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Etah Kilij
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Date of Birth:

38 BBY

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Physical Description

Human/Pau’an Hybrid




1.8 m


115 kg


Dark Brown



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VT-49 Deimos

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Zuri Kaplan



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"Death conquers all."
―Etah said upon arrival to Yridia II, presenting himself to Dark Jedi Master Bloodfyre circa 32 ABY

Etah is the embodiment of the evil that lurks in the hearts of man. War criminal, genocidal tyrant, terrorist, serial killer; he hasn't collected these sobriquets out of an active desire to do evil but rather because the nature of evil is subjective. He is a man of morals, of causes and of aptitudes; those things have led him to commit egregious sins of historic proportions. The law means nothing to him; the suffering of others means nothing to him. He has no pity, no compassion and no remorse. He has only desire, he has only goals.

Character Background


"I never fit in and they hated me for it"
―, Etah to his apprentice Adrestia circa 34 ABY

38 BBY (0 YO)

Like most Younglings of the Jedi Order, Etah doesn’t know the circumstances of his birth. He knows for sure that he is half Pau’an and half human. Rumors he heard during his time at the Jedi Temple of Coruscant state that his father was Pau’an, his mother was human and that they were both political advisers to different senators on Coruscant. He was also told that neither one of them had any interest in being his parent, a fact that kept him from searching for them long after he left the Jedi Order.

Instead of being raised in a warm home by a loving father and mother like normal people in the galaxy; he was raised in the temples interior dormitories and classrooms by frigid Jedi monks. Instead of a schoolyard his recess was on the temples mediation balconies and around its stained-glass arcades, statues and tapestries; most often by himself as he never felt accepted by other younglings.

Like all Jedi younglings as Etah grew older he began learning how to use the Force, to meditate and the arts of combat and diplomacy. He was a middle of the road student, being neither weak nor strong in any particular subject and therefore he was effectively invisible to most of his instructors. Much of his free time as a pre-teen and teenager was spent in the branches of the gnarled, ancient tree that stood in the shadow of the Temple's five crowning spires, a metaphor for his loneliness.

The older he became the more often Etah got into trouble. He was often found at the contemplation station outside of the Chamber of Judgment, awaiting punishment for some minor or not so minor infraction. He had begun bullying other students and being disruptive in the classroom. By the time he left the Jedi Temple he had broken nearly every single rule that wasn't accompanied by expulsion or imprisonment.

When the time came around for his Crucible Etah accompanied his class to the Temple world of Ilum. During the Crucible no saber crystals seemed to call to him and no amount of instruction was helping him. Later in the trial, deep in one of the caverns he came across a lone student who had found their crystal. He took the kyber crystal from the other teenager and threatened to beat the other student if he told on Etah. The other student took the threat to heart and told no one. At the end of the night, he watched the youngling he stole the crystal from, being singled out as the only youngling to fail their trial and have not earned the right to be chosen as a Padawan.

Young Adulthood

"Since they couldn't love me for who I was, I decided to make them fear me for what I could do"
―, Etah to Adrestia circa 34 ABY

23 BBY (15 YO)

When the time came for Etah to be chosen by a Jedi for training as a Padawan Learner no Jedi Master or Jedi Knight would have anything to do with him. Either they didn't believe Etah would add value to their legacy within the Jedi Order or they didn't want the headache of being accompanied by a defiant student. Finally Jedi Master Pong Krell took the lad under his wing, promising to break Etah of his bad habits.

Pong Krell, a four-armed Besalisk had a reputation as an especially powerful Jedi Master and a very skilled leader. He was also strict and severe, showing even less compassion to his Padawan than the Jedi monks in the Temple had shown him as a youngling. He was dismissive of his student’s failures and expressed disappointment when Etah lacked the ability to succeed in his tasks. Krell’s praise was sparing but Etah sought it with determination.

One exercise that Master Krell would do regularly was to take his half Pau’an Padawan to the roof of the Temple's ziggurat and test him in lightsaber combat, Etah’s one lightsaber against the Jedi Masters two lightsaber staffs. Effectively fighting four lightsabers welded by a Jedi Master to his one, inexpertly wielded blade, the Padawan was generally overwhelmed. Krell would berate his student for his weakness and then would continue the exercise until the young Padawan was on the verge of exhaustion, his performance becoming worse and worse the more tired he became.

Sick of failing his master and being degraded for it, Etah doubled his efforts in training. Over his first year under the tutelage of Master Krell, Etah grew very strong in the force and all other forms and combat, surpassing many of his peers. He came to enjoy exceeding people’s expectations and outperforming others who thought they were better than him, publicly humiliating his rivals as often as he could.

The combination of not receiving enough love when he was a child and learning that his path to acceptance was raw achievement as a young adult took a toll on the young man’s psyche. Were he a normal person he would have sought counseling, instead he used these difficulties as an impetus for achievement. As his mind and body grew in strength and power his soul began growing corrupt. Unlike most, Etahs fall to the Dark Side began many years before he left the Jedi Order.

22 BBY (16 YO)

Shortly after the Clone Wars began, Etah was commissioned as a Jedi Commander in the Grand Army of the Republic under the direct command of Jedi General Pong Krell. Their first engagement was the Battle of Falleen, which also ended as their biggest failure. The Confederacy of Independent Systems destroyed an entire Republic battle group in the skies above Falleen. General Krell’s Clone Trooper legion didn’t fare much better on the planet below.

Facing a larger droid army than would ever be fielded on any other world, for the rest of the conflict, the general ordered a direct charge. In the resultant chaos the Legion was cut to ribbons, only a regiment sized group was still standing on the other side of the charge, the survivors of the Legion managed to make it back their drop ships and escape the planet. Slipping past the enemy ships in orbit, they joined the Republic fall back point at Bothawui. On that planet General Krell and Commander Etah led what was left of their Legion in a defense against a droid Army during the Battle of Bothawui.

After the Battle of Bothawui, Jedi Master Krell was assigned a new Clone Trooper Legion to replace the Clone Legion that was largely shot out from under him. Etah commanded the survivors of the original Legion forming the veteran Black Sheep Regiment. Some historians’ attribute Jedi Master Krell’s widely regarded battlefield success as resulting from the extra veteran combined arms regiment with unique abilities that reinforced his more traditional Legion.

Etah ran his regiment differently than other Jedi Commanders. He treated his troopers more like human soldiers than bio-droids. He oversaw the organization of the regiment through interest and merit rather than through genetic markers. If a Clone Trooper was genetically bred and trained to be a heavy gunner but made a good scout, that Clone was allowed to serve as a scout; is a trooper was designed to be a follower but made a good leader they were promoted. Consequently his troopers were easily some of the happiest troopers in the Republic and they were also an incredibly cohesive and effective fighting force.

The reinforced Legions first action was on the far flung world of Murkhana. Republic Captain Wilhuff Tarkin commanded the fleet during the Battle of Murkhana, which primarily engaged the HoloNet relay the Shadowfeed was working on. Jedi Master Krell led an assault on the world, destroying a vast droid army and destroying important civilian infrastructure that would leave much of the surface of the planet devastated. In the wake of this battle, Etah began to truly feel like a soldier.

