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General information
  • Jarla Valyorm
  • Ehart Dak`Wind


Historical information
Formed from:

Independent House Ektrosis

  • Independent House Ektrosis (7 ABY)
  • Clan Taldryan (9 ABY)
Other information
Notable members:

Sons & Daughters of Taldryan


Dark Brotherhood


Dark Jedi Brotherhood Era

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"Taldryan: A brotherhood within a brotherhood"
―Sharad Taldrya Hett

Taldryan is one of the seven Clans of the Dark Jedi Brotherhood, currently led by Consul Appius Wight and Proconsul Teebu Nyrrire. Taldryan has an immense legacy based on the glorious victories of its past. For over a decade, Taldryan remained undefeated in the Great Jedi Wars, and had amassed a fleet that, at one time, rivaled that of the Dark Council's. Many of its former leaders became prestigious members of the Council in roles ranging from Tribunes to Grand Master, helping to guide the entire Brotherhood to greatness.

The Clan was originally formed from the Krath of Independent House Ektrosis, combining their mastery of the dark arts, with the marshal prowess of the Obelisk of House Dinaari, and the cunning leadership of the Sith of House Archanis. Throughout the long and bloody history of the Dark Brotherhood, Taldryan was a pivotal military force with claim to dozens of victories until their fall from power after the Incursion.

After the devastating losses suffered during the Battle of Antei, Taldryan's power within the Brotherhood, like most of the Clans, began to wane. This problem escalated during the War of Unification, as the Brotherhood's forces diminished, until the Dark Council was forced to reorganize the Clans as Independent Houses once more. After a long struggle to uphold its tradition of excellence and maintain the bonds of brotherhood upon which it was founded, Taldryan once again returned to the status of Clan in late 37ABY, reopening Dinaari and Ektrosis as it's two constituent Houses.

For a complete summary of the Clan, refer to the Taldryan Prospectus.

History of Taldryan

The Clanning of Taldryan (8-9 ABY)

Independent House Ektrosis

"The dark side of the Force is a pathway to many abilities some consider to be unnatural."
―Darth Sidious

The origins of House Ektrosis date to before the Battle of Yavin, when the Emperor was at the height of his power. On his secret throne world of Byss, Darth Sidious had a secret sect of Force-sensitive scientists working to unlock the ancient mysteries of the Sith. These Dark Adepts utilized the Dark Side of the Force in their experiments to create creatures out of the Force or twist the nature of living beings.

Eventually, their strength grew to the point where the Dark Lorddecided they were a threat to his power. The scientists were destroyed by the Emperor's own hand, but some managed to escape his wrath and, using their ill-gained knowledge, managed remain hidden from the assassins of the Empire. With the Emperor's true death in 11 ABY, the Dark Adepts were finally free and able to band together once more.

In 8 ABY, Jac Cotelin became Grand Master of the Dark Brotherhood. Lord Cotelin's rule brought a new order to the Brotherhood with the introduction of Clans and Houses. These new units would bind together like-minded Dark Jedi and allow them to govern and train themselves, a step necessary for the administration of the rapidly growing Dark Brotherhood.

It was during this time that the Dark Adepts resurfaced and found their way to the Dark Brotherhood. They were eagerly welcomed by the Grand Master, who was keen to learn more about their research, the Dark Adepts were invited to swear their loyalty to the Iron Throne and became full fledged members of the Brotherhood. Already possessing a unique bond with one another, they decided to form their own Independent House, taking back their original name of Ektrosis, under the leadership of Quaestor Shaitan.

The Last Independent House

"Let's prove to them that we can be as good as any of their Clans, without needing to join them."
―Quaestor Jarla Astoris Valyorm

As the House grew, so did the Brotherhood, and leadership of both changed hands. The Dark Lord, Justinian Khyron, having retaken the Iron Throne from his Apprentice, was forced to deal with the defection of the Clan Ar'Kell. The Clan's insurrection created strife throughout the Brotherhood and Lord Khryron feared a worsening of hostilities. Believing the Houses and Clans needed more direct lines of command, he decided to create a new system. Houses would become united under the banner of a single Clan, with the leaders of the Clan Summit being a direct link between the Jedi and the Dark Council.

Edicts were passed down for all Independent Houses to form Clans, but were reluctant to accept this change. However, one by one, they all succumbed to the demands of the Iron Throne until only one House remained: Independent House Ektrosis. These proud and determined Dark Jedi felt that being Independent in no way diminished their ability to stand against the Clans. Before the Iron Throne could express its displeasure at the insubordination of House Ektrosis a new conflict arose between the Brotherhood and a group of pirates who had stolen an ancient artifact being sent to Eos for study.

