is a shining shade of platinum white, tumbling down to her knees. She has no eyes, simply sockets that she covers in blithe, festive wraps of cloth. Her fingers are deft and steady, and she puts them to use in managing her hair. She loves to braid it, usually intricately, because the action is very tactile, and she can spend hours doing so. For casual purposes, she puts it in one long, simple braid down her back. If she is feeling particularly carefree (or lazy) she will leave it free. Atyiru will always be found smiling, only refraining from her gentle optimism in her own quiet moments or in the most hostile of situations.

Atty's robes


For the most part, Atyiru can be found either wearing a medic's uniform or some assortment of cloth from her wardrobe. She dresses mainly for practicality and comfort and always wears layers so that she can adjust to multiple environments throughout the day, whether she's on board a station or planet-side. She loves to wears her favorite hooded, turquoise cloak, and her favorite articles are dresses. Most of her clothing is some shade of yellow, blue, or brown, her favorite colors, although her favorite colors aren't so much her favorite colors (being blind and all) so much as her favorite things: the feel of sunlight, water, and earth under her toes. If in a warm environment, she will run around barefoot in nothing but a shoulder-baring top and skirt. She is very finicky about being comfortable in her clothing, but function will always trump appearance.

Atyiru chooses to be very expressive in her eye coverings, and prefers cloth wraps over more ornate headgear. She uses many boldly colored and patterned wraps, and is always on the hunt for more. Unable to actually see color or design, she simply asks vendors for the boldest and gaudiest cloth they have. Generally, Atyiru only uses one or two strips of cloth as a blindfold, however she will sometimes go without any coverings, generally with the people she is closest to.

Atty's first tattoo. It reads: Bold Beyond Fury, Brave Beyond Pain
Atty's second tattoo

Distinguishing Features

Atyiru's back is covered in thin, raised wheals of scar tissue from several whippings. She has two tattoos, the first a small block of four horizontal bars on the outside of her upper left thigh. It was done by aforementioned ex-military tattoo artist. Having no idea what text to put in the design, she simply told him to do whatever he liked. His response to "tell it likes he sees it". The writing, done in Basic, says:

Bold Beyond
Brave Beyond

The second is from her time with The Red Ladies. Along with the crew's signature bandanas and kiss-mark heraldry, many chief crewmembers also had a unique tattoo. It was a simple silhouette of a woman posing, done in red ink. Atyiru's is on the outside of her right upper thigh, opposite her first tattoo. She rarely shows it and talks about it very little because of the sadness and reverence she associates with the crew's death.


"You're a part of my world me, it's as simple as that."

Nath Voth

Nath and Atty

"You need never apologize to me. You will never offend me. Anything you tell me, you tell me in complete confidence; and not a word will go beyond us. My friends are most precious to me. The oath I make to you now supersedes even my morality and my oath as a physician. You can trust me, Nath."
―Atyiru to Nath Voth

Nath was not only Atyiru's rescuer during her captivity, but also the person that brought her into the Brotherhood as well as the first person there Atyiru became close to. The Battleteam Leader of Dark Forge at the time of Atty's joining, the two saw quite a bit of each other throughout the Rhelg campaign and aboard the BAC Darkest Night. They built on their shared history and beecame fast friends, and are often found training, meditating, or studying together when not attending to their respective duties.

Nath usually visits Atyiru in the med bay once a day to get some minor injury or another tended to about as often as to chat.

Being highly intuitive, Atyiru tends to notice things about Nath that the reticent Zabrak would rather have left unknown. Despite her knowledge, Atyiru largely keeps silent, respecting Nath's wish for privacy. Even with all the unsaid things between them, the women are like sisters, and would go to any lengths for each other, regardless of concern for themselves or for their duties.



"When you learn with me, you learn with me. We learn together. I firmly believe that a student is also there to teach. If you can understand these things and accept them, I think we shall do splendidly."
Fet'ai'narun addressing Atyiru upon their introduction as Master and Apprentice

Fet'ai'narun is Atyiru's Master. Both advocates of equanimity, empathy, and the protection of others, Etain and Atyiru found kindred spirits in one another. Although both of them have led emotionally turbulent lives, they have both grown from their experiences, and have a generally more optimistic outlook than most.