21 BBY (17 YO)

Governor Wilhuff Tarkin, impressed with General Krell’s actions on Murkhana, asked the Jedi Master to accompany him back to the world of Falleen and on to the world of Russan. It turns out these planets were critical to the trade routes of the Governors world of Eradu and Count Dooku had promised access to these areas, all the way to the Confederacy Capital in Antar, if he would forsake the Republic in favor of the Confederacy. Rather than betray the Republic Tarkin got the Republic Senate to authorize a campaign to liberate this important trade route.

Having been raised to the rank of Jedi High General, Master Krell commanded a second Clone Legion. The Black Sheep Regiment landed first, drawing the fire from most of the droid army, which was much smaller than it was in the first battle on Felleen. The two legions landed on either side of the droid Army that now surrounded the Black Sheep Regiment, and crushed the droid Army in between them. The Black Sheep took heavy loses but they savored their victory.

Etah having shown adeptness at integrating Clones into his regiment was given more reinforcements, not from new Clones but from other Clone orphans that found themselves without a legion. The Ruusan Campaign happened very quickly, as Etah’s reinforced Regiment acted as a spearhead and Master Krell’s legions flanked the droid Army on both sides, crushing them. Loses in this conflict were few and far between.

Not long after their victory on Ruusan, Master Krell was called to the Kamino system, to defend the Cloning facilities from Confederacy attack. Leaving Krell’s two Legions behind to reinforce Falleen and Ruusan, they took only the Black Sheep Regiment. Krell determined that the most likely attack would come from below the waves, an assessment Master Kenobi rejected because he assumed the Droids would take a more direct route.

The Black Sheep Regiment took on a small droid Army during the Battle of Kamino that attacked the rear of Tipoca City. They destroyed the droids without difficulty and by the time the last droid fell, Tipoca City was safe. This would be the last time Etah would see Krell, as he had a separate assignment from the Jedi Council. The Black Sheep Regiment stayed on Kamino to defend from a possible second attack on the important world.

20 BBY (18 YO)

With the execution of Master Krell at the hands of the Clones of the 501st legion, Etah turned over his lightsaber to the Jedi Order. The Jedi was a place that never felt like home to him, he felt like an outsider at best and a prisoner at worst. With the suspicion surrounding him following his master’s fall to the Dark Side, he decided it simply wasn’t worth it to continue the farce any longer. He was more of a soldier and military commander than he ever was a mediator or diplomat.

In the last year Etah had begun dressing like a trooper, he even cut his hair to look more like a clones and he took his meals in the mess hall with the rest of the officers from his regiment. He trained in military strategy and practiced marksmanship, but never meditation or lightsaber fighting. Quite honestly the change wasn't difficult for him and he never missed his harsh master. The Kaminoans offered him the rank of Master Chief, the continued command of the Black Sheep regiment and the ability to train clones and Etah accepted.

While Etah was planning on settling in for a quiet life of training new Clones, Admiral Tarkin had other plans. He still needed an Army to secure that trade route for his home world. He saw to it that Etah was promoted to Lieutenant Colonel and expunged any reference to having been a Jedi from Etah’s service record. He was instead listed as a human that had worked as a Jedi Temple security guard from Coruscant that had been hired by the Kaminoans as a Master Chief to train Clones before being commissioned directly into the Grand Army of the Republic.

During the Battle of Sullust as the much more important fight was happening in the skies above the planet, Etah and his Black Sheep Regiment who continued to be happy under his leadership, decimated a droid army on the planet below. The victory ensured that the planet would remain free from Confederate influence and that the Republic forces in the area wouldn't be surprised. Most importantly, Sullust happened to be near Eradu. Admiral Tarkins own world of Eradu was facing a separatist crisis. A political rival of Tarkins on Eradu had allied himself with the Confederacy and called on Count Dooku for reinforcements to free their world from Republic oppression.

Etah and the Black Sheep Regiment which by now was nearly two regiments strong and could be more properly termed a Legion, landed just behind the Droid Army. Breaking into three elements, one battalion on each side of the Droid Army maneuvered themselves toward the main body of the droid army, then away and then around. The droid Army broke ranks to chase the side elements, themselves separating into three elements and were eventually positioned with their backs to each other. The main body of the small Legion then pushed hard, destroying every droid in front them all the way to the other body of Clones. The traitor was arrested before the day was through.

19 BBY (19 YO)

At the behest of Admiral Tarkin, the Black Sheep Regiment spearheaded an attack on the Confederacy stronghold of Sluis Van. The planet was well defended as their shipyards were incredibly important to the Confederacies cause. So the strike was very rapid. The Black Sheep dropped in, killed everyone they could see, blew the shipyards and disappeared. They didn't intend to pacify the planet but in destroying the shipyards, the Black Sheep regiment did ensure the Galactic Empire would take control of the planet at the end of the conflict.

Yag'Dhul was a very important trade world, intersecting the Rimma Trade Route and the Corellian Trade spine, making the world a key component to the economy of the Confederacy of Independent systems. The Givens abilities with mathematics also made them an important asset to the Confederacy. Like Sluis Van, the Black Sheep Regiment didn't outright pacify the planet but they did destroy the Confederate shipyards.

Waiting until the First Fleet of the Confederacy was out of system, the Black Sheep regiment slipped onto the world in the dead of the night. The Black Sheep Troopers remained very mobile and fluid and harassed and terrorized the Givin. Their primary goal was to prove to the mathematicians of the planet that the Confederacy could not protect them or ensure them a high quality of life. Their secondary goal was to make the world unsafe for trade. After a month of using gorilla hit and run tactics that were sporadic enough that no Givin mathematician could write an accurate predictive algorithm.

The Black Sheep Regiment left Yag’Dhul as suddenly as they came and headed to Utapau on the Orders of the Supreme Chancellor himself. The Regiment descended upon a planet already in chaos, already in battle. General Obi-wan and the 501st Legion was engaging the Separatist Council, including head of state Grievous. The Black Sheep instead of being part of that mess kept the droid armies busy who tried to flank the 501st, turning droid army after droid army into scrap metal. Pitched fighting was Etah’s least favorite situation to be in but for this battle that is where the Black Sheep needed to be.

Etah was not there when the 501st fired on Obi-Wan toward the end of the Battle of Utapau, but he visibly flinched when he was informed later on. But none of his clones who remembered him as a Jedi Commander dared say anything. Etah assumes to this day that he was spared from the much discussed Order 66 based on the alteration of his service record. He also found himself in the strange position of being on the world of his ancestors at a time he was unwilling to divulge his non-human ancestry as the Clone Wars ended and the Republic gave way to the Galactic Empire.

Imperial Service

"He was forced to join the Grand Army of the Republic even though he decided to stay by choice. He became an Imperial because the Jedi gave him no identity outside of the order. He had nothing to hold onto"
―, Selene to Pysko circa 19 ABY

18 BBY (20 YO)

Etah and the Black Sheep Regiment stayed on Utapau for several months, as the Clone Wars gave way to the Declaration of a New Order. The young Lieutenant Colonel explored the planet and the culture, receiving some knowing looks from Pau’ans who literally viewed him as an infant. They didn’t stay on the Utapau for too long however, the newly titled Moff Tarkin needed Etah and his Black Sheep regiment on Antar 4, the former capital of the Confederacy of Independent systems.