With the Great Clanning put on hold, Khyron ordered his Dark Jedi to assault the pirate base on the XQ5 Platform Cordona. The leaders of Ektrosis, a young Krath by the name of Jarla Astoris Valyorm, believed that if Ektrosis could prove itself during the war the Grand Master would rescind his order to force the House to form a Clan.

The members of Ektrosis took up this challenge and fought with a ferocity that proved to all that they were not intimidated by the might of the Clans. The pirates were utterly defeated by the Dark Jedi and Ektrosis was recognized for its valor during the battle. However, Lord Khyron would not be swayed from what he saw as the Brotherhood's only path. Ektrosis, the last of the Independent Houses, would become a Clan.

The Great Clanning

"I have the seen the conflict that arose under my Apprentice's reign. I will end it here and now."
―Justinian Khyron on the restructuring of the Brotherhood.

By decree of Justinian Khyron, Dark Lord of the Sith, Ektrosis began the arduous task of Clanning. Jarla, the former Quaestor of Ektrosis was named the new Consul of the Clan. Despite her misgivings, the Archpriestess quickly set about her new duties. With the assistance of her fledgling Summit she created the Houses Dinaari and Archanis and split the former members of Ektrosis up by their Orders. Though underpopulated, the new Houses quickly filled with new recruits from the Shadow Academy and with the more experienced remnants of the former House Aquillas. Now, fully staffed and outfitted, Taldryan became a true Clan of the Brotherhood.

As part of the decree, the new Clans were each relocated to their own Star Systems, sharing control with the planetary governors of the Emperor's Hammer. Clan Taldryan found its new home in the Karana system. The System was far from civilization, located east of the Minos Cluster in Wild Space. It was the perfect place to hide from the growing starwars:New Republic and train young starwars:Dark Jedi without fear.

Another boon for the Clan came when Lord Khyron awarded them two new starships for their efforts in defeating the pirates of Cordona. The Assassin-class Modified Corvette Darkstorm and the Invincible-Class Modified Dreadnaught Dark Seraphim. Though a paltry fleet by current standards, Taldryan was one of the few Clans at the time with two starships.

True Rivals

"The Orthanc is ours!"
―Members of Taldryan, celebrating their first victory as a Clan.

With the Clan in order, their system secure, and their fleet ready and waiting, Consul Jarla decided it was time to test the full might of her Clan. Though Ektrosis had received great praise and glory during the assault on the Cordona, they shared the spotlight with another Clan--Arcona. Believing Arcona to be a worthy target for their first assault, Jarla led Taldryan into battle.

Though not expecting the attack, the Arconans reacted quickly as eager for the battle as the members of Taldryan. The skirmish proved to be long and brutal and became the birth of a rivalry that would last decades. Utilizing her new fleet, Jarla ordered her forces to perform a series of tactical strikes that weakened the enemy's defenses and left their Modified Immobilizer 418 Interdictor Cruiser Orthanc vulnerable. Seizing the opportunity, Jarla ordered the Obelisk of House Dinaari to board and capture the enemy vessel, while the Sith of Archanis kept Arcona's starfighters at bay.

Though small in numbers, the members of House Dinaari were fierce in their attack and soon took control of the bridge. The loss of one of their starships was a devastating blow to the enemy Clan and helped to quickly turn the tide of battle. The loss, combined might of Ektrosis' Battle Meditation and Archanis' ace starfighters, forced Arcona to withdraw from the fight, effectively ending the battle in Taldryan's favor. Their first true victory as a single unit saw the size of the Taldryan Navy increase and garnered more prestige for the Clan.

Trials and Destiny (10 - 12 ABY)

First great victory for Taldryan and the first time the Clan pits itself against the leaders of the Brotherhood.

Although she had seen Taldryan rise from a small Independent House to the predominant clan of the Brotherhood, Jarla's tenure as consul of Taldryan would not last forever. Telaris "Mav" Cantor was chosen to replace Jarla as Consul. Mav continued the work that Jarla had began and expanded Taldryan's influence and prestige, solidifying the clan's place as the most powerful clan of the Brotherhood.

Reigns passed from Jarla to Telaris Cantor. Khyron retires, passing the title of GM to Thedek.

- Thedek instituted progressive changes to the Brotherhood, founding the Chamber of Justice and DSC, but infighting amongst the Council caused him to abandon the Brotherhood. The Star Chamber "crumbles" around this time too... dunno why.