Their Master-Apprentice relationship is quite dynamic, both of them acting as teacher and student. Along with this role, they are also good friends. Although Etain tends to be more reticent, Atyiru is very blithe in her affections, and tends to view her Master as something of an older sister. When feeling mischievous, the duo can be quite the pair of diabolical little imps, particularly where Marick is concerned.

Although Feta often disappears from the Brotherhood, Atyiru has never forgotten her. She holds close the memory of her original Master, her teachings, and the elements in their spirits.

S'nar Que Seshai

"Obelisks have little need for paperwork. I believe that is a particularly Krath pursuit."

"Krath or Obelisk, I bet you I can still beat that smirk off your face.”

"You can certainly try, Aedile.”

“Ha! The usual wager, then?”

―Atyiru and S'nar bantering before training
S'nar and Atty

S'nar Que Seshai was Atyiru's fellow Knight, teammate, friend, and brother. Having reached Knighthood together and worked closely as integral parts of the Galeres Summit, they became close companions. When not helping to run Galeres or on active duty during the Crusade, the Obelisk and Krath spent many hours chatting, joking, arguing, and training, more and more so as S'nar began to grow comfortable in the Brotherhood. Frequently, they'd tease each other based on their respective Order's stereotypes and occasionally complain about their fellow members. That is, until the Brotherhood's longest war took them to Kalsunor.

" brother, my friend...May you find the peace with your ancestors that this damnable world would not give you; and may the gods help those who took you from us, for neither shall they find mercy here."
―Atyiru vengefully mourning S'nar after his death on Kalsunor, 37 ABY

Having both been placed on Arcona's Special Forces team previous to their deployment to their fifth planet, Kalsunor, Atty and S'nar were both facing even greater danger than usual; and inevitably, one of the SF's many ops. went awry. The team was sent to investigate a station orbiting Kalsunor when they encountered traps left for them by the Mantis Syndicate. The section of the station where they'd docked was rigged with explosives. The initial blast badly wounded S'nar, and the next blew them all into the cold void of space. Although the team was recovered by their allies and successfully treated for their exposure in time, S'nar did not survive.

Despite having to endure countless losses since the beginning of the war, Atty was particularly grieved by her close friend's murder. After one-too-many chinks in her armor, it was final catalyst for the Miraluka: a small bit of darkness had been allowed in to fester, along with her vow to avenge him.

Uji Tameike

"...I, I am very glad that you’re here, Uji.”

“Oh? And why is that?"

”Because you remind me of all the good in the Galaxy. And I needed that.”

“Hmmm...we may be even more alike than we’d thought.”

”And why is that?”

“Because I needed you to remind me of the good, too."

―Atty and Uji
Uji and Atty

Padawan and Knight, Priestess and Templar, Near-Human and Human, Atty and Uji had, throughout their history, always been similar but different, complimentary opposites, fitting together like puzzle pieces. In the past, they were both Jedi, one a greenhorn, one a veteran, one rebellious, one obedient, one willing to endure whatever it took, one willing to enact whatever it took; and when they went their separate ways, one was warm, where the other was frozen.

After recovering from the initial shock of seeing her old, former friend again, Atyiru welcomed him into Galeres with some minor urging from her superiors. She was tentative around him at first, considering his involvement in her previous lover's death and her subsequent abandonment of him. However, the Miraluka had taken the pain caused by Uji's betrayal and turned it into a humbling experience, and had since forgiven the Human, not that he cared whether her was forgiven or not.

Uji and Atty fast became good friends again. Both still retained their like-minded tendencies for helping others and compassionate, yet battle-tested demeanors. More than anything, however, was their almost symbiotic dynamic. Uji, afraid of ever becoming as emotionless as he once had again, was relieved by Atyiru's constant efforts to "brighten" his life, much as she did with her other friends. Meanwhile, Atyiru, exhausted and traumatized by the Dark Crusade, found solace in the elder Templar's wisdom, charm, and well-rounded philosophical outlook. Atty tends accept Uji's darker actives as one of the Fist's staff, despite her disapproval of such, while Uji is tolerant of her often-conflicting behaviors.