The Black Sheep were different than most Clone Regiments; they had the advantages of lab bred genetic superiority, but also due to Etah’s leadership style, they were able to adapt to situations in ways that other clones were not. This made them perfect to hunt down and eliminate former Confederates in what would eventually come to be called the Antar Atrocity.

As the Galactic Empire cemented its grip on the galaxy, it wanted to punish rebellious worlds, formerly loyal members of the Republic who had sided with the Confederacy. Antar 4 was a perfect world for this kind of retribution. Over the period of a year, the Black Sheep at the behest of Moff Tarkin and in concert with other Imperial elements arrested and executed large swaths of former Confederates. At the end of what the media had dubbed an atrocity, Etah followed the now Grand Moff Tarkin into the outer rim.

17 BBY (21 YO)

Bereft of the financial support of the Techno Union and the Trade Federation and beset by the nascent Galactic Empire, many backwater planets in the Western Reaches that had formerly supported the Confederacy banded together becoming collectively known as Separatist holdouts. Some of them would not give up the idea of a Confederacy of Independent systems, while others were dissatisfied with the Imperial Reconstruction; a few were even unaware that the Clone Wars had ended. After the Antar 4 debacle, Moff Tarkin was sent to the Western Reaches in order to quell this miniature rebellion. With the Jedi Order as a distant memory and Imperial service as his present and future, Lieutenant Colonel Etah and the Black Sheep Regiment followed closely on the Moff’s heels.

The droid armies were deactivated but some of the organics that supported the Confederacy weren't willing to give up and those are who Etah and his Clones engaged. From planet to planet, world to world; the Black Sheep regiment, acting on intelligence provided by Naval Intelligence Agency attacked and destroyed secret Confederate bases and listening posts. Continuing the activities that had started on Antar 4, suspected former Confederates across the Western Reaches were arrested and executed, sometimes en mass. The fear of destruction caused many Confederate holdouts to give up and scatter; this was the beginning of Moff Tarkins doctrine of ruling by fear.

After Moff Tarkin was reassigned to Sentinel Base later in the year, the Black Sheep answered to Vice Admiral Dodd Rancit of the Naval Intelligence Agency. As Tarkin faded from Etah’s life the Clone Wars finally ended for Etah, but not war itself or the service it required. The Clone Wars might have ended, but the Galactic Civil War picked up right where the Clone Wars left off. The fighting would not end, the death would not end; he would come to embody chaos as perpetual conflict became part of him.

The childhood Etah spent within the Jedi Order was strange to him now. He almost felt like he was recalling someone else's past, that he was a soldier with a padawans memories. He was so mentally and emotionally removed from the Jedi Order than he couldn't imagine a future in which he stayed with the Jedi Order, a line of thought made more poignant by the Jedi bones littering battlefields across the galaxy.

14 BBY (24 YO)

Promoted to the rank of Colonel, Etah with the remainder of his Black Sheep Regiment was transferred to oppose the Ryloth Insurgency under the oversight of the local Imperial Moff. He was there to replace a traitorous Imperial Colonel that had been assisting Free Ryloth. This was not an illustrious post, it was a dead end assignment; the answer of what to do with a wartime relic that knew more about tactics than he did politics.

The next nine years would not be particularly memorable, it was just a grind. The fighting was fierce but sparse, the Imperials possessed a numerical and technological advantage but the fighting spirit and righteous fury of the Twi'lek rebels in addition to their intimate knowledge of the area made the theater particularly difficult to manage. For every Imperial that died, ten Twi'leks died; but in the end it was the Imperials that felt defeated.

One by one the Clones of his Regent fell, at first replaced by the last of the Clones from elsewhere and then by human recruits. By the time he left Ryloth; the Regiment he commanded would look nothing like the Black Sheep. Bearing that name, Etah thought but did not say, was an insult to the real men of the Black Sheep regiment, the Clones who fought greater battles than these pretenders could ever even dream of.

Nine years after arriving and entering the fight, Free Ryloth showed no signs of stopping. No amount of war, no amount of death, no number of atrocities would end this war. Nothing would dampen the fighting spirit of the Twi'lek. This experience left a bad taste in Etah's mouth and he became less motivated in his Imperial Service and more bitter. He felt no sadness or shame when he was transferred to Corescant.

4 BBY (34 YO)

Etah was transferred to Coruscant to serve as the Commandant of the Royal Imperial Academy and part of him was happy. Though as a colonel the move wasn't actually a promotion, this was a fairly prestigious posting, especially in comparison to his prior posting to Ryloth. Which meant his career was finally going somewhere. But it was also melancholy; he knew his field assignments were behind him, that he would likely never see combat again as an officer of men.

The former Master Chief knew it was a little strange, for a long serving Storm Trooper Officer to be put in charge of a school that largely produced candidates for the Imperial Navy and the Imperial Security Bureau. What they told him is that the Empire wanted a combat veteran with unshakable loyalty to command the post, but he could read the writing on the wall and he understood that he was being put out to pasture.

The Commandants job largely consisted of paperwork, but he also taught a few classes including history, philosophy and basic tactics and he relished those classes. He he took what joy from his job that he could. He walked the halls with pride, knowing that he was special, that he made a difference in the hearts and minds of the next generation of Imperial Officers. In some of his personal correspondents he remarked that that this posting would make his memory live on with the Imperials that walked those halls.

Imperial Werewolves

"Conquer or die!"
―, Etah said, speaking the motto of the Werewolves as he kicked in the door of a burning building circa 5 ABY

4 ABY (42 YO)

About eight years after Etah transferred to the Royal Imperial Academy, the Emperor was killed. On Coruscant there was cheering in the streets at the death of the Emperor until Riot Control Storm Troopers mounted a crack down, dispersing the assembly. But after the Storm Troopers suppressed the celebration, the people of Coruscant began organized protests and fought back in large numbers driving the Storm Troopers into hiding. The Commandant took control of the shattered remnants of Storm Trooper Legions through sheer force of personality and organized them into guerrilla cells, dubbing them the Imperial Werewolves.

The way the Werewolves commonly operated is that numerous small teams would arrive at mass demonstrations and coordinate attacks to inflict massive casualties before disappearing. If there were no demonstrations, they would find the most densely packed open air civilian areas and wound as many people possible. They focused on wounding in order to create gruesome sights and sounds and to overwhelm local medical resources. They would also often use these massive public attacks as a screen for smaller infantry strikes at more strategic locations. Their goal was not just to score the big public attack to scare the common man but also to hamper their enemies ability to organize and supply themselves.

For the first year the Imperial Werewolves operated they still had the support of the government of Coruscant. So they operated from government installations with the support of government warehouses. But after the Galactic Concordance and the formal surrender of the Empire, they operated out of safe houses, struck from the lower levels and kept stock of their own supplies which were largely liberated from the nascent New Republic.

Prison and Escape

"There's a place out there for someone like you"
―, Selene to Etah circa 18 ABY

9 ABY (47 YO)

For five years the Imperial Werewolves were public enemy number one and greatly hampered the New Republics actives on Coruscant. Some sources suggest this is why locations other than Coruscant were chosen for the New Republic capital. The Werewolves were always too quick and too well organized for the New Republic to get the drop on them, but after several years of successful operations, the New Republic finally penetrated their organization. They got a former Storm Trooper who was a New Republic intelligence agent to successfully join the Werewolves.