- Taldryan is still growing more powerful, and the other Clans begin to see them as a threat.

Shadow of Civil War

Main article: Second Brotherhood Civil War

- (July 16, 00) with the Iron Throne empty and the Star Chamber dissolved, Zoraan used the confusion to turn the Clans against one another.

- as the CON of Tarentum, Zoraan used his resources to cause discord between the Clans, leading them to confrontation which quickly escalated

- what became known as the Second Brotherhood Civil War was all a bid to claim the position of Grand Master

(sept 23, 00)

- as GM, Zoraan ordered his Shadow Hand, Pyrolius Torquemada to put an end to the fighting after the Clans had weakened themselves

- none were now believed strong enough to stand against the GM, divided as they were

Balancing Power and Corruption

"I regret what I have to do now."
―Jac Cotelin, accepting the role of Consul after Telaris Cantor's dismissal

(Jan 10, 01) - Though finally in power, Zoraan's hold on the Brotherhood was tenuous

- It was unknown whether the powers of GM were too much for him, or if the fear of his position be usurped eventually drove him mad, but Zoraan's insanity grew quickly

- Taldryan, was one of the first to be targeted by this paranoia.

(Jan 11, 01)

- Mav, Consul of Taldryan, was stripped of his position and privileges for openly opposing the GMs ideas

- Jac, a former GM, had to persuade Zoraan to allow him to take over the Clan rather than seeing it disbanded

- Tal was not the only enemy Zoraan was making, as Naga Sadow was also targeted.

- United in purpose, (bitter rivals during the civil war) the two Clans sought the aide of the Emperor's Hammer in replacing Zoraan once and for all.

- Unfortunately, the Dark Lord became aware of this threat and reacted by unleashing a Force Storm that devastated the Dark Hall on Eos, where he was presumably killed by his own uncontrolled power.


The Brotherhood's victory over the Dark Lord Zoraan came at a great cost. The destruction of the Dark Hall resulted in the loss of much of the Brotherhood's records and artifacts. Worse yet, having seen the instability of the Sith, the Emperor's Hammer decided to take a more direct control in choosing the leaders of the Brotherhood.

Taldryan, now under the guidance of Jac Cotelin, began to prosper like never before. No longer under the yoke of Zoraan, Taldryan flourished.

But this was not meant to last. As it was before, the Clan came into conflict with the leadership of the Brotherhood. The Hammer-appointed Grand Master, Chi-Long, knew of Taldryan's role in the insurrection against Zoraan and pre-emptively struck at the Clan to keep them firmly under his thumb. This process began when Cotelin was threatened to be divested of his positions as Emissary and Consul of Taldryan. To ensure the protection of his Clan, Cotelin abdicated the position of Emissary, severing his ties with potential allies on the Council and was allowed to retain the position of Consul.

- For their part in the earlier insurrection against Zoraan, Tal earned its place on the shitlest of the HCI (huuuuuuuuge douchebags) of which the new GM was a former member/leader. Taldryan was besieged by the Inquisitors and was forced to fight a new kind of battle.

Changing of the Guard

Starting with (I think) Sharad's departure from QUA of Dinaari to become OHC, Taldryan's leadership began to rapidly transition as various members were inducted into the Dark Council.

- Chi-Long disappears, EH replaced him with SHW FF in a rather drama-less turn of events... makes what happens later funnier.

Exodus (13 - 14 ABY)

Main article: Exodus

Golden age, winning comps, everyone becoming DC, revitalizing of the Brotherhood because of JO and movies and whatnot.

The Battle of Karana

Bad EH, we leave. I think there's actually fiction stuff for this somewhere... pretty sure about how we're forced to abandon the Sahare (?) System in the middle of an EH attack. Re-locate our shit to Kr'Tal...

A Place to Call Home

Fleet living for a while until the Brotherhood begins to search for new systems. Finding of Kr'Tal, etc...

Subjugation (15 - 19 ABY)

With the Brotherhood and the Clans safely out of reach of the Remnant, they begin the task of subjugating Antei and neighboring systems. Also, exploration of Antei unearths a powerful force that corrupts many of the Brotherhood in a GJW that just keeps going and going and going...

Taldryan Divided

Main article: Sixth Great Jedi War

Plague/Trev war.

Bastion of Order

Jac is GM, some smaller, more focused battles (Khamaran and Cortua) with a focus on Order-directed wars.

Selen Incident

Main article: Selen Incident

Enemy Within?