Frequently, Atyiru and Uji can be found joking, training, debating, or generally completing assignments together, if they can manage as much. Atty considers Uji one of her most trusted and closest friends, even within her circle of acquaintances, and often calls upon the assassin-turned-deadly guardian as her right-hand man. This reliance and affection soon grew deeper, and the pair became romantically involved. However, both were very aware of their duties and ambitions for a "better world", and were realistic about the fragility of their relationship despite their care for one another, particularly because of Uji's frequent--if not permanent--wanderings from the Brotherhood. Their relationship, like many of Atty's other romantic involvements, eventually dissolved. They remain friends, if often distantly.

As Uji became her new Proconsul and things changed in the Brotherhood, the two became more a pair of Light and Shadow, leading their Clan on respective paths.

"Well, you know how it is. Every Priestess needs her Templar, right?"
Uji to Atty

Satsi Tameike

"Stop lying to yourself! You ran from him too! That’s the goddamn problem here: you’re both cowards and neither of you can frakking face it. I’m sick of it!"
― Satsi confronting Atyiru

Atyiru and Satsi's relationship is complicated to say the least. Satsi is the twin sister of Uji, and sought out Atty when searching for her brother. Atyiru used her authority as Consul to hide Satsi in the Fade Initiative program and assigned the woman as Uji's Fade in an effort to reunite the siblings. From there, things merely grew more complicated.

First and foremost, Atty's subconscious reason for pushing Satsi and Uji is because she believes family should stick together, deep down. More honestly, her motive is to replace herself in Uji's life, knowing that Uji needs someone but that she cannot be that person - nor does she want to be. Atyiru believes that Satsi would be able to help protect Uji, especially since Atty herself is too busy and too needed elsewhere to do it herself anymore. She also hopes, privately, that bringing them together will make him happy: help him in feeling again, give him something to fight for, even if Atty herself ever fades away or dies. In essence, she's using Satsi, trying to tie up the loose end of her botched relationship with Uji, and trying to assuage the guilt of abandoning him.

Unlike her denser brother, Satsi picked up on this immediately, and wasted little time in confronting Atyiru. For these reasons, the two often bicker very viciously, but always in private, and often over their shared interest, namely Uji. However, Satsi also enjoys Atyiru's company, and has a complex affection for her because of Satsi's mental connection to her brother - she feels love that was never hers, and cares about a woman she did not personally know. It is, in short, a mess, but Satsi and Atty remain united as allies by the same things that divide them: caring for their family.

Kordath Bleu d'Tana



"Good on you, lady."

"Bring the cards, Bluey?"

"Yes, m'am."

"Good. I win, rounds are on your tab tonight."


"Money where your mouth is, gypsy-boy. I can't even see. You really afraid to play me?"

"Alright, Blinky, you're on."
"So you do have some courage."
Kord and Atty
You don't joke around with good whiskey, heh."
―Atty and Kord relaxing in Galeres' local cantina

Kordath was never quite sure how exactly he ended up Atty's "friend". In fact, he rather tried to avoid the woman, because all that happy is just downright scary; especially since it covers up all the evil, conniving ways and nervousness-inducing intensity and such. Still, Atty took an interest in the Ryn, particularly since he was Nath's Apprentice and was a rather "Light"-minded empath. Whether the Ryn liked it or not, Atty counted him as a friend; and he really couldn't get rid of her after that.

Gradually, the two got closer, mostly over a shared, semi-healthy respect for whiskey and gambling in various Clan- or House-friendly cantinas. Their relationship can be a bit questionable at times, but they’re still the best of friends, and find a little relief in unabashedly ranting about things to each other more often than not. Kordath is one of Atyiru's closest confidants, along with Uji, their mutual drinking friend, Satsi, and a few others.

Arcia Cortel

"I know what kind of tale you keep, 'Arcia Cortel.' It is a wretched one, fought for ever scrap. You’ve failed, lost, loved, lied and lived...But let me tell you, the Brotherhood is a place where all the tragic tales come to be reborn."
― Atyiru to Arcia

Perhaps the key to Arcia and Atyiru's relationship is that...well, they really don't have one.