The revolution ended fairly rapidly after that. Arrest followed by arrest followed by arrest and before long Etah found himself in the Republic Judiciary Central Detention Center, a high-security prison located on the planet Coruscant. The next nine years would weigh heavy on the man that Etah would become. Though he had been a soldier, though he had been a True Believer in the New Order, he hadn't been a terrorist until he was. Prison gave him much time for reflection.

Etah hadn't even attempted to use the force in years, decades actually. It did manifest itself in subtle, unconscious ways over the years that made him seem like an above average soldier such as precognition and amplification making him unnaturally fast. But he never used the more vulgar force powers such as telekenisis. But during his imprisonment, he had nothing but time and the dark confines of his cell often found him in meditation.

Nine years slowly churned by. He started using sticks to practice lightsaber forms in the dark aloneness of his cell, in addition to practicing his force powers. He had nothing better, nothing more enlightening, and nothing more entertaining to do with his time. Turning to long forgotten traditions in his time of need, something awoke within him that he had not felt since he was a young man among the Jedi. He wouldn't know til many years later, but he raised a few eyebrows and gained attention that he was unprepared for.

18 ABY (56 YO)

One day, nine years into his life sentance a prison riot broke out. On that day he would come face to face with Selene d’Tana, a human female who would weigh heavy on his immediate future. She represented a powerful underworld collective known as the d'Tana Consortium. She was also a Dark Jedi, the d'Tana's had caught wind of his abilities and that he was possibly a lost Jedi who went on to serve the Empire and they decided to bust him out.

Using her contacts Selene got him off of the prison grounds. They traveled to the lower levels where Etah led them to an old Werewolf safe house and they laid low for a few days’ time until agents of the Consortium were able get to them and spirited the two away. Etah, Selene and the handful of people on the small Corellian freighter all headed for a place he had never heard of before but would play a big role in his future; Dajorra.

The former Commandant still didn't understand what he was in for. Etah's years in prison had fundamentally changed him or at least how he thought of himself. He didn't think of himself as a prisoner or ex-convict. But neither did he think of himself simply as a soldier or as a military officer. The force was alive within him, but he was certain that he wasn't a Jedi. But little did he know that he was heading to exactly the right place to answer his questions.

Character History

The Clan of Shadows

"The shadows have always been a comfort to me"
―, Etah to Selene circa 19 ABY

19 ABY (57 YO)

On arrival to the Dark Jedi Brotherhood Commandant Etah, became Apprentice Etah, an entry level member of the Dark Jedi Brotherhood. He was originally assigned to the House Oriens Obscurum and was slated to be mentored by Dark Jedi Knight Callus Bo'Amar. But very soon after joining the Clan Arcona and the Dark Jedi Brotherhood, the former terrorist was recruited into the Soulfire Strike Team by the then-Sergeant Selene d’Tana, who he had met at the prison. This would establish a mentorship from then until her first departure from Arcona. His infantry background and his knowledge of asymmetric warfare bolstered the strength of the elite Battle Team.

Koskian 'Psyko' d'Tana Arconae, Proconsul of the Clan Arcona at the time, saw great potential in the new Dark Jedi and took him under his wing officially as his Apprentice. Most of their training sessions involved heavy drinking but the former Storm Trooper still advanced very quickly under the Ewoks tutelage, advancing from Apprentice to Guardian in just a month. Etah remembers this time fondly.

After a serving as a member of the Soulfire Strike Force for a time, the young Guardian Etah was offered the first of what would be many leadership opportunities. Reluctantly leaving his mentor Selene, the young Dark Jedi took the helm of the Qel-Droma phyle as Tetrarch, a Krath Battle Team in the House Galeres where he led for roughly a year and a half. Etah remembers this task as being very frustrating because many of his phyle members were higher ranking than him within the Brotherhood and would not take direction.

20 ABY (58 YO)

Deputy Grand Master Aristan Dantes, summoned Proconsul Koskian d’Tana of the Clan Arcona and Proconsul Phoenix of the Clan Scholae Palatinae separately, to meet with him on Antei. The two Proconsuls got involved in a scuffle. A short spat between both Clans ensued that included Phoenix abducting Etah and beating him, though not severely. Arcona crushed Scholae Palatinae and Phoenix immediately halted hostilities. Unbeknownst to most, the entire conflict was driven by a friendly bet between the two Proconsuls, and roughing up Koskian's apprentice was just for fun. Phoenix would later join the d’Tana family and ascend to its highest ranks.

After returning from an undercover mission to Eldar, the d'Tana family indicated that he along with a Nagai named Rho had been accepted into the family. Both men were already affiliated with the Consortium but joining the d'Tana family was an elevation to the status of Made men; Mafiosos whose safety and status were protected by the Consortium. Rho and Etah were the first members to be accepted into the family while being under the rank of Dark Jedi Knight, both of them standing at Jedi Hunter.

But the joy of becoming part of the d'Tana family would not last for long. Selene -- the pretty young woman that convinced the family to spring him from prison -- died under mysterious circumstances after being alienated from the Clan Arcona. Then, one by one the members of the d'Tana family left the Clan. Etah, knowing no other home but Arcona, choose to remain among the shadow Clan, while maintaining his loyalty to the d'Tana Crime Family.

After being inducted into the family Etah was put in charge of the legitimate Tana Consortium front-business Dahl Plating, which produced bulkheads and hulls for space ships. The company was created by Gavin Dahl, and originally used as a legal front to assemble Coronada Station. As one of the few remaining Arconan d'Tana's, Etah was in charge of the mining, refinement and production of Garconan Spice. Dahl plating was successfully used as a cover for Garconan Spice's distribution.

When a majority of the Clan Arcona and indeed the entire brotherhood was called to the Antei system by the Grand Master at the time, Etah stayed behind in the Dajorra system. The Arconan Fleet and most of its Dark Jedi left to join all the other Clans in a joint military exercise called Operation: Second Darkness. Etah stayed behind to both study the Dark Side of the Force and to deal with his growing mental instability.

21 ABY (59 YO)

As his final trial to become a Dark Jedi Knight, Etah’s Master Psyko, sent him to the planet Kiffex to retrieve the holocron of Dark Acolyte Sogr Kjah, who was a master of Soresu and served a mighty Sith Warlord in a great historical war. Etah traveled to this far away world, made into the Temple and found his way to the holocron but as he retrieved the holocron, the temple, including the floor underneath his feet began to crumble.

Etah escaped the tomb with the holocron, but was accosted by a pack of wild mindless Anzati. Kiffar villagers retrieved him and nursed him back to health. As he became stronger he interacted with the holocron of Sogr Kjah which among other things reminded him of the process he learned so long ago as a Jedi Padawan, to create a lightsaber and taught him the rudiments of the Soresu style of lightsaber fighting.

The adventure concluded with him destroying a beast called the Demurgima that had been ravaging the villagers who had saved him and retrieving its heart which could be used as a lightsaber focusing crystal. Using the Demurgima heart to finish his lightsaber, he battled hordes of wild Anzati and the ancient Sith spirit that was imprisoned on the world and who was controlling the Anzati.

Upon his return the new Dark Jedi Knight took up his first role within the Shadow Academy, Etah became the Ecclesiastic Pedagogue of a subject entitled General Leadership. For the next several years he would visit the Shadow Academy facility on Lyspair to tutor young, prospective Battle Team Leaders on basic leadership subjects and the Dark Brotherhoods chain of command and reporting system. As a former Master Chief and Commandant, he assumed this role easily and enjoyed it immensely.