Main article: Seventh Great Jedi War

Might be the GJW RO or not... need more investigations

An Alien Incursion (20 - 21 ABY)

The harrowing encounter with aliens as they blow our shit up and we run away. GJW RO

The Pride Before the Fall

Main article: Second Darkness

Tensions increase between Clans leading to minor conflicts, followed by a random training exercise that ends when the aliens penetrate (yay) the Shroud and attack the Brotherhood at Antei.

Battle of Antei

Main article: Eighth Great Jedi War

They bend us over a table, Crix and many ships die. So sad. There's an RO about this (it was good... I think).

Restoration of Faith (22 - 25 ABY)

CSD Justice

Devastated by the losses suffered at the hands at the aliens, the remnants of the Taldryan fleet limped back to the relative safety of the Kr'Tal System. With the survivors crying out for swift retribution, the Dark Council refused to let the Clans engage in what they deemed a suicidal mission. Instead, the Clans were to focus on recovering and preparing for the next, inevitable battle.

In the aftermath of the attack, Grand Master Sarin revealed the source of the new fleet, as part of a secret Brotherhood operation known as Tempest Bravo. The end result of the operation was the creation of several new ships designed to make the Clans of the Brotherhood a force capable of withstanding the burgeoning Republic.

The Grand Master saw fit to reward Taldryan especially well, in light of their many sacrifices and the loss of their former flagship. In its place, the Cotelin-class Star Destroyer Justice became the most powerful ship in the Clan's arsenal, along with a complete overhaul of the rest of the fleet.

However, new starships were unable to replace the lives lost in the attack and the weight of leadership began to wear on Consul Arkarso. After bringing some semblance of order back to the ravaged Clan, Arkarso deemed it time for his resignation and, after four years of service left Taldryan for the unknown. To prevent chaos from taking hold over the Clan, former Deputy Grand Master Halcyon Rokir stepped in as a temporary Consul to hold things together. Though relatively new to Taldryan, Rokir was well respected by many of the Clan's Elders, which helped ease the transition. Rokir would be the first non-native Taldryan member to ascend to the position of Consul since its conception, a feat that bespoke of the Clans trust in him.

Swift Justice

"Taldryan has always risen to the top, and even when the aliens invaded, we managed to show our strength and resolve. But since then, what? The Clan has been untested far too long. Look at the others. The invaders have come to them directly, and still they survive. They can only have grown from it."
―Conspirators behind the pirate attack on Rybanloth
Main article: Operation: Swift Justice

With the Dark Council adopting a "wait and see" approach to the alien problem, Taldryan was able to recover much of its former strength, but had no outlet for its seething rage, nor a venue to test its newly built fleet. Eventually, without any challenge to face, the Clan gave way to apathy. Fearing the worst, a handful of veteran members decided to intervene by giving the inactive Jedi a battle to fight.

Admiral Jesec Dirium

A pirate fleet, led by former Peace Brigade officer, Admiral Jesec Dirium, assaulted the Rybanloth System. With the System relatively undefended, the pirate's managed to quickly eliminate the meager resistance and began the task of capturing the planetary facilities necessary for control. Despite the surprise nature of the attack, a distress signal managed to be sent to the Taldryan headquarters on Karufr. Consul Rokir immediately ordered his Proconsul, Chaosrain Taldrya to lead a counter-attack to retake the System.

With the might of the Battlegroup Vanguard, the pirate forces were overwhelmed. Unable to combat the power of Taldryan's new fleet and the Force-wielding Dark Jedi, the pirates were swiftly defeated. Dirium was captured aboard his flagship and, utilizing Force manipulation techniques, Chaosrain managed to extract all the information Dirium had regarding his orders. With details about the true culprits in hand, Chaosrain quickly sent word back to Rokir.

With victory theirs, Taldryan once again proved it had retained its fighting prowess and showed no signs of weakness from their idleness. With an idea of who the instigators behind the attack were, Consul Rokir confronted Master at Arms Syn Kaek, a notorious member of the Dark Council shrouded in mystery. Kaek confirmed Rokir's suspicious, detailing an exchange between himself, Kir Taldrya Katarn, and Duga Taldrya Arkarso in order to affect a change in the Clan to ensure it was prepared for the battles to come. Despite his misgivings for their actions, Consul Rokir could do little but accept judgement from his predecessors and find comfort in the fact that his Clan was equipped to handle what would come.

Rapid Successions

Lord Sarin ordered the Clans to use their intelligence networks to gather information about any further encounters with the aliens to determine the most effective tactics the Brotherhood could utilize in the re-taking of Antei. Meanwhile, Halcyon, having served his purpose as Consul to revitalize Taldryan, stepped down making way for Proconsul Chaosrain succeed him.