Atyiru trusts Arcia implicitly, for reasons the other woman can't seem to suss out. Arcia finds herself often confused by or suspicious of Atyiru's trust in her, especially when the Miraluka named Arcia her successor as Aedile when she was badly wounded. Those bewildered feelings didn't subside when Atyiru gained Consulship and appointed Arcia the Quaestor of Galeres, although Atyiru has repeatedly told Arcia that there are no reasons behind her trust - she just plain believes in Arcia, despite the fact that the women are not really friends and have spent very little time together. And if sometimes Atyiru's manner seems too knowing...well, the Miraluka always was odd.

Arcia often displays a certain exasperation with Atyiru's antics, the former's professionalism and militant attitude constantly clashing with the latter's carefree cheer. However, Atyiru is ever unperturbed. Even though most people call Arcia the Clan's "Ice Witch" behind closed doors, Atyiru always insists that there's more to the former captain than meets the eye.

Kookimarissia Mimosa-Inahj

"...Don't worry about Andrelious or even Cethgus there. Trust me, dear, our pasts and relations are the least of our concerns. We're all brothers and sisters in arms here."

"Thank you, Master. 'Least someone is nice round here."

"Heh, tsk, dear. Everyone is, in their own fashion. You just need to keep your eyes open for it. It's why you have them."
―Atyiru and her Apprentice, Kooki

Kookimarissia Mimosa is Atty's first Apprentice. An older and rather sweet woman who often seemed young to Atty, she also has a fiery side that her Master fully intends to encourage. Atty wanted to do well by her Apprentice, and generally centered her teaching more on self-actualization than on passing on her own techniques. Her only goal was for Kooki to find her own place among the Clan, be happy with what she accomplished, and be mindful of others.

Even after Kooki graduated to Knighthood, she and her Master stayed good friends: sisterly, even. Atty supported Kooki as she grew closer to Andrelious, and even garnered some of the Rollmaster's respect whenever she defended her former Apprentice from one thing or another, although Atty and the Sith frequently disagreed all the same. Still, her closeness with Kooki maintained, and Atyiru even participated in Kooki and Andrelious' wedding. The couple eventually asked Atty to be one of their children's godmothers after the Miraluka delivered the twin girls in a cantina. She thinks of herself as a godmother even after the couple's bitter departure from Arcona.

"I've had many Masters, and each has taught me incredibly valuable things after their own fashion. But while it may benefit you to know those same things, that is not how I shall teach you. I am not going to just pass along other people's ways, Kooki. I want you to find your own. I've only got one true piece of advice as your mentor, one that you may ignore if you wish: close your eyes, open your heart, and lift your feet. Let everything and everyone in, but decide for yourself what shape your soul takes. And once you do, let it guide you, but be unafraid of allowing your path to change."
―Atty to Kooki upon their meeting

Andrelious J. Mimosa-Inahj


Andrelious and Atyiru had a somewhat rocky beginning. Despite being one of the Journeymen under Andrelious' care during his time as Rollmaster, Atyiru saw very little interaction with the man. He largely ignored her after she first flitted past his attention upon her joining, and quickly resented her for her association with Nath Voth and Cethgus Entar. Their few exchanges tended to be brief, harsh, and few and far between until well after Atyiru had graduated into Equitehood and settled into her roll as Galeres' Aedile.

The first bridges formed between them were largely because of the arrival of Kooki. The woman was assigned to Atyiru as the Miraluka's first apprentice, and things quickly became volatile when Kooki and Andrelious met. They quarreled often because of their respective backgrounds as an Alderranian and Imperial, and Atyiru was the first to intervene. However, as the couple's relationship progressed, so too did that of Andrel and Atty, if much more slowly. Andrelious respected Atyiru for defending and caring for Kooki, and gradually began to see that she wasn't who or what he thought she was. To some extent, at least, Atyiru was worth trusting, if not always worth following.