Following the Clan Arconas return to Dajorra Etah was asked to step up as Aedile of the House Galeres. His active, though uninspired leadership helped see the House Galeres through a difficult leadership transition during early 21 ABY. The former Jedi gave no objections about the choice of Sashar as Quaestor to Consul [[Timeros], but Sashar, it seemed, had reservations about him. During a short period of absence, due to obligations to the Arconan Intelligence Service, Zandro Erinos was chosen to replace Etah.

The old trooper had no time to grouse however, as the Extra Galactic aliens chose just then to attack Dark Jedi Brotherhood space. Etah, in the Dajorra system, led the few Arconans that weren't attending the Rite of Supremacy’s awards ceremony, to Last Stand Depot on the glassy planet of Sukhur. The reconstructed Arconan fleet picked up the Clan from this location before going into an exile that would last several years. During this period of time Etah had little contact with the d'Tana family and even ceased using the name for a short period.

For his leadership in the Alien Invasion, Etah was recognized by the Dark Council and the Clan Arcona by being elevated to the rank of Obelisk Templar. It was during this time that he was inducted into the nascent Shadesworn cult and began an extended Apprenticeship to Timeros Caesus Entar. But those details would not become public for quite some time. The cult of shadows suited his personality as a Storm Trooper and foreshadowed his later embracing of the ideals of the Clan of Death.

Following the Alien Invasion, Mejas Doto re-ascended to the throne of the Clan Arcona. This led to his Project Resurrection. Project Resurrection was the resurrection of the House Qel-Droma from the ashes of the House Oriens Obscurum and it entailed a program in which all existing members of the Clan leadership were fired and the entire Clan competed for the positions.

Etah believed in the competition that he had rightfully earned the Quaestorship of the House Qel-Droma. But in an act of what Etah felt was cronyism; Xander Drax was placed as Quaestor instead and proved to be a largely absent leader. That was immediately followed by a very public spat between Etah and the then Proconsul, Sashar Erinos. Those events caused a rift between Etah and much of Arcona that would never be fully reconciled, but would wane just a bit.

The Shadesworn

"The twilight of Clan Taldryan’s domination has passed into the dawn of Arconan supremacy"
―, - Etah in a communique to the House Galeres, circa 24 ABY

22 ABY (60 YO)

22 ABY was a very slow year for Etah and most in the Dark Jedi Brotherhood. The Arconan Fleet hovered in space without purpose, avoiding the marauding Extra Galactic Aliens; going nowhere in particular but taking great pains not to be found. Meanwhile, behind the scenes, Sashar was using his influence over Mejas Doto to systematically drive out those not specifically loyal to him, cementing his eventual rise to power. Most went silently into the night, but Etah fought hopelessly against the rising tide.

23 ABY (61 YO)

Clan Plagueis’s Jusadih system didn’t need to be evacuated two years earlier, when most of the Dark Brotherhood systems were forced to. But in 23 ABY the extra galactic aliens began moving toward the system. Plagueis asked for assistance from Clan Scholae Palatinae, sworn enemy (at the time) of Clan Arcona. So when Scholae Palatinae rushed to the aid of Clan Plagueis, Arcona attempted to ambush the home system of Scholae Palatinae which also hadn’t been evacuated.

The civil war was interrupted by the aliens who arrived in the system and the three Clans worked together to defeat them. Following their victorious battle against the Alien invaders from the Incursion, the fleet of the Dark Council arrived. There was a black ops mission by the Soulfire Brigade in order to put Scholae Palatinae in an awkward position, but that operation was ultimately unsuccessful. Etah was the Commander of Aerospace Group (CAG) of the elite Blue Mist Squadron during this conflict and was a factor in the combined Joint Task Forces success against the aliens.

24 ABY (62 YO)

Though the rift between Etah and Sashar was very real, it was also useful. The ongoing, public conflict between the two put the Obelisk Templar on the fringes of the Clan and allowed him to function as a counterintelligence operative for the Clan's nascent Intelligence branch, which was being officially-unofficially led by Timeros Entar. As an outsider the old soldier was able to sniff out dissenters and gain the trust of traitors. In this way he protected his Clan. His last mark was the Arconan Proconsul at the time, Vorion, though Etah later lamented the fall of the man could have been a friend and ally in other circumstances.

With the Clan of Shadows approaching its greatest victory, Etah brought Vorion's planned treachery to light, which resulted in Vorion resigning along with the Quaestors of both houses, both of whom were thought to be his cronies, though ironically both of them went on to join the Dark Council. Trusting did not come to Timeros easily, so when the sudden shift of power forced the Entar into the Quaestorship of the House Galeres, he decided to call in his Apprentice and friend, Etah, to act as his Aedile. Etah was officially back in good standing with his Clan and a great threat from within was eliminated.

The Dark Jedi Brotherhood had bided its time, and rebuilt its fleet. It decided that 24 ABY was the proper time to return to Antei and to take it back from the Extra Galactic Invaders by force. But it soon found that the Alien invaders they were planning to face had been destroyed by some sort of sickness. In their place however, was a crackpot Jedi Master named Omancor Crask, leading a band of anachronistic Jedi that had somehow obtained an army of automatons. The Dark Brotherhood, led by the Clan Arcona, invaded Antei and destroyed the Jedi and their metal golems.

Grand Master Aristan Dantes killed Omancor Crask in one-on-one combat and the Jedi were slaughtered en masse. Antei and then the Clan holdings were retaken three years from the date that the Aliens had originally invaded. Though parts of Dajorra were ravaged, the Clan Arcona had no problems reoccupying the system. Upon returning to Dajorra, it was found that the Garconan spice veins were tapped out. With Dajorran planets devoid of spice and the destruction of Coronada Station the d’Tana family made the decision that the future of the d'Tana family would have to lie outside of Dajorra.

25 ABY (63 YO)

A short time after the war, Etah adopted the Krath Order. This period was the height of Etah's apprenticeship to Timeros and he wanted to follow in his mentor's footsteps more closely. Following the war and Arcona's great victory in 25 ABY, Etah was elevated to Krath Archpriest and received a token of the Clans faith in him, in the form of a Seal of Loyalty. Not long after the Great Jedi War, Etah succeeded Timeros as Quaestor of House Galeres; and not long after that, the Equite returned his loyalties to the Obelisk Order for reasons not publically stated.

Etah's tenure as Quaestor of the House Galeres started strong, as he worked with the Pronconsul to institute Project Reb00t, which was a dramatic restructuring of the Clan that didn’t ultimately perform well and as the Shadesworn organization made their existence known to the whole Clan. But during a month and a half long absence due to obligations to the d'Tana Family, the House became restless. Seeing great potential in his Aedile, Zakath, and wanting to concentrate on his work with Arconan Intelligence, Etah stepped down upon his return and was accepted into a support role to the Consul Sashar Erinos and Proconsul at the time, Braecen Kaeth.

26 ABY (64 YO)

Though they are not years that stand out well to him amongst his memories 26 ABY found Etah joining the Arcona Expeditionary Force, leading military forces in an assault on Salas V and its nightmarish insect-like inhabitants that possessed freakish abilities which lay outside of the force. He recalls being wet and cold, he recalls being in combat but he doesn't remember any specifics. This mission was dangerious and miserable but provided no signifigant logistical or stratigic challenges, so Etah fell back into muscle memory.