With a new leader came renewed purpose, and Taldryan redoubled its efforts on reconnaissance and intelligence gathering. As time went on, reports of alien activity became less and less frequent. This news sparked rumors throughout the Brotherhood that Lord Sarin would soon turn the Clans back towards Antei to seek its revenge. The Clans stood at the breaking point, waiting for orders to come down to determine their fate.

But, despite finally taking control of the Clan he had served so long, Chaosrain decided he was not the one who could guide Taldryan through the fires of war. Having served the Summit well since his time as Ektrosis Aedile years ago, Chaosrain handed the reigns over to Taldryan veteran and former Consul, Shadow Taldrya, who vowed to see Taldryan safely through the coming bloodshed. The rapid succession of leaders rocked the waters of Taldryan somewhat, but the Clan was forced to pull together and re-focus its efforts for the next fight.


"These anti-alien measures. Do they work?"
―Consul Shadow Taldrya, inquiring about the proposed battle plan

As the Clan made efforts to secure both Rybanloth and Kr'Tal from future threats, the Grand Master began ordering small sorties against isolated alien targets in an attempt to suss out their weaknesses. Utilizing techniques developed by the Jedi, the Brotherhood began a series of skirmishes on small, isolated enemy fleets to test the waters of a full scale assault. After a few months of these fights, early in the year of 24 ABY, the Grand Master sent orders for Taldryan to attack a larger enemy force without assistance or backup.

Alien fleet massing in the Bakura System

Using the coordinates provided by the Grand Master, Taldryan's scouts ventured out and returned after reconnoitering the sector, but could gain little information as the alien fleet was receiving a constant influx of new ships. The enemy was massing near the Bakura System in a region of the Outer Rim Territories, but the scouts were unable to determine the true size or exact condition of the fleet. Forced into a blind approach, Shadow tasked Battle Group Vanguard, the Clan's most powerful Battle Group, with the mission. Unwilling to let their Clan fight without them, both Shadow and his Proconsul, Hel-Pa Taldrya Sklib, stationed themselves aboard the CSD Justice to oversee command. Requiring fluid tactics and multiple contingencies, Shadow allowed the best tactical minds in Taldryan to formulate their battleplan while en route to Bakura. When they entered Realspace, they discovered a large fleet, including two warships]] and a number of assault cruisers, along with a score of fighters. On the fringes of the fleet were a handful of Slaveships, brimming with lifeforms detected by the Force. Shadow ordered the attack to commence at once, hoping the information gained from the skirmishes would translate to a full-scale battle.

The Elders of the Clan joined together in Battle Meditation to counteract the enemy's tactics. Their starfighters deployed a number of tactics that had proven effective in recent times and were able to hold their own in the fight. While his pilots were doing their job, Shadow added a secondary objective to the battle plan, allowing his warriors to board and release the prisoners on the Slaveships. Utilizing battle melds and their new training, the warriors were able to overcome the enraged aliens in physical combat, and liberate the sentients that had been captured. The battle was an incredible success, with Taldryan showing only a small amount of casualties. When Shadow contacted Sarin, their success emboldened the Grand Master into accelerating his plans to return to Antei and he summoned the Clans to a rally point in the remote Radama Void.

Liberation of Antei (25 ABY)

Main article: Ninth Great Jedi War

Rally point. Tactics involved in the assault to reclaim Antei.

In order to access local space, Taldryan traversed the Shroud of Antei. The Clan and naval forces were on high alert, with all Elders and high ranking Equites serving via a Mind-Meld as means of communication between ships. At a moment’s notice, an alien cruiser emerged from the gaseous vapors of the Shroud and collided with the CSD Justice. The ship’s shields held as the dying warship broke up, more like a wet sponge than a once solid object.

Arriving in orbit around Antei, the clan established a blockade of part of the Southern Hemisphere’s AOR (Area of Responsibility) and transferred all Jedi to be landed in the initial wave. On the ground, Taldryan Dark Jedi along with the men of the 2nd Battalion, 2nd Infantry Division held the LZ against enemy droids and tanks, taking several casualties but winning praise from the Dark Council. Marching south with the 2/2 Infantry attached, Taldryan assault a heavily defended ridge-top artillery emplacement. Here, several Jedi were encountered and slain along with scores of battle droids and enemy equipment. Operation Carbonite was deemed a success with the capture and sacking of the Artillery which allowed for the opening of local skies to Brotherhood air superiority and the advance of Clan Naga Sadow to their next objective.