They further warmed to each other after Atyiru's participation in Andrelious and Kooki's wedding and the subsequent birth of their twin girls. During an attack on Selene, Atyiru was nearly killed, and then further endangered protecting her godchildren, Andrelious' daughters, from enemy agents. During the ordeal, Andrelious' concern and appreciation for Atyiru became more obvious, although he still has his problems with her: the two clash endlessly over ideals and leadership, Andrel often acting insubordinate to Atty's pacifistic ways. Still, they are friends, and it remains to be seen if any openly Light-sided decrees on Atty's part would lead to conflict or not. Atty still thinks of herself as a godmother despite Andrelious and Kooki's bitter departure from Arcona.


"If it's any consolation, as an almost-Entar, I’d totally marry you. Erinos-Entar, Entar-Erinos. An’ we’d totally ‘ave some fun, unlike all th’ boys.”

“Frak, yes! Fun and jus’ some frakin’ decent sex. And maybe finally some cuddlin’, unlike you know, Marick.”

“Or Kalon.”

“Or Cethgus.”

“Or Tim.”


―Atty and Socks joking about their clanmates while drunk as can be

For most of Atty's first year in the Brotherhood, she and Socorra had been little more than allies as two Arconans. They didn't talk at all and only interacted on missions. That changed, however, when the stress of the war, her failing relationship, and the after-effects of the Horizon's plague finally caught up with Socorra after the campaign on Ziost. She grew chaotic and emotionally unstable, and began hurting herself, even nearing suicide, had it not been for the intervention of her brother, Nadrin Erinos. Nadrin escorted Socks to the medical bay, where Atty then arrived on her shift and took Socks into her care; and there began their friendship.

Socks and Atty quickly found a solace in one another they had been lacking. Both of them had been rising stars in their respective generations of Arconan recruits, particularly being women, and skilled ones, going into leadership early. Beyond this, they were also both of a mentality to "fix" things, usually people they thought needed it, despite whatever the reality of the situation may be. But most of all, both were just two tired and hurting girls in need of a friend.

They were fast to get up to no good. Between their respective appreciation for good drinks, shenanigans, and teasing of the more serious faces of their Clan (cough, Timmy, cough) the two ladies found there was ample opportunity to make trouble and a distinct lack of cheer around the place. They even planned and staged a fake wedding between them just to give everybody an excuse to get drunk and have some fun, and certainly didn't mind showing off their perverted sides a bit in the process.

Even as events darkened hearts and distanced the two of them, Socks and Atty remain friends. Communication to the Herald is a little harder for the Miraluka these days, but she nonetheless counts Socks as a sister and a dear companion.

Kalon Dane

"I can't really explain it. Just...follow what your heart tells you, and you'll always be Arconan in my eyes."
Kalon Dane to Atyiru

Atyiru was introduced to Kalon through their mutual friend, Nath. Despite the enormous differences in their personalities, the two formed a cordial friendship. Somewhere between Kalon's frequent stays in the med bay for one disastrous injury or another, and Atyiru's concerned visits to the hangar bay, the pair developed an interest in one another. However, they later decided that the attraction was weak, and they preferred to be pragmatic in their duties as leaders. They remain strong allies, along with Nath.

Kalon and Atyiru also briefly ended up as the Commander and Second-in-Command of Dark Forge, respectively. According to Ceth, she balances Kalon's "Mandalorianess" well.

In the hellish days of the Crusade, separated by House and responsibilities, the two grew rather distant. Their occasional meetings were usually in various cantinas, where they'd exchange a few words, or where, once, Atty provoked the Mandalorian into a fight in an attempt to help him when words wouldn't do anything. It ended with little difference in matters and some bruises, and well-reflected their stagnated and distant, perhaps even failed, acquaintance, despite assurances that they remained comrades-in-arms.

Wuntila Arconae

" People often don't appreciate that their authority figures, in whatever volume they may be, need to be ruthless as much as they need to be kind. They're in a position of power and have to accommodate the responsibilities that come with that. Nothing is simple, happy, or clearly defined. Regulating people means time, effort, and hassle. Leaders such as you and Marick deserve respect even if you make detrimental decisions and even when the orders you give are difficult. Respect, if only because you're taking on responsibility for others. Few can without crumbling."
―Atyiru to her former Consul Wuntila Arconae

Whenever her elder does something for her, regardless of how insignificant, Atyiru makes a point of hunting him down and thanking him for it. She respects him immensely and is humbled by the interactions they have with one another. She appreciates his brutal and inexorable methods even if she may disagree with such unyielding behavior, and strives to be an asset to Arcona as he is. Aside from her general attitude of courteousy, Atyiru is also friendly, and occasionally teases her former Consul.