After stepping down from Quaestor, he was hired as Rollmaster of the House Galeres which in the Clan Arcona was being termed Magistrate to the Consul at the time. His project was to gather and coallate massive amounts of data about the Clan Arcona and produce a comprehensive report called the Prospectus. It was a boring time but he counts this as one of his greatest achievements, even though Arcona never really recognized him for the amount of work he put into the project. Several elements of his report are still utilized by the Clan Arcona.

27 ABY (65 YO)

Etah resigned from his position as Magistrate to the Consul just in time for hostilities on Antei to boil over in what is now termed Operation: Disorder Etah joined the rest of the Obelisk Order in attacking and destroying the remnants of Omancor Crask's droid army. The assembled Obelisk then occupied the hallowed halls of the Temple Boyna which they then defended from Sith Incursion in one of the few instances of Dark Jedi attacking Dark Jedi directly and openly. It was no surprise the militant Obelisk was victorious over the power hungry Sith and the studious Krath.

The more exposure to the Dark Side of the Force Etah recieved, the more he was twisted by it or as he would likely think; the more he twisted it to him. His habits became more peculiar as time went on. He began talking to himself and had developed a facial twitch. Sometimes people would go missing and the evidence would point to Etah as the last person who likely spoke with them or saw them alive. A few of these were lower ranking Dark Jedi but most were mundane members of the Dajorra Expeditionary Fleet. There were always questions, but never enough evidence to prove that he was murdering random people.

28 ABY (66 YO)

Not long after Operation: Disorder Etah stepped up as Battle Team Leader of Black Hammer. Black Hammer was an elite combined arms unit, consisting of air, armor and infantry elements which attacked their targets swiftly. The old Imperial Colonel whipped the Battle Team into shape, both on paper and in function. Using time tested military tactics, used extensively in the Clone Wars the Black Hammer Brigade became the shock troops of the Clan Arcona. He then promptly handed the team off.

While he was Commander of the Black Hammer Brigade, Etah was chosen by Justicar Kir Taldrya Katarn to serve as his Left Hand of Justice. Not long after stepping down from the field Command, Etah assumed the office of Left Hand of Justice. This would be a post he held for nearly two years, much longer than anyone had in the past. But there were no high profile cases during this time period. Instead, the first year mostly consisted of menial paperwork, but he spent the second year also serving with the Clan Arcona.

29 ABY (67 YO)

A call to invade New Tython came from the Dark Council and Arcona eagerly responded, frothing at the mouth at the chance to extinguish the light Jedi blight from within the Brotherhood. Etah was involved in pre-planning the operation as he was many of the military operations within Clan Arcona.

Arcona hit the surface of New Tython with no complication and Etah was sent out in a small but elite team to flank the Jedi and their Mandalorian mercenaries. The small team breached and cleared Menat Ombo, which kept the Jedi from being reinforced and led to the enemy line folding and being ripped to shreds. For his actions, he was awarded by the Clan Summit but Sashar Erinos died during this operation and Etah still feels conflicted about that.

Over the last several years Etah had watched the Erinos family, under Sashar’s careful control, come to dominate the Clan Arcona and became hostile to anyone that might jeopardize their grip on the Clan. This had been pattern had been interrupted by the placement of the new Consul, Wuntila Arconae and the rise of Galeres Quaestor Sanguinius Entar, setting both of these families on a collision course, with the remnant of Etah’s d’Tana Family trapped squarely in the middle.

In response to a possible Arconan civil war brought on by the arrogance of the Erinos Family, Etah went off the reservation and formulated a plan to assassinate Teroch Erinos, nephew of the fallen Sashar Erinos. His family members and the family’s allies and associates decided to follow him in the execution of that plan. But despite his determination, Etah was unsuccessful at his task and Consul Wuntila sent Etah’s mentor Timeros Entar to rein him in.

30 ABY (68 YO)

Following his assassination attempt on Teroch, Etah earned a vaunted and covited Dark Sage Law degree, and chose to travel to the Shadow Academy to receive the degree in person. While he was there, before the ceremony had a chance to commence, scores of journeyman Dark Jedi were reported to have lost their ability to control the force. Before the mystery of why could be solved, those same journeyman began to transform into mindless zombies. A small band of Equite Dark Jedi came together to try to escape the station and to try to contain the spread of the Horizons Zombie Virus.

During the adventure Etah allied with Alaris Jinn di Plagia, who had succeeded him as Left Hand of Justice, to oppose Headmaster Ronovi Tavisaen and her Praetor Solus Gar as they attempted to destroy the Shadow Academy to keep the Horizons plague from spreading -- ignoring the obvious fact that virus had already spread beyond the walls of the Academy. Before the Academy was destroyed, the Dark Council had found a cure for the Horizons virus. Etah shook hands with Alaris and left the Shadow Academy at the earliest opportunity, skipping the ceremony he had arrived to attend.

Upon his return to Dajorra the Quaestor of House Galeres, Sanguinus Entar, who had a great amount of faith in Etah, placed him in command of the House’s premier unit, [[Spectre Cell}]. The old war horse wasn't use to a tactical level of combat but he picked up his old skills and habits pretty quickly. With knowledge and experiences learned in the Clone Wars and honed on Ryloth, Etah would lead the team well through several engagements.

Not long after his zombie misadventure, Etah lead Spectre Cell in an assault on a Super-class Star Destroyer Avenger II, at the very beginning of what would come to be called the Dark Crusade. Etah at the helm of Spectre Cell traveled to the Jusadih System and led his team in clearing the Bridge of a House Plagueis Capital ship of the mercenaries that the late Darth Zoraan had led into Brotherhood space. After securing the Plagueis ship the Obelisk Prelate led his team down to the surface of the planet Kapsina for more action.

The Dark Crusade began as dealing with the political fallout from the actions of now-dead Grand Master Zoraan, then continued as a Holy Crusade for the Dark Jedi Brotherhood to take and occupy the historically Sith planets in the Galaxy. The next year and a half was an exhausting seemingly never ending series of skirmishes with a mysterious rival Sith Faction all over ancient planets.

After several months of intensive combat operations in which Spectre Cell served on the front line of every Arconan mission, Etah had a massive falling out with Aedile Cethgus, someone whom he had never really respected to begin with. Following this spat, Etah stepped out of the Command of Spectre Cell and transferred to House Qel-Droma within the Clan Arcona and took up leadership of the Battle Team Shadow Gate.

31 ABY (69 YO)

Several years back the Clan Arcona had found an active pirate Space Port located just outside of the Dajorran system. They spent the next several years silently gaining control of the station, slowly turning it into a carefully constructed front. But, after all of that hard work on the part of House Qel-Droma, Arconan forces and safe houses across the station were suddenly overrun. It seemed that someone, at the very least, knew that an outside entity had taken control of the station.

Though Port Ol’val is a Qel-Droman asset, the Consul, Wuntila Entar, deemed the action a threat to the entire Clan. So Etah was assigned to a three-man team along with Legorii Kryotek Entar and Celevon Edraven and given an assignment. Though Celevon was largely absent, Etah and Legorii managed to get a lot of tasks accomplished. Underneath it all, this was a test of the members of Arcona, a Trial of Loyalty, so that Consul Wuntila Entar Arconae and Proconsul Marick Arconae knew who they could trust.