Operation Spanner

Operation Spanner found Taldryan marching to Forward Operating Base Spear to reinforce the Naga Sadow presence there. Arriving just as CNS found itself beset once more by an enemy push, the Taldryan Dark Jedi leapt into the fray without rest from a 30km journey on foot. Together, the two clans and the 2/41st Infantry repulsed the enemy Jedi and attacks several times, but found the enemy to never cease it’s onslaught. It was decided amongst the Consuls

Ruins of the Triumvirate Library

that CNS would continue to hold the line while the Taldryan Dark Jedi made for an enemy encampment to deactivate the Droid Control Center. In a show of bravado, the CNS Jedi broke rank and attempted to complete the Taldryan task but found it impossible to keep up with the First Clan. Taldryan made it to the camp and found themselves beset on all sides. Vodo Biask, Bubbles Taldrya, and Sidarace Rathden all found themselves overwhelmed during the attack and captured while attempting to rescue a Clan-mate.

In their final push to defeat the Jedi, Taldryan was ordered to the Du’sann Boundary to retake and hold the Triumvirate Library. At the same time, a rescue party was formed to retrieve the captured Dark Jedi using a Taldryan Assault Shuttle and the 1st Platoon, Bravo Company of the 2/41st Infantry. Enemy resistance at the Library was minimal and the surrounding area was taken quickly. It was decided however by Consul Shadow Taldrya that the risk to his men and that of the soldiers was too great to assault the underground Library and decided to seal the entrance via explosives for a later Dark Council team to take of.

The Cost of Vengeance

The Taldryan rescue party arrived at the Dark Temple just before the final assault to find Quaestor Vodo Biask and Bubbles Taldrya nearly at each other’s throats over the slaying of AED Sidarace Rathden, whom had been converted by Omancor Crask and asked to kill his former Master as a show of loyalty. The rescue shuttle was shot down in the Adas Plains by a pair of Vulture Droids as it left the Dark Hall’s airspace. As the Dark Hall was taken, Taldryan sent a second rescue party to the crash site and retrieved the injured Dark Jedi there.

Shadow ends up resigning and Vodo steps in as CON. First 2nd place GJW placing for Tal in... ever. Sad times. Thrust.

Extinguishing the Light (26 - 29 ABY)

Random Stuff

We fight Killicks, Kir becomes a DP (duh), and whatever. I'm sure Tal actually did something.

Icky Jedi stuff, indy house again, moar fighting stuff to current happenings.

End of an Era

We become a House... again. In the wake of Orderless Indy Houses... we have an ORDER war. Yay?

Blinded by the Light

Infiltrated by Light Jedi? How could that possibly ever happen? Shadow's codpiece breaks Mike Halcyon's hand... awesome. Also, we fight them on New Tython... it's the planet named after the Old Republic starting planet Tython (original, no?)

New Horizons (30 ABY - Present)

Horizons Outbreak

Apparently, this was a thing. Taldryan mostly ignored it though. Probably cause it was about Zorro and Faethor, and we already dealt with them enough back in the day.

The Dark Crusades

  • Krayiss II
  • Rhelg
  • Ch'hodos
  • Ashas Ree
  • Jaguada
  • Dromund Kaas

Taldryan Resurgent

  • Bought a bunch of fancy new ships.
  • Returned to being a Clan

Fading Light

The followup to the Dark Crusades. We keep fighting One Sith, we keep doing stuffs and going weeeeeeee.

Houses of Taldryan

House Dinaari

"D-I-N-A-A-R-I: No easier way to spell pwnage!"
―House Dinaari motto
Main article: House Dinaari
House Dinaari Logo

At its conception, House Dinaari was aligned to the Obelisk Order and served as a home for Clan Taldryan's finest warriors. Formed under the leadership of D'Artagnan, Dinaari quickly rose to prominence as the most powerful of the Obelisk Houses. However, it wasn't until former Quaestor, Sharad Hett rose from the House to become Obelisk High Commander that Dinaari truly began to show the Brotherhood its potential.

Seeking to test the strength of his Order, Hett held a grand tournament for the seven Obelisk Houses, pitting them against one another to determine who was superior. After a month of combat, Dinaari emerged victorious gaining its first Brotherhood-wide victory. This event sparked a tradition of excellence that continued until the office of Obelisk High Commander was retired in 18 ABY and the focus on Obelisk vendettas dissolved.