Marick Arconae

Marick and Atty

" I'd tell you to smile more, but I suspect it may actually kill you. So, carry on."
―Atyiru teasing her former Consul Marick Arconae

Atyiru managed to earn the respect of her male chauvinistic Consul with her efforts on Rhelg. Her politeness and respect towards the stoic Hapan made for a cordial, if cool camaraderie. However, as with Wuntila, Atyiru eventually became more genial in her interactions with Marick, particularly in her continued efforts to get him to crack a smile. She can often be found calling him silly names or prodding at him to put aside working for a bit. The two share a certain extremely dry humor, and Marick isn't above taunting her back on occasion - he managed to convince her that Space Squirrels exist. Overall, they get along fantastically, as far as Atty's concerned. And, despite her impish taunting of the man, Atyiru greatly admires Marick, aspiring to be as beloved by and useful to their fellow Arconans as he is.

It is, in truth, their dichotomy that defines them, opposites yet alike in that they both care so much more about the people around them than themselves. Atty cares about Marick more than near anyone else - though she may keep the depth of her love for the man quiet - and just hopes to see him able to smile again once all is said and done and duty is no longer too much a burden. Marick has also endeavored to teach Atyiru Soresu, as he is a master of the form. Their sessions can be summed up in the word: dodge. They often spare together besides, as Marick tries to ready Atty for the battles ahead of them, and Atty tries everything she can as often as possible to bring a little joy back to the Hapan.

After taking over Consulship from Marick, Atyiru felt at a bit of a loss, and yet was also relieved: it seemed as though Marick would finally be free from his burdens. Though originally intending to stay by her side as an advisor and protector, the Hapan was made Combat Master shortly after Atty's appointment, and left for the Dark Brotherhood's Fleet after Antei burned. She misses him dearly, depressed and distant by the hole left where his presence was, and acts manically cheerful and positive to cover it up. Still, she slips sometimes, and anyone looking closely can see it.


Nearing the end of the Dark Crusade, Atty was invited to join the Entar family by one of the family's senior members, Timeros Caesus Entar Arconae. She accepted readily, taking on his name and beginning her days among the family, often finding herself wondering strange things like what one called a group of Entars.

Timeros Caesus Entar Arconae

"What was your dream about?"

"I'd...rather not tell."

"I could feel your panic from across the building. Tell me."
"You, uh, threw a Krayt Dragon at me to use as a sparring partner."
"Why would I do that? There's much more dangerous things I could throw at you."
Tim and Atty

After his own style: Tim brings Atty into the family *insert humorous antics and angsty stuff*, she gets more powerful and/or happy *insert morale-boosting stuff*.

Timeros, like Marick, was a very important mentor to Atty. He taught her to fight, taught her to use her anger, and taught her to do what must be done. Atty wasn't always receptive to all his lessons, but it was ultimately Timeros' teachings that saved her from one of her darkest moments in the Brotherhood, whether or not it was his intention to do so.

On a lighter tangent, a fun fact about the pair is their often-questioned relationship. Some joke - only in whisper - that the stereotypes of 'very' loving familial relations are no longer the sole domain of the Erinos...but neither Atty or Tim would ever care to confirm or deny the rumor for its entertainment value, and no one would dare ask them directly.

Cethgus Tiberius Entar

"Yes, yes, lurking in the shadows with the glowsticks. I'm terrified. Really."
―Atyiru in response to Cethgus' aggravation

Again, much like her action towards Wun and Marick, Cethgus received a mixed bag of respect and impenitence from Atyiru. Although originally respectful of and even intimidated by his bestial reputation, Atty's smarmy side soon took over. Her typically gracious demeanor dissolved around the cold, proud Zabrak in particular, and she taunted him constantly.