Battle Team Shadow Gate had been an archaeological team but was morphed by the Dark Crusade into something resembling a Special Forces unit. But it seemed ill-suited to the task and Etah's style never meshed with the group, so after leading the Battle Team Shadow Gate through a few skirmishes of the Dark Crusade, he resigned from command. As combat against the One Sith began winding down, Etah changed his Order to the Sith Order and was in short time promoted to Sith Battlelord for his long time service and his growing power.

The Masters of Life and Death

"The shadows shepherded me towards death, because death exists within the darkest of shadows"
―, Etah to Hades, circa 32 ABY

32 ABY (70 YO)

Over the years Etah's outspokenness and lack of desire to conform had forced him to the fringes of the Clan Arcona. The Clans core leadership utilized him as a junior leader when they needed to and awarded him as little as they could get away with. Timeros was the only core leader in Arcona that supported him at all and he was the only reason Etah was recognized as a Battlelord. The former Storm Trooper was plagued by rumors of bone chilling screams emanating from dark cellars, and dark rooms with rows of skulls, with which he apparently sought counsel. Things of this nature were too inhuman for the squeamish grey Jedi of Arcona and made them very uncomfortable.

Etah eventually realized that he had traveled as far on his path with Arcona as he could go, and so the former Imperial began to look at his options. Tarentum, Arcona's greatest ally was the first place the Battlemaster considered as he sought to move beyond the shadows and onto the darker shades of death. Hades was the member of Tarentum most willing to meet with him and discuss his options. Hades convinced Etah to transfer, proving that he was needed and would be valued among the Masters of Life and Death. Not long after his arrival in the Yridian system, Dark Jedi Master Bloodfyre recognized his potential and secured Etah's loyalty.

Etah's original mentor had been Psyko, as he progressed in power Timeros became his mentor. As Etah transitioned from the Clan of Shadows into the Masters of Life and Death, Bloodfyre became his mentor. Each new chapter in his journey became a new conduit for learning. As he progressed in power, learning the bulk of what he could learn from his current mentor, a new mentor was required. He knew that Bloodfyre was the master that would lead him into the ranks of the Dark Jedi elders.

The appropriately termed Operation: Fading Light involved mopping up the One Sith and bringing the Dark Crusade to a close. Etah not yet a leader among Tarentum performed admirably in ground battles jumping from Bosthirda, to Begeren, and finally to Nicht Ka in quick succession. The old Storm Trooper was able to prove his prowess in combat, performing particularly well on Nicht Ka. With the dust of Fading Light securing the path to Korriban, the last prize of the Dark Crusade, was within reach.

The very next year Tarentum began gearing up to join the rest of the Brotherhood in a massive assault on Korriban. But as he final layers of the onion were torn off, they revealed a rotten core. The underlying cause of the Dark Crusade was revealed to be the master stroke of many powerful Elders of the Dark Jedi Brotherhood. Tarentum supported the Clan Arcona in answering the call of the Dark Council and protecting Grand Master Muz.

The former House, now Clan Tarentum, wearily emerged from the conflict. They had done their part in ensuring the continuance of the Dark Council and the Brotherhood as it had been currently understood. Focusing inward Etah transferring within Tarentum to the new Battle Team Mortis, and began laying the foundation for a powerful House of Dark Jedi. It was this time that he began taking up the banner of the Grand Chamberlain in the face of other sects developing within the Clan.

33 ABY (71 YO)

As the Battleteam Mortis became the House Mortis, Etah was appointed to the position of Aedile of the new house. Unfortunately it was not so the Clan summit could watch him spread his wings and ascend to godhood. It was so that the Quaestorship could be delivered to someone without the experience to hold the position. He wasn't leading so much as he was baby sitting. This did not sit well with the Sith Battlelord and he eventually resigned as a new summit was appointed.

The Deathsworn

"I have become death, destroyer of worlds"
―, Etah said during a ceremony circa 34 ABY

34 ABY (72 YO)

The very next year Bloodfyre charged the Sith Battlelord with creating a cult dedicated to death, which would serve Bloodfyres interests. Taking the Shadesworn precepts he learned as a cultist of the Shadows in the Clan Arcona and translating them into a Cult of Death befitting the Clan of death, the Deathsworn were created. He served as the first Vicar or leader of the cult for a time before he was assigned elsewhere, remaining as a member of the Deathsworn cult but working on projects the summit assigned him.

During his time as Battle Team Leader Etah was confronted by a young female Selphi named Adrestia who sought to become his student in the force, and her wife, a Duro named Themis. Adrestia had been a member of Omancor Crask’s Jedi Order and her wife served as a pilot in his fleet, mainly to stay close to Adrestia. Following Master Crasks death they were both stranded in Dark Jedi space, on the run and in fear of their lives ever since. In response Etah lobbied the Summit to allow the membership of Gray Jedi, becoming a member of the Dark Brotherhood would shield Adrestia and her husband from random violence on the part of Dark Jedi

35 ABY (73 YO)

As he began focusing more and more time and energy on protecting the grays within Tarentum; the Battle Team Leader of the Deathsworn, commanded his loyalty and obedience and Etah declined stating that his loyalty was only to Bloodfyre and Tarentum and the latter only so long as it remained consistent with the former. The battle team leader objected and words were said. He left the battle team which he believed had become a watered down, almost useless version of the vision of greatness he had envisioned for the team.

During this time Etah’s Apprentice, Adrestia, became the Aedile of the Clan Tarentum’s House Liath in the lead up to a Great War that would rock the Great Jedi Brotherhood and serve as a test for the newest incarnation of the Clan Tatentum. Some of the gray Jedi she led did not appreciate Etah’s presence or influence but others pointed out his importance in their protection and still others pointed out that their own patron, Omancor Crask had been a Jedi Master and Grand Master equally.


Etah’s hybrid Pau’an heritage is hidden within very human ascetics. He stands at six foot, two inches tall. His dark brown hair gets bushy as it grows long and his beard grows curly and wild looking; but often times he wears his hair short and his face is clear shaven. The Equites years of military service show in his posture which tends to be rigid, standing straight with his shoulders back. His shoulders are a bit wider than most, but his build is not muscle bound; solid is a word that would probably come to mind instead. The most visible piece of clothing former Imperial wears is a black and well-worn Armorweave Cloak, under which you see black armor. When in the field, he wears a white helmet shaped in the visage of a skull. The clothes and gear themselves are as practical as the visual effect is thematic and terrifying.

Physical Appearance

Etah Portrait.jpg

Psychological Profile

Etah has a number of mental maladies that shape his personality and actions.


As a young Jedi Etah never felt like he belonged to their order. He could never put his finger on why he was an outcast but he never felt accepted or comfortable among their number. This led to him developing a rabid need to be accepted. He chased that need into military service first in the Grand Army of the Republic and then in Imperial service and now he has chased that sense of belonging into the Dark Jedi Brotherhood, first within Arcona and now within the ranks of Tatentum. This has allowed him to be manipulated into serving the ultimate goals of others in the past. Though he would never admit it his need to be accepted makes him the perfect goon,

Dark Triad

Etah is narcissistic, has Machiavellian tendencies, and exhibits traits of psychopathy. Narcissism is characterized by grandiosity, pride, egotism, and a lack of empathy. Machiavellianism is characterized by the habitual manipulation and exploitation of others, a cynical disregard for morality, and a focus on self-interest and deception. Psychopathy is characterized by continuing antisocial behavior, impulsivity, selfishness and remorselessness. Psychologists have called these traits collectively the dark triad and when possessed within one person can make them quite dangerous. Etah is a superficially charming person, like many sociopaths are, but underneath it all he is a mess and in response to his emotional disarray he has become a monster.