When Taldryan began struggling to rebuild, it was decided that Dinaari would become multi-ordered and became a haven for the displaced Sith of Archanis. As a show of unity and strength, the new Dinaari helped the Brotherhood complete its domination of the Antei System ending with the bloody Invasion of Antares. This battle proved that the Sith of Dinaari were still a powerful force to be reckoned with.

Unfortunately, after the brutal losses suffered by the Clan after the alien invasion, House Dinaari was forced to close as the Brotherhood reintroduced the concept of Independent Houses.

Battle Teams

The Harbingers

Historical Battle Teams

Dark Fire

The oldest brigade of Dinaari, Dark Fire was the first and only brigade to win the "Brigade Wars", run by High Commander Dreadnaught in 9 ABY. Since then, Dark Fire has served the House in many ways. Often, Dark Fire would be re-activated to aid the House and Clan in vendettas and other Brotherhood conflicts. In times of peace, it was used in the training of future House leaders and as a place to hone the martial talents of new recruits. Dark Fire was both the first and last Brigade of House Dinaari.

Dark Avatar

Dinaari's second oldest brigade. Dark Avatar was often over-shadowed by Dark Fire and was only utilized by the House on rare occasions when a campaign required multiple directed assaults.

Dark Infantry

Created under the reign of Benevolent Taldrya Whiner, Dark Infantry was put into service to harness the powers of some of Dinaari's more ambitious Equites. Led by Shadow Taldrya, Dark Infantry played a pivotal role in some minor skirmishes and vendettas, but was disbanded when many of its members advanced to higher positions within the Clan.

House Ektrosis

"Our Watch Eternal; Our Aegis Strong; Our Brotherhood Unbroken"
―House Ektrosis motto
Main article: House Ektrosis
House Ektrosis Logo

Before becoming a part of Taldryan, Ektrosis was an Independent Krath House founded upon experiments conducted during the reign of the Dark Lord of the Sith Darth Sidious.

- indy ekky created by Shaitan, first QUA - last QUA = Jarla, formed Taldryan - Sancruary of Darkness - wins by Jarla, Aragorn, and Werdna (ekky victory) - Operation Darkfall - Ekky wins

Battle Teams

The Wardens


Historical Battle Teams

Just a few notes on the more prominent phyles... gotta ask a krathface.



Horsemen of the Apocalypse

The Old Folks' Home

"Sexing bitches is our name, collateral damage is our game"
―Shadow Taldrya
Artist rendition of the OFH
Main article: Old Folks' Home - (Seriously, go read it!)

What happens when you take the most powerful members of Taldryan, a vast almost unending supply of alcohol, an insatiable manwhore, and the incredibly negligent leadership of Benevolent Taldrya Whiner? You get, The Old Folks' Home!

The Home is a very unique Battle Team within the Dark Brotherhood. It serves as the House's retirement facility for many of the older members of Taldryan. In 20 ABY, the Home was founded to separate the cantankerous old folk from the rest of the members of Taldryan. However, this plan to peacefully put the Elders to pasture backfired when they randomly decided to become soldiers of fortune after watching hours of old action shows on the Holonet. Now, their drunken antics take them across the Galaxy as they take on the jobs no one else can or should be doing.

The Old Folks' Home is considered to be an elite unit within Taldryan. Membership is granted by invitation only.

Historical Information

This section is devoted to historical facts about Taldryan.

House Archanis

"Too hot for hell, too cool for heaven."
―House Archanis Motto
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House Archanis Logo

House Archanis was founded by Taldryan Consul Jarla as part of the Great Clanning, from the mostly Krath Ektrosis. The House, formed out of necessity rather than desire, was slow to attract high profile Sith pilots until Keirdagh Taldrya Cantor took the reigns as Quaestor in 10 ABY. Under his guidance, and with an influx of ace pilots from the former House Aquillas, Archanis began to dominate Sith events in both Great Jedi Wars and House Feuds.

Due to their skill in dogfighting, rival Clans instructed their members to actively avoid engagements with Archanis pilots because their leaders feared overwhelming defeat. This was proven during the first Sith Squadron League, run by Keirdagh Cantor upon his ascendance to the position of Sith High Warrior. For their efforts, Hyperion Flight, the elite unit of Archanis, was rewarded with the unique and powerful Hyperion-class Modified Starfighters.

Unfortunately, the House fell to obscurity when the Brotherhood merged the Orders. This loss of identity struck a crippling blow to the House leading to its eventual closure under the Quaestorship of Crix Madine. The displaced members were absorbed by House Dinaari where the two formed a tenuous union. As their Orders were long-time rivals, Dinaari was only united in purpose during major Brotherhood events.