As Quaestor and Aedile, Atty and Ceth had quite the interesting relationship. Their abilities and demeanors were well-balanced in that "opposites attract". However, their interactions, while remaining professional in their duties, were always a bit hectic due to Ceth's attitude and Atty's mixed teasing and nagging, and could be best compared to that of Hitsugaya and Matsumoto in Bleach. Atty often ended up intervening when Cethgus got out of control or too violent (in her opinion) with their members, especially during sparring, and was more of the "personal relations" friendly-face of their working duo.

Once joining the Entar family, Atyiru and Cethgus' relationship developed further. They became easier and more public in their sometimes grudging affection and for one another, and were often involved in very much mature taunting or one good ol' sibling brawl or another when not pulling off antics with the rest of their family. Cethgus became as much a brother in name to Atty as she viewed him, and she his sister. They conflicted sometimes, particularly the more soldier-like Atty became as Cethgus felt like, despite his urging her to toughen up, that she was ruining a good thing; but at the end of the day, they were still comrades.

Eventually, as the Eleventh Great Jedi War wore on, the two grew more distant, up until the point Cethgus vanished overnight in his departure to Clan Naga Sadow. Atyiru was left to pick up the pieces after the War and fill the sudden void he'd left as Acting-Quaestor, though the arrangement was short-lived because of her Consular appointment.

"You know, sometimes you need to remember that we all have our own moments when we need to let go of this place, be human, not a soldier."

"A good point, Brother. Curious you'd make it. Growing optimistic, are we?"

"No, I just remember what I have seen in my life. Don't regret anything, Sis."

"Nothing is regretted, Brother. In fact, I think everything is loved just a little too much. But thank you."

Cethgus and Atty chat in Arcona's cantina


Ivoshar fully grown

During the brief lull between the Crusade's final campaign on Ziost and the remaining skirmishes, Marick summoned Atyiru and gifted her with one of the Clan's most recent litter of precious Cythraul pups as an acknowledgement of all her efforts for Arcona. When Atyiru and the pup first met, the small Cythraul gave Atty a wolfish attempt at a smile, and the Miraluka smiled right back. She named him Ivoshar, which meant "wind" in Kaleesh, in honor of her deceased friend, S'nar.

Ivoshar is very intelligent and protective of his partner, and rarely strays far from Atty's side. Unlike all her other friends in the Brotherhood, who are distant to varying degrees due to their duties, positions, or personalities, Ivoshar has became Atyiru's constant companion and confidant, and she commonly speaks to and interacts with the Cythraul like she would another person.

As dynamic as his namesake, always present yet detached, Ivoshar himself is a complex creature. Steadfastness, nobility, and a streak of sly cunning lie at this hound’s heart. The intelligent gleam in his bright eyes hints at his aim to ensure the safety of his kin and his family. Unlike his master, he is often much more aloof and serious, and makes up for her lack of self-preservation with his own express protectiveness. He does, however, execute some “controlled mayhem”, as a terribly conniving little marauder.


Jax Erinos, Fade Operative #006

"I just wanted to do better by you.”
“Don’ that again, okay? Not that I dont appreciate it.”
“Vor’entye, vod."
―Jax and Atyiru

Atyiru won the grudging, war-torn loyalty of Jax Erinos, a Mandalorian Soldier selected for Arcona's Fade Initiative. Jax is, now and days, Atyiru's first go-to when she needs something done, and next to her friends and cythraul, is probably one of her most trusted comrades and advisors. He often operates under her direct authority, but will sometimes lend a hand to others upon her explicit request if he feels like doing so. They usually share a drink or two some days, but Atty often makes him put out his cigarras in her presence, and frequently nags him about smoking them like any medic would. They are strange but strong allies.

Jax can often be found in Atyiru's shadow, but is also often sent off on various tasks. He and Atyiru grew into closer allies over the course of the Great Jedi War when Atyiru and Jax's Mandalorian unit became stranded from the main Arconan forces. Oftentimes, Jax accompanies Atty as one of her inner circle, along with a few others and their Fades.

Positions Held

Positions Held
Before Position After
Unknown Executive Officer of Dark Forge
31 ABY - 32 ABY
Nath Voth
Cethgus Entar Aedile of House Galeres
32 ABY - 33 ABY
Ernordeth Puer-Irae
Marick Arconae Consul of Clan Arcona
33 ABY - Present