Complex Post Traumatic Stress Disorder

Jumping from the Clone Wars into Imperial military service, ending his military service with acts of terrorism, spending several years in a violent prison and then engaging in several years of near constant combat operations in the Dark Jedi Brotherhood, Etah doesn't have post-traumatic stress disorder just one time, he has gained PTSD several dozens of times. The result is an extreme version of PTSD primarily experienced by kidnapping victims, the victims of concentration or prisoner of war camps and victims of other kinds of long term physical and emotional abuse.

Complex PTSD causes Etah to have problems regulating his emotions which tends to result in persistent bouts of sadness that break into explosive fits of anger. Etah often shifts between an inability to remember his traumatic experiences and vividly reliving them through either daydreams or nightmares. Etah often feels shame and guilt for some of the experiences he has lived through. He is sometimes feels anxious, and paranoid. Complex PTSD feeds and sharpens Etah’s Dark Triad related symptoms, especially psychopathy.


Most people live in the moment, they live in their bodies. They see through their eyes, they live their life with intention. This is not always Etah’s experience. Sometimes Etah feels either as if he is the thing lurking within, looking through his face as if his face were a mask, partially removing himself from the situation. Other times he feels as if he is watching himself and the people around him from the above, totally removed for the situation. This is perhaps proves that there is still a moral center to him somewhere deep down and that he has to remove himself from his more heinous acts in order to assuage that unconscious morality.


Most sentient beings in the galaxy feel somewhat connected, especially those of the one-head, two-arm, two-leg variety. There is at least an understanding that all sentient beings are similar or maybe it’s simply recognition of sentience itself. But Etah feels different. He has felt different all his life. Etah sees himself as totally removed from all other beings, a distinct form of life. It’s not something he can or does articulate, but it feeds all of his other negative traits. It feeds his grandiosity, the idea that he is different has become that he is more, which is simply over compensation for his feelings of weakness. It also feeds his callous disregard for others in the pursuit of his objectives.

If Etah were ever able to empathize with others, his behavior and personality would probably undergo a dramatic change. As it stands Sith Bloodfyre is the only being he has ever identified as being in any way like him, or rather he has identified that he is like Bloodfyre. Which has created within Etah, a hysteric sense of loyalty to Master Bloodfyre. A betrayal by Sith Bloodfyre would plunge Etah into an unfathomable mental state.

As Sith Bloodfyre in some ways views himself as an abstract representation of death, Etah is beginning to view himself as both the primordial embodiment of terror and as the abstract representation of terror, the harbinger of death. The more powerful he becomes, the more he slips into his delusions of grandeur; the less human he feels and the less connected to the world he is. He can’t be said to have broken out into fill schizophrenia yet, but there are worrying signs that his dark triad related symptoms combined with his strange feeling of otherness might spark breaks from reality within him.


Armorweave Cloak

Etah's black and well worn armorweave cloak is one of his most faithful companions. It resembles a rain poncho but provides actual protection. When worn with his skull-like helmet, the Cloak creates the visual appearance of the Grim Reper.

Clone Trooper Armor Phase II

When in full battle rattle, Etah dons the specialized armor of the 214 Combined Arms Clone Trooper Regiment better known as the Black Sheep. In addition to containing a centralized HUD system, it is stripped down, omitting unnecessary pieces in order to maximize mobility. The armor from the neck down is black but the helmet is a stylized white skull.


Etah’s BB unit astromech is black and silver, with what seems to be Imperial markings. Its nickname is BB Hate.

Miscellaneous Equipment:

Among other items that Etah carries is a voice modulator to mask the sound of his voice, an advanced scanner to feed into the HUD in his helmet, an elite shock collar to affect arrests when necessary, a holo projector for communication, a synthflesh dispenser in case of injury, and an aqua breather to allow him to breath underwater.


Starhawk Speeder Bike

His speeder bike is all black and he uses it to disembark from his ship. This was a recent purchase but he has taken a liking to it.

VT-49 Decimator

This VT-49 can sustain a rate of fire greater than most vessels of its size. It can also take off faster than normal when it’s needed too. It’s hull is black all over.


Knuckle-plate Vibroblade

Etah doesn't wear a field knife like many soldiers are expected to. Instead he wears a knuckle-plate vibroblade. The blade itself is weighted to create a more dramatic impact, is obsidian in color and distributes a debilitating chemical to whosoevers skin is pierced with the meaty blade. The vibroblade itself is well hidden within the right glove of Etah's Phase II Clone Trooper Armor.

BlasTech LL-30 Blaster Pistol

This blaster pistol has been at Etah's side since he was a young man busting clankers. It looks beat up but fires in quicker succession than other blasters of the same type due to cooling vents being fitted into the sides.

BlasTech DC-15A Blaster Rifle

Like his pistol this rifle has been slung on his back since he was teenager. It looks beat up and also fires at a faster rate due to being fitted with cooling vents. One of Etah's field secrets is his rifles padded assault sling that keeps him from expending unnecessary energy.


Etah made his first lightsaber as a Padawan, he constructed his second as a Dark Jedi Knight but as a Sith Battlelord he was bestowed an ancient saber of great power and pedigree. Anyone familiar with methods of construction will recognize the high level of artisanship that went into the construction of it. Etah thinks of it as a badge of nobility.

DJB Facts


  • Has been involved in Star Wars role play constantly since 2001*
  • Has been known as Asikari Uofisa,*
  • In the DJB he originally took the name Etah Araya after the singer of the metal band Slayer*
  • Took and passed over 30 Shadow Academy courses as an Apprentice*
  • Was originally a Sakiyan Monk into self flagellation*
  • Was promoted to Dark Jedi Knight in the span of 7 months*
  • Was promoted to Obelisk Templar in the span of 13 months and following a Great Jedi War*
  • Was known as Etah Idanian for a bit, during which time he wanted to join the Entar family*
  • Was promoted to Krath Archpriest following a Great Jedi War and temporarily changing his Order*
  • Became a Mirialan Swooper (biker)*
  • Was promoted to Sith Battlelord following the Dark Crusade and temporarily changing his Order*
  • Was known as Aynar d’Tana for a time during which time he was Coynite*
  • Decided on being a human Saber Rake from the Tapani Sector
  • Decided he wanted a more canon based character*

Positions Held

Positions Held
Before Position After
Timeros Caesus Entar Arconae Aedile of House Galeres
21 ABY
Zandro Savric Erinos Arconae
Orv Dessrx d'Tana Aedile of House Galeres
24 ABY-25 ABY
Timeros Caesus Entar Arconae Quaestor of House Galeres
25 ABY
Brujah Left Hand of Justice
28 ABY–29 ABY
Alaris Jinn di Plagia
None Aedile of House Mortis
33 ABY
Note: Does not include Battle Team Leadership positions or House Roll Master positions