Eventually, Crix Madine made an attempt to re-open Archanis, but this effort was doomed to failure as the Brotherhood was soon decimated by a surprise attack from the aliens. This attack resulted in the death of Crix and the loss of House Archanis for good.


Hyperion Flight

Hyperion Flight was the elite Squadron of House Archanis, specializing in dogfighting. The name was resurrected from a unit of House Aquillas, where many of Archanis' founding members originally came from. Their prowess as Ace Pilots was defined early, during the First Sith War, which resulted in the creation of the legendary Hyperion Starfighter.


Generally considered the secondary squadron of Archanis, Shadowmorph was less focused on combat and instead served the Clan as an escort/support squadron. Though less famous than their Hyperion brethren, Shadowmorph played an important role in the Clan during times of war, protecting the Taldryan Fleet and providing crucial support for the Clan and House Summits.

Crimson Vanguard

Whatever its original purpose may have been is unknown, but Crimson Vanguard became a proving ground for the younger Sith of Archanis. It was here that they were trained in the art of piloting. Upon completion of various trials, members would then be designated as future pilots of Hyperion or Shadowmorph depending on their skills.

Legacies of Taldryan


The history of the Dark Brotherhood is rife with conflict, perhaps to be expected of an organization of Dark Jedi. Clan Taldryan, since its conception, has always been at the forefront of Brotherhood vendettas whether they be Great Jedi Wars, Rites of Supremacy, or simple Feuds. But it wasn't mere participation that made vendettas a legacy of Taldryan. Starting with the Second Great Jedi War, Taldryan established a legacy of victory that continued for over a decade until their final first-place victory in the Eighth Great Jedi War.

Prior to the unification of the three Orders, Taldryan's Houses also excelled in the art of vendetta. The Obelisk of House Dinaari remained an undefeated force in both Rites of Supremacy and House Feuds, besting the other Houses again and again in the years since Sharad Hett's first Obelisk War. House Archanis, before its demise, also proved a worthy competitor in the early Sith Wars, winning the highly coveted Hyperion Starfighters for their victories. The Krath of Ektrosis were also adept in mystical arts as well, helping to solve events such as the K'hamar'an Crisis and various murder mysteries that had stumped the investigators of the Dark Council.

The Clans record for holding the position of First Clan stands as a testament to prominence of Taldryan within the Brotherhood. Though the times have changed, Taldryan continues to strive towards regaining its place as the most powerful unit in the Brotherhood.

Sons and Daughters of Taldryan

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The Clan title is a coveted and prestigious reward bestowed upon only the most loyal and distinguished members of Taldryan. Until the right to reward Clan Titles was lost, Taldryan recognized a number of its members as deserving of the honor to wield the Clan's own name as part of their own. The honorary surname of "Taldrya" was adopted by the Sons and Daughters to display their loyalty for all to see. Now, the Sons and Daughters of Taldryan offer their wisdom and guidance to the House and its Summits, forever maintaining their loyalty and ties to Taldryan.

Taldryan Times

Further information: Taldryan Times

The original Taldryan Times served as a way to collect and publish the fictional efforts of members of the Clan and present them in a format that the entire Brotherhood could read. Unfortunately, the Times was plagued by the strains of the various vendettas and eventually interest waned and publication was ceased.

Years later, during a period when the Brotherhood's Clans and Houses were beset by much drama and stupidity, a new group of Taldryan members revived the Times for a new purpose. Deciding to fight back the overwhelming idiocy, the members decided to report on the scandals of other Clans. The Times became a satirical newsletter created by members of Taldryan that mocked anything and everything. It was both awesome and hilarious.

The Bryar Bowl

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What began as a unique past time for the members of House Dinaari quickly expanded into a Brotherhood-wide competition sponsored by Taldryan. The Bryar Bowl pitted the best sharpshooters each Clan/House had to offer in a single elimination-style tournament with special, rare rewards up for grabs for the winners and nothing but shame for the losers.

However, after four grand Bryar Bowls, interest in the sport died off. Many of the original participants moved on to new forms of entertainment, while the old legends gradually retired one-by-one. The Bryar Bowl still has its place within House Taldryan and will, one day, make its return to the Brotherhood.


  • Before the Fleet Reset, Taldryan was in possession of the first place award for every Great Jedi War that was completed.
  • Taldryan had gone undefeated in Brotherhood Vendettas for nearly four years until the Ninth Great Jedi War.

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